About Enterprise Solutions

Institution, company nameTechnical Service Overview홈페이지
Alpha PlusSupply unit from central supply structure that needs heating to supply heating / hot water supply piping to heating 4 piping
Right technologyㅇ To build a demonstration platform that can safely and conveniently use eco-friendly, high-efficiency small electric vehicles
ㅇ Develop safe and durable battery swap station and protection device based on EM docking system
Salad Pie (SALAD PIE)ㅇ Integrated architecture platform service from site technology / building construction / energy verification using 4 car industry technology such as proptech business combining ICT technology and housing construction field and AR / VR / blockchain
Eunsung Industrial Developmentㅇ Technology for prevention of traffic accidents besides bidirectional integrated traffic lights, traffic light LED bar auxiliary signals, LED floor signals, smart signals installed on pedestrian crossings
Plan A Media
Design lineFrom the service design perspective, through a strategy focused on the visual and spatial core values ​​of the brand
Providing Total Solution and Strategic Design Consulting
Focus on improving experience value and enhancing competitiveness
Dyntechㅇ Implement various additional services using platform based on e-government standard framework and number recognition technology
DS Innovation (DS Innovation)ㅇ Development of electric vehicle battery swap station and smart phone interlocking BMS
Ecell Seismic Safety1. Meteorological disaster safety engineering service (Earthquake and slope collapse safety)
2. Plant construction project management (SCM, Cost Simulation)
EISㅇ Constructing and maintaining seismic acceleration measurement system in more than 50 (public offices, bridges, dams) nationwide in accordance with the Ministry of the Interior and Safety notice standards, and utilizing seismic recorder and acceleration sensor developed with pure domestic technology. As a result, we are responding in a timely manner.
ITGOㅇ Infrared touch sensor technology for outdoor use
ㅇ Interactive Kiosk system
ㅇ Providing kiosk system and additional function for small business store activation
Spearㅇ Securing food as a smart farm (edible crops / edible insects) through LED, which is the 1 tea industry, generates electricity from renewable energy using solar cells, and uses telecommunications as LED + solar cells Convergence Technology with 2G (Li-Fi)
Smart testThe following Hangul or word process test questions are converted into eTest in real time as the original, and the test (formal learning technique) is conducted with each smart device even during the class to create an interesting immersive learning atmosphere and the computer provides real-time learner type analysis, scoring and Smart schooling core engine that relieves the burden and other burdens such as teacher's test and homework test
Energy fiveㅇ It is a “future smart grid” energy management system (EMS) for preventing blackout in case of power disaster due to the advent of the era of superintelligence and hyperconnection based on IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, and is compatible with all power IT, apps, and solutions of home & building. It is a versatile App platform for citizens such as possible systems, such as energy (electricity charge) saving, electric fire prevention, electricity and fire safety management, social safety net service, etc.
Sisys Techㅇ Reduced gateway load and dependence of cloud server through Edge Computing solution platform, and analyzed and controlled the status information of peripheral devices through various connected mobility solutions, which is optimal for efficient management of private and public sectors including smart city. Provide a network environment.
Spatial Information
Science and Technology Analysis CenterOdor electronic nose equipped with real-time measurement and monitoring of odor generated in various sites, traceability of source using analysis software, system abnormality detection and recovery through remote control, and spatial pollution concentration distribution function that can check surrounding pollution levels system
ㅇ Ultrafine dust measurement and monitoring technology using light scattering method
ㅇ Appeal water quality management technology using water quality multi-item measuring device and unmanned boat
Green Powerㅇ Provide high-efficiency large-capacity wireless charging system solution and service in the field of smart transportation such as electric vehicle, port logistics, and electric rail that can be combined with smart city based on wireless power technology
Global Telecom
Kumho Resources
Wood technologyㅇ Has a smart city platform and specializes in infrastructure and services related to Big Data, AI, Blockchain, and Cloud.
Neighbor Systemㅇ We have big data solution / IoT solution / GIS / LBS solution, and we are a software company that provides customized and customized services according to the requirements of customers.
NURI Telecomㅇ IoT service using energy information (smart grid connection)
ㅇ Provide power, public and industrial IoT technologies and services using various wired and wireless communication technologies
DASAN Networksㅇ Provide wired / wireless communication equipment integrated solution (IT integrated solution for backbone operators and public institutions)
ㅇ Development, production and supply of network equipment (FTTH optical transmission equipment, carrier Ethernet switch and wireless backhaul switch)
DAEYEON C&Iㅇ Solar photovoltaic power generation system and IoT-based photovoltaic integrated monitoring service platform, bollard system for vehicle control (protection), autonomous driving shuttle stop safety device and safety door system
Daewoo Information Systemㅇ Integrate urban information such as traffic, safety, disaster, environment, health, and civil complaints to provide Dashmin service based on GIS and location information, and seek expansion into urban data platform using big data and OpenAPI.
Daejin Technology Informationㅇ Supply and build a system of recognition mark SPI as an intelligent buried pipe that intelligently, advanced, and informed the underground buried recognition mark, which is obligatory to be installed in accordance with the Enforcement Rules of the Road Act.
Steelmakingㅇ Improve construction competitiveness through 2D & 3D (BIM)-based rebar field management and pre-assembly solutions
Data allianceData Alliance provides LoRaWAN Network Server (S / W) and LoRaWAN Gateway (H / W) products that enable municipalities and cities to build IoT self-networks based on Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). .
DAYLI Blockchainㅇ A leader in various SOC projects, including intelligent transportation, bus information, CCTV integrated control, and ubiquitous city, which is called the early smart city, and aims to converge all business areas based on the blockchain platform such as smart mobility. .
Dell EMC Koreaㅇ ICT infrastructure and virtualization, cloud, big data, cyber security
⋅Virtual operation of each server, storage and network infrastructure by service
⋅Storage and analysis platform technology for structured and unstructured large data
⋅Multi-Cloud Service Environment and Cyber ​​Security Technology
Dodam E & Cㆍ Dodam E & C is a systematic comprehensive construction development management system for project development, design / supervision, and construction project management (CM).
Dongju Engineering
DURE WINㅇ Smart security service that can collect and utilize only black box images related to crimes and traffic accidents without collecting driver's location information by applying IoT and automatic search function to car black box
ㅇ Black box video data collection platform that can dramatically increase the utilization of big data black box video data recording all over the country
Doosan Engineering & Constructionㅇ Civil engineering (site construction, subway, high-speed rail, road, etc.), construction (high-rise buildings, large apartment complexes, construction), electricity (transmission lines), energy (renewable_fuel cells, solar), environment (water treatment facilities, Waste facilities, water and sewage pipes, etc.)
Dwellingㅇ Smart clean safety bus shelter is a new type of shelter that is hermetically sealed and applied IoT integrated control service and patented technology that measures fine dust at the bus station in real time using air quality measuring instrument and automatically remotely controls monitoring and measurement-based air cleaning devices. Citizen's safety and health, citizen-centered smart bus shelter that reduces effective fine dust and various pollutants and adds convenience and safety functions for citizens.
Dien Solar
Digital Zone
DK ANTㅇ Professional management solution for GIS location-based facilities, for quick and easy business
Provide smart phone UX / UI, HTML5 based smart data integrated management platform
Lotte Constructionㅇ Construction and management of construction, housing, civil engineering and plant projects
ㅇ Eco-friendly and water treatment business construction and operation management
ㅇ Development and application of technology related to 3 car industry such as BIM, Drone, Laser Scanner, 4D Printing
Lotte Corporationㅇ Development and operation of high-rise and large-scale complex shopping malls
Lotte Information Communicationㅇ Transportation: AFC, Smart Tolling, ITS
ㅇ Distribution: Simple payment system, city park operation system
LUCISㅇ Intelligent emergency call system for city safety
Real solutionㅇ Our atomizing nozzles radiate the amount of water of 1 / 10 compared to sprinkler, and it is possible to extinguish various fires of A (General), B (Oil), C (Electric) level, and it is an eco-friendly product that is harmless to human body using pure water only.
Rhythmㅇ Design and design of City OS and Digital Twin UX. Build digital twin platform in 3 dimension space
MarkAnyㅇ A service that selectively detects meaningful objects with movement targeting cameras operated in CCTV control center using deep learning technology and implements abnormal behavior and detection through image analysis
Moon Engineeringㅇ A smart city specializing engineering company that is recognized domestically and internationally, leading the entire city of smart cities from the planning stage to the implementation stage of smart cities.The largest number of services in domestic smart city design and supervision including smart city planning consulting, construction design and supervision. Holding performance. We provide the best professional manpower and technical skills such as technical experts and doctors in smart city field.
Mir Systemㅇ Manufacturing technology service based on quality such as Samsung quality certification, defense special process certification, PCB UL certification, etc./ PCB total service (parts, PCB design, manufacturing / SMT / Assy ')
ㅇ R&D flagship product: IoT gateway-Gateway HW, SW platform development essential for smart city / Embedded system development (SW/HW)-System development
Bayoㅇ By applying CES-BIO water purification and sludge reduction system utilizing eco-friendly complex microorganisms, the influent wastewater of sewage treatment plant is treated fundamentally. To make ecological restoration of the virtuous cycle, and ④ advanced treatment of this effluent to reuse water and use it as river maintenance water.
Veolia Industrial Development Korea
Buoyancy energyㅇ Angle-controlled solar panel-type photovoltaic device (bipv) with angle control ㅇ Smart IoT security using radar sensor (dimming control, human body detection, color detection function, beacon type)
Busan City Gasㅇ Busan city gas is not only an existing energy business such as city gas, cogeneration and collective energy
ㅇ Actively developing new renewable energy business such as solar power generation, fuel cell and ESS
VI SOFTㅇ Established as a KAIST research institute, using indoor location recognition technology that can surpass Google and Apple
It has been developing steadily for more than 10 years and succeeded in developing technology to automatically build radio maps by city unit.
I did. Various citizen safety and citizens building high accuracy city radio maps and linking them with location information
We are developing convenience content
BLOCKOㅇ Consulting, development, and construction services based on various blockchain-based services based on publicly developed Mainer Mainnet and Private Blockchain Platform Products (Aergo Enterprise, Coinstack) We are a blockchain company. Written within 1 to 2 lines at a glance
Blue Industryㅇ Acquired MFDS license Production capacity of 10,000 3,600 masks for health care
ㅇ Supplying safety goods such as welding suit and welding gloves to large shipyard
BIT COMPUTERㅇ Remote medical service between doctors and medical personnel, smart medical care support service using medical / health big data AI questionnaire, smart chronic disease health care service, remote health care service for workers
Beetleㅇ Maker space (maker planning, operation, education)
ㅇ 360˚ VR experience hall service (multiple people experience virtual reality without HMD device at the same time)
SSENGㅇ 300 / 3, construction period of 1 / 100 water purification method to convert existing water purification method that takes 1 minutes to 5 minutes,
Drinking water and industrial water purification plant, wastewater and sewage due to technology development that requires construction cost and operation cost 1 / 3
Entered the global market for reuse facilities and developed and constructed a non-powered green algae reduction device
Southwest Coast Corporate City Development
Seoyoung EngineeringBIM (Building Information Modeling) is a 3-dimensional construction information model that integrates and manages information generated throughout the construction life cycle, and visually inspects facilities, detects problems in design and construction, and automates material and quantity calculation. Technology that can revolutionize design and construction productivity and quality
ㅇ Technical product name: Double tube heat exchanger micropile energy structure: Structure-thermal energy pile structure that has both double tube type underground heat exchange performance that performs heat exchange of renewable geothermal energy in the structure foundation structure and basic support performance of small diameter pile Appearance-Micro pile energy foundation that can circulate wide and large capacity heat exchange media inside the inner pipe to obtain basic stability with high underground heat exchange efficiency
The Disaster Prevention Comprehensive Plan is a service that establishes an automated disaster prevention city construction by establishing comprehensive disaster prevention measures as a single-scale workplace to safely protect the lives and property of a complex from disasters.
Saint thioㅇ As the core of smart zero energy construction, it connects to all IT devices such as home appliances and lighting equipment used in each home and office, and realizes energy saving of more than 20% of real-time power consumption, thereby saving energy efficiency without expensive construction and facility cost. Smart Zero Energy Passive Technology Maximizing at Low Cost
Selocoㅇ The integrated and integrated IoT parking system can be equipped with parking guidance, lighting and CCTV at once, which can reduce the price compared to the existing 1 generation parking system. Can add necessary facilities such as air quality management.
SELVAS AIㅇ Selby Checkup (Healthcare): Predict the probability of developing major diseases (4 cancer, diabetes / dementia / stroke / hypertension) in 6 based on health examination information
-STT / TTS: Intelligent agent (personal secretary, public secretary) using speech recognition, speech synthesis, and language processing
-OCR / Vision: Intelligent agent (automation, intelligent control) using image based text recognition and situation recognition
SECUIㅇ Security, wireless
Shinsegae Construction
Sunny Leeㅇ Provide PSS (Power Switch Sensing) IC semiconductor and power management solution for smart home appliances
ㅇProvision of malfunction prevention embedded IP&ASIC semiconductor solution
ㅇ Provide ASIC semiconductor solution for location based sensor
3K softwareㅇ Big data, IoT, cloud, artificial intelligence, security, blockchain service implementation technology through XML automatic generation (transformation) of unstructured and structured data processing and machine learning metadata W3C standardization
C-Tech System
Ahrantaㅇ Smart emergency alarm: When a simple emergency signal is called through a mobile terminal of a user in danger, the user can check the user's risk level in real time by checking video information, location information, voice conversation, and text chat using the terminal. It is a life-saving emergency system that allows for proper response.
Arro Information Technologyㅇ Build and hold public transportation contents based on national and foreign languages ​​in Korea, and have transfer technology including transit directions. Transit content to NAVER / SK Telecom / Google / KT – Provides data such as timetables, stops and routes on buses, subways, railroads and intercity express buses. He holds a patent for a comprehensive information system for traffic information and a knowledge base creation method.
AMOSENSEㅇ Predicting and preventing abnormal current and fault symptoms of the KEPCO distribution grid using self-power supply (Batteryless) ㅇ possessing wireless power transmission technology / low-cost social network infrastructure technology (sigfox module and device technology)
Asung M
Asiana IDTㅇ We are providing specialized IT technologies and services in urban, SOC construction areas such as smart cities, roads, railroads, buildings, and aviation, airport, and bus passenger transportation. Contributing to service innovation in various industries through ICT convergence
ASIN CNTㅇ Safe Signal: A technology convergence disaster prevention solution that establishes an IoT-based wireless sensor network system at a facility, evaluates the safety status of the facility in real time, and predicts disasters and disasters that may occur in the facility in advance.
Iconloopㅇ LoopChain is icon loop's proprietary blockchain core engine, and has a faithful structure to the basics.
Self-productive smart contract platform enables real business optimized functions
Eins sncㅇ Develop digital twin solution for various purposes by possessing digital twin implementation technology (big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, modeling and simulation) applicable to the entire life cycle of smart city (design, construction, test, operation and maintenance) And build
R Spiritㅇ Content that diagnoses and predicts real-time corporate management status based on statistical / mining / machine learning analysis algorithms, combined with internal financial / non-financial data centering on listed companies based on impact (external public data, news, etc.) Implement reporting service
Onycomㅇ Big data technology: 'ankus', a big data total solution based on Hadoop
-ankus library: Distributed Big Data Analysis Library (Machine Learning Library)
ankus analyzer: Hadoop-based analysis tool for analysts (GS certified)
-ankus analyzer P: Hadoop based analysis tool in cloud environment
-ankus crawler: web data collector
ankus optimizer: A hyper-parameters optimization tool for machine learning algorithms.
ㅇ S / W quality verification technology-TestForte: S / W testing automation solution (GS certification)
IMQA: Mobile Performance Measurement / Analysis / Monitoring Solution
EduHash Global Partnersㅇ [Technology] Smart city management PM and content commerce platform service based on enterprise blockchain DLT technology
ㅇ [Features] Internationally recognized DLT source technology (except cryptography library, full JavaScript blockchain open main net implemented without open source dependence and internal licensed net (72 only TPS)) To expand into the smart city and content commerce platform
ㅇ [Effects] Realization of information trust and human-oriented better platform by applying the original blockchain technology that realizes real-time data security, convergence and management of 4 car industry group such as AI, big data, IoT
AdOneㅇ Provide integrated control service that provides various functions such as collecting and providing various traffic information including traffic communication information, traffic accident information, public transportation information, settlement of toll and traffic facility usage fee, and integrated management of traffic facility
Ever Information Technologyㅇ Applying AI deep learning algorithm by analyzing and processing biometric data acquired by using non-contact biometric information (face) using image sensor to provide physical security (recognition / authentication) and healthcare (healthcare, etc.) services Providing product development and supply
SD SystemAutonomous driving and C-ITS business for smooth traffic flow and traffic safety, smart tolling and smart parking system for efficient fare collection and parking lot operation through precise car classification, bus information management system for improving convenience of bus users and operators Capability to perform total design / production / construction / maintenance
SBBㅇ A biopolymer binder containing or not eluting environmentally harmful substances is applied to the coast and rivers by applying a porous pavement that significantly improves permeability and durability by multi-gluing aggregates to prevent erosion and restore ecology. It improves water circulation to reduce fine dust, heat island and flooding disasters, and prevents spills, thus eliminating nonpoint pollution sources and contributing to reducing road noise.
S-1ㅇ Solutions such as Smart Surveillance / City / Building / Workplace / Factory / Store / CPTED that can contribute to satisfying the 'Safety and Safety Needs' and building a social safety net by protecting city, corporate and citizen's tangible and intangible assets and human resources. Adoption, implementation and service provision
Slab (SELAB)ㅇ Technical name: Real time quality control system and method of outdoor environmental sensor using loT
ㅇ Technology Overview: System and method for real-time quality control of data collected from outdoor environmental sensors using loT introduced / installed in domestic and overseas smart cities
ㅇ Advantages over competitive technology and service: 1) Technology verified by domestic public institutions / 2) Technology applicable to all loT equipment
SK m&serviceㅇ Provide personalized optimization service by measuring / analyzing mental health, physical and motion analysis such as brain / stress and physical condition
ㅇ Realize healthcare platform that can analyze health big data and implement customized service
ㅇ Possibility of expanding to individual-oriented smart service in daily life instead of medically-oriented service
ㅇ A solution that can prevent disease early and follow up after disease by analyzing the possibility of disease
ㅇ Creating social value that can contribute to preventive health promotion activities of the people
ㅇ Vehicle control / management solution tailored to the vehicle type and purpose
SK E&SㅇSK E&S sells electricity through Gwangyang and Paju natural gas power plants, heating heat and electricity through Hanam and Wirye cogeneration power plants, and city gas nationwide (7 regions) through 8 city gas companies.
SK Telecomㅇ Mobile phone service, IoT line (Cat M1, LoRa, etc.), energy, data hub, AI, big data, etc.
StlogicSpatial big data platform, GIS engine, Smart City 5 service, IOT sensor connection, dangerous facility protection support, private security connection service
SPMEDㅇ It is a specialized drug data consulting company that is engaged in drug genotyping and new drug development preclinical business, and develops business models such as drug genetic test service and kit development and manufacturing, new drug development life cycle research service and recombinant protein material development and manufacturing. Possessed.
Airpointㅇ Self-developed LPWA chip and related network, IoT based remote meter reading terminal
HDC Icon Trolls (HDC Icon Trolls)ㅇ Support BMS in buildings to support smooth operation of facility, power, and lighting control system, and support SI system for each system (facility, power, lighting, CCTV, access control, etc.) BEMS also supports real-time optimal management of the energy usage of buildings.
Ecosianㅇ Providing strategic and technical services that can effectively respond to climate change policies, contribute to energy savings, and improve work efficiency by establishing a professional energy management system that combines greenhouse gas and energy-based integrated environmental consulting with ICT.
Eiffel (EPEL)ㅇ Smart street light, smart security light (park), smart pole
1. Based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, it detects dynamic road conditions such as "brightness around streetlights, movement and traffic of vehicles and people," and controls the illumination and operation of street lights automatically or remotely.
2. High-efficiency smart road lighting system designed to provide citizen safety, urban crime / terrorism prevention / monitoring, providing citizens' convenience, and providing smart road infrastructure for intelligent transportation systems and autonomous vehicles based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.
FM WORKSㅇ A leading company in cutting-edge spatial technology, specialized in building and analyzing spatial information based on BIM / GIS
ㅇ Drones are used in actual business and have the direct production of gas and software for drones.
ㅇ Space technology company that responds organically to the needs of various orderers in the 4 Industrial Revolution
EPIKARㅇ Membership-based premium car subscription type service that allows you to easily and inexpensively change the MINI car model you want through ALL THE TIME MINI
NCOMㅇ Consolidate IoT and blockchain technology to create a safe and healthy smart city by solving urban environmental problems such as reducing fine dust, eliminating urban heat islands, real-time dissemination and sharing of disaster disaster information, and providing realistic health care services such as prevention of dementia for the elderly Contribute to
Ntelsㅇ IoT platform and services are provided, and through this, integrated services are provided by interlocking sensors and services applicable to various IoT services.
Enforceㅇ Big-data composition through heterogeneous data integration and unification of collected data
ㅇ Control data acquisition based on edge computing and immediately deal with alarm
ㅇ Monitoring and managing the status of realistic objects by implementing CPS Platform (3D Digital Twin) service
LID Waterㅇ Urban water circulation engineering (repair moisture analysis and water quality modeling)
ㅇ Creating ecological urban infrastructure (creating aquatic complex where people, plants and plants coexist)
ㅇ Development of LID optimization (by city type, land use, non-point pollution factor)
ㅇ Water intake diversification technology and water management hybridization technology (surface water + groundwater combined use),
ㅇ Based construction technology on material-supply cities (40 ~ 90%)
LG CNSㅇ LG CNS pursues business model of smart city consulting / building business as well as private investment / operation business based on differentiated digital platform (city / town / building, IoT / big data / cloud / robot) based on IoT / Data. Is a leading smart city company.
LG U + As a wireless and wired communication service provider, the company operates in the wireless service, home / media service, and corporate service (telephone and data) areas.
Haze technology
Warㅇ Provides various information through video / sound system related technology and provides information through meteorological observation system
Autonicsㅇ Provides total solution for HW and SW such as DAQ / SCADA such as sensing / machine vision / control / network. In-house development with the largest research institute in Korea
Observerㅇ An outdoor weather station that observes weather and fine dust information that is the basic infrastructure of smart city.
It produces, installs and operates and produces and analyzes real-time precision weather / fine dust information based on this.
Use in connection with map / traffic / road information, etc. to prevent disasters, reduce fine dust, and manage safety
As weDoppler radar and FMCW radar using the 24 GHz band can be applied to smart street lights and smart traffic for energy saving, traffic measurement and speed measurement
WooriroDoppler radar and FMCW radar using the 24 GHz band can be applied to smart street lights and smart traffic for energy saving, traffic measurement and speed measurement
Water Msis
Waterm sysㅇ Implement a remote meter reading system based on smart water meter, flow sensor and wireless communication repeater. The clients are 162 local governments, water resources corporation, and the transaction type is B2G.
World Techㅇ The road hazard weather information system detects the weather phenomenon of fog, snow, and rain in real time by applying artificial intelligence analysis technology, big data analysis technology, and machine learning analysis technology to the traffic CCTV camera image installed on the road.
Winitechㅇ Smart City Integrated Platform Safer (SAFUS) is the foundation software for integrated management of urban situation in smart city centers. Various information systems are operated for smart services and city management such as crime prevention, disaster prevention, traffic, facility management of local governments. Software that supports the operation of the center.
Weeslee&Companyㅇ Providing platform-based consulting and consulting for data-based cities, administration and management, technology for implementing and operating digital twins, and public collaboration service tools using VR
UNISEMㅇ As a road traffic video solution based on AI (Deep learning), it is possible to implement the solution without the need for special equipment construction, and to increase the work efficiency of the monitoring manager and to solve the traffic volume.
