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Announcement of winners of smart city experience video quiz event

2023-09-14T18:12:11+09:002023.09.15|Bulletin board|

  Winners Kang * Soon 2962 Jeong * Wook 2494 Hong * Jin 2621 Lee * Won 7441 Lee * Won 8583 Baek * Han 4922 Kim * Young 2666 Jo ** Ra 1359 Baek * Boo 1363 Kim * Cheol 4029 Gu * Ri 0327 Song * Seul 4004 Hwang*Yeon 3581 Yoon*Hee 8734 Lim*Ah 9866 Kim*In 1110 Park*Jun 1476 Lee*Gyu 2140 Moon*Ha 8877 Lee*Ja 3293 Lee*Jin 9520 Lee*Soo 9328 Kim*Ha 5821 Lee*Won 5205 Lim* Hee 5678 Kim*Min 3353 Joo*Hee 4515 [...]

「2023 Smart City Service Certification」 Contest

2023-10-10T14:59:57+09:002023.09.13|Bulletin board|

1. Purpose ㅇ To systematically evaluate smart city services and discover and certify excellent services in order to expand smart city services and revitalize the industry 2. Application qualifications and certification targets ㅇ (Application qualifications) Smart city service provider organizations (companies, local governments, public Organizations, etc.) - Single or multiple organizations can apply jointly. In this case, designate a representative applicant and submit Form No. 5. ㅇ (Target for certification) Transportation, environment, and energy fields where testing, verification, and commercialization have been conducted in actual cities. A service whose system structure corresponds to L1~L3 in the table below 3. How to apply ㅇSubmission date: [...]

「2023 Smart City Certification」 Competition

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  1. Purpose ㅇ To systematically diagnose the level of smartization of domestic cities and provide certification to excellent smart cities to support expansion at home and abroad 2. Application qualifications and certification methods ㅇ (Application qualifications) Local governments (special/metropolitan cities, special autonomous governments) Applications are possible from cities (cities, provinces, cities, counties, districts) - Applications are categorized into large cities and small and medium-sized cities depending on the size of the local government * However, cities with a population size of 50 or more must apply as large cities, and those with a population size of less than 50 must apply as small and medium-sized cities. ㅇ (Certification method) Smart local government according to certification standards [...]

「2023 Smart City Innovation Technology Exploration Project」 Competition Announcement

2023-08-03T13:35:06+09:002023.08.02|Bulletin board|

Project Overview ㅇProject name: 2023 smart city innovative technology discovery project ㅇBusiness purpose: Support for early commercialization of innovative technologies and market opening by securing empirical cases by discovering and demonstrating challenging and innovative technologies in the private sector ㅇScale of support: 5 A total of KRW 7 billion supported for ~25 technologies (government subsidies) * Depending on the evaluation results, the final number of selections and scale of support may change, and if business abandonment occurs after selection, the next priority [...]

2023 Climate Industry International Expo Carbon-Neutral City Conference

2023-05-11T09:50:33+09:002023.05.11|Bulletin board|

ㅇ Event Title: 2023 Climate Industry International Expo Carbon-Neutral City Conference ㅇ Topic: In the era of global climate crisis, urban challenges for sustainable prosperity ㅇ Date: 2023. 5. 26. (Fri) 15: 30~17:00 ㅇ Venue: 3rd floor, BEXCO Convention Hall, Busan ㅇ Organizer/Supervisor: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport/Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) ㅇ Main contents: Realization of a carbon-neutral city in response to the climate crisis Presentations and discussions for each major city case on promotion measures and strategies such as urban planning, policy, technology, and governance innovation for (Pre-registration period: ~5/19) * During the conference during pre-registration [Conference (Fri, May 5, 26:15-30:17)] City Summit (Carbon Neutral City Session)* Must be checked [...]

Application for the Seoul Smart Prize has begun.

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WeGO, together with Seoul City, the chair city, presents a future image of a 'people-centered smart city' that the world can aspire to and sympathize with, discovers excellent smart city policies and technologies in each field, and presents the “Seoul Smart City Award” to disseminate them globally. enacted. The Seoul Smart City City Award not only reduces the gap between cities, but also strives to realize an innovative and inclusive smart city model with each [...]

「2023 regionally-led smart city regulatory sandbox」 contest

2023-04-19T10:05:13+09:002023.04.17|Bulletin board|

1. Projects to be supported Project name: 2023 regionally-led smart city regulatory sandbox Project details: Technology/service demonstration cost support for regulatory improvement necessary for application of technology/solution reflecting regional characteristics to solve urban problems Scale of support: 3 Up to 5 billion won in total, 15 million won for each internal/external project and empirical project .]

