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Smart City Association, Thailand-Turkiye Overseas Road Show “Support for Small and Medium Enterprises”

2022-10-07T16:06:26+09:002022.10.04|Bulletin board|

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport will hold the 'Thailand-Turkiye Smart City Overseas Road Show' with the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency and the Smart City Association from the 6th to support the overseas expansion of domestic promising smart city SMEs. The event will be held twice in Bangkok, Thailand (6-7 days) and Istanbul Turkiye (10-11 days). It was prepared to open up opportunities to build business networks with 80 local clients and buyers to domestic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). [...] ]

Daejeon, the world's local government 'place of harmony'... Discuss carbon neutrality and enjoy the smart city show

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The 2022 United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) General Assembly will be held at the Daejeon Convention Center (DCC) from October 10 to 14. The city of Daejeon is in the midst of final preparations to set up a forum for dialogue between local governments around the world about 10 days before the opening day. Since the 1993 Daejeon Expo, Daejeon is the largest international event held in the region, and all efforts are being made to promote Daejeon, the 'Science Capital', to the world. UCLG is the only international intergovernmental organization recognized by the United Nations. Headquarters [...]

Announcement of 2022nd implementation of smart city infrastructure AIoT core technology development project in 2

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  ☞ [Attachment 1] (Announcement-National-No.37) Announcement of implementation of smart city infrastructure AIoT core technology development project in 2022 ☞ [Attachment 2] (Announcement-National-No. 40) Smart city infrastructure AIoT core technology development project 2022nd Implementation Announcement Guide ☞ [Attachment] Forms and References ☞ Attachment 2. Smart City AIoT Core Technology Development Project Separate Competition Project Demonstration City Competition Manual ☞ Attachment 1. 「Smart City Infrastructure AIoT Core Technology Development Project」Separation Competition Announcement Briefing ☞ Source: Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)

Hwaseong Dongtan 2 Incubating Center Recruitment Notice

2022-09-07T16:06:11+09:002022.09.07|Bulletin board|

We are announcing the details of the recruitment of companies in Dongtan Techno Valley, Hwaseong Dongtan 2 Incubating Center, the largest industrial cluster in the metropolitan area, as follows. □ Qualifications for occupancy: Start-up companies in the smart city industry □ Living space: Room 2~204 on the 220nd floor of the center (up to 3 units can be applied) □ On-site opening: 2022.9.15 (Thu) 13:00~17 :00 (No opening except for the applicable date and time) □ How to apply: [...]

World Smart City Expo IFEZ Smart City Startup Promotion Performance Talk Talk

2022-09-16T11:14:17+09:002022.09.05|Bulletin board|

Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority won the Smart City City Award along with Incheon Metropolitan City in the 'City' category of the '2022 World Smart City Expo (WSCE 2022)' hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and the Ministry of Science and ICT. The World Smart City Expo announced on the 5th is the largest smart city event held annually in the Asia-Pacific region, and this year's theme was "Digital Earth, Connecting Together". [...]

2022 K-Water open innovation R&D competition

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In order to solve water problems through public participation in research and development and to realize 'a future opened by water, happiness shared by water' by securing the world's best water technology, the '2022 K-water Open Innovation R&D' research topic is open as follows. □ Competition name: K-water open innovation R&D in 2022 □ Contents of competition: Research topics for designated tasks, free tasks, and policy tasks □ [...]

Smart City Association Recommended Technology Competition

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1. Outline of the competition ㅇ Purpose: Linking the smart city tour program of participating companies and supporting overseas export markets by discovering excellent technologies and products in the smart city ㅇ Target of the competition: TRL 7 or higher among technologies owned by Smart City Association, Convergence Alliance member companies and companies Technology ※ Smart city-related technologies such as city management and energy 2. Contents of support ㅇ Technology certificate and emblem recommended by the Smart City Association [...]

Recruitment of companies participating in the Thailand-Turkiye Smart City Roadshow

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We would like to introduce you to the 'Thailand-Turkiye Smart City Road Show', which will be held from October 5 to 12, hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport to support the export of domestic smart cities to overseas markets. 1. Roadshow Overview ㅇ Schedule and Venue: 2022. 10. 05 (Wed) ~ 10. 12 (Wed) / Thailand and Turkiye - Thailand (Bangkok) : 10. 05 (Wed) ~ 10. 07 (Fri) - Turki Kiye (Istanbul) : 10. 08 (Sat) ~ 10.12. XNUMX (Wed) ㅇ Amount of support [...]

Chungcheongnam-do leads the national task 'Digital Twin Land'

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Selected for MOLIT pilot project contest... Investing a total of 14 billion to realize a virtual world identical to reality Chungcheongnam-do announced on the 120th that it was selected for the 'Digital Twin National Land' contest, one of the 25 national tasks of the new government. Digital twin Land, hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, is a national location-based platform that implements a virtual world identical to reality in 3D for intelligent management of land and customized solutions for people's lives. Since the end of June, MOLIT has [...]