UdmtechUDM (Unified Digital Manufacturing) solution is being developed and applied to various industries. UDM Solution is a specialized step-by-step process that can identify problems and provide efficiency measures for the factory in advance and operation using a computer through a series of processes from automation facility / process / line / factory design to manufacturing / commissioning / operation / maintenance. Integrated solution composed of products.
UMAYㅇ Local disease prevention information solution for local health promotion
ㅇ Monitoring and intelligent control solution for indoor air quality maintenance
UBIVELOX1. IC card (Chip original technology) and mobile (platform and solution) convergence service company
2. Technology-oriented company with unique technology and patents in the field of smart ID, smart payment, indoor environment management system (IoT), and blockchain
3. Injector of smart campus construction centered at local university and large university (Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, Pohang University, etc.)
UBITRONㅇ As a company specialized in image information processing, manufacture hardware equipment equipped with AI function, manufacture video display
CCTV camera, NVR, face recognition access terminal manufacturing, server platform development and construction
UbitiaㅇAdult civil servant education service through online and offline / Korea's largest civil servant dormitory academy / smart city development & testing platform project, smart campus / book / publishing
Yul Systemㅇ possessing the best VR / AR production technology applying various technologies such as virtual reality, devices and equipment, development framework, content production technology
ㅇ Smart city safety education (development of safety virtual experience system and virtual training simulator based on 3D model)
ㅇ Providing visual safety education by utilizing safety education contents based on virtual reality as a key means of citizen participation-type smart city (holding technology to minimize accidents occurring in urban sites by showing types of safety accidents and measures for safety_App type implementation technology possesion
ㅇ Develop comprehensive and systematic management solution technology for virtualized pilot city that actively uses Digital Twin to manage various city facilities using GIS technology
Evolcanoㅇ Distribution of intelligence mesh hub for IoT management development and salesIoT
Esui (ESE)ㅇ “Rino Platform” is applied to various areas requiring control, situation analysis, information integration, and control such as smart city, crime prevention, traffic, disaster, aviation, power generation, IOT facility, smart factory, etc. It is the best smart control platform that is easy to construct, operate and expand, protecting people and property through the fastest and most accurate situation propagation in case of accident.
IL JOO GNSㅇ Provide IT convergence services to solve the city's energy and power problems and build a smart city environment that efficiently utilizes resources through information collection and management analysis in the fields of microgrid, injection resources, energy and power management.
Yoo Haiti
JB CORPㅇ Contributing to improving the quality of life of citizens by supplying clean fuel and increasing energy use efficiency through city gas and district type collective energy projects.
J Softwareㅇ Data analysis through web UI through 'Pelican' big data analysis platform
ㅇ Infrastructure construction, development and operation at a fast, stable and reasonable cost
ㅇ Expert in big data / artificial open source infrastructure configuration and algorithm
JC Square
J2S Technologyㅇ Developed 3G / 4G / 5G exchanger
ㅇ IoT based wireless monitoring service (vehicle control, electric safety device, air quality measurement / control, protection of the elderly)
Johnson Controls KoreaJohnson Controls provides smart building integrated solutions for firefighting, security, air conditioning, and automatic control solutions. (Manufacturing, construction, design, technical consultation, service industry)
JUSUNG ENGINEERINGㅇ Solar modules with high output per single area
ㅇ Automotive solar module with excellent aesthetics
ㅇ Solar module considering the aesthetics of building for roof, exterior wall, window, fence, road soundproof wall
GS Engineering & Constructionㅇ Carbon reduction urban energy management system (CEMS), solar thermal storage system performance evaluation and economic evaluation simulator, load automatic generation program according to area by building type
GEOMEXSOFTㅇ Based S / W for integrated management of urban situation (leisure, sports tourism) in the CCTV Smart City Integrated Control Center by linking various information systems and centers operating for city management such as crime prevention, disaster prevention, traffic, environment, and facility management Operation of integrated platform
GeoC & I
thousand daysㅇ Real-time performance evaluation of structures using weather clock data, 3 dimensional model is provided to users online, and information for efficient maintenance plan by changing safety and performance of structures
First snowㅇ Efficient operation and management of various devices in the enclosure that protect the terminal equipment such as CCTV enclosures, signal controller enclosures, etc. It is a system to perform a role such as response.
CONTECㅇ Satellite image data analysis service for smart city: By applying deep learning (AI) technology to satellite image that can see a wide range of city information at a glance, after extracting the desired objects (green areas, buildings, cars, etc.) Detect illegal buildings and illegal parking and make existing administrative services smarter
Ks Solutionㅇ The all-round CCTV system, the flagship product, is an intelligent camera system that can simultaneously monitor 1 through only 4 cameras.
K & Lㅇ Distributed server system for Smart Building / Office (BMS), Smart Factory, Smart Energy, Smart Home, Smart Farm, Smart Transformation
Katie (KT)ㅇ Smart City integrated platform: TTA certification for communication carriers (5G acceptability, IoT openness, securing reference)
ㅇ Smart City Digital Twin: Virtual city platform based on KT Big Data
ㅇ possesses 5G type smart city service infrastructure (high-speed smart city service possible)
Korea Tech
COMMAXㅇ Provide user convenience and safety management service through simultaneous control and monitoring of IoT wireless devices and 485 wired devices that apply wireless standard (Zigbee / Wifi / BLE) through smart home and IoT based wall pad or gateway
ㅇ Remote monitoring and recording of video call and CCTV video through visitors and smartphones at the entrance and lobby using UC (Unified Communication)
ㅇ Detects the security situation (going out, room, emergency, fire, gas, etc.) occurring in households, automatically notifies household members and managers, and links with emergency dispatch system
ㅇ Cloud To cloud service can be extended infinitely through Cloud service based on Open API, and mutual control and monitoring function between devices by interworking between Device To Devices through OCF international standard
CoreTrustㅇ Prevention of CCTV camera hacking and prevention of illegal leakage of stored images-Video encryption of all sections from CCTV camera to image storage and export, masking when exporting images and personal information protection using DRM. Preventing indiscriminate access of internal personnel through CCTV video misuse analysis and password management
TechNineㅇ Combining the latest mobile communication (LPWAN: NB-IoT, Cat.M220, etc.) and small sensors in a place where there was no blind spot for commercial power (1V) and the Internet (LAN, WiFi), it is much cheaper than conventional methods -Type outdoor IoT solution that enables real-time, remote monitoring and big data accumulation / utilization
Tmoneyㅇ Provide smart card-based transportation card service (1 top companies including national public transportation)
ㅇ Providing mobile app based mobility service (high speed, long distance booking app, taxi call app, etc.)
ㅇ Simple payment service provided (T-Money Pay, Zero Pay, etc.)
T Hubㅇ Equipped with BLE / WiFi combo module or BLE module in the field of switch, outlet, plug, etc. to provide remote IoT function at home, and provide remote management and service using server linkage and apps, and future AI functions Provide additional
Penta Systems Technologyㅇ Spatial intelligence smart city platform: Providing the efficiency and optimization potential of smart city based platform to control intelligent space / Building smart city platform ecosystem through spatial big data partnership
ㅇ Business field: Big data architecture design and platform construction / operation, ML / AI analysis environment, big data analysis, data governance and big data consulting
ㅇ Best Practice: National Information Resource Management Agency Big Data Common Platform "Hyean", Smart City Platform based on Autonomous Driving of Local Government
Peace Engineering
POSCO E & Cㅇ Based on global top-tier steel plant technology, we are prominent in plants such as energy and environment, and we are building customer trust in various fields such as residential facilities, skyscrapers, urban development, and SOC projects.
Point Mobile
Blue technologyㅇ Development and manufacture of collaboration robot arm (menu plater)
ㅇ Information service robot manufacturing
Fusionsoftㅇ ICT Convergence: Intelligent Car, Object Recognition, Location Recognition, Internet of Things, AR / VR
ㅇ Big data AI: Big data analysis, artificial intelligence technology, system construction and operation
ㅇ Smart education: educational informatization, educational contents, security and infrastructure
P & P Network-Global Digital Radio Receiving SoC-SDR (Software Defined Radio) Technology Development and Mass Production
PINKROㅇ Discover G2G, G2B and B2B businesses that can only be licensed in Laos
Providing overseas export support services to realize financial value
Korea Digital Twin Research Instituteㅇ Develop digital twin solution for various purposes by applying digital twin implementation technology (big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, modeling and simulation) applicable to the entire life cycle of smart city (design, construction, test, operation and maintenance) And build
Korea Electric Power Informationㅇ Intelligent software platform that integrates and manages various small scale distributed resources like one large power plant and predicts / transacts through blockchain and AI technology
Korean Language and Computerㅇ Developing and operating services such as Korean language education, e-book publishing, chatbot / voicebot, etc. with multi-language speech recognition and interpretation / translation technology based on artificial intelligence and office software technology developed for 30. The terminal has been released.
Hanmi Global Architects' Officeㅇ Plant and construction such as PM (Project Management), CM (Construction Management), F / S (Feasibility Study), QIT (Quality Improvement Team), LTA (Lender's Technical Advisor), DU (Due Diligence), OE (Owner's Engineer) Broad service in the field
Hanbul Energy Managementㅇ Energy management guarantee contract (direct renewable energy investment), hubgrade monitoring system, energy network business
KEPCO Industry Developmentㅇ Remote meter reading: Intelligent power metering system that induces customer's voluntary electricity saving and demand response by providing customers with electricity usage information such as electricity consumption and hourly rate information using two-way communication network.
ㅇ Energy storage device (ESS): Peak management, renewable energy connection, frequency adjustment, peak reduction + emergency generator, BEMS energy management
KEPCO CaDenㅇ System integration (SI) / system operation (SM) business related to power business, S / W development in power field
ㅇ Supervision / consulting related to smart-grid related business / information communication, electricity, firefighting
Hancomsan Officeㅇ Manufacture of personal safety equipment for firefighting and military gas masks such as air respirator, fire protection suit, and heat radiation suit
Hancom Secure
Hancom MDS
Hanwha Systems (System Division)ㅇ Provide video surveillance solution (CCTV, VMS), PSIM-based integrated security control platform
Hadden Bridgeㅇ High-reality and immersive real-time image-based collaboration technology through AR and VR
Hyundai Constructionㅇ Establish smart urban infrastructure and develop three-dimensional complex space in energy, environment, and mobility based on urban information analysis
Hyundai Motorㅇ Providing public transport and logistics services based on eco-friendly autonomous vehicles
① Autonomous driving mobility, ② Control platform, ③ C-ITS, ④ Eco-friendly energy, ⑤ Next-generation logistics
Hyundai Architects & Engineersㅇ Total services in the field of architecture such as architectural design, urban design, interior, engineering, C / PM, based on the accumulated technology and experiences of various projects
Hyundai Telecomㅇ We provide smart home system for convenient life, pleasant life, economic life and safe life that residents pursue. It is a portal service provider that develops, produces, supplies, and maintains core areas of cloud-based smart home systems, IoT solutions, and security systems at home and abroad.
Hyundai Payㅇ As a blockchain-based technology and solution provider, the company is growing as a new leader in the fintech market by establishing a fintech service platform (blockchain-based fintech business, prepaid point payment service, P2P funding service, and smart welllets).
Hyunjinㅇ Smart lighting: It is easy to find elderly people with dementia by detecting the color of clothes of the person, and it is easy to identify the suspects in case of crime.
ㅇ BIPV system of window type solar power generation device: It replaces windows and is easy to open and close, and it is possible to increase efficiency by attaching tracking sensor and to adjust angle with IoT grafting APP.
Lakeside Constructionㅇ Smart smart housing complex (active use of IoT)
ㅇ Active use of drones and the latest technology to reduce errors in construction
HUMAXㅇ A parent company with a subsidiary company of smart mobility business, CCTV control for city safety, urban health check and telemedicine service development, and efficient collection system of recycled waste
HUMEDIAㅇ Radar order-based vehicle speed detection and traffic analysis, human movement status analysis, etc.
ㅇ Applied to the condition monitoring and power equipment of objects that generate heat source based on IR Thermal camera
Hdac Technologyㅇ As a blockchain company, it is a technology company of 'Hdac', a hybrid blockchain project supporting both private and public blockchains.
General Electric International Corporation (GE)ㅇ GE provides power generation and transmission and distribution, renewable energy such as wind / ESS / solar, advanced imaging medical devices and smart healthcare solutions such as MRI / CT, marine systems such as marine engines and control systems, aircraft engines and electronic equipment. It is a global company with various business areas such as aerospace system.
Nable Communicationsㅇ Have E-2-E solution from low power wide area network (LPWAN) based IoT terminal to platform
ㅇ Develop / provide optimized IoT consulting and stable IoT solution for customer service needs
ㅇ Supply products for facility control, remote meter reading, location control, energy management, railway / road / port
Hanwha Systems (ITC Division)ㅇSmart building & home, smart environment (water treatment, etc.), smart factory, smart security & control based technology
ㅇ Having a cloud-based group data center and own solution to collect, store, process and analyze big data
Garnet Information Technologyㅇ Garnet information technology is based on network and information security (NI), information security technology and
Specialized in disaster prevention
Green Zone SecurityGreen Zone Security's security platform (lightweight IoT security, light weight PKI) provides end-to-end integrated security solution from IoT device / gateway to network, server / platform, user / service in SmartCity field.
Greentech Inc.ㅇ Based on experiences in the domestic environment industry and ICT convergence industry, we provide on-demand ICT convergence services that connect people, objects and spaces based on the 4 car industry (IoT, AI, Big Data, ICT).
NeofectNeofect combines digital games and rehabilitation training elements to provide patients with Rafael Smart rehabilitation solutions for rehabilitation training.
NEXMORE SYSTEMSㅇ Smart City Service: As a service development company for IoT-based technology (CCTV, RFID, LBS, sensors, etc.) Providing environmental monitoring service to lead a healthy life. A representative service is the technology of CCTV video support service between the city integrated operation center and the 112 reporting center.It supports CCTV video through the connection between the 112 report center consisting of closed networks and the city integrated operation center composed of heterogeneous closed networks. In order to protect citizens by prompt response by the police in case of accident or emergency
Nokwon Information Technologyㅇ Enhance 3D-based intelligent integrated service based on IOT solution and provide Digital Twin technology, 3D Map-based visualization, thereby improving overall visibility through 3D-based Holistic View, and increasing customer productivity and efficiency
New Coad Wind
Dassault Systems Koreaㅇ Smart City / Digital Twin / 3DEXPERIENCE City Platform
Eastㅇ Analysis and consulting of weather / ocean / environmental information data, numerical modeling, system design and development in related fields, customized weather / ocean service
Donghae Technology Corporation
Digibaseㅇ Build video streaming system
ㅇ Optimize video streaming quality
ㅇ 2 authentication solution through video analysis and fingerprint authentication
Digipartsㅇ Develop and provide hardware and system for realizing mobility service such as car sharing service (car sharing) and FMS (Fleet Management System) by unmanned rental service, automation, and wireless network construction
Radar and Space (RADAR N SPACE)ㅇ Macro scale smart water grid service that installs automatic flow measuring device using river radar at the entrance and exit of rivers across the city to identify the flow rate used and leaked throughout the city and to share water resources with nearby cities avatar
Managementㅇ Developed power measurement and control module system interlocking OpenADR 2.0b protocol
-Management has developed an integrated power trading system in connection with the OpenADR2.0b communication standard technology to build future-oriented energy efficiency management and automation of power demand management, reflecting the needs of customers participating in the power trading resources.

ㅇ Developing and commercializing electric vehicle mobile charger product with charging technology
-This is a technology that uses a power outlet of a parking lot such as an apartment house, and it can be imposed on the user by applying an electric vehicle exclusive rate plan, and its mobile charger can support not only existing electric vehicles but also micro electric vehicles.
MAPINUSㅇ Web-based 3-dimensional modeling and facility management technology using urban cloud visualization and analysis service point cloud technology such as urban change, thermal environment, and urban disaster prevention
Metabuildㅇ MI smart city integrated control platform: An integrated control platform for smart city construction and operation, providing intelligent urban situation control and various services using technologies such as IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, and AI
MORU Industrial Systemsㅇ Development of the world's first ultra-low power wireless loop detection technology / Application of the highest reliability loop detection technology / Parking information system that can be applied indoors and outdoors without environmental restrictions
MOCOM SYSㅇ It is an EAI / ESB-linked company that is essential for linkage service and possesses MOLIT integrated platform (TTA certification) technology. (Main business holdings of local governments-Suwon, Namyangju)
ㅇ The new industry sector, IoT, AI, Cloud, and BI division consists of separate divisions, which is suitable for the convergence of new services.
Muntechㅇ Smart IOT system: Connect various IoT devices / sensors incorporating IoT technology into every space where people live, and control the entrance and exit of the space with various sensor information to prevent crime, gas, fine dust, carbon dioxide, It is an IOT system that eliminates damage such as fire and can control various home appliances through sensors.
Barun Infotechㅇ Specialized company possessing and implementing U-City and smart city platform solution
Bagel Labsㅇ Convenient cloud service to acquire and reprocess the latest body data
Bugang Tech (BKT)ㅇ Sewage water treatment and reuse technology, organic waste resource energy facility
VUNOㅇ As a medical AI technology start-up, Korea is leading Korea's medical innovation by developing various AI-based medical solutions using Korea's first AI engine.
New Eye (SAENOON)ㅇ Major smart safety related products such as smart city integrated platform (TTA certification) and integrated control center business and asset management solution, CCTV and self-network condition management solution, trouble vehicle intelligent search solution, illegal parking automatic enforcement solution, and IoT data collection solution I have a solution
Seongam Global
Sunghyun E & Cㅇ Communicates based on new protocol based on PLC (PLC) and adds communication module to SMPS attached to electronic devices to control individual devices and groups in simple and economic way. Allow monitoring.
Soiva Telecomㅇ Electromagnetic shielding material technology and total shielding service for reducing harmful electromagnetic wave exposure in living environment of infants and children
Smart City Koreaㅇ Technology that implements smart safety, smart transportation, and healthcare services through smart city platform (Alice integrated platform, CCTV control platform, smart service & solution linkage and linkage), mobility, face recognition & LPR-based intelligent platform
SMART C&Iㅇ Design and construction of zero energy building facilities based on information and communication infrastructure
Smart Insideㅇ Providing services through the development of facility maintenance utilization technology and structural safety diagnosis technology and industrial safety technology development
Smart Cosmosㅇ Provide technical advice on platforms, solutions, etc. to construct smart home services that can effectively and efficiently connect to smart cities
Shinsegae Propertyㅇ Create 'Smart Complex Shopping Mall' aiming at customer-friendly space
ㅇ Constructing a new concept residential complex that combines advanced technology and convenience services
Search and Delve
3S Softㅇ Specialized in providing one-stop consulting, supply and construction services for network separation / network solution Nepix products (VDI, network connection) developed based on communication technology between memories.
Three S Tech
Three Kikakas (3Kbicas)ㅇ Develop XML-based integrated platform, linkage system, and service system to refine and store structured and unstructured data collected from various devices in international standard format (W3C XML) and make it immediately available to the system that needs it.
Seetalk Communicationsㅇ Smart high resolution video phone (SVP2000R): Android OS based, 10 inch touch screen video phone, automatic recording function during call and automatic transmission to recording file storage server, so it can be used for control center and video counseling center.
INAVI SystemsMobility service and Digital Map / LBS platform, development and related service supply
(Digital Mapping Map S / W, LBS Platform, Big Data Mobility Solution (MaaS))
Iris Solutionㅇ Imported distribution of infrared (IR) sensor and infrared (IR) camera module
IT-ONEㅇ Provide real-time location service, IoT service, smart construction service based on wireless communication based on real time location service (RTLS) and mixed reality (MR) technology. Provide location tracking, construction safety, smart street light, two-way lighting control system, smart emergency button
Academy Plusㅇ Academy Plus is building a telepresence system based on real-time two-way communication to build a smart campus offline platform that is open to all time and space. Provide technology and services that can be utilized
RMS Consulting (RMS Consulting)ㅇ Build a digital disaster response standard operating procedure (SOP) system for effective command and control in the event of an accident by establishing a systematic disaster prevention and management system
ㅇ To improve the quality of life by improving the satisfaction of dashin people by providing personalized services that are close to life and preparing for disasters and disasters using IoT technology.
S / C Air
SRD Networksㅇ We are researching and developing various solutions such as IoT field, smart city integrated platform, etc., which are major topics of the 4 car industry, and are applying various wireless technologies to the field in line with the 5G era.
ARWORKSㅇ We are focusing on researching, developing and manufacturing drones, which are members of the 4 tea industry. We have platforms and software applicable to various fields.
AST Holdingsㅇ Development and visualization system of city 3D model based on CityGML in digital twin
ㅇ Develop realistic AR / VR service and contents based on digital twin
ㅇ Visualize the results derived from digital twins and various city-based data using AR and VR technology
HDC Hyundai Development Companyㅇ We are designing cities so that members of the space can live healthy and convenient lives. In addition, smart cities can be specified with specialized organizations (including affiliates) necessary for individual elements of urban composition (people, natural environment, culture, etc.) and have direct operational know-how.
Eco-Landㅇ IoT technology and AI-based hardware software convergence technology Smart road lighting solution realizes energy saving and maintenance cost reduction, and interoperates with heterogeneous smart devices (CCTV, weather information, traffic information, etc.) through API. Providing smart city-based solution by configuring smart pole with scalability
F & D Partners
Encore Link
LF Haiti
LG ElectronicsㅇLG Electronics is a global leader in technological innovation in the fields of electronic products, mobile communication devices, and home appliances, and has conducted business in more than 100 business sites around the world, recording KRW 2017 trillion in sales in 61. LG Electronics consists of five business divisions: Home Appliance & Air Solution (H&A), Home Entertainment (HE), Mobile Communications (MC), Vehicle Component Solution (VS), and Business Solution (BS). , Leading the market in mobile phones and auto parts.
El Connectedㅇ Maximizing user convenience as a smart home related hardware / software manufacturer and maximizing services for residents' lives through various applications
WideCUBEㅇ GIS management based on urban management (governance, urban management, urban energy integrated management center)
ㅇ Smart safety GIS-based control (big data / AI-based complex / road smart security and safety system, providing road hazard weather information, optimizing emergency response in case of accident or accident, smart city safety)
ㅇ Pedestrian safety service GIS-based control (school zone safety service)
ㅇ Smart traffic GIS-based control (smart signaling system)
WISEnutㅇ Develop and supply AI chatbot based on language processing and collection, analysis, and search SW (interactive AI automatic response solution (chatbot))
-A hybrid chat processing chatbot with machine learning, natural language analysis, and rule-based, which increases customer productivity and internal business efficiency through simple and repetitive inquiries in 24 hours and 365 days in real time.
-Convergence with various devices (mobile phone, concierge, robot, etc.) as well as web / online
With Kㅇ Spread system for heat and cold heat pump using water and air heat
ㅇ Operation of Palm Coding Experience Education Program
ㅇ Development of cultivation system for the season field and tunnel farm based 4 season
Yucan Starㅇ Violence / risk detection system, face recognition technology, and suspect tracking technology have been developed to detect crime scenes with high probability in case of an incident, and the suspect tracking system can be immediately responded by the police near the case with a simplified reporting procedure.
INNODEPIntelligent Video Surveillance Service: Improves efficiency by integrating data management points in the existing integrated video control platform (VMS) that can interoperate and expand this type of CCTV and IoT devices. Smart City Integrated Safety Platform Service to Provide New Insight
Eden TNSE2D2 MDC (Micro Data Center) provides all the necessary facilities within the data center and a control program to remotely monitor them in a single main body, allowing you to complete an efficient data center configuration anywhere without any additional work.
