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Announcement of Recruitment of Innovative Products (Fast Track 2022) for 3 Smart Challenge Business

2022-05-16T17:41:22+09:002022.05.16|Bulletin board|

<What is an innovative product (Fast Track III)?> In accordance with Article 33, Paragraph 1, Item 3 of the Enforcement Decree of the Procurement Business Act, a product whose innovativeness and publicity has been recognized. Designated as an innovative product by evaluating publicity through the recommendation of the head of the central government among products discovered through policy-related technology certification and support projects Solution suites built and operated ※ Actual [...]

Smart city video viewing quiz event winners announced

2022-04-22T10:42:07+09:002022.04.22|Bulletin board|

<Kyochon Chicken Exchange Voucher> Lee*Young 010-****-1950 Korean*Tae 010-****-3972 Chae*The 010-****-2033 Lee*Ram 010-****-6227 Choi*Yoon 010-****-5107 Lee*Sil 010-****-0528 Choi*Man 010-****-8940 Kim*Hyun 010-****-7923 Kim*Sun 010-* ***2750 Kim*Seok 010-****6021 Kim*Man 010-****-4722 Son*Young 010-****-1324 Kang*Young 010-****-8389 Kim*Ran 010-****9473 Kang*Muk 010-****-0330 Kim*Kyung 010-****-1804 Park*Yeon 010-****-7976 Kim*Kyu 010-****- 3590 Lee*mi 010-****-8327 Eun*hoo 010-****-7552 Kang*eun 010-****-6742 Song*jeong 010-****-4777 Shin*ri 010- ****2793 Park*Yoon 010-****-0776 Ahn*Seop 010-****-2619 <Starbucks Americano Voucher> [...]

Smart City National pilot smart city Recruitment of smart mobility living lab citizens

2022-04-21T11:06:56+09:002022.04.21|Bulletin board|

It is a citizen-led innovation model that allows citizens to experience the smart mobility service introduced in Sejong 1 living area through online and offline living labs where citizens can participate, derive problems and improvements, and reflect them in the service. -Living Lab: Smart mobility service experience and evaluation through workshop ○ Recruitment period: 2022. 04. 18. ~ 2022. 05. 13. ○ Activity period: 2022. 05. ~ 2022. 11. ○ Activities: Smart City National In pilot smart city [...]

Smart city video viewing quiz event

2022-04-06T17:25:33+09:002022.04.06|Bulletin board|

* KakaoTalk messages cannot be received from 20:50 to 08:00, so you will receive them after 08:00 the next day. Drive smart Tongyeong and Daejeon markets.. This works too! (Smart City Traditional Market Experience) https://youtu.be/XQVsqMZ4rLw <How to add 'Smart City Korea' KakaoTalk channel> You will receive a message after 20.

Announcement of international competition for “2022 K-City Network” project

2022-03-29T14:20:34+09:002022.03.29|Bulletin board|

1. Smart City Planning Support Target Project Competition 1. Project (K-City Network Program) Overview ㅇ (Project Details) Introduce smart solutions for the purpose of solving urban problems and improving efficiency, or develop a new city including multiple smart solutions and urban regeneration project, selects support targets, and hires experts for the selected project to establish upper/lower plans, feasibility analysis, and capacity building * A single smart solution introduction project is a 'solution type' New town development and urban regeneration projects including smart solutions [...]

Smart City Korea Subscription Event Winner Announced

2022-03-07T10:58:25+09:002022.03.07|Bulletin board|

* ctrl + f Search for the last number by phone number <22 chicken winners> Lee *jun 010-****-6242 Seo*hoon 010-****-8374 Eom*hwan 010-****-2403 Kim *Young 010-****-2246 Lim*Suk 010-****-4107 Lee*Lee 010-****-1434 Won*Hee 010-****-6800 Kim*Man 010-** **-4722 Lee*Yeon 010-****-9807 Choi*Soon 010-****-4395 Choi*Hee 010-****-2380 Kim*Ji 010-****-2659 Chapter* Yen 010-****-3720 Song*Mi 010-****-1412 Lee*Ji 010-****-8709 Jo*jeong 010-****-8571 Seo* 010-**** -0079 Heo*Jae 010-****-4125 Cheon*Ho 010-****-0276 Kim*Yeon 010-****-1002 Kim*Joo 010-****-4150 Lee*Joo 010 -****-2812 <Coffee Winner [...]

「National pilot smart city innovation service model verification and diffusion」 project implementation notice

2022-02-23T17:51:31+09:002022.02.24|Bulletin board|

In order to select the target of the 「Smart City Demonstration City Innovation Service Model Verification and Expansion Project」 in accordance with Article 36 of 「Act on Smart City Creation and Industry Promotion, etc.」 wish. 1. Grounds for implementation ㅇ Articles 19-4, 27, and 36 of the 「Act on Smart City Creation and Industry Promotion, etc.」 buy [...]

