Smart city service support organization

  • 'Smart City Service Supporting Institution' is a legal institution under Article 19-4 of the Smart City Act and plays a role in supporting smart city policy development and institutional improvement to activate smart city services.
  • In January 2019, the first 7 institutions were selected through a public offering and screening process for support institutions in accordance with the law, and in November of the same year, 3 additional institutions were selected to perform related tasks.

Related legal provisions

「19 (Designation of Smart City Service Supporting Institutions) of Article 4 Act on the Creation of Smart Cities and Industrial Promotion」

① The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport refers to research institutes, organizations, or corporations that meet the requirements prescribed by Presidential Decree, such as professional manpower and facilities, to activate smart city services (hereinafter referred to as “supporting organizations”). Can be specified as <Revised 2013. 3. 23., 2017. 3. 21.>

② The supporting organization shall perform the following tasks. <Amended on March 2017, 3>

  1. Survey and analysis of distribution and distribution status of smart city service related information
  2. Quality certification of smart city-related products and services
  3. Research and development of smart city technology
  4. Standardization of Smart Cities
  5. Training and Support of Smart City Professionals
  6. Overseas export support of smart cities and smart city technologies
  7. Smart city certification support
  8. Survey and analysis on the use of smart city services
  9. In addition, it promotes the promotion of smart cities, discovery of policies, and support for system improvement.

Smart city service support institution selection process

Support agency main tasks

  • Policy discovery and institutional improvement, technology development, professional manpower development, overseas export support for smart city spread
  • Reorganization and operation of related systems to link data-driven urban operation with various functions of cities
  • Each institution plays a role in driving communication and technology development with industry, academia, research, and the private sector based on its expertise.
Smart city service main tasksMajor achievements related to smart cities 담당자
Architectural space
Government appearance
연구 기관
  • Conduct mid- to long-term architectural and urban space policy research in connection with smart cities
  • Smart city planning and monitoring support
  • Collecting domestic and overseas smart city technology, service, and policy information
  • Architectural and urban space policy research for the creation of a smart city
  • Helpdesk operation to support smart city planning establishment
  • Smart city comprehensive portal operation and management
Land Transport Science
Technology Promotion Agency
공공 기관
  • Smart city technology research and development
  • Fostering Smart City Professionals
  • Smart city policy discovery and system improvement support
  • Overall management of smart city innovation growth engine project group
  • Smart City Manpower Training Project
  • Smart city regulatory sandbox business, K-city Network, etc.
Homeland Research Institute
Government appearance
연구 기관
  • Smart city policy support for each stage of urban growth
  • Development and operation of smart city certification system
  • Public competition and support for private proposal projects
  • Smart City Challenge Business
  • Smart city certification system
Industry Promotion Agency
공공 기관
  • Creation of start-up ecosystem by opening data and providing test bed
  • Attracting global innovative companies and entering overseas
  • Introduction of educational innovation technology
    • VR, AR-based experience-based content activation
  • Open smart city platform construction, international exchange cooperation, etc.
South Korea
Information construction
공공 기관
  • Support smart city specializing in spatial information data
  • Digital twin and service model building
  • Development of smart city data analysis model and training of expert city data analysis
  • Spatial information open platform infrastructure advancement technology development
  • Establishment of open standard DB for supporting intelligent vehicle recognition technology development
Korea Information Technology
Promotion Agency
공공 기관
  • Smart city policy direction, center construction and operation system establishment through informatization strategic plan
  • Application of integrated platform linkage method and operation policy of AI data center
  • A Study on Development of Performance System for u-city Service Support Project
  • Proposed Big Data Analysis Framework of Deep Learning Smart City
Korea Land
Housing construction
공공 기관
  • Perform tasks to discover and support smart city policies
  • Promotion of external promotion and overseas export
  • National pilot smart city smart mobility construction and commercialization
  • Korean smart city model construction and R&D
  • National pilot smart city development, etc.
  • World Smart City Week event, etc.
Korea Trade
Investment Promotion Corporation
공공 기관
  • Establishment of order support strategy by identifying projects by major countries and sectors and forming consortium
  • Establishment of an infrastructure cooperation center to support overseas expansion to support domestic companies’ smart city order-win activities
  • Operation of overseas expansion platform (Team Korea) in which companies, institutions and KOTRA roles are combined
  • Publication of Smart City Overseas Expansion Strategy Report
  • Hosting major regional roadshows
  • Promotion of Korean smart city in connection with local exhibitions
  • Project order support
South Korea
Water Resources Corporation
공공 기관
  • Pilot projects such as basic planning, master plan establishment and feasibility study for overseas expansion of smart city nation pilot cities
  • Basic planning of overseas smart city and establishment of master plan
  • Creating an eco-friendly waterfront city and conducting about 13 R&D related to smart water technology
  • Established and operated Asia Water Council (AWC)
  • Master Plan and Master Plan for Busan Eco Delta Smart City
South Korea
Construction technology
공공 기관
  • Support for improvement of laws and systems related to smart cities
  • Discover smart city policy
  • Development and operation of smart city service certification system
  • Smart city research and development support and systematization
  • Promote and promote overseas expansion for smart city at home and abroad
  • Conducted about 62 related studies including the development of citizen-type smart city service living lab
Korea Transport Institute
공공 기관
  • Discovering and supporting government policies related to smart cities
  • Support for smart city-related legislation (improvement and revision of laws and systems)
  • Smart city technology R&D implementation and planning support
  • Support for overseas export of smart cities and smart city technologies
  • Support for smart city national pilot smart city implementation plan and service roadmap establishment
  • Support for national pilot smart city sharing vehicle activation 「Smart City Act」 enforcement decree and enactment of enforcement rules
  • Smart city innovation growth engine R&D project, etc.
  • Support for the signing of an MOU with Thailand’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) between the ASEAN-Korea Smart City Ministerial Meeting, etc.
Korea Overseas Infrastructure & Urban Development Corporation (KIND)
공공 기관
  • Support for global expansion of Korean smart city basic concept and master plan
  • Implementation of pilot projects such as establishment of master plans for overseas countries and feasibility studies
  • Establishment of infrastructure to support overseas expansion for Korean companies to win overseas smart city business orders
  • Provision of overseas smart city policy advice and consulting
  • K-City Network Program
    -'20 Smart city urban planning in 7 countries including 12 countries in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East and establishment of MP and FS for demonstrative projects
    -'21 Uzbekistan, Kenya, Philippines, Indonesia 4 countries smart city plan MP, FS establishment
  • Economic Innovation Partnership Program
    -Establishment of 20 MPs to relocate to Indonesia's new capital in 4
    -Establishment of 21 detailed plans for relocation of Indonesia's new capital in '5