Local government

What is the Smart City Local Council?

By organizing smart city councils, the council of local governments promoting smart city construction and operation,
We will share mutual cooperation and strategies for the promotion of smart cities and industry promotion.

List of local governments that have joined the Smart City Local Government Council
Total 126: 17 regional, 109 basic (as of May 2021, 18)

Local government name지역홈페이지
Seoul City HallSeoul
Gangnam-gu OfficeSeoul
Gangdong-gu OfficeSeoul
Gangseo-gu OfficeSeoul
Gwanak-gu OfficeSeoul
Guro-gu OfficeSeoul
Geumcheon-gu OfficeSeoul
Nowon-gu OfficeSeoul
Dongjak-gu OfficeSeoul
Seocho-gu OfficeSeoul
Seongdong-gu OfficeSeoul
Songpa-gu OfficeSeoul
Yangcheon-gu OfficeSeoul
Eunpyeong-gu OfficeSeoul
Jongno-gu OfficeSeoul
Busan Metropolitan City HallBusan
Gangseo-gu OfficeBusan
Nam-gu OfficeBusan
Sasang-gu OfficeBusan
Saha Ward OfficeBusan
Suyeong-gu OfficeBusan
Daegu City HallDaegu Metropolitan City
Dalseong County OfficeDaegu Metropolitan City
Jung-gu OfficeDaegu Metropolitan City
Incheon City HallIncheon Metropolitan City
Free Economic Zone AuthorityIncheon Metropolitan City
Ganghwa-gun OfficeIncheon Metropolitan City
Gyeyang-gu OfficeIncheon Metropolitan City
Namdong-gu OfficeIncheon Metropolitan City
Dong-gu OfficeIncheon Metropolitan City
Michuhol-gu OfficeIncheon Metropolitan City
Bupyeong-gu OfficeIncheon Metropolitan City
Seo-gu OfficeIncheon Metropolitan City
Yeonsu-gu OfficeIncheon Metropolitan City
Ongjin County OfficeIncheon Metropolitan City
Jung-gu OfficeIncheon Metropolitan City
Gwangju Metropolitan City OfficeGwangju Metropolitan City
Gwangsan-gu OfficeGwangju Metropolitan City
Daejeon Metropolitan City OfficeDaejeon, Chungcheongnamdo
Ulsan City HallUlsan
Nam-gu OfficeUlsan
Dong-gu OfficeUlsan
Buk-gu OfficeUlsan
Ulju County OfficeUlsan
Sejong City HallSejong Special Self-Governing City
Gangwon-do Provincial OfficeGangwon-do
Donghae City HallGangwon-do
Wonju City HallGangwon-do
Chuncheon City HallGangwon-do
Hongcheon County Office ('19.7)Gangwon-do
Gyeonggi-do Provincial Office경기도
Gapyeong-gun Office경기도
Goyang City Hall경기도
Gwacheon City Hall경기도
Gwangmyeong City Hall경기도
Gwangju City Hall경기도
Guri City Hall경기도
Gunpo City Hall경기도
Gimpo City Hall경기도
Namyangju City Hall경기도
Bucheon City Hall경기도
성남 시청경기도
Suwon City Hall경기도
Siheung City Hall경기도
Ansan City Hall경기도
Anyang City Hall경기도
Yangju City Hall경기도
Yangpyeong-gun Office경기도
Osan City Hall경기도
Yongin City Hall경기도
Uiwang City Hall경기도
Icheon City Hall경기도
Paju City Hall경기도
Pyeongtaek City Hall경기도
Pocheon City Hall경기도
Hanam City Hall경기도
Hwaseong City Hall경기도
Chungcheongbuk-do OfficeChungcheongbukdo
Boeun-gun OfficeChungcheongbukdo
Yeongdong-gun OfficeChungcheongbukdo
Eumseong County OfficeChungcheongbukdo
Jecheon City HallChungcheongbukdo
Jeungpyeong-gun OfficeChungcheongbukdo
Jincheon-gun OfficeChungcheongbukdo
Cheongju City HallChungcheongbukdo
Chungju City HallChungcheongbukdo
Chungcheongnam-do OfficeChungcheongnam-do
Gyeryong City HallChungcheongnam-do
Gongju City HallChungcheongnam-do
Geumsan County OfficeChungcheongnam-do
Buyeo County OfficeChungcheongnam-do
Seosan City HallChungcheongnam-do
Asan City HallChungcheongnam-do
Cheonan City HallChungcheongnam-do
Jeollabuk-do OfficeJeollabuk do
Gunsan City HallJeollabuk do
Muju County OfficeJeollabuk do
Wanju-gun OfficeJeollabuk do
Jeonju City HallJeollabuk do
Jeollanam-do OfficeJeollanam-do
Gangjin-gun OfficeJeollanam-do
Gurye-gun OfficeJeollanam-do
Gwangyang City HallJeollanam-do
Naju City HallJeollanam-do
Mokpo City HallJeollanam-do
Suncheon City HallJeollanam-do
Yeosu City HallJeollanam-do
Jangseong-gun OfficeJeollanam-do
Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial OfficeGyeongsangbuk-do
Gyeongsan City HallGyeongsangbuk-do
Gyeongju City HallGyeongsangbuk-do
Gumi City HallGyeongsangbuk-do
Gimcheon City HallGyeongsangbuk-do
Yeongcheon City HallGyeongsangbuk-do
Pohang City HallGyeongsangbuk-do
Gyeongsangnam-do OfficeGyeongsangnam-do
Geoje City HallGyeongsangnam-do
Gimhae City HallGyeongsangnam-do
Namhae County OfficeGyeongsangnam-do
Miryang City HallGyeongsangnam-do
Sacheon City HallGyeongsangnam-do
Yangsan City HallGyeongsangnam-do
Jinju City HallGyeongsangnam-do
Changwon City HallGyeongsangnam-do
Jeju Provincial OfficeJeju Island
Seogwipo City HallJeju Island
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