International Seminar commemorating the 36th anniversary of the Korea Transport Institute “Mobility Transformation: A New National Strategy for Korea”

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ㅇ Date: August 2022.08.25, 10 (Thursday) 00:12 ~ 10:1 ㅇ Venue: Auditorium of Research Support Building, Sejong National Research Complex (044st floor) ㅇ Supervised Department: Planning and Coordination Office ㅇ Person in charge: Kim Seon-cheol Team Leader / 211-3035-36 Korea Transportation In commemoration of the XNUMXth anniversary of the establishment of the institute, the institute is holding an international seminar 'Mobility versus Transition: A New National Strategy for Korea'. The Korea Transport Institute, which led the SOC investment efficiency, public transport-oriented system, and transport and logistics industry advancement, is now facing the new challenge of mobility versus [...]

Creating a future strategic capital, Sejong, with citizen ideas

2022-08-30T20:30:54+09:002022.08.22|Bulletin board|

The 3rd Big Data Analysis Idea Contest… Receipts received by September 9 Reflection of contest winners' policies, such as solutions to urban problems and discovery of smart services Sejong Special Self-governing City (Mayor Choi Min-ho) will host from the 30nd to September 22th under the theme of 'Completion of Sejong, the future strategic capital based on data' The '9rd Big Data Analysis Idea Contest' is held for all citizens. This contest collects citizens' ideas to solve urban problems, and the big [...]

Announcement of Recruitment of Innovative Products (Fast Track 2022) for 3 Smart Challenge Business

2022-08-02T10:25:41+09:002022.08.02|Bulletin board|

In order to select the target for the designation of innovative products among the innovation procurement system that supports the growth of innovative companies and improves the quality of life of the people by providing an initial reference to the public as buyers of innovative products, “Smart Challenge Business Innovation Products in 2022 (Fast Track 3)” will be announced as follows, so we ask for your interest and participation. Please refer to the recruitment notice below. thank you 220801 2022-Smart Challenge-Fast Track 3-Announcement    

2022 Smart City Startup Idea Contest

2022-07-21T11:04:45+09:002022.07.19|Bulletin board|

According to Article 27 of the 「Act on Smart City Creation and Industry Promotion, etc.」 Teams, please apply. 2022. Grounds for project promotion ㅇ 「Act on Smart City Creation and Industry Promotion, Etc.」, Enforcement Decree and Enforcement Rules of the Act ㅇ 「Regulations on Operation of National Pilot Smart City Master Planner for Smart City」 1. Contents of Support ㅇ [...]

Smart City Next Innovation Technology Demonstration Project Announcement

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<Smart City Next Innovative Technology Demonstration Project Announcement> □ Support Target ㅇ (Target Technology) Innovative technologies and products in the smart city field have been developed, but they are challenging and adventurous to introduce and require verification of technical performance and effectiveness - Technology development stage Priority support for Levels 6 to 9 and technologies with low similarity ㅇ (Applicant) Companies with innovative technologies and products* (within 5 years of establishment) Application * Securing intellectual property rights for related technologies and products as of the announcement date [...]

2022 K-City Network Bidding Announcement Briefing

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ㅇDate: 2022.7.14.(Thu) 13:30~16:15 ㅇVenue: Online and offline (Yeouido Two IFC Room 301) ㅇInvitation target: Companies interested in K-City Network business ㅇNotes - Online and offline concurrently This is an ongoing event. - When attending an online event, please specify the company name and request to attend. - When attending on/offline events, it is recommended that one bereaved person attend. - You can enter without a pass issuance procedure, and we recommend using public transportation. ※ Inquiries: Assistant Manager Jun-Ho Huh, KIND Policy Business Office [...]

「2022 Smart City Certification」 Competition

2022-07-11T15:04:17+09:002022.06.28|Bulletin board|

1. Purpose ㅇ To systematically diagnose the smartization level of domestic cities and to grant certification to excellent smart cities to support the spread at home and abroad (City/Province, Si/Gun/Gu) - Apply by classifying the types into large cities and small and medium-sized cities according to the size of the local government * ① Large cities: Special Metropolitan City, Special Self-Governing City/Do, City / ② Small and Medium City: City/City County/Gu * However, a city is a large city with a population of 2 or more, and a small town with a population of less than 50 [...]

Smart City Idea Contest using Metaverse

2022-06-27T14:36:45+09:002022.06.27|Bulletin board|

ㅇ (commended title) Let's imagine to our heart's content in the dreaming future city, Metaverse! ㅇ (Purpose) Discovering the ideas of the people on solutions to urban problems in the metaverse space for a changing future city ㅇ (Commencement topic) Future vision of a smart city with solutions to urban problems * Transportation, safety, housing, environment, welfare, etc. Implement various smart city ideas in the metaverse space, such as grafting digital technology to solve urban problems Implement the smart city idea on the bus platform and introduce the work video (22.6.27 minutes [...]

Introduction of 「2021 Smart City Next Innovation Technology Demonstration Project」

2022-05-26T17:18:41+09:002022.05.26|Bulletin board|

「2021 Smart City Next Innovative Technology Demonstration Project」 Business Overview □ Background ◦ Smart city technologies to solve urban problems are developing rapidly, but it is difficult for smart city consumers such as local governments to preemptively introduce innovative technologies and products that have not been verified. - It is necessary to preemptively discover innovative technologies and products developed by the private sector and lay the foundation for the development and diffusion of innovative technologies through empirical support.