E - mart
ESSYSㅇ Vehicle to everything (V2X) communication solution (vehicle terminal, communication base station, application) developed in-house and has the supply record to most public projects in Korea
-V2X communication (2016) solution based on WAVE communication: OBU, RSU
3GPP Rel. 14-based Cellular V2X (C-V2X) Communication Solution: OBU, RSU
-V2X application: Developed approximately 2735 Applications based on SAE J2016 (50)
ENGSOFTㅇ In line with the technological changes in the 4 Industrial Revolution, construction ICT convergence technology incorporating technologies such as BIM, GIS, IoT, and Mobile are applied to engineering, construction, maintenance, and disaster prevention fields. Smart construction ICT convergence technology that can be applied to
EZPMPㅇ Build a solution that collects and analyzes information about customers and the environment of the park through smartphones, IoT devices, robots, etc., and analyzes the usage patterns and behavior patterns of the park users to induce specific actions to the users. Provide custom / recommended content and analytics reports
Ecube Labsㅇ Integrated control solution for urban waste collection management
-Ecube Lab aims to create high value in various environmental fields such as waste management and energy management by using eco-friendly products and IT technology. Currently, solutions for improving the efficiency of waste collection management (solar compression waste bin, load sensor, vehicle) Location tracking device, waste collection management solution)
InSpaceㅇA company that conducts research and development in the fields of ground station, space environment, RS & IT, and AI technology, and integrates ground station technology and RS technology to establish an unmanned surveillance system for objects and regions of interest (DroneSAT). To develop
Ildo Engineeringㅇ Research and development of drone image taking, surveying and drone
Zerowebㅇ Provide integrated control service that provides various functions such as collecting and providing various traffic information including traffic communication information, traffic accident information, public transportation information, settlement of toll and traffic facility usage fee, and integrated management of traffic facility
G & Sㅇ It supports OPC-UA standard protocol and various communication protocols such as non-standard analog communication, Restful, MQTT, etc. as a data gateway device of Edge Computing technology that has sensor, equipment data collection and conversion, and active transmission to target system for IoT implementation. Provide data transmission technology products
Kakao Mobilityㅇ Kakao Mobility, which started from Kakao Taxi, is Korea's largest comprehensive mobility platform that provides surrogate operation, navigation, parking, and recently launched electric bicycle sharing business. Proxy driver 2300 only)
Kay R. Costa (KRECOSTAR)ㅇ One-stop urban facility maintenance system linking location information and map information using smartphones
ㅇ Media transparent light emitting device that can display video by attaching LED to flexible film
Core Soft
Coolcloudㅇ SDN-based centralized management system / Linux-based OS / public switch-based flexible infrastructure hardware
Cube IntelligenceSafe boarding vehicle sharing platform based on mobility technology. Mobility data collected through OBD devices is used to identify driver habits to drive safe driving and contribute to social cost mitigation.
Tower line
Techwin Systemㅇ Automated process monitoring control of waterworks, sewage and wastewater treatment plants by applying remote monitoring and distributed control technology, and automating power supply and supply of power energy to ensure stability and safety of each facility and increase energy and cost efficiency.
TRIPHOSㅇ IoT platform, unmanned logistics robot control system, data visualization solution
TDS Displayㅇ Proceed to drive through system construction and installation. Manufacture of Outdoor Digital Information Display (DID), Indoor Kiosk, Transparent Monitor, Solar Bus Shelter
ㅇ Deliver and develop large monitors, kiosks and solar bus shelters for smart cities
4D SOLUTIONㅇ Developing and possessing typhoon risk models for Busan. The typhoon risk model is a model that estimates the potential risks of wind and precipitation from typhoons, and can provide essential information for disaster planning and disaster response systems.
POSTECHㅇ With RF antenna technology and facilities that can be integrated into IoT
Plan H Venturesㅇ Discover, invest, and nurture startup teams with growth potential
ㅇ Support rapid growth by linking business with group companies
Hanatech systemㅇ Parking surface sensor that quickly provides empty parking surface information not only for underground parking lot but also for off-site public parking lot and rooftop parking lot.
hyenaㅇ The central food waste central management system treats food wastes at the source, recovers them as high-quality recycled products (raw materials, compost), and links and recycles them in various ways to regenerate food wastes as resources instead of wastes. Is a key solution for improving residential environment
Korea Company Data
Korea Electromagnetic Research Instituteㅇ Supplied electromagnetic wave countermeasure parts and products for safety against the electromagnetic impact of smart city (supplying electromagnetic wave elimination filter, absorber / anti jamming and satellite power system (GPS) for high power immunity)
ㅇ Building city environment safe from electromagnetic waves
ㅇ Electromagnetic safety certification test for products
ㅇ Smart City Security Surveillance System
Hancomn Fluxㅇ It is a platform that includes all stages from heterogeneous sensors, data collection and linkage, data processing / analysis, dashboard, etc., and serves as a smart platform considering effective operation and response. In particular, it is specialized in control such as smart city and plant, allowing free editing of the operation dashboard and easy creation of SOP.
Hanwha Energyㅇ Solar and energy storage (ESS) EPC, control technology and remote operation solution development and O&M
ㅇ Development of new domestic and overseas energy solutions such as hydrogen fuel cell
HEALTH CONNECTㅇ Supply healthcare services (wellness, chronic disease management) and SmartHospital solutions based on ICT technology
-Development of mobile based health care and chronic disease management service
-Developed Smart Hospital Solution (Mobile, Kiosk, IoT, etc.)
-Health management algorithm development and health/healthcare R&D
Hyundai Mubexㅇ Robot control platform, indoor vertical moving service robot, outdoor courier and delivery robot, parking robot
HYUNDAI ELECTRICㅇ Comprehensive power energy integrated solution engineering service
ㅇ Selecting, designing and procuring major equipment with optimal specifications and best prices
ㅇ Establishing safe energy facility system and long-term stable operation management service
Lakeside Industryㅇ Smart smart housing complex (active use of IoT)
ㅇ Active use of drones and the latest technology to reduce errors in construction
Green ChargeThe Dutch EV BOX is one of the leading distributors of electric chargers in Europe and has plans for domestic production.
Gribㅇ Business field: smart home, smart building, smart city (facility management), smart campus
ㅇ Possessed products: Gateway Hub, service platform, smart home, fine dust display
ㅇ Holding technology: Device interworking, convergence service planning, service development (control / support / PC Web, Mobile UI / UX)
Nano Weather (Nano C&W)ㅇ ICT-based urban flood flood observation and prediction model for smart city
DAWINKS Investmentㅇ Blockchain-based payment platform, cryptocurrency payment system, cryptocurrency exchange ATM
The Way Communication
Dodam Developmentㆍ Dodam Development Co., Ltd. is a high quality civil construction / construction and operation management system differentiated from the know-how and construction methods (various patents) accumulated over 20.
LUCKISSㅇ Safety speed 5030 support campaign application for traffic safety culture reform
LOTTE Asset Developmentㅇ PM of complex shopping mall
ㅇ Asset management and housing operation
ㅇ Share Office
Mas Koreaㅇ ODD (Operational Design Domain): Autonomous vehicles operate on real roads based on the accumulated experience and data from the Sejong City road operating environment survey and research on self-driving cars, which are currently undertaken by the National Innovation Cluster Project in Sejong City. Establishment of standards (technical, institutional, infrastructure) and safe operation requirements and provide them as solutions.
ㅇ Import agency, operation, and maintenance of autonomous vehicles: Based on experience in domestic import agency, sales, operation and maintenance of autonomous vehicles produced overseas, we intend to grow as a partner of overseas companies that want to enter the Korean market.
Seokyung Industryㅇ Unmanned enforcement platform and intelligent CCTV system that enables flexible operation without specific CCTV dependence or restriction as e-government framework compliance system
Soft Zionㅇ Smart customer management / smart counseling management / smart sales / marketing management / smart survey management / smart campaign management / customer analysis using machine learning, product recommendation service / smart IOT service
Smart Farm Centerㅇ Establish and operate smart farm with IoT Big-data AI solution
ㅇ Content construction and training of Smart Farm Academy (school, academy, manager)
ㅇEstablishment of smart farm theme park: franchise, F&B store, and funology complex
Sim Platformㅇ Cloud-based IoT platform for easily connecting various objects and collecting IoT data to provide various smart solutions and intelligent services based on real-time analysis
Sunsㅇ Telecommunication business, online shopping mall operation, video conferencing system construction and operation
Inori Labㅇ New concept creative playground for digital generation children. Based on IoT technology, children can track their play while they are playing on the playground to identify children's disposition based on 6 types of play such as body, cognition, and creative expression, and provide our own 'Play Report' through big data analysis Development and construction of amusement reporting system
Icecerㅇ Develop and supply online document security (forgery, tamper proof) solution and video information data security (integrity, confidentiality) security solution
Iochordㅇ Process data mining and simulation based on big data for optimizing and efficiency
NNSPNetDiode transmits data in one direction only from the security area (control network) to the non-security area (business network), and physically connects only one line, and the opposite line is equipped with a switched one-way transmit / receive board. Hardware-based physical one-way transmitter ”.
A-I mobility
LG Systemsㅇ Smart city platform construction technology and service through WiFi + IpCamera + Photosensor AllInOne type ultra long life smart LED street lamp-security lamp designed based on a special heat dissipation engine
XFCㅇ Fuel cell control / monitoring technology using IoT, physical twin based digital twin technology
ONPOOMㅇ Intelligent one-click disaster integration platform, location-based in-building disaster management solution, intelligent earthquake early warning solution,
Disaster situation propagation technology using Smart Safety Big board, UHD & DMB wireless technology
Innogridㅇ Build core R&D capabilities through experts in cloud computing, CDN, and HPC fields. In particular, from the early days of the domestic cloud in 2009, cloud solutions using open sources were developed to provide cloud construction, operation and services to various industries.
Ife Electronicsㅇ Set-top board equipped with mobile communication module (LTE) for IoT HUB realization to control n devices in 1 units
Xeroxㅇ A real-time slope stability monitoring system based on wireless sensor network using displacement sensor and physicochemical sensor to detect ground behavior
Zebra&Sequenceㅇ Reduce traffic accidents with advanced IT functions on pedestrian traffic light poles without special functions on pedestrian crossings.
The face recognition function of missing persons, especially 1 photos, has a real-time search function of missing persons (young, infant, demented elderly) who walk the crosswalk by applying side recognition technology (Geo-Fencing). Full function
-The attention function in the direction of driver's 45 ° prevents traffic accidents in front of the crosswalk.
_ Real-time face recognition forms a safe zone around the school to prevent violence and sex offenders
* Formation of safety zones around the school and provision of safe return lanes at night
GELIXㅇ Provide PaaS Cloud service solution for energy gateway based open edge platform and new energy industry services
GYnetworksㅇ ReCon Safer: Smart safety management system for environment management and human protection for construction sites based on visual intelligence
ㅇ Features: From the safe stance of construction workers to safe exit.
Cheongchuk Orientalㅇ Collect and analyze the living information of the local people in the city regeneration area. Sharing economy-type platform project combining 4 tea industry technology with all aspects of life such as jobs, health information, education, and governance for the elderly
KIOTㅇ Development of image analysis object recognition artificial intelligence traffic measurement system
ㅇ The public innovation technology test bed project in Seoul is being carried out to collect and provide real-time traffic for people, bicycles and vehicles in 24 areas of Seoul.
Quantum Gateㅇ Development of traffic accident forecasting system based on IoT and big data (school zone, senior protection zone, accident area)
ㅇ Development of front vehicle collision prevention system in fog and tunnel (vehicle interval, collision prediction time, section average speed)
ㅇ Development of compensation system for traffic safety operation behavior of blockchain based truck driver (platform)
2CSGㅇ Provides smart city, smart building master plan and design, construction, operation maintenance service and methodology, and main supply systems include network, security crime prevention, smart AED management system, own products, domestic and foreign information security, physical security Provides Network Security Solution
TGㅇ Company specialized in establishing IT governance system and building portal
ㅇ Focusing on digital twins and civic communication in smart cities
PPSㅇ The company has an integrated information linkage solution that acquires various service solution data and provides information integration and linkage between solutions.It is a middleware integration platform that integrates AI, big data and IoT related data information. City, it is essential SW.
Hypersensingㅇ Artificial intelligence traffic signal control: Traffic signal control optimization service through real-time traffic analysis
ㅇ Voluntary cooperation driving support service: Supporting speed and sudden situation through real-time traffic analysis
Korea Growth Finance
Korea Haiti Evaluation Instituteㅇ Core technology / service: Smart City Infrastructure Security Assessment Service
-(Feature) A service that verifies that all infrastructure in the smart city is securely installed.
-(Effect) Provide safe and reliable smart city verification service to users
Esri KoreaSeri is a world leader in spatial information, providing GIS technologies and services prepared to support new technologies such as smart cities, IoT and digital twins.
Haemㅇ Supplied '3D solar map', the 3D solar power generation analysis map using the estimated power generation based on artificial intelligence, shading analysis technology and meteorological climate analysis (3D Solar Map)
Gaon I & I
NURIRUNㅇ Sales equipment for lightning weather observation and development of display software
ㅇ Development of indoor air quality meter and display software
ㅇSI (system integration) and national R&D projects, etc.
Newlake Alliance Managementㅇ Based on excellent capital, global competence, and network, we have developed various overseas investment opportunities, sharing them with domestic strategic partners, and providing high returns to investors through continuous investment and strategic follow-up management.
NEWS Jellyㅇ DAISY, a domestic web-based data visualization solution developed by itself, can be used for various purposes such as directly visualizing, editing, and sharing a lot of data in smart city. It is a data visualization BI service that can be used simultaneously by thousands of citizens and managers to provide a 360-degree experience in using data.
The real marketingㅇ Replace paper receipts with mobile receipts and possess customized shopping recommendation and big data-based production, distribution, and marketing support technologies based on the purchase details.
ㅇ Have technology, devices, and infrastructure that can use all-new payments such as Fintech, local virtual currency, mobile credit card, etc. in one-stop, low-cost stores
Drone IDㅇ A company that creates algorithms by integrating AI with data captured by industrial drones
ㅇ Digital drawing of bridges, public facilities, buildings and factories with 3D drone
Land roadㅇ The filtering device can be conveniently maintained on the cloud platform by notifying the IoT wireless network of the amount of non-point pollutants collected in the filtration filter, rainwater and inflow water in the road drain or rain gutter.
MY MUSIC TASTEㅇ Customized cultural contents platform through taste analysis: Provide customized cultural contents and platform for residents of Sejong Smart City by utilizing My MusicTaste's data analysis power and operational know-how throughout the global performance industry
Medi ConexIt provides health care and health care service using smart band, smart watch and network communication technology. It possesses hardware manufacturing ability and software development ability to collect data generated by smart band (orange band) through IoT network. End to End service can be provided as an app after saving to the store (CEO Tae-pyeong Kim, SK Telecom 15 year, IoT interpersonal, every two control platform operation)
Mediumㅇ (MEDIUM Blockchain Platform) By utilizing blockchain-specific process units, we dramatically improve performance from a hardware perspective, providing a high-performance blockchain mainnet that can process information as quickly and safely as existing IT systems.
Bingleㅇ As a global community service, it is a community service where users communicate and connect with each other online. Users can autonomously establish a governance system for their community by organizing a self-governing council within each community. In addition, each user participates in community activities, receives a blockchain-based CryptoBadge that can prove each person's identity, Authority, Expertise, and Contribution, and is given permission to participate and make decisions on each community or agenda based on CryptoBadge. It's possible. Through this, Vingle will ultimately provide a transparent decision-making platform within and between communities, and these services will create a core platform within the smart city where residents and communities can build governance that is transparent and consensus on a variety of agendas. provide.
Seoul Roboticsㅇ Lida-based real-time recognition solution
Setalabㅇ Test automation platform for Internet of Things devices
Lpwa gateway and device development and education consulting
Scalawoxㅇ Deep learning image processing, data prediction analysis, GPU acceleration algorithm optimization
StarLightㅇ Smart solution platform: Based on AI, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, and Mobile technologies, the data needed for each situation is collected and stored using QR code program, its own technology, and then analyzed with big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyze the problem situation. Solution solution technology that predicts and visualizes and derives efficiency through optimal scheduling diagnosis. It is a platform technology that can be applied to elements necessary for smart city by applying to various situations such as smart healthcare, smart farm and smart factory.
-Healthcare: Personalized AI, Bigdata, Cloud, Mobile, IoT technology-based health care and prevention services, smart solution programs linked with actual hospitals, and personal wearable linked health care systems
-Smart + Farm-Customized Smart Farm Technology for each energy-independent urban crop that combines solar and solar hybrid smart farm exterior wall design technology with AI, Bigdata, Cloud, Mobile, and IoT technologies
Spring Cloud◦ Self-driving mobility service and operation business: One-stop service for safe autonomous driving / Autonomous shuttle service Safety and operation design / Section autonomous driving shuttle-based MaaS demonstration (SAE L4 and above)
◦ Autonomous driving data hub and analysis business: driving data processing, processing and evaluation service / safety prediction model service / driving content and advertisement service through data analysis
SIGNET EVㅇ Construct EV charging station that can connect with renewable energy (PV, ESS)
ㅇ With technology development capability from 7kW slow charger to 350kW super fast charger
ㅇ Capability of developing various charging system technologies such as electric bus automatic charging system
Shin Young Isdㅇ It possesses distributed storage technology for analyzing large data and uses it to support policy decision making through urban analysis
ㅇ Improving mobility of urban residents by developing mobility service (shared bicycle) using GPS
Iosoft Corporation
SGA Kangwon (SGA Gangwon)ㅇ Providing a pre-existing smart city response system infrastructure platform through information sharing using images such as fire, underground buried disaster, emergency disaster, etc. as a smart city safety and security solution
Odin Network
MaintenancePrepare for sinkholes caused by underground facilities problems Our company's underground space safety management (UGS) system projects the safety checks according to the aging and complexity of urban infrastructure and performs regular monitoring to strengthen social safety nets.
E-Tech System
JD SOLUTIONㅇ Based on directional sound technology, we provide Sot (Sound of Things) service, that is, pedestrian sound technology that does not generate noise around, providing smart walking service and bus stop alert service.
Zbikeㅇ Personal mobility sharing system such as electric kickboard using app
-Track the location of the electric kickboard using GPS and display it on the map of the app in real time
-User can use the app to search and use the nearest electric kickboard
Occupantㅇ Electric vehicle charging technology based on blockchain technology, electric vehicle charging infrastructure integration platform, electric vehicle charging payment platform, etc.
KCS Globalㅇ Renewable energy convergence business (solar, ESS, fuel cell)
ㅇ Develop and manufacture energy storage devices (electric vehicle charging, etc.) through recycling of electric vehicle batteries
ㅇ Development and manufacture of E-bike charging device (battery replacement cradle), development of charging platform
K hologramㅇ A variety of life-like technologies are implemented along the waterway by using IoT hologram smart landscape as a smart information guide system type using smart city infrastructure and intelligent technology.
CORRNERSㅇ LPWA wireless communication, evacuation guidance IoT device, real-time distributed evacuation route calculation algorithm, AIoT-based active evacuation guidance system technology, smart evacuation guidance system
CURONSYSㅇ Application for large waste discharge: request for large waste discharge from mobile or PC
ㅇ Cyber ​​counter for payment and payment of water and sewage rate: Inquiry and payment of water and sewage notification amount according to customer number and electronic customer number
Top In Tech
Things Nineㅇ Easy payment platform based on decentralized distributed electronic ledger
ㅇ O2O platform construction-offline-oriented online convergence service
ㅇ IPTV system building-in-house broadcasting and disaster broadcasting
grapeㅇ GIS-based Smart City system integration development / construction service
ㅇ Digital Twin XNUMD dimensional DB construction and service system development
Fluxityㅇ As a digital twin based smart city convergence service company, it possesses 3-dimensional virtualization, convergence control and simulation technology, which is the core technology of digital twin, and integrates various information such as security, environment, and energy into digital twin environment. We are supplying products that enable us to Seoul, Busan, Incheon International Airport, and Transportation Corporation.
Institution, company nameTechnical Service Overview홈페이지
Homeland Research Institute
Namseoul University Industry-Academic Cooperation FoundationBased on advanced technology of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, it is applied to various fields such as industry, training, education and contents
Korea Institute of Machinery and Equipment Industryㅇ Improving machine facility technology development and maintenance, performance inspection
ㅇ Study on policy improvement for advancement of machinery equipment industry
ㅇ Research on technology related to urban infrastructure (energy equipment) and smart building (freezing air conditioning, other mechanical equipment, etc.) necessary for smart city construction
Dong-Eui University Busan IT Convergence Parts Research Instituteㅇ It is the only internationally recognized testing institute in Busan for the IT convergence field, a regional base that performs various R & D and corporate support projects along with test service based on test modules applying international standards.
Dong-Eui University Smart City Instituteㅇ Established the Smart City Convergence Course to foster innovative smart city talents who will lead the 4 Industrial Revolution, and foster talents in Smart City Space Design, Smart City Mobility, Smart City Safety, and Smart City Intelligent Systems. Promotion system for
Bae Jae University
Pusan ​​National University Hospitalㅇ As part of the Ministry of Health & Welfare treatment information exchange project, we operate Busan's only base document repository and have an advanced medical information system. It is also the world's first remote telemedicine and the nation's most active telemedicine, including overseas telemedicine in Kazakhstan and Indonesia.
Busan Techno Parkㅇ Building a demonstration hub that combines zero energy, smart health, and smart safety fields to realize smart cities, along with the implementation of renewable energy 3020 and the preemptive response of the 4 Industrial Revolution. Promoting domestic distribution and securing new growth engines through overseas exports by branding smart city demonstration hub.
Sahmyook University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation
IBS KOREAㅇ Provide objective information on the building's level of intelligence and increase the technical and economic value of intelligent buildings by identifying the level of intelligent buildings easily by early investors, construction, owners, managers and users.
Invest Korea (Cotra)
정보 통신 산업 진흥원
Institute for Information and Communication Policy
Chungnam National University HospitalMedical information linkage and disease and health service using the 4 tea industry revolution technology
Emergency, chronic and refractory disease treatment services
Smart healthcare R&D
Prometheus Social Cooperative
Korea Institute of Construction Technology
Korea Construction Living Environment Testing Instituteㅇ Efficiently conducts tests, evaluations, certifications and R & D on construction materials, civil engineering-related products, life, environment, logistics, medical devices, and green industries
Korea Traffic Safety Authority
Korea Transport Instituteㅇ Support smart city transportation policy and business, transportation solution R & D and global expansion
Korea Land Information Corporation
Korea Institute of Machinery & Electrical Testing
Korea Meteorological Industry and Technology Instituteㅇ It is a public institution established to efficiently support the promotion and development of the meteorological industry and the promotion and distribution of meteorological information. In relation to smart cities, we provide weather information, R&D support, weather equipment inspection and certification, and other tasks such as fostering the meteorological industry, nurturing human resources, weather management, policy research, and overseas advancement support.
Korea Legal Development Institute
Korea Fence Association (Korea BEMS Association)ㅇ R & D in urban energy management and security, safety, health and standardization technology
Korea Commercial Software Association
(Korea Commercial SW Association)
Korea Water Resources Corporation
Korea Smart Energy Association
Korea Smart Human Tech Association
Korea OT Blockchain Technology Research Associationㅇ Disaster and disaster prevention system planning. Coldchain system
ㅇ Industrial complex disaster prevention system (based on IOT.Blockchain)
ㅇ Wireless wire less intrenet service (Wisp)
ㅇ IIOT (Industrial Internet-based IOT)
Korea Institute of Energy Researchㅇ New renewable energy production, supply and demand response technology for building and city energy independence
ㅇ Develop technologies related to energy conversion, storage, sharing and use
Korea Energy Convergence Associationㅇ Improving laws and systems to develop and activate energy convergence business models
ㅇ Professional education for vitalization of smart city energy
Korea Electrical Safety Corporation Electrical Safety Research Instituteㅇ Collecting safety information of electrical facilities in real time and analyzing it with IoT / AI / Big Data technology to provide electrical safety services to electrical safety management operators, information service providers, electrical safety product manufacturers and the general public.
Korea Electric Power Corporationㅇ Leading the construction of smart city power infrastructure (EVC, AMI, EMS) and providing solutions related to urban energy planning and operation through the development and operation of smart energy city integrated operation system.
Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research InstituteIn order to cope with the connection of massive IoT devices and the intelligentization of infrastructure, the super-scale IoT network system technology and infrastructure advancement to reliably collect heterogeneous data from various domains (traffic, environment, energy, safety, etc.) Researching intelligent edge technology for intelligent processing
Korea Information and Communications Corporation AssociationOur association is a non-profit organization with no technical services
Korea Information and Communication Technology Association
Korea Information Technology Agency
Korea Intelligent Transportation System Association
Korea District Heating Corporation-Smart Heat Grid (low temperature district heating) that can be connected with renewable energy and unused energy
-Maximize energy use efficiency by introducing thermal energy prosumer (bi-directional heat trade) and low temperature network
Korea Cloud Industry Association
Korea Land & Housing Corporation
Korea Institute for Patent Strategy DevelopmentㅇProvide R&D strategy consulting service based on intellectual property rights (IP) using patent big data analysis for small and medium-sized companies, universities and public institutions
Healing Industry Associationㅇ Healing content development and matching service
Business nameTechnical Service OverviewTechnical service URL홈페이지Remarks
CJ OliveNetworks• Social Big Data Analysis Platform (Q-Finder)
- Collection/analysis/visualization of social network service (SNS) data
- Build a customized system for social big data analysis
- Professional and detailed consulting is possible by integrating social data and customer information
ThornNeed to be confirmed
Green Haiti Korea• Social Big Data Analysis Platform (Q-Finder)
- Response to emergency situations with safe return route setting, route departure, and real-time video transmission
• ICT convergence intelligent emergency bell
- Emergency bell solution that can be interlocked with camera built-in IP emergency bell and crime prevention CCTV
• Application performance
- Scheduled to be completed in December 2019, Pyeongtaek City Hall, LH construction (public offering)
- 2018, Namyangju City Hall, Namyangju City Hall (Smart City Platform)
- 2017, Gunpo City Hall, Gunpo City Hall (trial project)
Green Tech Inc.• SWC (Smart Water City)
- Integrated water management system (water management system)
- Optimal water pipe network management system
- Production and supply management system
- Integrated monitoring and control system

• IoT-based ICT technology
- SMART V2X, V2I service
- SMART road surface monitoring service
- SMART IoT based pedestrian care service
• SWC (Smart Water City)
: Sejong City SWC pilot project
- Integrated water management/optimal water supply network management/production supply management/integrated monitoring and control
: Ulsan / Yeongwol / Jeongseon / Jeju Island / Guri City / Yongin City / Damyang County / Yeoncheon County / Gimhae City / Uiwang City etc.
- Integrated water management/optimal water supply network management/production supply management/integrated monitoring and control
: Pangyo Zero City IoT-based demonstration construction project (Phase 1)
green power• Wireless charging system for electric vehicles
- Technology that automatically charges an electric vehicle by simply parking it in a designated location, unlike the existing method of charging by inserting a charging plug
- Provides easy and convenient access for women and the elderly as there is no need to use a heavy charging plug
- Non-contact wireless power transmission instead of dangerous high-voltage charging plugs, so it can be safely used in all weather conditions

• Wireless charging system product line-up
- For passenger car: 3.3kW ~ 22kW
- For bus: 50kW, 100kW
NAVER SYSTEMNeed to be confirmed
Nextmore Systems• Real-time video streaming
- Real-time streaming of location-based surrounding CCTV images to the 112 control room for important incidents and accidents received in the 112 control room

• View past videos
- View past videos for 25 minutes prior to the reported incident time

• Provide video of dispatched vehicles
- In order to respond to received incidents and accidents, only 112 mobilization vehicles for which dispatch orders have been selected will be provided with images of surrounding incidents and accidents
Danosis• Guardian-HUB (Smart City Integrated Platform)
- Establishment of urban management efficiency and social safety net by linking information systems for each field such as crime prevention and transportation with Guardian HuB
- Create a worry-free and safe city by providing integrated control, facility management, connection with related organizations (112, 119), and dashboard support
Daewoo Information System• Citizen portal service
- Advancement of living information by linking internal and external city information
- Communication space community by topic for information exchange of local residents
- Life safety service for citizens to return home safely
Daejin Technology Information• GIS system development and establishment
- Development, establishment and operation of waterworks facility management/inquiry system
- Development, establishment and operation of sewage facility management/inquiry system
- Development, establishment and operation of integrated management/inquiry system for water and sewage facilities
• Manufacture and supply of identification marker SPI for intelligent buried pipe
Dream Security• Smartphone-based new biometric authentication platform (FaceOne)
- Facial authentication, customer contract management, employee information management, authentication information verification and drinking water management
- Functions such as employee commuting management, building access control for outsiders, issuance of meal tickets in in-house cafeteria, and electronic locker locking
dwelling• Indoor and outdoor air quality measurement, monitoring and purification system
- Improvement of indoor and outdoor (second) fine dust, harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses and odors
- Smart shelter, smart clean shelter, smart clean bus shelter, electric clean vehicle, etc.
digi base• Build a video streaming system
• Optimize video streaming quality
• Secondary authentication solution through image analysis and fingerprint authentication
• Manganese data transmission (network link) solution
• CCTV password integrated management solution
Land road• Manufacture and installation of small-scale distributed non-point pollution reduction equipment to be installed in drainage facilities (waterway, catchment well, rain gutter, rain gutter type)
• Cloud network-based dashboard data linkage processing
• LoRa-based multi-sensor node data collection device
• NB-IoT based multi-sensor node data collection device
• Smart Green City Rainwater Storage Facility
Lucky's• Smart safe speed management solution
- Can be used for government safety speed 5030 campaign support application to reduce fatal accidents
- Induce voluntary and active compliance with traffic laws through smart speed management and benefit granting at specific points such as speeding danger points and school zones
Rod Weed• A solution platform that helps children operate the school car and disembark check device
- AI, IoT, commercial communication network, responsive web platform
- A system that helps to keep the duty to operate the exit confirmation device
rookies• Emergency call system
- When the button is pressed for 2 seconds, a call is automatically sent to the registered guardian, and the guardian determines the situation after receiving the call and reports it to 112

• When reporting an emergency in connection with the book integration platform, the exact location is identified by linking with CCTV
mart• Digital safety/health management system
- IoT safety equipment integrated monitoring solution that can integrate intelligent risk assessment, smart report function, and various IoT safety equipment and solutions fragmented in the field
MarkAny• Intelligent Smart Selection Control Service
-Selectively control only meaningful objects targeting cameras of CCTV control center
-Object detection, object classification, object movement discrimination
-6,000 EPS per second event processing and built-in GIS
• Application performance
- 2019 Gwangju Smart City Challenge Project (Completed)
- 2020 smart construction technology development research project (in progress)
Mediconex• IoT person/object control service
- Directly produced LoRa/Bluetooth communication orange band
- Operate a platform that analyzes data collected by Orange Band and provides services
- (Main service) Orange Band, Orange Platform, NuGu safety service, senior safety and health management service
• Application performance
- Seongnam-si YWCA Eunhak House (Nursing Center) pilot service application
- Smart factory representative factory project, delivery for indoor health management of workers
Metabuild• As an integrated control platform necessary for the establishment and operation of a smart city integrated control platform, it utilizes technologies such as IoT, Cloud, BigData, Mobile, and AI to provide intelligent city situation control and various services- Incheon Songdo International City U-City ('14), Sejong City U-City ('14), Gyeongbuk Provincial Office Relocated New City U-City ('17)
- Siheung-si ('17), Yeongdong-gun ('17), Cheongju-si ('18), Pohang-si ('19), Gyeongsan-si ('19), Gochang-gun ('19), Seosan-si ('19), Naju-si ('19) Smart City Integrated platform-based construction business, etc.
mobile wheel• Smart salt spray device: Automatically controls the device in conjunction with the installed salt spray device
• Smart road heating wire: Resolving the management cost problem of the heated wire problem, which was manually managed by manual operation of road installation in a heated wire buried road
• Smart street light: Transmitting and receiving real-time information on the road surface using artificial intelligence and the physical characteristics of sound waves from sound waves reflected on the road surface
• Integrated road information system: Real-time road surface information, traffic environment information, temperature and humidity information of the space to which the mobile wheel control system is applied, and management of product operation status and data statistics by period
• Application performance
- Completed production of embedded IoT road surface condition estimation module scheduled to be developed in 2020 (IoT technology applied, interlocking with real-time DB server and signal processing planned)
- B2B collaboration with road infrastructure (nano heating wire) companies
- Participated in the Korea Expressway Corporation road transportation startup nurturing program
- Acquisition of exclusive license for AIST application/registered patent
mobile tech• 3D city data subscription service
- Mobiltech can provide the latest data immediately available at any time through continuous update rather than one-time acquisition of city data
1) Digital twin data that replicates the shape of a city in 3D as it is is used as basic data for planning new buildings or urban change
2) Precise road maps are essential for autonomous driving shuttles, drones, and delivery robots to drive safely. Self-driving vehicles are always on the safe side by keeping you updated on the ever-changing roads.
3) Easily manage public facilities that have to check their status through a full investigation
Moko Msys• Smart city integrated platform (TTA certification) specialist and cloud integrated platform technology
• System linkage specialist (EAI/ESB/BI solution) and security solution/APM solution specialist
• Application performance
- Namyangju City Smart City Integrated Platform Infrastructure Construction Project: Period (19.01~07), Scale (4.4 million)
- Suwon City Smart City Integrated Platform Infrastructure Construction Project: Period (17.11~18.03), Scale (6.6 million)
- Integrated platform related performance: Sejong City ('17), Osan City ('17), Wonju City ('16), Gyeongnam Yangsan ('16), etc.
- Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) cloud-based integrated platform function advancement research project ('18~'19)
- Prosecution information system advancement project ('17), National Police Agency smart work system connection solution ('15), IBK network connection transmission system establishment ('14), etc.
Moon Engineering• In accordance with Article 8 of the Smart City Creation and Industry Promotion Act (hereinafter referred to as the "Smart City Act"), a basic plan (statutory plan) established by local governments for the entire administrative district for the creation of a smart city, Smart City Act Article 14 Establishment of plans for housing site development districts according to Article (statutory plan), master plan (MP) for various smart city project execution plans, smart city national R&D and smart city research, smart city business plan (public offering business plan, etc.) consulting business• Application performance
1. Smart city plan: Changwon city smart city plan, Yeosu city, Songdo ubiquitous city plan, Sihwa MTV ubiquitous city plan, etc.
2. Smart City Implementation Plan: Incheon Geomdan New City Smart City Actual Plan, Hanam Gamil Smart City Implementation Plan, etc.
3. Smart city master plan: Colombia (Villavicencio, Valledupar) smart city master plan establishment, etc.
Barun Infotech• Build a smart platform
• Implementation of 5 smart platform linked services
• Secure web standards and web accessibility
• VMS, GIS interworking and customization
• Application performance
- Gwangju Smart City Integrated Platform Construction Project
- Jeollabuk-do Wanju-gun Smart City Integrated Platform Construction Project
- Sejong City Smart City Integrated Construction Project
Bayo• Sewage and wastewater sludge reduction treatment system using eco-friendly complex microorganisms
- Using complex microorganisms and sludge reducer (registered as a Public Procurement Service item) made by a patented manufacturing method with our original technology.
- Reduction of sludge generated from sewage and wastewater treatment plants by 30% or more (up to 100% reduction is possible depending on the situation).
• Application performance
- Sewage and wastewater sludge reduction treatment system using eco-friendly complex microorganisms
- Daegu Arsenic Color Industrial Complex 2 wastewater treatment plant.
- Sewage treatment plant, dyeing plant, food plant, car wash wastewater, leather plant, food treatment plant, etc.
Eco-friendly complex microorganisms and fermented basalt filter media bio wet cleaning tower
- Deodorization tower for livestock excreta treatment plant in Miryang-si
new eyes• Establishment of business management SW and DB/construction of integrated control center business management system
• Vehicle number recognition technology/problem vehicle intelligent search and illegal parking automatic enforcement system
• Image analysis technology/CCTV condition detection and failure management system establishment
• Application performance
- Establishment and maintenance of integrated control center: Yeoju, Buan and 5 local governments
- Building an intelligent search system for problem vehicles: Jecheon City Hall and 40 other vehicles
- Establishment of an open automatic illegal parking enforcement system: Gwanak County Office and 26 other local governments
- Business management system: Seocho-gu Office and 50 local governments
Smart City Korea• Implementation of a smart system for the introduction of various new technologies
- It can be installed and operated in a cloud environment, and by adding S-services and operating a store for mobile apps, it can be freely expanded and operated through the license manager. Companies participating in the Living Lab can freely participate in the operation, and citizens can By choosing and using it conveniently, increase the public's sensibility and realize a true Living Lab
• Application performance
- Establishment of smart city infrastructure for Jeju Provincial Government (2018)
- Nakdong River Flood Control Station IoT Platform Service Construction (2018)
- Selective control client monitoring service (Kudo Communication)
Smart Inside• FCM temporary fixed steel bar embedded type EM sensor measurement and management system establishment
• PS steel bar tension measurement and management using machine learning-based embedded EM sensor
• Magnetic sensing-based elevator wire rope damage diagnosis and measurement management
• Application performance
- Construction of the tension monitoring system for the steel bar for the construction of the Hyeonchung Bridge in the Cheonan-Asan Section 2
: 2019.01.14 ~ 2019.01.15. Web-based automatic/remote monitoring system establishment
: 2019.01.15 ~ Present Measurement using EM sensor monitoring system at Hyeonchungsa Bridge
- Non-destructive inspection based on Hyundai Elevator remote monitoring system (HRTS) and magnetic sensing
: System establishment through system linkage (2019.02.06 ~ present)
Scalaworks• Deep learning data analysis and prediction, object recognition technology: High-level deep learning image processing and data analysis on various artificial intelligence platforms such as Nvidia and Intel
Artificial intelligence technology service through predictive technology
• Provides software performance enhancement technology through GPU acceleration
• Application performance
- Deep learning data analysis and prediction, object recognition technology: 1) 2018.5 ~ Eunpyeong-gu Office Advancement of construction and service of large-scale waste treatment system based on artificial intelligence object recognition
in operation. 2) 2018.12 ~ CCTV using object recognition technology for edge devices
Video security equipment (during overseas promotion). 3) 2019.6 ~ Seoul Transportation Corporation facility failure prediction monitoring system pilot project
- Software performance optimization: 1) 2016.11 ~ S2 SVMS (S2018.1 integrated video control system) applying GPU-accelerated video display technology, XNUMX) XNUMX ~ Readtech high-resolution video transmission technology applying GPU-accelerated video compression technology
spring cloud• Autonomous Driving Mobility Service Platform (“Springo”)
- Platform for providing integrated service based on autonomous driving mobility based on distributed architecture
- Section self-driving shuttle-based MaaS demonstration (SAE L4 or higher) and operating functions provided
- Provide regional autonomous driving information for integrated control
- Transmitting and receiving autonomous vehicle, operation, sensor and event information
- Provides individual data and one-data search environment to distributed DB
- Storing and managing various vehicle information in an integrated distributed server
- User APP, Kisok, Garage Linkage
- Map-based autonomous driving operation information constant/emergency management and statistical analysis

• Autonomous driving data hub and analytics service (“Springo STEP”)
- Autonomous driving data processing, processing and evaluation services
- 2D, 3D and semantic-based multi-sensor information processing
- Prediction and analysis of accident risk
- Safe driving prediction model service through data analysis
- Autonomous driving content and advertisement service, etc.
• Application performance
- Daegu Suseong Alpha City Self-Driving Shuttle Project
- Seoul University of Science and Technology Autonomous Driving Shuttle Order (in progress)
- Won order for self-driving hydrogen bus business
- Completed multi-ministerial joint project order
- Received an order to support the commercialization of the Sejong National Innovation Cluster support project (activation of autonomous driving marketing)
- Sejong National Innovation Cluster support project pre-production order (on-manded technology development)
- Sejong Self-Driving Demonstration Regulatory Free Special Zone Innovation Business Promotion Project
- Demonstration of technology development for self-driving shuttle bus in Sejong City (Sejong Lake Park)
- Received an order for autonomous driving AI computer project
- Sejong City Self-Driving Driving Demonstration Project Order
- LINC Ajou University/Chungbuk National University Future Manpower Aspect Project
- Ministry of National Defense Autonomous Driving Data Acquisition System Business Order
- Received an order for autonomous driving big data processing business (Data Industry Association, LiDAR Data)
- ETRI autonomous driving lidar business order
Shin Young Isd• IoT-based integrated mobility system
- The IoT-based integrated mobility system supports micro-mobility services,
Mobility-As-A-Service (MaaS) as a service specialized for the region by organically connecting various means of transportation
system to realize
saw wave- Over 20 patents at home and abroad for SOMPA technology
- Provides 2-10x coverage compared to other companies / AP up to 1.2Km and backhaul up to 200Km
- Stable service even under adverse conditions due to polarization characteristics
- Implementation of public WiFi projects for local governments across the country
KEPCO Manhole Communication succeeds in underground tunnel communication pilot project
Road Corporation C-ITS pilot project, Korea Forest Service weather observation and forest fire monitoring project
LGU+, KT LTE backhaul system construction
Japan NEC Expressway Corporation mobile Wi-Fi business
Japan NTT, Daifuku, KCCS BRT wireless image transmission, flood control dam wireless image transmission business
Inori Lab• Play reporting service incorporating IoT technology for the first time in children's playgrounds
- Technology to track/report children's play by applying location information technology
• Development of 6 types of play by setting the convergence experience of play and education as core values ​​and functions
- Plan and design a play activity frame based on multiple intelligence theory and Nuri curriculum with experts in child development education.
Development of 'Play Report' based on children's propensity and interest by developing 6 types of play
• Building a platform where experts in culture, art, and technology gather to share good ideas and content about play with children with the keyword play
-Exchange and develop creative play products and programs through expert networks such as the Play Makers Forum & Play Market
・Planning and operating play items at DDP Children's Playground 'Dikidiki' (September 17.9~)
・ Establishment of the world’s first play reporting service incorporating IoT technology (September 17.9)
- Provide analysis report with children's play information collected by beacon
- The data DB is used as an operational indicator through play preference and visitor trend analysis
・ Development of system integration solution leading to membership management-reporting-operation (March 19.3)
・Implementation of a multi-purpose APP that implements basic facility information and guidance, and play contents (March 19.3)
Ives• Using artificial intelligence to simultaneously possess the world's only video and sound analysis technology
• All-in-one CCTV for detecting abnormal sound sources
- Real-time video is restored and transmitted through the target detection and visibility improvement algorithm by sound volume and pattern, similar sound, wavelength, noise filtering, etc. through the sound source analysis algorithm
• State-of-the-art self-learning technology that discriminates sound sources by self-learning
- It is possible to compress the desired result into one image by setting the type (person/vehicle), color, size (height), movement speed, and movement direction even in a large number of images.
iel canus• World's first smart wireless power saving system Innosaver and occupancy detection system, smart toilet, etc. Provides monthly service from design to installation of solutions for specific spaces
- Anyone can easily install the product by wirelessizing the product and simplifying the installation method
It is possible to install and use the LTE and WI-FI communication networks built in buildings without obstacles with the technology using the RF 2.4GHz communication method.
Real-time automatic power saving/remote meter reading saves time and reduces operating expenses by improving manpower operation efficiency
• Smart toilet solution, wireless IoT power saving solution, etc.
· Korea Expressway Corporation · Gachon University Gil Hospital · LSIS · Samsung Electronics · SK Hynix · Humax · KORAIL · Hyundai Motor Company · KTX · Citibank · Shinhan Bank · Hana Financial Group
· Pyeongtaek University · Sungwoo Hitech · Kyungdong City Gas · Kia Motors · Dongdaemun DDP · Yanolja · KT · Samsung Heavy Industries · NH Nonghyup · Toray · Woongjin Coway
· Iksan Regional Land Management Agency · Gimpo City · Hankook Tire · Mega Study · Korea Zinc · Krafton · Gasan Byuksan Digital Valley 6th, etc.
National general corporations, public corporations, government institutions, schools, private institutes, apartment public facilities, hospitals, correctional facilities, military bases, etc.
Haitigo• Outdoor kiosk (interaction digital signage) that can be installed and operated freely in an outdoor environment without restrictions on installation location
- Equipped with screen-non-contact touch function (space touch function)
- Enclosed enclosure structure & dual cooling function
- Equipped with smart remote operation management (equipment & content) program
- Optimized content creation and service provision for demanding parties
Construction and operation of a shopping street in front of Chuncheon City Hall
I.M BOX KOREA• IAM Box One-Stop Luggage Storage Service • Fully Automated Unmanned Non-Face-to-Face Luggage Storage Service
• Establishment of safe luggage storage process focusing on user convenience
• One-time service from pickup to storage
• At the lowest price in Korea, the storage fee per box is at least 3,000 won per month + the freight fee is free! • Premium management - 24 hours mobile check system, CCTV, constant temperature and humidity, object and fire insurance, 100% identity guarantee for luggage storage
• A free pickup service that solves the cost and time required to transport luggage, allowing you to use your own hobbies and items more freely and privately
-Applied results: Spark Plus furniture and equipment storage service
-Award Results: Shinhan Open Innovation Collaboration Excellence Award
RMS Consulting• Disaster management Digital-SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) system establishment
- Smart disaster management solution that systemizes standard operating procedures for integrated management of the entire disaster process (prevention-preparation-response-recovery) in consideration of users and users
- Construct a complex situation management system by linking situational information (disaster scale, response time, scenario, etc.) to the standard disaster response procedure (SOP) for rapid disaster response in the event of a disaster
Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT) Digital SOP R&D demonstration ('18~'19)
UNISDR disaster risk reduction activity analysis and integrated disaster management system establishment (18)
Selected as Changwon City Smart City Challenge business operator (Digital-SOP platform establishment) (19)
Disaster management functional continuity management system (BCMS) establishment and advancement
('16~'19, Hankook Tire Global Corporation, LG Industrial Complex, etc. 10 companies)
Local government smart city planning master plan in progress ('19~'20)
Energy five
SE Lab• Developed/applied quality inspection techniques suitable for IoT devices installed/introduced in smart cities based on weather data quality inspection techniques
• Standardized and systematic quality control function by applying the quality control flag divided into 5 grades
• [A]lready Successful Story - Technology verified by domestic public institutions
- It has been successfully applied to Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea Forest Service, etc., which deal with the most sensing information, and has superior technology reliability compared to other technologies because it utilizes technology that has been verified in advance.
• [A]ny Device - Technology applicable to all IoT devices
- It is a technology that can be applied to all fields and environments where all IoT equipment is introduced/installed, and it does not receive any administrative restrictions, so it has superior application/compatibility compared to other technologies
• [A]utomatic Process - Colored flag values ​​are displayed automatically
- The flag value with color is displayed on the screen in real time in the form of a color band, so it is better to quickly and accurately identify the quality status compared to other technologies
Korea Meteorological Administration Real-time quality inspection of meteorological data ('05.06~'08.12)
K-Water Hydrometeorological Cooperation Center Quality inspection of hydrologic prediction model using meteorological data ('14.10~'16.01)
Scintillation detection of ionospheric monitoring using GPS signal from Polar Research Institute ('12.10~present)
SG Gangwon• CCTV intelligent control system using deep learning-based technology
- Preemptive crime prediction function based on artificial intelligence
Functions of disaster and safety areas in the existing CCTV security control center and smart city integrated platform
Application of intelligent image analysis information and crime prevention technology through break-through technology application
Improving national credibility both internally and externally through crime deterrence
Strengthening the social safety net through the application of crime prevention technology
Efficiency and technicalization of police administration and law enforcement processes
Daejeon Smart City
Establishment of integrated CCTV control center in Sokcho
Yangyang-gun Smart Service Development
Establishment of Changwon City Smart City Plan (Smart City Integrated Platform, Smart City Challenge Project)
Construction of Pangyo Zero City Self-Driving Demonstration Complex - Pedestrian Care Service
SK Telecom• Open data hub
- It is a technology that integrates and utilizes city data (legacy, IoT, etc.)
• Energy Platform Solution
- Platform-based integration of Cloud EMS (Energy Management System), Cloud LEMS (Lighting Energy Management System), DR, Cloud E2MS (Energy Equipment Management System), Cloud AMI, etc.