Recruitment of start-up companies in the field of non-face-to-face smart city 2022 (by February 2.25th)

2022-02-04T16:30:55+09:002022.02.04|Bulletin board|

- Eligibility: Non-face-to-face prospective entrepreneurs and start-up companies (within 7 years of establishment) - Recruitment field: Smart City (Supervisory Organization: Smart Cities Association) - Support size: 20 people (additional allocation of selection size according to application/receipt results) Scheduled) - Details of support: Support for commercialization funds up to KRW 1.5 million, start-up training and mentoring, market development, investment attraction, etc. - Support period: 9 months (May 22.5 - January 23.1) - Application method: K-Startup online application - Application period [...]

「2022 Smart City Innovation Technology Exploration Project」 Competition Announcement

2022-01-26T17:40:37+09:002022.01.17|Bulletin board|

1. Business overview ㅇ Project name: 2022 smart city innovation technology discovery project ㅇ Project purpose: Targeting companies/universities with innovative technology ① Corporate-led and citizen-led solutions to local urban problems ② Citizen-led living Promotion of lab-type projects 2. Targets of support ① (Company-led) Companies or universities with innovative technologies, local governments of the demonstration site* * Local governments are limited to those that form a consortium by clarifying cooperation with companies/universities possessing innovative technologies ② (Citizen-led living Lab type) using citizen-led living lab [...]

「2022 Regional Base/Small and Medium City Smart City Creation Project」 Public Announcement

2022-09-19T10:05:07+09:002021.11.23|Bulletin board|

「Regional base smart city development project」 1. Projects eligible for support ㅇ Project name: 2022 regional base smart city development project ㅇ Project purpose: Smart base creation for regional-led smart city expansion ㅇ Support scale: 4 locations selected, 3 each Support up to KRW 240 billion per year (matching national and local expenses 5:5) * The number of final selections and the scale of support can be changed according to the evaluation result 2. Eligibility ㅇ Local governments (special, metropolitan, special autonomous city, city, [...]

「2022 Small and Medium City Smart City Creation Project」 Public Notice

2021-11-23T13:10:41+09:002021.11.23|Bulletin board|

1. Business overview ㅇ Project name: Small and medium-sized city smart city creation project in 2022 ㅇ Project purpose: Considering local demand and conditions, build smart solutions to solve urban problems in small and medium-sized cities to enhance the sense of smart city 2. Qualifications ㅇ The head of a basic local government with a population of 100 million or less* In principle, an individual application is allowed, but joint participation with one nearby local government is possible (however, duplicate applications are not allowed) * Special self-governing provinces and special self-governing provinces are ..]

「2022 Regional Base Smart City Creation Project」 Public Announcement

2021-11-08T17:07:51+09:002021.11.08|Bulletin board|

1. Projects subject to support ㅇ Project name: 2022 regional base smart city development project ㅇ Project purpose: Smart base creation for regional-led smart city expansion ㅇ Support scale: Select 4 locations, support up to KRW 3 billion for each 240 years Local ratio 5:5 matching) * Depending on the evaluation result, the number of final selections and the scale of support can be changed 2. Eligibility ㅇ Local governments (special/metropolitan cities, special self-governing cities/provinces, cities, counties) that want to create a regional base smart city -Business The district has more than one city/county [...]

2021 Smart Campus Challenge Project University (Graduate) Student Idea Contest (period extension)

2021-11-02T17:01:40+09:002021.11.02|Bulletin board|

go. Project name: 2021 Smart Campus Challenge Project University (Graduate) Student Idea Contest B. Contents of support: Support for demonstration costs and incentives for smart city ideas for university (graduate) students that incorporate information and communication technology (ICT) to solve civic-type urban problems such as social, welfare, and safety. Scale of support: Around 5 winning works (up to 8 million won per winning work, paid differently depending on the number of prizes) D. Eligibility: One university (graduate) student as the team leader and a team (TEAM) of up to 1 members including professors, citizens, middle and high school students, and corporate executives [...]

2021 Smart City Convergence Alliance 2nd Accelerating Program Recruitment Notice

2021-11-01T17:58:17+09:002021.11.01|Bulletin board|

1. Eligibility ㅇ Early startups or preliminary founders with one or more people ㅇ Teams who want to grow to the next level through accelerating by Idea Partners ㅇ Teams that need investment attraction for development and commercial production ㅇ Those who want to grow corporate value together Team 1. Field and size ㅇ Recruitment preferred fields: livestock, food and bio industry, social venture & social economy, green new deal industry ㅇ Recruitment scale: Around 2 companies (maximum of 10 [...]

Announcement of selection of recommended companies for “National Representative 1000 Innovative Companies” in the field of land and transportation

2021-10-20T13:29:34+09:002021.10.20|Bulletin board|

1. Overview ㅇ (Definition of innovative company) Refers to a company that creates added value and employment, such as discovering new businesses, developing new products, and increasing sales through innovation activities ㅇ (Scope/standard) Small and medium-sized enterprises in the land and transportation sector ㅇ (Contents of support) - Selection of innovative companies with high innovativeness and growth potential by various MOTIE statements through collaboration with related ministries (1,000 + α) - Recommendation through the policy financial institution consultative body, MOTIE statements, etc. Comprehensive and active financial support according to the growth stage and financial demand of a company [...]