2023 Global Accelerating Startup Recruitment Announcement

2023-04-28T09:27:14+09:002023.04.12|Bulletin board|

We announce the recruitment of start-ups to participate in the 2023 Global Accelerating Program, which supports overseas market research and business localization of promising start-ups with global competitiveness, as follows. Amount of support: 20 companies (10 in Singapore / 10 in Vietnam) Eligibility: Start-up companies with business history of less than 7 years as of the announcement date / SMEs in the field of new business start-up can apply for up to 10 years of business (*Applicability needs to be confirmed through the announcement) How to apply: K-Startup [...]

The 6th Smart City Local Government Working Council held

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A venue for discussions on smart city information exchange and sustainable innovative growth City Local Government Working Council' was held. <Commemorative photo of the event> □ On this day, at the council, strategic guides for smart city projects being promoted by local governments, smart city planning and data hub utilization plans, plans for overseas expansion of local governments, and capacity of local government workers [...]

Actively cooperate with Indonesian new capital relocation project and Korean smart city.

2023-04-03T14:11:11+09:002023.02.15|Bulletin board|

Smart City Association signs a business agreement with Telcom Group, a state-run telecommunications company in Indonesia. □ The Smart City Association (Executive Director Hwang Gwi-hyeon) and Telkom ICT Task Force for IKN, Indonesia* (Telkom Indonesia Network & IT Solution Director Herlan Wijanarko) held a project to relocate a new capital in Indonesia at Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul on Tuesday, February 2023, 2. Smart Cities in Other Cities [...]

World Smart City Expo Acquired International Certification from Korea Exhibition Industry Promotion Association (AKEI)

2023-05-24T18:11:50+09:002023.02.13|Bulletin board|

'World Smart City Expo (WSCE)' has been certified as an internationally certified exhibition by the Korea Exhibition Industry Promotion Association. The Korea Exhibition Industry Promotion Association was established in 2002 as an organization commissioned by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to strengthen and promote the competitiveness of the exhibition industry. The World Smart City Expo has obtained international certification through the strict certification process of the Korea Exhibition Industry Promotion Association. Internationally certified exhibitions are recognized as targets of the 'Export Voucher-Exhibition Participation Support Project' hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and can support participating companies' participation fees. Please refer to the attached file for detailed certification details. thank you ☞ [...]

「2023 Smart City Service Pilot Certification」 Competition

2023-02-10T11:56:09+09:002023.02.10|Bulletin board|

1. Purpose ㅇ Discover and certify excellent services by systematically evaluating smart city services to spread smart city services and vitalize the industry 2. Qualifications for application and subject to certification Institutions, etc.) - Single or multiple organizations can apply jointly, in which case, select a representative applicant and submit Form No. 5 ㅇ (Certification Target) Tests, demonstrations, commercialization, etc. have been conducted in actual cities [...]

Recruitment of start-up companies in the field of non-face-to-face smart city 2023 (by February 2.23th)

2023-02-07T15:28:38+09:002023.02.07|Bulletin board|

2023 Recruitment of start-up companies in the field of non-face-to-face smart city (~2.23 deadline) - Target: Start-up companies with 7 years of business experience - Recruitment field: Smart City (Supervisor: Smart Cities Association) - Scale of support: 30 people (depending on application/reception results) will be additionally allocated depending on the size of selection) - Details of support: Support for commercialization funds up to KRW 1.5 million, start-up education and mentoring, market development, investment attraction, etc. - Support period: 9 months (April '23.4 ~ December 23) - How to apply: Online application for k-startup - Application period: February 2023 (Fri) ~ February 2 (Thu), 10, until 2:23 [...]

「2023 Smart City Creation and Expansion Project」 contest and business briefing held

2023-03-03T15:03:53+09:002023.02.06|Bulletin board|

「2023 Base-Type Smart City Creation Project」 1. Projects to be supported ㅇ Project name: Base-type Smart City creation project in 2023 ㅇ Business purpose: Creating smart bases that can enhance regional competitiveness and lead the spread of smart cities ㅇ Support scale : A total of 2 locations, up to KRW 3 billion supported for 200 years for each target area (condition of 1:1 matching of local governments) ]

「Smart City National pilot smart city innovative service model verification expansion project」 implementation announcement

2023-02-01T09:18:44+09:002023.02.01|Bulletin board|

In accordance with Article 36 of the 「Smart City Creation and Industry Promotion Act」, the following announcement is made to select the target of support for the 「Smart City Demonstration City Innovation Service Model Verification and Expansion Project」. wish. 1. Grounds for promotion ■ Article 19-4, Article 27 and Article 36 of the 「Smart City Creation and Industrial Promotion Act」 ■ 「Regulations on the Operation of Smart City National Pilot Smart City General Planner」, etc. 2. Project Outline [ [...]