• Energy Engineering Solution
- SOFA Fuel Cell (Bloom Energy), Solar + ESS, Air Conditioner, Power Equipment, etc. Energy Professional Consulting and EPC-based Engineering Solution
• Energy New Solution
- Planning and building solutions that can be applied to smart city pilot cities such as charging infrastructure construction/operation platform linked with Energy Coin, National DR linked with Data/OKCashback/settlement, home/complex ESS and fuel cell
Open Data Hub: Daegu Metropolitan City (2018~2022)
Successfully provided services to 162 customers
: With over 70 cooperative partners, Daegu Metropolitan City, Changwon City, Jeju City, Dongyang Industry, Kolon, Hynix, Hyundai Motor Company, etc.
HDC Icon Controls• Automated control system for heating and cooling, lighting, and power facilities in buildings
• Optimize the energy use of buildings through real-time monitoring/control of energy use
• Provide an integrated monitoring platform for all monitoring, management, and control systems in a building
- GS 1st grade certification as an integrated SI (System Integration) system that can integrate each individual system of a building
Daegu Bank 2nd Headquarters Automatic Control, SI, BEMS Application (2016 / Gross Floor Area: 11,300 pyeong)
DGB Innovation Center automatic control, SI, BEMS application (2018 / Total floor area: 6,900 pyeong)
Automatic control of AMOREPACIFIC new building, SI, BEMS applied (2018 / Total floor area: 57,000 pyeong)
Samsung-dong COEX BMS, SI, BEMS applied (2015 / Total floor area: 180,000 pyeong)
I'Park Mall Solar/fuel cell construction (2017 / Solar (334KW), fuel cell (60KW))
Park Hyatt Busan ESS construction (2018 / 1.43KW)
Songdo American Town Fuel Cell Construction (2018, 30KW)
Eco Land• IoT road lighting system
- It is possible to realize energy and maintenance savings by exchanging information without relying on the manager and adjusting the brightness of street lights according to the traffic of users, such as vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.
- Analyzing and providing big data on energy consumption by streetlight, road, and traffic congestion
• (Artificial intelligence-based) Intelligent sensing and remote control technology provides an optimal night road lighting environment by detecting and operating objects that require light and non-objects with an object recognition algorithm
• (Big data provided) Analysis of road lighting conditions, auxiliary lights, breakdowns, etc., real-time location, energy metering by time period, and analysis of vehicle traffic and floating population
• (Excellent system interoperability) Optimal Smart Pole configuration possible by interworking with APIs of various smart devices and services, and compatibility with other Woonyeong platforms
Establishment of smart road lighting system on Mugyo-ro, Seodaemun Tongil-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Establishment of smart park lighting system in Daegu Gukchaebosang Sports Park and Sejong Lake Park
Jeju National University, Jeju 4 school sections and Suwolbong Natural Salt Monument section Smart street light construction
Overseas export (4 countries, Chongqing of China, Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, Manila of the Philippines, etc.)
Ecocian• ES-ETS: Greenhouse gas regulation response system
• ES-FEMS : Factory Energy Management System
• ES-BEMS : Building energy management system
• ES-WEMS : Logistics Center Energy System
• ES-CHEMS : Integrated Chemicals Regulatory Management System
• ES-ESHMS : Environmental safety and health management system
Samsung Group, Hyundai Motor Group, SK Group, Kolon Group, LG Group, Lotte Group, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Korea Western Power, Korea Midland Power, POSCO Group, Naver, Celltrion, etc.
Eiffel• Individual and time-specific dimming control vs. Lighting Zone operation and dynamic dimming control
- When the smart sensor detects a vehicle with the brightness of the street lamp lowered to the basic level (50%), the brightness of the street lamp in the lighting section (lighting zone, 60 km/h, 60 m) that matches the speed of the vehicle is adjusted to 100%, and the vehicle Automatic control so that it is lowered back to the default level if there is no follow-up vehicle
• Dynamic dimming setting based on big data analysis of traffic volume VDS vs road sector
- Differential setting of basic dimming rate and lighting zone dynamic dimming control street light quantity by road section and street light by analyzing big data of vehicle traffic and average speed by road section and time period collected by smart sensor
• Partial monitoring vs. operation status and electrical energy use/reduction monitoring
- Monitoring the operation status (normal, sub-lit, communication abnormal) and electric energy consumption and savings information for each street light collected by smart sensors through the control system
2016, Smart street light system construction project on Jangan Cherry Blossom Road, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
2017, Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do Complex Environment Smart Street Light Construction Project
2017, Sejong Special Self-Governing City 1-5 Living Zone Smart Street Light System Construction Project
2018, Seoul Botanical Garden Smart Park, etc. System Construction Project
Xvision Security System
Ensrien• Provides a solution for integrated monitoring of heterogeneous data including video and data on one screen
• Unique technology in video transmission and data structuring
2017, Gyeongsangnam-do Fire Department, Gyeongnam Fire Department Integrated Safety Management System
2017, Busan Metropolitan City Promotion Agency, Busan Smart City Integrated Monitoring Test Bed Demonstration
2017 Gyeongsangnam-do Tongyeong City Hall, Tongyeong-Geoje Maritime Safety System
Entels• As a modular platform of Thing, Data, and Service structures, customized platforms can be configured according to business size and service types
- Thing Platform (Connectivity): Device Connection Management ( Device Connectivity, Parser (Legacy Data), Device Management)
- Data Platform (Data Management): Data processing and analysis (Data Management, Big-Data & Edge Analytics, AI)
- Service Platform (Application Enablement): Service implementation tools (API Management, Rule Engine, External I/F)
• Smart City
Open Smart City Platform, Global Smart City Demonstration Complex Construction Project (Busan City), Daegu Suseong Medical District Smart City Construction Project (Daegu City Corporation), Smart Park System (Daegu City), Light Pollution Zero Village Demonstration Complex Construction (Seodaemun-gu), Public Buildings Environment and energy efficiency improvement service (Suwon City), traffic accident risk prediction service (Road Traffic Authority), old car operation restriction enforcement system (Gyeonggi Provincial Office)
• 5G
Carrier IoT platform, Cellular IoT (3GPP)
NXNUMXM• Hardware and IT infrastructure management establishment, consulting, smart city (IoT service), IT governance, IT service management and service level management solutions2017 Goyang City IoT Convergence Demonstration Complex Development Project, Yongin City Smart Mosquito Measurement Service
Yongin City Smart Mosquito Measurement Service in 2018, Smart Grid Integrated Operation Center in 2017, Goyang IoT Convergence Demonstration Complex in 2017, Smart Grid Interoperability Test Center in 2017, etc.
LG CNSSmart City Platform (Cityhub)
- A data-centric platform that collects/analyzes city data and shares information
- Acquired smart city national certification for the first time in a large company
- Provides various (more than 100 types) connectivity as an IoT combined platform
- With a modular structure, it is possible to introduce optional functions according to business requirements and scale
- Use of data driven architecture based on cloud environment (open data hub is provided)
- Integrated security: Seamless protection measures applied throughout the architecture from device to center platform
INTOP : 2016 LG U Plus
City Hub: Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Songdo, Incheon, etc.
Orot (robot service platform): Intern International Airport Corporation (2017)
LG CNS schedule-based bus operation control solution: Colombia Pasto (2016), Malaysia KL MRT Line1 Feeder Bus (2017), Malaysia Penang (2018)
LG CNS AFC: Athens, Greece (2018), Penang, Malaysia (2018), KL MRT Line1 Feeder Bus, Malaysia (2017), Bogota, Colombia (2013)
City Hub-Building: MOPAS, Suwon City, Incheon City, Incheon International Airport Corporation, UNIST, DGIST, etc. 80 companies (2013 ~ 2019)
MS• Smart lighting control
- Optimized lighting control solution considering safety, crime prevention, management cost reduction, energy saving, and environmental protection.
• Smart home
- Smart home solution based on wired and wireless communication technology, energy measurement, and integrated management server energy saving total solution
• Smart environment management
- Provides a wide range of environmental information and environmental notification service for each sub-neighborhood.
1. Smart road lighting
- Korea Expressway Corporation highway street lights 15,000, tunnels 1,000
- More than 50 street lights and tunnels nationwide (Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Chungcheong, Gyeongsang, Jeolla)
- 8,000 bridges in South Africa / 38 bridges in Kuwait 3,000km
- Changdeokgung Moonlight Tour Night Scenery Lighting, Heunginjimun Night Scenery Lighting, Seoul Hanyang City Wall Night Scenery Lighting
Haze technology• Smart city service consulting
• Build a cloud data analysis platform
• Establishment of selective control service
Daejeon smart city challenge project (cloud data center construction, wide area IoT self-network construction)
open it• City operation integrated control system
- Support the efficient management of the city and the safe life of city residents by monitoring various situations that occur in the city, such as crime/disaster prevention, traffic, environment, and facility management
MOLIT uEcoCity national R&D 1-1 project terminal connection middleware construction project (2009~2013)
Incheon Cheongna District, Yeongjong District, Gwangju Jeonnam Innovation City U-City Construction Project (2012~2014)
Sejong-Daejeon ATMS, Gimcheon-Gumi-Chilgok BIS construction project (2015-2016)
Yongin Station North District, Namyangju Byeolnae District Integrated Control System Construction Project (2014~2015)
Observer• Development of meteorological instrument verification measuring instrument
• Fine dust simple measuring instrument performance certification 1st grade
Establishment of high-density meteorological and ultra-fine dust high-density measurement network for Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Jeju Island
Establishment of high-density measurement network for ultrafine dust in the metropolitan area with XNUMX-Eleven
watch tech• Development and supply of integrated control solution (EMS) software
WoodyAs the world’s first online-offline linked Fintech service, it is a mobile app, web, self-driving financial robot equipped with multilingual voice recognition service technology, and a non-face-to-face kiosk that can provide customized services for inbound/outbound overseas travelers. , domestic/overseas small currency accumulation, smart living financial platform service using accumulated points
- Non-face-to-face currency exchange service (reservation exchange/immediate exchange)
- Domestic/overseas small currency and coin accumulation service
- Additional services using accumulated points (purchase digital products, digital pay conversion, currency exchange, insurance, investment, donation, etc.)
Since the commercialization of the unmanned currency exchange business in May 2020, 5 service networks in Seoul and the metropolitan area are being built/operated.
Large marts: Lotte Mart (4 stores), Homeplus (12 stores)
Transportation hub: SRT Suseo Station, Samseong-dong City Airport Terminal, Airport Railroad Gimpo Airport, Incheon International Airport Terminal 1,2 & XNUMX Station
Public institutions: Korea Tourism Organization K-Style Hub, Seoul Institute of Technology
· Others: SK Telecom Euljiro Head Office Building, Urban Place Gangnam Branch, CGV Pangyo Branch
Onemore SecurityFace recognition technology based on artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence-based human re-identification (Re-ID) technology
AI-based vehicle classification technology
Vehicle number acquisition technology based on artificial intelligence
Vehicle color classification technology based on artificial intelligence
Technology for tracking and visualizing the movement path of people and vehicles in connection with multiple CCTV images
*Related patent registration completed
(Designated as an innovative product by Public Procurement Service in December 2021, NEP new product certification planned in 2022)
Construction of Songpa-gu Office was completed in March 2021 through trial purchase of public procurement service innovative products in December 2022
Establishment of Taebaek City Hall in April 2022
Scheduled to receive NEP new product designation in 2022
Winnitech• Provide smart city integrated platform service certified by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport by acquiring TTA test certification for smart city integrated platform
• Provides platform software for integrated management and operation of smart city information
• It is possible to provide an integrated control solution through experience in other construction projects
Integrated disaster safety information system establishment project (2015-2018, KRW 91 billion)
Daegu Metropolitan City Wide Area Traffic Information (UTIS) Infrastructure Expansion Project (2013-2014, KRW 21 billion)
Daegu Metropolitan City Waterworks Water Quality Information System Construction Project (2010, KRW 8 million)
Yumei<Resolving the Vulnerable Class / Big Data>
▶ Local disease prevention information solution
- Provide integrated environmental information and weather information such as infectious diseases, four major diseases, and fine dust
- Bus BIS, Web, app interworking API
- Monitor, kiosk, electronic signage web linkage
<Resolution of the information vulnerable class / display>
▶ 360 degree rotating kiosk
- IR touch panel, Windows OR Android PC setting, NAS-linked web-based content management program
<Health, Resolving the Information Vulnerable / Internet of Things>
▶ oneM2M-based indoor air quality management solution (released in March 2020)
- Air quality measuring device, intelligent power control air purifier, smart plug
1. Local disease prevention information solution
- Seongnam Tancheon Stadium, Seongnam Stadium
- Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley
- More than 100 locations including Yongin City
2. 360 degree rotating kiosk
- Over 200 multi-use facilities such as education places and civil service offices
3. Indoor air quality management solution
- To be demonstrated in the second quarter of 2020
UbitronAs a manufacturing-based company with One-Stop technology for video compression and transmission technology, it is a hardware manufacturing company related to all processes from video capture, video compression, video analysis, video transmission, video storage, and analysis result presentation.ㅇ AI video analysis
(POSCO face recognition access security)
ㅇ Intelligent video security
(Lotte Hotel (Sogong-dong Main Branch), GKL Casino)
ㅇ Integrated control, video conferencing
(Samsung SDI, Chuncheon City Hall, Information and Communication Promotion Agency, Industrial Technology Testing Institute)
Eunsung Industrial Development• Bidirectional integrated traffic light for crosswalks
• LED bar auxiliary traffic light
• LED/Laser light floor traffic light
4. Crosswalk safety system using Lidar & RFID
InodepOptimal smart city integrated safety platform service that improves efficiency by integrating data management points in the existing integrated video control platform (VMS) that can link and expand CCTV and IoT devices, and provides new insights through visualized data reports2013~Present, nationwide local government integrated control center and SOC facilities such as airports and railways
Issui• Rino platform: applied to various fields that require control, situation analysis, information integration, control, such as smart city, crime prevention, traffic, disaster, aviation, power generation, IOT facilities, smart factory, etc. The best smart control platform that protects people and property and is easy to operate and expand through the fastest and most accurate situation propagation in case of an occurrence2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Management Center (MOC), Transportation Center (ITS), Safety Center (CCTV)
Incheon Disaster Integration Center 2018
Korea Expressway Corporation Land Transport Center 2016
Seoul Smart City Center 2019
Gunpo Smart Safety Center 2017
Hwaseong City Crime Prevention Control Center 2018
China Xiamen Overpass Traffic Control Center 2018
China Tianjin Ministry of Ecology Smart City Control Center 2016
Simulation-based digital twin software NFLOW
- Korea's first digital twin simulation software made with domestic pure technology

Digital twin platform NDX PRO
isp mpBy borrowing the 4th industrial IoT-based 'plug and plug' format, it is a sustainable digital integrated operation platform solution that provides convenience and fun to park operators, visitors, and related parties.Through the 2018 innovative technology public test bed provision project
Establishment of smart park management system for Children's Grand Park
Ecube LabsUrban waste collection management integrated control solution
-Ecube Lab aims to create high value in various environmental fields such as waste management and energy management by using eco-friendly products and IT technology. Currently, solutions for improving the efficiency of waste collection management (solar compression waste bin, load sensor, vehicle) Location tracking device, waste collection management solution)
The number of collections decreased by 250% and the aesthetics of the park improved with the introduction of 87 compressed garbage bins from Everland in Korea
Over 400% reduction in the number of collections, 90% prevention of flooding, and 35% reduction in waste volume achieved by introducing 85 solar compact garbage bins in Melbourne, Australia
Yoo Haiti• Smart city consulting
- Overall planning, planning, and project management for public and private smart city creation
• GIS software
- Base SW for various geospatial information system operation
* GeoNURIS for KRAS (for real estate comprehensive study system)
* GeoNURIS v3.0 (Geonuris version 3.0 / Excellent procurement product)
* GeoNURIS GeoSpatial Server
* GeoNURIS Desktop 3.5
1. Smart City Consulting
- Smart (ubiquitous) city planning: Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Suwon, Siheung, Namyangju, etc.
- Smart City Master Plan: LH Smart City Industrial Complex Plan, Hwaseong Bongdam District, Goyang Janghang District, Iksan City, etc.
- Smart city-type urban regeneration business plan: Gimhae, Jinju, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, etc.
- Smart city challenge project planning research and master plan: Daejeon Metropolitan City, Gimhae City, Yanggu-gun, Seoul Seongdong-gu, Gochang-gun

spatial information system
- Urban planning information system: introduced by local governments in 53% of the country
- Basic survey information system: Yeongju-si, Yeongwol-gun, Suwon-si, etc.

GIS software
- Vietnam Land Administration, Kookmin Bank, Asset Management Corporation, LH, etc.
zero webUnlike the existing CCTV, Wi-Fi, and infrared sensor, which measure floating population only with a single technology, based on its own HW for people counting, it provides a convergence solution according to the construction site and situation to provide data with high reliability and accuracy. Minimize unnecessary double cost waste by providing an all-in-one solution from IoT sensor construction for provision and data collection to big data analysis processing, processing and consultingMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Smart City National Pilot City Regulation Sandbox Revitalization Project - Senior Healthcare Service Development
Ministry of Science and ICT , 5G-based digital twin public leading project Building facility safety and disaster response management system, floating population IoT sensor establishment
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Smart City Challenge Development of Barrier-Free Traffic Environment Indoor Navigation for the Transportation Vulnerable
Ministry of SMEs and Startups Market-expanding R&D, in-building floating population IoT sensor convergence and dashboard platform establishment for disaster safety
Development of real-time floating population index big data measurement platform using Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy IoT sensor
Establishment of big data commercial area analysis system according to '19-'20 traditional market modernization project in Haeundae-gu, Busan
Floating population data analysis of visitors to Busan Metropolitan City's representative shopping mall
Performance measurement based on visitor data to representative festivals in Busan and Gongju
Ulsan City Hall Eonyang-eup CPTED Creation Project
Zebra & SequenceAs an ICT convergence smart crosswalk with face recognition function, it is located at the vehicle stop line and is optimized for smart city crosswalk accidents, prevention of road traffic accidents such as infants, toddlers, and elderly people with dementia and solving social disappearance problems ( Pole) Korea Airports Corporation Gimpo International Airport Smart Airport Plan reflection installation
16 Jeju International Airports installed
Janggok Elementary School (old city center), Sanhyeon Elementary School (new town), Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, is installed and operating. - Safety Geo-Fence system around the school
K-Water Ara Waterway Security Area Installation
Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH) Pyeongtaek Godeok International City, etc.
Incheon Nam-gu Administrative Town
National Police Agency Driver's License Examination Center installation of proxy test prevention system
jd solutionBased on products and systems to which clarity/directional sound wave technology is applied, a sound solution specialist that runs a safe, convenient and useful life-friendly Smart Sound business4 generations in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do
12 in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
6 in Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
16, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
J Software • Data analysis through web UI through the big data analysis platform'Pelican'
• Fast, stable, and affordable infrastructure construction, development, and operation possible
• Big data/artificial intelligence open source plastic construction and algorithm practice expert
JXNUMXS Technology
Geomax SoftAs the basis S/W for integrated urban situation management (leisure, spot tourism) in the CCTV Smart City Integrated Control Center, various information systems operating for city management such as crime prevention and disaster prevention, traffic, environment, and facility management are connected and operated Have an integrated platform that can2018 Seocho-gu Office Smart City Infrastructure Implementation Project
Gumi City Smart City Integrated Platform Construction
Establishment of smart city integrated platform for Seocho-gu Office in Seoul
Yangcheon-gu smart city integrated platform construction
Eunpyeong-gu smart city integrated platform construction
SpearA building that minimizes the building energy load by maximizing the insulation performance (passive) and minimizing the building energy consumption by utilizing renewable energy such as solar power (active)
A 'zero energy building' is a building in which the sum of energy used and produced energy becomes 0 in advance (Net Zero), or a building that minimizes (90% reduction) energy consumption in consideration of the current technology level and economic feasibility. Nearly Zero) to zero energy buildings, etc.
Improve energy efficiency through individual control, simultaneous control, and programming control using the Internet of Things
First snowEfficient operation management monitoring of various devices in the enclosure that protects terminal devices such as CCTV enclosures exposed to the outside and signal controller enclosure facility equipment, such as electricity, communication, and security devices, and management, security, and failure of external field CCTVs and facilities Service platform to perform roles such as response and remote control
Introduced and operated by 14 local governments as of 19' out of 10 local governments in Jeollabuk-do
Local governments introduced outside the province Gangwon-do (2), Gyeongbuk (1), Gyeongnam (3), Jeonnam (1), Chungnam (3)
catalonicIt is divided into business fields of smart farm green growth, IoT big data, and data processing and deep learning analysis, and operates machine learning solutions and service devices based on the advanced smart farm business.
KR Ecostar
KST Place• Intelligent parking service using big data platform based on IoT parking sensor
- Provision of automatic payment service for on-street parking lot parking fees (Unmanned model for each stage is being developed)
- Planning a shared model for illegal parking and priority parking for residents
- PM (Personal Mobility) precision positioning based parking service model R&D
• Establishment of a hub for a lifestyle space customized for each region and a space customized for customers by mobility type
-Based on the platform, it can be used as a parking, last mile base, EV charging station, logistics base, etc.
- Planning of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and operation platform
Korea Information Society Agency, big data platform and center establishment R&D (DIAMOND-E platform and center establishment project)
Unisys Parking Lot: Smart Parking Spot Platform Construction (2019.11, Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do)
Yeonggwang-gun Office Off-Street Parking Lot: Smart Parking Spot Platform Construction (December 2019.12, Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do)
Nara Rent a Car Parking Lot: Smart Parking Spot Platform Construction (2019.12, Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do)
About Glory Electric Vehicle Parking Lot: Smart Parking Spot Platform Construction (December 2019.12, Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do)
Middle East Street Parking Lot in Bucheon: Smart Parking Spot Platform Construction (February 2020.2, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do)
Pohang Jukdo-dong Street Parking Lot: Smart Parking Spot Platform Construction (March 2020.3, Pohang, Gyeongbuk)
Katie• Smart city business
- Provides integrated data management and data visualization
- Real-time monitoring and field work support
- 5G-based ultra-low-latency open service provision
- Flexible scalability and easy connectivity
• Biz solution business: measurement, notification, and control through GiGA Sensing
<Smart City Business Team>
- Pangyo Zero City autonomous driving platform, Airep Korea platform, etc.
<Biz Solution Business Team>
- Paper-made cars, public institutions, universities (electrical/mechanical room): Je*city hall, engineering*university, etc.
- Factory/warehouse (equipment abnormality, warehouse temperature/humidity): Jeong*un (food processing industry), Tae*san wind power plant, etc.
- Hospital/medical institution (vaccine and raw material status management): Hyo*Hospital, Saeng*Medicine Research Center, etc.
ConnorsAIoT-based active evacuation guidance system/real-time intelligent variable evacuation guidance system using LPWA wireless communication, real-time route search algorithm, evacuation guidance IoT deviceEstablishment of situation-aware evacuation guidance solution (Busan Haeundae-gu Department Store / 2016)
IoT-based disaster safety emergency evacuation system (5 subway stations in Busan /2016~2017)
Establishment of smart evacuation guidance system (Cheongju large semiconductor factory / 2016~2017)
Evacuation guidance system linked to smoke installation for long tunnels (for Wonju-Gangneung Line / 2018)
cobot• Advancement of control technology based on autonomous driving
• Creation of an autonomous driving platform that can be applied to various applications
• User-friendly operating system development
Core Soft• System integration platform (csSTAR AIP): data and system connection integration using EAI, ESB, API, AIP, API-Gateway
• Information system development (SI) and operation (maintenance)
- Development and maintenance of web and mobile-based systems
• Health checkup platform (general checkup, special checkup, comprehensive checkup) SaaS
• Personal activity management service (SaaS): for individuals
Quantum Gate• 'Vehicle speed warning system' (based on IoT and Bigdata) in child protection zones, senior protection zones, and accident-prone areas
• Fog area • 'Front Collision Prevention System' at the entrance of the tunnel (vehicle distance, expected collision time, average speed per section)
• Block chain-based vehicle driving recorder (DTG) data forgery prevention and safe driving compensation system (platform)
Vehicle speed warning system: Seongdong-gu Office in Seoul, Seongnam-si, and Sejong-si are under discussion to install child protection zones for elementary schools
TechNineIn a place where there was no commercial power (220V) and internet (LAN, Wifi), it was a blind spot for management. By combining the latest mobile communication (LPWAN: NB-IoT, Cat.M1, etc.) and a small sensor, Low-end outdoor IoT solution capable of real-time, remote monitoring, and big data accumulation/utilizationLH Corporation/Sejong City (Lake Park) Smart Park Care Solution (soil information, automatic irrigation, experience, etc.): '18.October~
Smart irrigation system for mobile planters of SK Forestry (soil information, automatic irrigation): August 19.8~
Samsung C&T/Hongik University/Rural Development Institute landscape tree/ginseng soil information monitoring, etc.: May 18.5~
toikos• Shining Zebra (Smart Crosswalk)
- Real-time recognition of pedestrians approaching the crosswalk through lidar sensors
- Identification and analysis of pedestrian properties (people, pets, bicycles) using a crosswalk through a camera applied with edge deep learning technology
- Advance warning to the driver through the automatic lighting system of LED crosswalks, signs and floor lights of vehicle stop lines
Installed in Gumi-si in November 2019
December 2019 Installation in Sejong City
TQ S Korea• TQS_AIMS (TQS Ames)
AIMS (Ames / Advanced-Integrated Monitoring System / Next-generation integrated control system) collects/analyzes mobility information according to various vehicle types and uses of autonomous driving, e-mobility, micro-mobility, and smart mobility in real time, and comprehensively controls and analyzes data It is a standalone and SaaS-based smart mobility integrated control platform that enables decision support and real-time command and control through

• TQS_MHiLS (TQS Miles)
MHiLS (Miles / Multipurpose Hierarchical Labeling System / Data Generation Solution for Deep Learning Learning) is a Web_Based Annotation Tool that can image and label various data collected from TQS_AIMS, our smart mobility integrated control solution, or image data owned by customers. . The work result can be created in the form required by the customer's artificial intelligence algorithm, such as XML and JSON, and then used for deep learning learning.

• LPWAN-based OutDoor-IoT platform
It is a platform that provides low-power-based IoT terminals for water quality, air quality, soil, etc. and can control them, and contributes to the construction of a safe and convenient smart city by linking with the disaster prevention system.
Parking Cloud• Video guidance control system
• Ultrasonic guided control system
• One-lane two-way system
• Parking control manned/unmanned hybrid system
• Unmanned parking control system
FluxityFluxcity is a digital twin smart city convergence service company. It possesses digital twin core technologies such as 3D virtualization, convergence control and simulation technology. Supplied products to Seoul, Busan, Incheon International Airport, and the Transportation Corporation• PLUG City -- Busan Eco Delta Smart City Virtual City Operation Platform Design (2018.05~2018.12)
• Busan Smart City Monitoring System (2015.05~2017)
• PLUG Security -- Incheon International Airport Phase 1-2 video security control system establishment (2018.08~2019.05)
• Seoul Transportation Corporation Smart Station Gunja Station pilot installation project 3D integrated control system establishment (2018.10)
• PLUG Factory -- SK Incheon Petrochemical Complex Fire and Disaster Prevention Platform Construction (2018.01~2018.06)
• Hanwha Techwin Changwon 2nd factory integrated control system establishment (2017.07~2018.03)
• PLUG Kiosk -- Seoul Facilities Corporation IoT Comprehensive Information Information System
(2018.11 to 2018.12)
• Incheon Airport Kiosk System Construction (2016.11~2017.04)
Korea Institute of Construction Technology* Intelligent crime prevention system platform
- Provision of integrated infrastructure for efficient operation and management of intelligent crime prevention demonstration districts
- By establishing an integrated platform, unit outcomes of detailed research tasks are integrated/linked, and crime prevention-related tasks are efficiently performed and resident-centered services are promoted.
In 2018, Anyang/Osan-si, 2016-2018, about KRW 35 billion (Anyang and Osan combined)
Korea EsriEsri, a global company leading the geospatial information field, provides GIS technology and services prepared to support new technologies such as smart city, IoT, and digital twin.• Building smart cities for various cities such as Incheon, Dubai, and LA
• Application of GIS to the US Federal Geographic Data Commission (FGDC)
wisp We are evolving and expanding into three focused solution businesses that control through mobile apps in the same way as smart mailboxes. The first is a smart mobile lock solution, the second is a smart mobile payment connection solution, and the third is a smart city solution.• '19.11. Smart mailbox pilot construction in 12 places in Hanam Smart Traditional Market (outdoor type, indoor type)
• '20.01. Completion of smart mailbox construction for 'LH Suncheon Yeonhyang Apartment' (first order from Suncheon City among 5 major cities)
• '20.12. Gyeong-In-University-Se '5G Startup Demonstration Project': Signed a smart mailbox construction contract with Sejong SB Plaza operator R&D Special Zone FS Co., Ltd.
Hancomn FluxAs a platform that includes all stages from heterogeneous sensor and device data collection and connection, data processing and analysis, and dashboard, it performs the role of a smart platform that considers effective operation and response. Free editing of boards and easy creation of standard business procedures (SOPs)Manufacturing/construction platform development and construction ('19)
Establishment of transportation platform ('19)
Hancom with
Han TechReal-time data collected through Smart Eye is provided through a smart traffic safety platform, and technology is implemented for safety through Smart Village.Children's Traffic Safety Environment Creation Campaign' installed in Jin-gu, Busan (November 1)
Children’s Traffic Safety Environment Creation Campaign’ installed at one place in Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do (1)
Children’s Traffic Safety Environment Creation Campaign’ installed in Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do (1. 2021)
Installed at 1 location in Songpa-gu, Seoul (October 2020)
Installed in 2 places in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul (2020)
9 installations in Guro-gu, Seoul (December 2020)
2 installations in Guro-gu, Seoul (December 2021)
Installed at 1 location in Songpa-gu, Seoul (October 2021)
Happy and Good• Bicycle and electric kickboard registration/management system
- Easy registration that allows you to simply register your mobility with the app without having to visit the community center
- Theft report and inquiry online anytime, anywhere by managing the registered personal means of transportation as a nationwide database
• Smart parking station
- A digital station that can be parked with a clip method and shipped quickly and easily with an app without a key
- Safely protects against theft through sensors and provides secure parking to receive alarms through the app
• Personal transportation integrated control solution
- A system that monitors and controls the real-time operation status of individual means of transportation in the city through sensors installed on the main movement paths of bicycles and electric kickboards.
Pangyo test bed (3 stations): beta test in progress
Magok test bed (2 stations): beta test in progress
Hyundai Telecom• ELEV CALL service, CCTV monitoring service, energy usage inquiry service, courier arrival notification service, household integrated management service, smart crime prevention service
City Labs Co., Ltd.• As a leading company in various social overhead capital (SOC) business such as intelligent transportation, bus information, integrated CCTV control, and ubiquitous city called the initial smart city, it provides convergence solutions and services based on blockchain platform such as smart mobility.
• Self-information communication network construction, integrated platform, etc. system construction, integrated control system and integrated control center hardware
Garnet Information Technology• An information technology company specializing in the construction and maintenance of disaster forecasting and warning systems based on network and information security.
Sisys Tech• Data analysis and processing solution using Edge Computing
• Efficient management solution for private and public sectors capable of analyzing and controlling environmental status information using R4Connected Mobility Solution
Spatial Information
Science and Technology Analysis Center• A measurement system that can contribute to the establishment of a smart air environment through the odor electronic nose system and real-time fine dust (PM 2.5, PM 10) measurement and monitoring
Homeland Research Institute
Green Zone Security• Smart Lightweight IoT Security Platform: Provides solutions and services that anyone can easily build a security environment by providing strong end-to-end security
• KnowlliPop: Provides a platform for sharing cyber security knowledge and training experts
Grib• Business field: Smart home, smart building, smart city (facility management), smart campus
• Products possessed: Gateway Hub, service platform, smart home, fine dust expression, etc.
• Technology possessed: device linkage, convergence service planning and development (control, PC Web, Mobile UI/UX)
Global Telecom
Technology and Value
Nano Weather (Nano C&W)• ICT-based urban flood intensive observation and prediction model demonstration for smart cities
• Urban area-specific ultra-high resolution precipitation restoration/prediction modeling technology, realization of ultra-high resolution virtual weather station, continuous production of meteorological and climate data included in the nanoweather system, and restoration of meteorological information in the area of ​​interest to ultra-high resolution to meet the purpose and needs Provide processing data according to
Wood technology• Provides through a convenient GUI by automating the continuous development/distribution/operation/management environment of microserviced container-based application services on multi/hybrid clouds
• Providing container-based applications and services in multi/hybrid clouds, Google Cloud Platform technical support and cocktail cloud installation/service operation/technical support, Robotic Process Automation
Namseoul University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation• Applying to various fields such as industry, training and education, and contents based on cutting-edge virtual/augmented/mixed reality technology
• Data-Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS), AR 3D Model Target
Neofect• Neofect is a company that provides Raphael smart rehabilitation solutions for rehabilitation training to patients by combining digital games and rehabilitation training elements.
• Cognitive rehabilitation and exercise rehabilitation training products include smart gloves, smart kids, smart boards, smart peg boards, comcag, and neomano.
Nable Communications• E-2-E solution from low-power wide area network (LPWAN) based IoT terminal to platform
• Develop/provide optimized IoT consulting and stable IoT solutions for customer service needs
• Facility control, remote meter reading, object location control, energy management, railroad/road/port related products supply
Nokwon Information Technology• Enhance 3D-based intelligent integrated service based on IOT solution, and provide Digital Twin technology, a 3D Map-based visualization, to improve overall visibility through 3D-based Holistic View, and increase customer productivity and efficiency.
NURIRUN• Lightning weather observation equipment sales and display software development
• Development of indoor air quality meter and display software
• SI (system integration) and national R&D projects, etc.
NURI Telecom• Development of an energy IoT solution that provides various services so that users can efficiently use energy based on obtaining information about the consumption of living energy in general homes or buildings (remote meter reading).
Newlake Alliance Management• A private equity firm that discovers various overseas investment opportunities based on excellent capital, global capabilities and networks, shares them with domestic strategic partners, and provides high returns to investors through continuous investment and strategic follow-up management.
NEWS Jelly• DAISY, a self-developed domestic web-based data visualization solution, directly visualizes, edits, and shares numerous data in a smart city, and above all, it is data that can be used by thousands of citizens and administrators at the same time, providing an omnidirectional data utilization experience. Visualization BI service
New Coad Wind
DASAN Networks• It is the No. 1 company in the domestic telecommunications service provider market share, and provides solutions to over 50 customers in 1,000 countries, including telecommunications and backbone network operators in major Asian countries. Provides end-to-end solutions for telecommunication service providers from core-edge to access and terminals in broadband access and mobile networks. Providing closer services through overseas corporations
Dassault Systems Korea• Independence from Dassault Airways in 1981 and started collaboration with world-renowned automobile companies such as Mercedes, BMW, and Honda, and in 1984, dominated the application market for aircraft design including Dassault Airways and Boeing.
• Provides ΔSocial and Collaborative Applications Δ12D Modeling ΔContents and Simulation ΔInformation Intelligence ΔReal-time 3D Experience Platform ΔPLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software to 3 major industries
DAWINKS Investment• Blockchain-based cryptocurrency payment platform, cryptocurrency payment machine (POS), cryptocurrency exchange ATM
-Blockchain based payment platform provides cryptocurrency payment and currency exchange ATM service
-KYC certification and foreigner service available through patent-based identification card (passport included) identification system
-Rechargeable card service can be provided in response to the introduction of local currency that local governments are preparing
DAEYEON C&I• Urban (power independent) type solar (heat) power generation device and integrated operation (IoT-based monitoring and control) service platform
• Selective vehicle control (protection) by time of the week and automatic recognition blocking device for pedestrians only
• (Bollard) and operation management, self-driving shuttle stop safety device and position detection automatic door technology
Korea Institute of Construction Policy
Korea Institute of Machinery and Equipment Industry• Mechanical equipment technology development and maintenance, performance check improvement research
• Research on policy improvement to advance the machinery and equipment industry
• Research on technology related to urban infrastructure (energy facilities) and smart buildings (refrigeration and air conditioning, other mechanical facilities, etc.) necessary for smart city construction
Steelmaking• Smart Construction is improving construction competitiveness through 2D & 3D (BIM)-based rebar field management and pre-assembly solutions, and provides convergence services by creating digital assets.
• Real buildings are implemented in 3D form from the Pre-Con stage, and services such as 1) frame quantity calculation, 2) design review, 3) construction review, 4) process management are provided to customers by using/managing the information included in the model. Provided in perspective
The real marketing• Separate confirmation at the store by recognizing mobile payments (fintech, virtual currency, mobile cards, etc.) presented by customers at once through QR and barcode pattern analysis so that mobile payments that are being used in the store can be easily used. Technology and terminals that enable immediate payment without any or manipulation
• Paper receipts issued for all payments such as cash and credit cards as well as mobile payments are issued as electronic receipts to reduce the annual paper cost of hundreds of billions of dollars, and support big data operation and customer management system based on purchased product information
The Way Communication
Data alliance• Provide LoRaWAN Network Server (S/W) and Gateway products for local governments and cities to build their own IoT networks based on LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network).
Dell EMC Korea• End-to-end provision of ICT products (server, storage, network, gateway and cloud/big data analysis solutions) for smart city infrastructure and services
• ICT infrastructure and virtualization, cloud, big data, cyber security (virtual operation for each service for servers, storage, and network infrastructure in operation / storage of large amounts of structured and unstructured data, analysis platform technology / Multi-Cloud service environment And cybersecurity technology)
Dodam Development• A systematic construction development management system for construction, construction and development operations, from the discovery of projects and civil works, to construction and housing projects and operations
-(Civil engineering) Latest professional construction technology such as road, railroad, subway, complex, construction department
-(Architecture, Housing Business) Small-scale Housing Development and Public-Private Building Expertise
Dodam E & C• Systematic comprehensive construction development management system of project development, design/supervision, and construction project management (CM)
-(Planned Development): feasible project development, project management, project financing consulting
-(Design): Latest design technique applying 20 years of accumulated know-how and new technology / new construction method
-(Construction): Professional construction that secures economic performance and stability reflecting patents and recent new technologies
East• Conduct consulting through production, collection, and analysis of various data in meteorological/marine/environmental fields
• Producing forecast information through meteorological/ocean numerical modeling and owning spatial data of past domestic and foreign numerical models
• Produce various types of meteorological/marine/environmental data required for other industries, develop DB and system design, and provide customized services
Dong-Eui University Busan IT Convergence Parts Research Institute• Dongeui University's Busan IT Convergence Components Research Institute is Busan's only internationally accredited testing institute in the software field. Based on test modules that apply international standards, it is a regional base IT convergence research institute that performs various R&D projects and corporate support projects along with testing services based on test modules applying international standards.
Dong-Eui University Smart City Institute• Established the'Smart City Convergence Department', a graduate school that can cultivate innovative talents in smart cities that will lead the 4th industrial revolution, and nurture talents in smart city space design, smart city mobility, smart city safety, and smart city energy. Establishment of a promotion system for
Dongju Engineering
Donghae Technology Corporation
DURE WIN•'Smoking Gun', a collaborative social safety net system between local governments, police stations, and residents
-Smart security service that can collect and utilize only black box videos related to various accidents such as crime accidents and traffic accidents by applying IoT and automatic search function to car black box
-Black box video data collection platform that can dramatically increase the utilization of big data black box video data that records all over the country
Doosan Engineering & Construction• Civil engineering field: high-speed rail, subway, road, bridge, tunnel, environmental business, etc.
• Construction field: high-rise apartment houses, architecture, hotels, leisure facilities, power transmission, etc.
• Environment/Energy: Power generation facilities, water treatment facilities, waste treatment facilities, etc.
Doosan Infracore
Drone ID• Establish a data platform that combines AI with safety inspection data obtained through industrial drone photography of facilities, and provides services to users for a fee.
• Facility digital drawing technology using 3D modeling technology, facility safety inspection using industrial drones, data analysis and AI platform construction through AI
DS Innovation (DS Innovation)• (Replaceable battery pack) It is easy to replace by minimizing the weight of the battery itself, and it is possible to quickly charge for safety and prevent overcharging.
• (Battery Swap Station) Technology that saves charging time by replacing discharged batteries with fully charged batteries
• (Smart Interlocking BMS) Technology that monitors small electric vehicles and prevents battery level and discharge prevention alarms in advance by interlocking with mobile phones (smart devices)
Dien Solar
Design line
Digital Zone
Digiparts• Device and platform solution for various application services related to mobility such as car sharing/rental/management such as car sharing, rental car, FMS, dealership, maintenance, etc. with connected-car and telecommunication-based technology as core competency
DK ANT• A specialized management solution for GIS location-based facilities, a smart phone UX/UI for quick and easy work processing of personnel in charge, and a smart integrated management platform based on HTML5-based big data
• Establishing an intelligent traffic management system_Providing information by collecting and processing traffic information / Smart maintenance platform_Information management for facilities and management products, information provision system / Establishment of CCTV integrated control center_VMS, operation server, and operation for CCTV operation Overall system construction including SW
Raon Visual System
Lux Robo
Radar and Space (RADAR N SPACE)• Macro-scale smart water grid service that enables water resource sharing with neighboring cities by installing automatic flow rate measuring devices using river radars at the entrance and exit of rivers that cross the city. avatar
Lotte Construction• Construction and management of construction, housing, civil engineering, and plant business
• Eco-friendly and water treatment business construction and operation management
• Development and application of technologies related to the 3th industrial revolution such as BIM, Drone, Laser Scanner, 4D Printing
Lotte Corporation• Development and operation of high-rise and large complex shopping malls (system integration, disaster response, energy management, FM, etc.)
• IBS (Intelligent System): Integrated control for each type of work, linkage to disaster situation system (response to 8 disasters such as fire and earthquake)
LOTTE Asset Development• Lotte Mall (Gimpo, Suwon, Eunpyeong, Suji), a complex shopping mall, is in operation, and a shared office business is underway under the brand'WorkFlex', and a residential rental business under the'Urbaniel' brand is also underway. Provides various services in other areas of development, consulting, PM, and FM
Lotte Information Communication• Transportation: Automatic fare collection system (automated work from purchasing tickets to opening tickets) Smart tolling (high pass by multiple lanes)
• Distribution: L.Pay (group simple payment system)
• IBS: High-rise building/complex/theme park infrastructure and operation system construction
Real solution• (Spraying fire extinguishing equipment) Fire extinguishing equipment can be installed in substation rooms and underground common areas
• (Hologram Guide Sign) Use instead of fire doors in tunnels, underpasses, and underground spaces to prevent fire spread and enable guide signs to evacuate
• (Spraying equipment) Life-style design allows installation of fire extinguishing equipment in places vulnerable to fire
Rhythm• Web-based XNUMXD digital twin UX
• Underground facility drawing and digital twin integrated control UX
Maas Korea• Providing autonomous driving safety solutions such as operation design area (ODD) design services, identification and improvement services for high-risk points of safety accidents, and testing and certification services for autonomous vehicles to be introduced to secure autonomous driving safety and reliability following the introduction of autonomous driving services.
MY MUSIC TASTE• Based on the global fan performance demand data collected on the future content website (platform), external data such as social media data and country-specific economic indicators are aggregated to determine the sales volume of tickets when a specific artist performs in a specific city. Predictive model to predict
Mark base
MAPINUS• Web-based 3D facility management: Visualization based on web browser by superimposing 3D modeling data based on Point Cloud acquired through UAV, precision Lidar, etc.
• Urban climate change and thermal environment analysis: Map display and monitoring of city heat status based on city temperature and thermal data
• Web-based knowledge management: Sharing various outputs from R&D tasks on a web-based knowledge management platform
Myongji University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation
MORU Industrial Systems• World's first parking information system using ultra-power saving wireless loop detection technology
• A parking information system that can be applied both indoors and outdoors without environmental constraints by applying loop detection technology with the highest detection reliability.
Muntech• Smart IoT system: By connecting various IoT devices/sensors incorporating IoT technology into all spaces where people live and controlling the entrance and exit of the space through a control function through various sensor information, crime prevention and gas, fine dust, carbon dioxide, IoT system that can eliminate damage such as fire and control various home appliances through sensors
Medium• High-speed blockchain platform using dedicated blockchain chips
• Smart phone cryptocurrency wallet using secure micro-SD card, Blockey)
Mir System• Quality-based manufacturing technology services such as Samsung quality certification, defense special process certification, and PCB UL certification
-PCB Total Service: Parts / PCB Design, Fabrication / SMT / Ass'y
• R&D flagship products
- IoT gateway
- Development of essential IoT gateway platform in smart city
- Embedded system development (SW/HW)
- System development
Right technology• Developing a battery swap station for activating the use of small electric vehicles and safe battery exchange
• Development of safe and durable battery swap station and protection device based on EM docking system
Bae Jae University
Veolia Industrial Development Korea
Bagel Labs• Cloud service (smart tape measure) that enables convenient acquisition and reprocessing of the latest body data
Bugang Tech (BKT)• Advanced sewage treatment and sewage reuse technology
• Sewage treatment plant primary treatment and return water treatment technology
• High-concentration organic waste purification and energy conversion technology such as livestock manure and leachate
Buoyancy energy• Solar tracking type window type photovoltaic device (BIPV) with adjustable angle
• Security lights and streetlights incorporating smart IoT technology using radar sensors
Pusan ​​National University Hospital• Provide smart hospital construction based on various solutions through medical-ICT convergence research and the best telemedicine system in Korea
Busan City Gas• Actively developing new and renewable energy businesses such as solar power generation, fuel cells, and ESS as well as existing energy businesses such as city gas, small-scale cogeneration, and collective energy.
• ESS installation and operation for industrial peak control / fuel cell power plant development and participation / biogas (sewage sludge + food waste) fueling industry operation
Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency
Busan Techno Park• Establish a demonstration hub that combines the fields of zero energy, smart health, and smart safety to realize a smart city along with the renewable energy 3020 implementation plan and the preemptive response of the 4th industrial revolution. Activating domestic distribution and securing new growth engines through overseas exports by branding a smart city demonstration hub
VUNO• Artificial intelligence-based diagnostic assistant solution VUNO Med® series is developed in cooperation with engineers with extensive medical data analysis experience and experts with professional medical knowledge to solve various problems occurring in the actual medical environment. Provides diagnostic aids optimized for resolution
VI SOFT• Provides indoor/outdoor integrated real-time location information based on indoor/outdoor integrated location information, and open API free
• Promote business with three types of business models, including radio map construction, indoor/outdoor integrated navigation system, and various application applications based on location information.
BLOCKO• Blockchain platform software development and supply
• Blockchain platform construction for Enterprise and middleware, App development
• Technical advisory/consulting service for blockchain adoption needs
• Blockchain platform maintenance and management service
Blue Industry• As a job-creating social enterprise for the vulnerable, direct production and sales of industrial safety products such as health masks and dust masks
• Independently designed health mask manufacturing / self-developed models such as welding clothes, welding gloves, etc. to supply safety products to large shipyard
Blue kite
BIT COMPUTER• Transmission and image of biometric information such as blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse, electrocardiogram, auscultation, skin condition, etc. for patients in areas with low access to medical services, such as mountains, islands, and overseas, such as doctor-medical telemedicine and doctor-patient remote health monitoring service Services for diagnosis and treatment through medical treatment / Includes remote consultation, remote consultation, remote consultation, remote treatment, and remote monitoring
Beat Pax
Beetle• Maker space (maker planning, operation, training)
• 360˚VR experience hall service (multiple people experience virtual reality at the same time without HMD device)
Bingle• As a global community service, autonomous councils are formed within each community to provide a platform to autonomously establish a governance system, and each user participates in community activities and proves identity, authority, expertise, contribution, etc. A blockchain-based CryptoBadge is issued, and based on this, it provides a service that is given the authority to participate and make decisions about the community or agenda, that is, a transparent decision-making system (governance) of the community, and through this, within the smart city. Provides a transparent and reasonable governance system for residents and communities on various agendas
Sahmyook University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation
Sangwon Engineering
Salad Pie (SALAD PIE)• (Real estate brokerage service using 3D BIM/public data) Location-based 3D spatial information simulation service for site selection before construction of detached houses
• (Ar/VR-based construction construction verification simulation) Convenient construction construction verification and pre-simulation service using AR/VR technology
• (Transparent construction management using block chain) Blockchain system for transparent verification and transaction between the subject of disputes such as client/design, contractor/supervisor/bank
SSENG• (Drinking water purification plant) Drinking water treatment technology using surface water from overseas such as the Philippines and Thailand
• (Industrial Water Purification Plant) Water treatment technology for non-discharge system and own industrial water production
• (Third treatment) Water treatment technology to remove total phosphorus and SS from the effluent
Seokyung Industry• Provides various integrated traffic information using unmanned cameras and monitors incidents and accidents.
• Establish a next-generation intelligent traffic control platform that shares traffic information in real time through intelligent image analysis
• Smart information age, fast and accurate smart fine system construction for reliable traffic enforcement administration
Southwest Coast Corporate City Development
Seoyoung Engineering• BIM-based design optimization support (design review, quantity calculation, interference review, drawing work, etc.)
• Intelligent BIM library production (supporting the design of the combination object method)
• BIM performance product production (BIM-based table, various simulations (4D/5D, equipment operation), etc.)
• BIM operating platform and AR·VR-based virtual experience tool
Seoul Robotics• LiDAR based Real-Time Perception Solution
• Real-time environment recognition for autonomous driving using LiDAR
• Deep learning applied object recognition (ground car, pedestrian building, etc.)
Sunghyun E & C• Multiple electronic device control and management system using a new protocol based on patented power network communication (PLC)
• Smart Lighting Control System / Smart Grid System / Smart Safety Management System
Saint thio• As the core of smart zero energy construction, energy efficiency without high cost construction and facility costs is achieved by connecting to all IT devices such as home appliances and lighting devices used in each home and office to realize power savings of more than 20% of real-time power consumption. Smart zero-energy-phase-off control power-saving EMS technology that maximizes energy at low cost
Setalab• IoT device test automation platform
• LoRaWAN gateway/device development and test environment provision
• Private LoRaWAN construction training and consulting
Seloco• Induction type parking system development (2nd generation) and facilities: Parking guidance from the entrance of indoor parking lot
• Complex IoT-type parking lot system: 3 functions at the same time (parking guidance, smart lighting, CCTV)
SELVAS AI• Cellby Checkup: Prediction of incidence of major diseases (4 major cancers, diabetes/dementia/stroke/high blood pressure) within 6 years based on health checkup information
• STT/TTS: Intelligent agent using voice recognition, speech synthesis, and language processing (personal secretary, public secretary)
• OCR/Vision: Intelligent agent using image-based character recognition and context recognition (automation, intelligent control
• On-Fit Solution: Measures the individual's health/physical strength to provide a one-stop service for overall health management, and systematic health management for the entire life of individuals, including fitness centers, home and outdoor
Soul Infotech
Soiva Telecom• Protects pregnant women, infants, children, and the elderly in smart cities that require high-speed communication, reduces exposure to harmful electromagnetic waves, regulates harmful electromagnetic waves in smart cities, and enacts related laws, soybar platform services and harmful electromagnetic waves reduction soyba solutions
Soft Zion• We have been in customer relationship management service business for many years and have a smart customer management and civil complaint management system suitable for the era of the 4th industrial revolution. In addition, by using big data analysis and machine learning techniques, we study customer analysis by industry, product prediction, and purchase prediction technology.
SMART C&I• Incorporating a LoEx solution that dramatically reduces average energy consumption by combining passive energy saving technology and active technology based on experience in building smart city information and communication infrastructure design.
Smart Cosmos• Provide technical advice on platforms and solutions for the composition of smart home services that can be effectively/efficiently linked to smart cities
• Providing domestic and foreign smart home and smart city related product and service trends / Discovering smart home platform, product, and service required by individual construction projects
Smart test• Create an interesting immersive learning atmosphere by taking the test (formal learning technique) with each smart device even during class by converting the following Hangul or word process test questions into eTest in real time as the original, and the computer analyzes and scoring learner types in real time. Core engine of smart schooling that relieves the burden and overwork such as teacher's test and homework check
Smart Farm Center• IoT Big-data AI platform: Data gathering, analysis and control system
• Smart Farm Academy (LMS)
• Smart farm/plant factory rental and complex construction
StarLight• Based on AI, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, and Mobile technology, the necessary data for each situation is analyzed with big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence using its own technology, QR code program, to predict and visualize problem situations to provide optimal scheduling diagnosis. Platform technology to drive efficiency
SIGNET EV• Building an EV charging station that can connect with new and renewable energy (PV, ESS)
• Technology development capability from 7kW slow charger to 350kW super fast charger
• Ability to develop various charging system technologies such as electric bus automatic charging system
SECUI• Information protection consulting service, security control service, information protection system construction, integrated network security product, endpoint security product, cloud & virtualization
Shinsegae Property• Creating a'smart complex shopping mall' aiming for a customer-friendly space
• Creation of a'new concept residential demonstration complex' combining advanced technology and convenient distribution services
Sim Platform• Cloud-based IoT platform for easily connecting various objects and collecting IoT data to provide various smart solutions and real-time analysis-based intelligent services
Sunny Lee
Search and Delve
Suns• Entering Myanmar business based on information and communication construction technology, pioneering urban IoT and building IoT markets based on this, establishing an export system through online shopping malls for domestic products, and research activities to establish Myanmar smart meter technology system
3S Soft• XNUMXSSoft is a specialized company that provides one-stop consulting, supply and construction services for the network separation/network connection solution Nefix product group (VDI, network connection) developed based on the communication technology between memory in its affiliated technology research center. .
Three S Tech
Three Kikakas (3Kbicas)• Collects structured/unstructured data and saves it in an international standard format (W3C XML) using the AutoXML engine, and provides the data including the view so that it can be used immediately in the system that requires it, and builds an integrated platform using this, Development of connection system and service system
3K software• Big data, IoT, cloud, artificial intelligence, security, blockchain service implementation technology through automatic creation (conversion) of W3C standard XML for simultaneous processing of unstructured and structured data on WEB and machine learning-type metadata
C-Tech System
Seetalk Communications• Smart video emergency bell system: In conjunction with our real-time voice video platform iSeetalk platform, it is possible to configure an integrated solution with emergency bell (other models supporting SIP) and relay server (IPPBX/PA system)
Ahranta• An emergency signal call using a mobile terminal enables real-time confirmation of the user's level of risk through video information, location information, voice conversation, and text chat, and a life-saving emergency rescue system that enables prompt and appropriate response to human beings.
Arro Information Technology• We have built and possessed nationwide Korean and foreign language public transportation contents, and have transfer route finding service technology including downtown and suburbs.
• Public transport content to NAVER/SK Telecom/Google/KT-Provides data such as bus/subway/railway/intercity express bus timetable/stop/line
• Patented as a comprehensive traffic information guide system and knowledge base generation method
AMOSENSE• Preliminary prediction and prevention system (batteryless) wireless power transmission technology for abnormal currents and failure signs of KEPCO's distribution grid using self-powered power
• Low-cost social network infrastructure technology (sigfox module and device technology)
Asung M
Asiana IDT• Provides IT technology and services to strengthen customer competitiveness in various industries such as aviation, manufacturing, construction, transportation, finance, and leisure, and improves customer productivity and creates profits by providing industry-specific IT convergence technology and differentiated service quality. support
ASIN CNT• A technology convergence disaster prevention solution that evaluates the safety status of facilities in real time by building an IoT-based wireless sensor network system in facilities and predicts disasters and disasters that may occur in facilities in advance.
INAVI Systems• Mobility service and Digital Map/LBS platform, development and provision of related services (Digital Mapping·Map S/W, LBS Platform, Big Data·Mobility Solution (MaaS))
Iris Solution• Supplied key infrared sensors and modules such as ① security and fire monitoring using infrared (thermal energy) sensors and modules ② industrial non-destructive inspection equipment ③ vehicle night vision ④ autonomous driving infrared sensor ⑤ defense field thermal imaging equipment
IBS KOREA• In 2001, for the first time in Korea, an intelligent building certification system was developed and operated by itself, and training to train professionals and activities as an official certification body designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport in accordance with the Building Act (Article 65-2, Certification of Intelligent Buildings). Business progress
Icecer• ICET's video information data security solution commercializes security encryption (integrity, confidentiality security) solutions to safely manage data from video information data storage devices such as CCTV, VMS, black boxes, drones, and wearable cameras. propel
Iosoft Co., Ltd.
Iochord• Big data and artificial intelligence based process mining and simulation platform development and service
Iconloop• LoopChain is ICONLOOP's proprietary blockchain core engine. It has a structure that is faithful to the basics, and is a highly productive smart contract platform that can implement functions optimized for real business.
IT-ONE• (Smart Construction Solution) A service that automates safety, construction, and quality management through the combination of construction and IoT (Internet of Things), and monitors construction status in real time to enhance construction management efficiency and business competitiveness
• (Smart Street Light) An intelligent road lighting integrated system that combines information collection, communication, data analysis, and illumination control technologies is applied to collect information around the streetlights operating and analyze them to operate at the optimal brightness of the streetlights.
• (Mixed Reality System) Supports production and maintenance through mixed reality technology in the industrial field, and provides functions such as 3D content, work content sharing and collaboration, and remote calls.
Eins snc• Develop/build various digital twin solutions by possessing digital twin implementation technologies that combine big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, modeling and simulation applicable to the entire smart city life cycle (design, construction, testing, operation and maintenance)
Academy Plus• By building a telepresence system based on real-time interactive communication, we are building a smart campus offline platform that transcends time and space, and we are building an online learning platform that all learners can use efficiently and cost-effectively, so that both instructors and learners can use it. Technology and service provision
• Iris and face recognition video learning system through web-based smart equipment
Alico Pharmaceutical• A pharmaceutical company that manufactures specialty drugs, general drugs, and health functional foods, distributes them to hospitals and pharmacies, and sells 141 specialty drugs, 34 generic drugs, and 3 health functional foods.
R Spirit• Analysis of impact indicators by industry and calculation of indexes (external and internal public data, news, financial/non-financial: traditional industry/new industry)
• Provides download of pre-processed data used for analysis of corporate management status
• Real-time listed company analysis reporting service
RMS Technology
Alpha Plus• A hot water household unit that combines the advantages of district heating and individual heating by supplying heat to the district (central) heating household and heating/heating water 4 pipes through heating 2 pipes, and heating cold water using heating heat when using hot water.
NNSP• nNetDiode is a physical one-way transmission device that transmits data in one direction only from the secure area to the non-secure area.
• nNetDiode Dual is a network-to-network data transmission security solution using one-way transmission technology that enables data exchange between domains in a network separation environment.
• nNetTrust is a security solution that maintains a closed network in a network separation environment and automatically patch/collect/deliver between networks.
Ants & NC
Onycom• Big data technology: Hadoop-based big data total solution,'ankus'
• S/W quality verification technology: (1) S/W testing automation solution,'TestForte', (2) mobile performance measurement/analysis/monitoring solution, IMQA
EduHash Global Partners• Enterprise blockchain: SI format API and SDK provided
• Smart City: To realize the security, convergence and integrated information management of real-time data such as blockchain-based AI, big data, IoT, etc., a global consortium is formed and executed.
• Education platform: Analyze learner's academic and non-academic information in three dimensions, predict and produce necessary contents, and implement algorithms that suggest users
AdOne• Provide integrated control service that provides various functions such as collection and provision of various traffic information such as traffic communication information, traffic accident information, public transportation information, settlement of tolls and transportation facility usage fees, integrated management of transportation facilities, etc.
Ever Information Technology• Provides physical security (recognition/authentication) and healthcare (health management, etc.) services by applying AI deep learning algorithms by processing big data such as analysis and processing of non-contact biometric data (face) acquired using image sensors.
SD System• Autonomous driving and C-ITS business for smooth traffic flow and traffic safety, smart tolling and smart parking system for efficient operation of parking lots and collection of tolls through precise vehicle classification, and bus information management for improving the convenience of bus users and operators Has the capability to perform total design/production/construction/maintenance of the system
SBB• Biopave: Construction of sidewalks, trails, bicycle paths, parking lots, back roads, and roadways (bus stops)
• Bioriver: Creation of an ecological river (prevention of loss and scouring of river slopes and river beds, restoration of vegetation)
• Biocoast: Prevention of coastal erosion (prevention of coastal erosion and restoration of coastal dunes)
SRD Networks• We are researching and developing various solutions such as IoT field and smart city integrated platform, which are major topics in the 4th industry, and applying various wireless technologies to the field in line with the 5G era.
• Safety management solution for the elderly living alone / Calculation of flexible inspection cycles based on actual operation status
S-1• (S-1's Multi-core Urban Cluster Model) City Model based Solution (Integrated Management): Supports integrated urban management and sustainability / Physical Urban Fabric (Structure Design): Designed in consideration of security strength such as CPTED, counter-terrorism, etc. / Nation- wide Monitoring Center (security control): dualized city security integrated control / Security Provider for Facility (facility specialization): Provides customized integrated security solutions / Symbiotic (win-win development): Pursuit of win-win growth based on partner expertise / Future for Security ): Security development model (OSINT/Evacuation Plan/Forensic GIS, etc.)
SK m&service• Customized vehicle control/management solution according to vehicle usage type and purpose”
-GPS / OBD / IoT communication network (LoRa) / Bluetooth based vehicle control solution
-Provides various vehicle control / management solutions for customer / user needs
-Minimize vehicle installation time with H / W device design considering installation (within 10 minutes)
-Minimize standby power consumption to prevent discharge for at least 15 days even when not running
SK E&S• SK E&S sells electricity through Gwangyang and Paju natural gas power plants, heating heat and electricity through Hanam and Wirye cogeneration power plants, and city gas nationwide (7 regions) through 8 city gas companies.
SK Inforsec
SQ & T
Stlogic• STLogic is a company that leads the development of spatial big data in communication, electricity, and land management by developing spatial big data-based spatio-temporal processing technology, and develops and maintains Orange mHopper and GBD (Geo Big Data) products, which are spatial big data platforms. We focus on maintenance, technical consulting for spatial big data construction, system integration business, and value creation as a spatial information-based solution provider. Also, based on this, technology consulting and related projects for the solution-based smart city construction project are promoted.
SPMED• As a customized drug data consulting company operating in drug genotype analysis business and preclinical ADME business, we have business models such as drug gene testing service and kit development and manufacturing, preclinical AMDE service and recombinant protein development and manufacturing.
Airpoint• Gas/water/solar remote meter reading terminal and gateway, control platform technology using IoT
ARWORKS• Drone hardware platform development and manufacturing
• Flight control software development
• Secure other (encryption, long-distance flight control) flight control technology
AST Holdings• (Establishing a digital twin platform) Developing a digital twin platform containing data analysis, simulation, and visualization functions to enable urban planning and operation using real and digital interactive space technology
• (Development of visualization system) Development of an AR/VR visualization system that enables multiple users to realistically experience the simulation situation
LG Systems• Smart city platform construction technology and service through WiFi+IpCamera+Photosensor AllInOne type ultra-long life smart LED street light-security light designed based on special heat dissipation engine
• Smart LED street light (LED+Photosensor, LED+Photosensor+WiFi, LED+Photosensor+WiFi +IpCamera products)
• Platform service through WiFi that can control various ICT and IOT sensors
A-One Communications Korea
Hdac Technology•'Hdac Blockchain Platform' is a hybrid blockchain platform that integrates public and private, and is designed with an IoT-optimized enterprise architecture that can reflect the needs of various industries (finance, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and public). There is.
• Providing convenient block chain configuration and operation service based on BaaS / Enhancing blockchain scalability with hybrid block chain structure / Providing differentiated wallet-based payment function
HDC Hyundai Development Company• Smart healthcare, OCF-based energy metering demonstration, cultural/shopping solution,
-Promoting smart home technology convergence with big data-based healthcare partners
-Promote energy metering business based on OCF (international IoT standard) for energy saving
-Develop cultural management and integrated management solution within apartment complex
H city
F & D Partners
FM WORKS• Facility maintenance and system development through construction of spatial information based on aerial survey
• Establishment and analysis of spatial information linked to BIM/GIS/UAV / Artificial intelligence rapid safety inspection technology through DB construction of buildings, facilities and structures, displacement measurement before and after earthquake, crack investigation, etc.
EPIKAR• Currently operating a premium vehicle monthly subscription service called ALL THE TIME MINI. In addition, we build a connected car platform that can maximize customer satisfaction by collecting customer and vehicle data in real time from all vehicle types operated by our company.
FXC• High reliability fuel cell power generation using IoT monitoring technology
• Smart city digital twin simulation based on physical engine
NCOM• IoT city fine dust and heat island reduction service: By interlocking with the integrated environmental sensor, it automatically sprays fine mist according to the increase in ambient temperature and fine dust concentration to improve the surrounding air environment and prevent the spread of fine dust.
• Block chain-based disaster prevention and response service: By applying block chain technology to various types of disaster response processes, it is a transparent and secure collaboration tool such as rapid situation propagation and real-time monitoring/action of response situations, effective communication between citizens and disaster managers. service provision
• Dementia prevention cognitive reinforcement service using wearable devices: Tactile sensor gloves using IMU and vibration sensors, and an integrated kiosk that supports network VR training to prevent dementia and strengthen cognitive abilities of the elderly
Encore Link
Enforce• Developing our own technology to integrate data, which is the most basic for smart convergence, integrates and collects various types of data from industrial manufacturing sites and buildings into a single system, processes them, and provides them for use in various solutions.
LID Water• Water management hybridization technology: Achieving more than 350% of the water circulation rate for both surface water and groundwater to increase public benefit value, and the supply rate of materials for urban infrastructure such as new cities (40~90%)
• LID Platform Establishment Technology: Improve water circulation recovery rate by establishing a platform that considers the city water circulation mechanism (DCIA) optimized for each city type, land use, and pollutant emission source (factor).
• Diversification of water intake sources and ultra-high depth integrated water management: ultra-high depth water intake and storage system and IOT convergence technology
LF Haiti
LG U +• Smart odor monitoring: A service that measures and informs odor information in real time around the industrial complex, sewage treatment plant, and livestock wastewater treatment plant.
• Smart quarantine monitoring: A service that supports efficient quarantine activities by periodically checking the number of mosquitoes in rivers, parks, and residential areas by the system
• Smart water quality monitoring: A service that measures and manages the concentration of water pollution in groundwater, rivers, and reservoirs in real time.
• Intelligent fire hydrant: A service that remotely manages the condition of the fire hydrant so that it can be used immediately in an emergency situation.
• Intelligent CCTV: A service that analyzes the video captured by CCTV with artificial intelligence to promptly respond to accidents and crimes.
• Remote meter reading: A service that allows you to accurately calculate usage charges by remote meter reading of electricity, gas, and water usage by hour, and to reduce cost of visit meter reading and to protect customer privacy.
LG Electronics• As a global leader in technological innovation in the fields of electronic products, mobile communication devices, and home appliances, the company has developed business in more than 100 business sites around the world and recorded KRW 2017 billion in sales in 61.
• Home Appliance & Air Solution (H&A), Home Entertainment (HE), Mobile Communications (MC), Vehicle Component Solution (VS), Business Solution (BS), consisting of five business divisions, TV, washing machine, refrigerator, and mobile phone. , Leading the market in auto parts, etc.
El Connected• Building a smart home system that connects and communicates with various devices in the home, such as wall pads, smart doorbells, and high-tech kitchen TVs, with the latest user-oriented UI and major smart home products that can expand various application programs.
War• Provides various information through video/sound system related technology
• Provision of information through the meteorological observation system
• Provision of communication infrastructure through information and communication construction
Odin Network
ODIN ENERGY• Innovative decentralized power generation technology that overcomes the environmental and technological limitations of current wind and solar power generation
• New energy technology that increases power generation efficiency by more than 4 times by applying the Bernoulli principle of fluid mechanics and the stacked tower form of architectural engineering to wind power → Completion of performance evaluation (2017.09 Jeju Energy Corporation)
• A new energy industry service technology that realizes a multipurpose business model with one tower and directly produces and supplies the electricity required for this
Orion A
Autonics• An industrial automation company that produces and sells industrial sensors, controllers, motion devices, and laser systems necessary for industrial automation.
ONPOOM• Intelligent One-Click Disaster Integration Platform Smart sensors and various disaster information collected through public data are used as a database based on big data, and when a disaster occurs, the disaster situation is expressed and shared based on location.
• Location-based in-building disaster management solution Through linking with the broadcasting system in the building, administrative and publicity broadcasts are carried out during normal times, and disaster response is implemented through location identification technology when a disaster occurs.
• Intelligent Earthquake Early Warning Solution When an earthquake occurs, P wave is analyzed to evaluate building safety, and situation propagation is performed.
• Smart Safety Big board Public data and local vehicle administration data are collected and linked to display municipal administration and disaster situations on a digital bulletin board
• Disaster situation propagation technology using UHD & DMB wireless technology Disaster broadcast transmission and reception through terrestrial DMB and UHD reception methods
WideCUBE• Smart city integrated platform and smart city safety service: Urban management software (big) that supports efficient city management and safe living by controlling various situations occurring in the city such as crime prevention/disaster prevention, traffic, environment, facility management, etc. Data/AI, GIS, CCTV image processing technology, IoT based septed, cloud technology based)
WISEnut• Develop and supply language processing-based artificial intelligence chatbot and collection, analysis, and search SW
-No.3,200 AI chatbot and search SW company supplying AI SW to more than 10 domestic customers and 1 global countries
Major solutions include AI chatbot solution (WISE I Chat), AI search SW (SF-1), etc.
Wooriro• (Smart Street Light) Energy saving effect by detecting the movement of vehicles or people and adjusting the brightness of individual and entire street lights
• (Smart Transportation) Measuring pedestrian traffic or vehicle traffic by lane by applying a tracking algorithm to radar Q302
Waterm sys• Remote meter reading system: for realizing smart water grid
-The water consumption of the consumer is measured by the smart water meter, and the flow sensor module converts it into an electrical signal and sends it to the wireless communication repeater, and the wireless communication repeater collects, analyzes and stores the flow data through the public network communication network. Remote meter reading system to send to administrator server (DB)
World Tech• Road hazard weather information system is a system that detects weather phenomena of fog, snow, and rain in real time by applying artificial intelligence analysis technology, big data analysis technology, and machine learning analysis technology to traffic CCTV camera images installed on the road.
With K• Design/construction of a heat pump utilization system for cold/hot simultaneous fusion of water heat and air heat (new technology certification, 18.7)
• Convergence cold and hot heat pump use system/MOTIE regulatory sandbox approval (active administration, 19.7)
• Experience education service based on environment and energy: farm coding experience education program, air purification plant device (breathing pot), delivery box farm
Weeslee&Company• Smart city digital twin simulation planning and development
• Pedestrian traffic signal/energy use/city polarization analysis service using big data
• Automatic content editing and publishing using VR platform
UNISEM• AI (Deep learning) based multi-object detection and tracking video technology applied to Intelligent Transport Systems
UBIVELOX• Use clean tap water to form a water curtain filter,'Water Curtain', and purify the air contaminated with various harmful substances such as fine dust and yellow dust into clean and healthy air, and an air purification system that is automatically controlled according to the value measured by the sensor.
Ubitia• Adult public official education service through online and offline
• The largest public service dormitory academy in Korea
• Smart City Development & Test Platform Project, Smart Campus
• Book/Publishing
Maintenance• In preparation for sinkholes caused by problems of underground facilities, our underground space safety management (UGS) system project effectively performs safety checks according to the aging and complexity of urban infrastructure, and strengthens the social safety net by conducting regular monitoring.
Yucan Star• Analyzing behavior patterns of CCTV images, detecting violent behavior and detecting other threats (falling, distribution)
• Dangerous behavior detection based on deep learning specialized in security sites
• Detecting dangerous factors such as weapons and weapons
Yul System• As a specialized developer of IT-based engineering solutions using IOT and big data analysis technology by implementing a digital twin that combines 3D and data, a data-based decision support technology data integrated management system and a training system using VR/AR technology Company specialized in Industry4.0 such as development
Innogrid• Solution for building a cloud infrastructure environment based on open source for convergence with new Internet industry technologies such as IoT, big data, and AI in response to the 4th industrial revolution
Eden TNS• Micro data center solution that provides all necessary facilities in the data center in a single body and a control program to remotely monitor them
Evolcano• IoT platform that can form a wireless mesh network supporting multiple wireless protocols in the deployed area and distribute applications and services through a local cloud computer office based on Linux Docker that supports App Store.
ESSYS• As a small and medium-sized company that designs, manufactures, manages and supplies automotive wireless communication electronic parts, it has the track record of supplying the largest number of public projects in Korea by developing Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communication solutions (vehicle terminals, communication base stations, and applications).
EIS• Seismic acceleration measurement system that has performance certification in accordance with Ministry of the Interior and Safety Notification 2018-721 [Earthquake Accelerometer Installation and Operation Standard] according to the Seismic and Volcanic Disaster Countermeasures Act
ENGSOFT• In keeping with the technological change of the 4th industrial revolution, the construction ICT convergence technology that combines technologies such as BIM, GIS, IoT, and mobile is being applied to engineering, construction, maintenance, and disaster prevention fields. Smart construction ICT convergence technology that can be applied to
E-Tech System
Ife Electronics• 1: Set-top board with mobile communication module (LTE) for IoT HUB to control n devices
Invest Korea (Cotra)
InSpace• A company that conducts research and development in the fields of ground station, space environment, RS & IT, and AI technology, and is a fully automatic unmanned drone system (DroneSAT) that can build an unmanned surveillance system for objects and regions of interest by fusion of ground station technology and RS technology. Development
Intel Korea
Ildo Engineering• As an engineering company that performs tasks such as surveying, urban planning, and civil engineering, it is currently carrying out tasks such as imaging, image processing, and surveying using drones, and has various drone-related patents and research projects. Promoting commercialization
IL JOO GNS• Using specialized ICT technologies such as IoT, VR/AR, and accumulated experience, information collection and management analysis in the fields of microgrid, spin-off resources, and energy and power management are used to solve urban energy and power problems and efficiently utilize resources IT convergence service to build a smart city environment
정보 통신 산업 진흥원
Institute for Information and Communication Policy
General Electric International Corporation (GE)• GE is responsible for power generation and transmission and distribution, new and renewable energy such as wind/ESS/solar power, advanced imaging medical devices such as MRI/CT, ​​and smart healthcare solutions, marine systems such as ship engines and control systems, aircraft engines and electronic equipment. As a global company that has various business fields such as aerospace, etc., it also has consulting business related to equipment production and major infrastructure business in each field.
Xerox• A real-time slope stability monitoring system based on a wireless sensor network applying a displacement sensor and a physical and chemical sensor that detects the behavior of the ground.
• (Measurement of Soil Moisture Tension) This is a value that measures soil moisture without damaging the structure or composition of the soil. It uses the principle that soil moisture is determined by the tension (cohesive force + adhesion) with soil particles.
• (Integrated solution) Preliminary investigation, construction and installation, real-time monitoring and analysis technology using our software
JB CORP• Contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of citizens by supplying clean fuel and increasing energy use efficiency through the city gas business, regional collective energy business and new and renewable energy business.
JC Square
J & D Healing Music
Jays Corporation
GELIX• Energy gateway-based next-generation smart metering technology
• Manufacture of smart metering devices and modules such as energy gateway, security instrument, and wM-BUS
Johnson Controls Korea• Fire alarm, firefighting equipment manufacturing and construction, firefighting facility remote monitoring system
• Disaster and firefighting facility design technical advisory
• Integrated disaster control platform software consulting, development and supply
JUSUNG ENGINEERING• As a manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cell manufacturing equipment, it can be efficiently applied to the new and renewable energy industry through cooperation with other companies, providing technologies and services that can contribute to national energy saving and fostering the smart city industry
Big Value Co., Ltd.
Samwoo Imation Co., Ltd.
Alpha Robotics
X VISION Security System
G & S• A product (D-Bridge) that acquires data from older equipment and sensors that do not have a communication function, and transmits digital data to a higher level digital data connection and collection device or system (MES, ERP, monitoring system)
GS Engineering & Construction• An energy management system capable of simulating and operating carbon reduction through operation of each city energy facility (carbon reduction city energy management system)
• Quarterly heat storage system performance evaluation and economical evaluation simulator using renewable energy (solar heat storage system simulator)
• Automatic load generation program according to the area of ​​each building type (glass greenhouse load analysis program)
GeoC & I
GYnetworks• Real-time video analysis detects abnormal behaviors and abnormal signs occurring at construction sites such as collapse, roaming, intrusion, fire/smoke generation, violence, and non-wearing of safety helmets, and immediately notify the safety manager when the corresponding behavior or symptom occurs.
• Preventive safety management solution that derives current and future risk factors in advance
GE Healthcare Korea
Occupant• A company that provides integrated solutions such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure services based on blockchain technology and electric vehicle charging and payment platforms, and providing future-oriented services such as smart city and smart payment as well as electric vehicles.
thousand days• Real-time performance evaluation method of structures using real-time data
• Provides users with 3D models online and provides information for structure safety and efficient maintenance plans
Cheongchuk Oriental• Collecting and analyzing the living information of local residents in urban regeneration areas. A sharing economy-type platform construction project that combines the 4th industrial technology and fields throughout life such as jobs for the elderly/health information/education/governance
Chungnam National University Hospital• (Biosignal collection) Personalized disease management service through smart watch and patient app
• (Severe and emergency intractable disease treatment) Specialized disease treatment service based on state-of-the-art medical facilities and intelligent solutions
• (Healthcare Research Association) Discover new services linking healthcare and medical care and develop services for Sejong Smart City healthcare and citizen health management
Kakao Mobility• Kakao Mobility, which started from Kakao Taxi, is the nation's largest comprehensive mobility platform that provides proxy driving, navigation, parking, and the recently launched electric bike sharing business. 2300 surrogate drivers, etc.)
CONTEC• Satellite image data analysis service using AI (deep learning) technology
KCS Global• New and renewable energy convergence business (solar power, ESS, fuel cell)
• Developing and manufacturing energy storage devices (for electric vehicle charging, etc.) through electric vehicle battery recycling
• E-bike charging device (battery exchange cradle) development and manufacturing, charging platform development
KIOT• Developing a solution that reduces costs by 50% or more compared to the existing centralized method by implementing an object recognition artificial intelligence traffic collection device through edge computing.
Ks Solution• All-round CCTV system, the flagship product, is an intelligent camera system capable of simultaneously monitoring 1 directions through only one camera, and is a system that improves price, image quality, and bending phenomena compared to existing competitors (H/W+S/W)
K & L• Smart Building/Office (BMS), Smart Factory, Smart Energy
• Smart Home, Smart Farm, Smart Transformation
• After planning, designing, programming, and producing each of the above systems, create a smartphone control platform app
K hologram• IoT hologram smart landscape management system, 3D hologram video content production
• Various information collection system using 3D CCTV camera, real-time hologram digital broadcasting
COMMAX• Provide user convenience and safety management service through simultaneous control and monitoring of IoT wireless devices and 485 wired devices applying wireless standards (Zigbee/Wifi/BLE) through smart home and IoT-based wall pads or gateways
• Remote monitoring and recording of video calls and CCTV images through smartphones with visitors at the entrance and lobby using UC (Unified Communication)
• Detects security (going out, crime, emergency, fire, gas, etc.) occurring in households, automatically notifies household members and managers, and links with emergency dispatch system
• Through Cloud Service based on Open API, cloud-to-cloud service can be infinitely extended, and device-to-device interworking through OCF international standard provides mutual control and monitoring function between devices
CoreTrust• (Video, communication encryption) Video, communication encryption and DRM through the development of own algorithm
• (Content, personal information protection) Content protection and personal information protection through encryption and DRM
• (Personal image information protection) Personal image information protection using masking and export control functions
CURONSYS• Large-sized waste discharge application: Application for large-sized waste discharge from mobile or PC
• Inquiry and payment of water and sewage charges Cyber ​​counter: Inquiry and pay the billed amount of water and sewage
Coolcloud• SDN-based centralized management system/ Linux-based OS/ accidental infrastructure hardware based on empty switch
Cube Intelligence• Safe ride vehicle sharing platform based on mobility technology
• Mobility data collected through the OBD device is analyzed to identify driver habits to induce economical and safe driving and contribute to social cost reduction
Kinney & Partners
Tower line
Top In Tech
Top Core System• 3D smart city DB construction and intelligent integrated control solution possession and service
• 3D Map (buildings, roads, underground burials, etc.) automatic production solution possession and map/location-based service
• 3D Core development, 2D to 3D automatic modeling tool, BIM, MEP design tool, etc. Various real-time collaborative design solutions
Techwin System• Applying remote monitoring control and distributed control technology to automate process monitoring and control of waterworks water purification plants, sewage and wastewater treatment plants, and automatic power and energy reception and supply. Ensuring the stability and safety of each facility and expanding energy and cost efficiency
2CSG• Smart city, smart building master plan and design, construction, operation and maintenance services and methodology are provided. Major systems supplied include network, security crime prevention, and smart AED management system. Provides security and network security solutions
TRIPHOS• Integrated construction/development of IoT-type service/building is possible through IoT platform “Sync Easy” developed with our own technology, dashboard solution “Chart Easy”, and integrated vehicle control solution “messenger”
TDS Display• Drive-through system construction and installation are in progress, and various hardware such as outdoor DID (Digital Information Display), indoor kiosk, transparent monitor, and smart shelter are being produced.
Tmoney• Mobile app-based mobility service (high-speed, long-distance booking app, taxi calling app, etc.)
• Operation of integrated traffic information provision platform
• National transportation card system operation, transportation card issuance, simple payment, etc.
TG• Consulting and system construction for IT governance to implement smart city governance
• ITIL-based ITSM system
• Enterprise Architecture Management system (EAMS) for information technology architecture management
T Hub• Smart IoT wiring device manufacturing and service business with BLE and WiFi communication modules mounted on electrical wiring devices such as switches, outlets, and plugs: IoT hub system
• Motion detection/door opening/closing/temperature/humidity/shock/smoke detection sensor, etc., unmanned security combined with communication technology, home IoT product service: IoT-based integrated control system
Things Nine• Decentralized distributed electronic ledger-based simple payment platform
• O2O platform construction-offline-oriented online convergence service
• IPTV system construction-in-house broadcasting and disaster broadcasting service provision
Fine C & I
Perfect Price• Accurate market trend prediction by analyzing users' mobility service usage data using artificial intelligence technology. Systematically providing real-time data collection, machine learning, and UI/UX for this
Penta Systems Technology• Spatial Intelligence Smart City Platform
-Provides potential for efficiency and optimization of platform-based smart city to control intelligent space
-Establishment of smart city platform ecosystem through spatial big data partnership
Penta Security System
Peace Engineering
grape• Podo Co., Ltd., which focuses on GIS system integration consulting and construction service as its main business, was established in 2011 and has numerous development and DB construction records in the public, defense, and web GIS fields, and provides ESRI and Google Map solutions to customers. Supply and technical support
4D SOLUTION• Develop and hold a typhoon risk model for the Busan area
• The typhoon risk model is a model that estimates the potential risk of wind and precipitation caused by typhoons, and provides essential information for disaster planning and disaster response systems.
POSCO E & C• (Urban development) New city + urban infrastructure (road, water and sewage, electricity, river maintenance) planning and design capabilities
• (Smart Home·Building) Eco-friendly, intelligent building planning and construction capabilities incorporating ICT technology
• (Smart Water) Water resource security management technology, water supply system efficiency improvement technology capability
POSTECH• RF technology: A company that specializes in developing/producing RF antennas and possesses various types of antenna related technologies that are applied to IoT.
• RF facilities: have chambers and measuring equipment that can test RF devices
Point Mobile
Blue technology• Collaborative robot arm: Secure economic feasibility and stability from industrial accidents through unmanned operation
• Information service robot: deployed in public places to provide various information such as location guidance, escort, and location-based advertising services
Fusionsoft• Big data AI: Big data operation, artificial intelligence recommendation, system construction and operation
• Smart education: educational informatization, educational contents, security and infrastructure
• ICT convergence: intelligent car, object recognition, location recognition, IoT, AR/VR
Plan A Media
Plan H Ventures• Discovering, investing, and fostering excellent startup teams with growth potential
• Support for rapid growth through business linkage with group companies
P & P Network• Worldwide digital radio reception SoC
• Developed a connected autonomous vehicle broadcast receiving STB for SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology
• Non-contact water pollution sensor
PPS• PPS Solution has an integrated connection solution that acquires various service solution data such as Smart Citi or Smart Factory, and provides information integration and connection between solutions, which is a middleware that integrates AI, big data, and IoT-related data information. SW that is essential for information linkage between services when building various services with an integrated platform
PINKRO• Discovering G2G, G2B, and B2B businesses with the focus of strengthening Laos' industrial competitiveness and solving pending issues, and providing overseas export support services to support the advancement and activation of Korean brands
Hanatech system• (Parking control system using geomagnetic surface sensor (for outdoor use) and ultrasonic sensor (for indoor use)) Provides information on the number of parking surfaces, strategic alliance with existing parking control companies
• (Smart parking management APP real-time information provision) Real-time parking surface information provision and parking reservation, parking fee check/settlement, search for my car location (patent registration)
• (Smart Parking Platform) Open API based platform service connection, mobile navigation company alliance, vehicle location information provision, fare settlement and departure (settlement office, mobile)
hyena• As a core solution for improving the residential environment, food waste is disposed of at the source and recovered as high-quality recycled products (raw materials, compost, etc.), and recycled in a variety of ways, whereby food waste is no longer a waste, but a valuable resource. system
Hypersensing• Artificial Intelligence Traffic Signal Control: Supports traffic signal control optimization through real-time traffic analysis
• Autonomous cooperative driving support service: Supports appropriate speed and unexpected situations through real-time traffic analysis
Korea Construction Living Environment Testing Institute• Government and private research services (corporate support, test and certification foundation establishment, domestic and international standardization research, technology and policy development, etc.)
• Certification and audit service (legal certification work such as KS certification review, KC certification, procured product inspection, and various quality certification work)
• Designated as a government commissioned agency (KOLAS international certified testing agency, industrial standard development cooperation agency, GLP testing agency, etc.)
Korea Traffic Safety Authority
Korea Transport Institute• Smart city transportation policy and commercialization support
• Smart city transportation solution R&D and global overseas expansion support
Korea Land Information Corporation
Korea Institute of Machinery & Electrical Testing
Korea Meteorological Industry and Technology Institute• Provides meteorological information, R&D support, weather equipment inspection and recognition, etc. in relation to public institutions and smart cities established to efficiently support the promotion and development of the meteorological industry and the use and distribution of meteorological information. Performing tasks such as fostering the meteorological industry and nurturing manpower, weather management, policy research, and overseas advancement support
Korea Company Data
Korea Digital Twin Research Institute• Digital twin implementation technologies (big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, modeling and simulation, etc.) applicable to the entire life cycle of a smart city (design, construction, testing, operation and maintenance) Solution development/building
Korea Legal Development Institute
Korea Fence Association (Korea BEMS Association)• Established to promote high efficiency and green buildings through the development of building energy management technology that combines construction technology, ICT technology, and energy management technology, and systematic operation and management of building energy facilities (members: 151 institutions and companies)
Korea Commercial Software Association
Korea Growth Finance
Korea Water Resources Corporation
Korea Smart Energy Association
Korea Haiti Evaluation Institute• Main technology/service: Smart city infrastructure security evaluation service
-(Feature) A service that verifies that all infrastructure in the smart city is securely installed.
-(Effect) Providing safe and reliable smart city verification service to users
Korea Institute of Energy Research• New and renewable energy production, supply and demand response technology for building and city energy independence
• Development of technology related to energy conversion, storage, sharing and use
Korea Energy Convergence Association• Develop new energy industry business models
• Smart energy city activation plan (legal system, standardization, etc.)
• Energy convergence service education, manpower training
Korea Electrical Safety Corporation Electrical Safety Research Institute• A service that collects safety information of electrical equipment in real time and analyzes it with IoT/artificial intelligence/big data technology to provide electrical safety services to electrical safety management performers, information service providers, electrical safety product manufacturers, and the general public.
Korea Electric Power Corporation• Leading the construction of smart city power infrastructure (EVC, AMI, EMS), based on an integrated operation platform specialized in the energy field, urban energy planning, integrated control, energy transaction (VPP, e-sharing), and citizen experience-type services, etc. Solution provided
Korea Electric Power Information• Urban (power independent) type solar (heat) power generation device and integrated operation (IoT-based monitoring and control) service platform
• Selective vehicle control (protection) by time of the week and automatic recognition blocking device for pedestrians only
• (Bollard) and operation management, self-driving shuttle stop safety device and position detection automatic door technology
Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute• Ultra-sized IoT network system for stably collecting heterogeneous data from various domains (transportation, environment, energy, safety, etc.) in order to respond to the connection of massive IoT devices and the intelligence of infrastructure required in smart cities Advanced technology and infrastructure, intelligent edge technology research for intelligent processing
Korea Electromagnetic Research Institute• Provides electromagnetic wave countermeasure parts and designs that can safely implement the performance from electromagnetic waves to advanced IT, information communication, electronic equipment, and sensors applied to smart cities.
Korea Information and Communications Corporation Association• As an institution established in 41 in accordance with Article 1971 of the 「Information Communication Construction Business Act」 (establishment of the Information Communication Construction Association) with the aim of contributing to the sound development of the information and communication construction business, Improving communication facility technology standards and construction methods, and performing tasks such as training information and communication technology personnel
Korea Information and Communication Technology Association
Korea Information Technology Agency
Korea Intelligent Transportation System Association
Korea District Heating Corporation• Supplying next-generation district heating* to smart cities through the establishment of “SmartHeatGrid”
* Low-temperature district heating method that enables renewable energy, non-utilized E connection and thermal energy prosumer
Korea Cloud Industry Association
Korea Land & Housing Corporation
Korea Institute for Patent Strategy Development• Provide IP-based R&D strategy (IP-R&D) consulting service using patent big data analysis for small and medium-sized companies, universities and public institutions
Korea Overseas Infrastructure & Urban Development Corporation (KIND)
Korean Language and Computer• Multilingual voice recognition and interpretation/translation technology based on artificial intelligence, and office software technology developed for 30 years, develops and operates services such as Korean language education, e-book publishing, chatbot/voice bot, and minutes writing system, interpreter and translator. Such as the release of terminals
Hanmi Global Architects' Office• Provide a wide range of services in plant and construction fields such as PM (Project Management), CM (Construction Management), F/S (Feasibility Study), LTA (Lender's Technical Advisor), DD (Due Diligence), OE (Owner's Engineer) A company that realizes construction value creation business that represents the position of customers and customers.
Hanbul Energy Management• Energy management and usage guarantee through Hubgrade monitoring system
• Waste heat recovery and supply, medical institution energy management service (direct investment), energy management monitoring system (Hubgrade)
KEPCO Industry Development• Thermal/nuclear power plant operation and maintenance
• KEPCO Electric Power Meter Remote Meter Reading (AMI)
• Renewable energy (solar/solar heat)
• Energy storage system (ESS)
• Energy Management System (BEMS)
KEPCO CaDen• Power business-related system integration (SI)/system operation (SM) business, power field S/W development
• Supervision and consulting related to intelligent power grid (Smart-Grid) related business/ information and communication, electricity, and firefighting work
• Renewable energy related business/business related manufacturing, R&D, investment, leasing and auxiliary business
Hancomsan Office• A firefighting company that manufactures and sells personal safety equipment for fire and disaster accidents such as air respirators, heat shields and oxygen respirators
Hancom Secure
Hancom MDS
Hanwha Systems (ITC Division)• Smart building & home, smart environment (water treatment, etc.), smart factory, smart security & control technology
• Cloud-based group data center and own solution capable of collecting/storing/processing/analyzing big data
Hanwha Systems (System Division)• Hanwha Systems military communication and C4I system, etc., can be used in the safety field of smart city field by possessing specialized technology in border monitoring and major facility monitoring field
Hanwha Energy• Energy development, production, transportation, distribution, sales and other related businesses such as collective energy, renewable energy, and resource development
• Installation and operation of energy supply facilities
• Energy related subsidiary business and business investment
Hadden Bridge• Media processing technology that can display up to 225 characters real-time video on PC and smartphone
• Breakout of real-time online training for training centers that require high costs
• High realism / high immersion real-time video-based collaboration technology through VR·AR
Haem• Supplied '3D Sunlight Map', a 3D solar power generation analysis map using predicted power generation based on artificial intelligence, shadow analysis technology, and meteorological and climate analysis (3D Solar Map)
HEALTH CONNECT• Operating a health management service platform business for health management and health promotion
• Development of disease management services for chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and epilepsy
• Developing and supplying Smart Hospital solutions to increase patient convenience in hospital use and improve medical staff work processes
Hyundai Construction• Construction of transportation infrastructure and construction of C-ITS
• IoT-based vehicle control system
• Infrastructure safety monitoring system through transportation infrastructure digital twin
Hyundai Mubex• Delivery efficiency and personal privacy protection through interlocking of small cargo delivery robots and elevators in the APT building
• Provide logistics delivery service through linkage with APT complex outdoor delivery robot and shopping mall
• Prevention of accidents in underground spaces and convenience of parking through valet parking robot
Hyundai Electric & Energy System• Comprehensive power energy integration solution engineering services
• Selection, design and procurement service of major equipment with optimum specifications and optimum prices
• Safe energy facility system construction and long-term stable operation management service
Hyundai Motor• Hyundai Motor Company Integrated Mobility Service
-Autonomous driving mobility (main line / branch shuttle, MOD service, etc.)
Control platform (mobility, energy)
-Self-driving vehicle operation support C-ITS
-Supply hydrogen energy for hydrogen charging station and building
-UBESS (Used Battery Energy Storage System)
-Automated vehicle based trunk / branch logistics delivery
Hyundai Architects & Engineers• Provides total services in the field of architecture such as architectural design, urban design, interior, engineering, C/PM, etc. based on the technology accumulated with Hyundai E&C for 53 years and the experience of performing various projects
Hyundai Pay• Hyundai Pay develops businesses such as simple payment, P2P finance, wallet service, and blockchain consulting through fintech services that aim to provide convenience and various benefits through user-oriented service provision.
Hyunjin• Smart IoT lighting system, dimming control using IoT and sensors, and illumination control possible using a camera to record video with a smartphone APP, applying an algorithm program to detect lost children and dementia by color, making it easy to identify movement lines
• A product that provides the best efficiency by integrating a window IoT-based APP control and solar tracking sensor for a solar power generation system applied with a BIPV type module of the project opening and closing method.
Lakeside Construction• Smart apartment complex supply (using IoT)
• Applying the latest technology to reduce errors in the entire building construction process
Lakeside Industry• Supply of public housing with smart system (active use of home network and IoT)
• Establishment of smart zero energy city foundation through the introduction of energy and environmental technologies
HUMAX• A parent company that has a subsidiary company in the smart mobility business, vehicle sharing business, CCTV control for city safety, urban health check and remote medical service, and development of efficient recycling waste collection systems.
HUMEDIA• Radar sensor-based vehicle speed detection and traffic analysis, smart safe walking support for crosswalks, smart crime prevention: intrusion monitoring in the proposed access area, etc.
Healing Industry Association• This institution was established in 2017 for the purpose of contributing to the development of the healing industry through information sharing and R&D among members to develop domestic healing programs and revitalize the industry, and to establish Korea’s healing culture trend. Healing-related seminars/exhibitions and healing contents Development R&D, Healing tourism marketing program development, etc.