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Recruitment of new member companies of 2021 Smart City Convergence Alliance

2021-08-31T11:07:05+09:002021.08.31|Bulletin board|

go. Announcement Title: Recruitment of new member companies of 2021 Smart City Convergence Alliance Application period: Anytime (online e-mail submission) B. C. Eligibility and Recruitment Guide: Refer to the Notice of Recruitment for New Member Companies of the 2021 Smart City Convergence Alliance Smart City Convergence Alliance's main support benefits - Matching service demanders such as local governments and overseas buyers - Supporting cooperative business between companies, networking through various events [...]

「Smart City Next Innovation Technology Demonstration Project」 Public Announcement

2021-07-26T13:52:58+09:002021.07.26|Bulletin board|

1. Project overview ㅇ Support scale: A total of 4 million won supported for 8 technologies (about 2 million won per technology) ㅇ Project period: About 7 months after the start of the project ('21.11 ~ '22.5) 2. Target ㅇ Target technologies: Smart Innovative technologies/products that have been developed in the city sector, but are risky to introduce or require verification of effectiveness ㅇApplicants: Private companies with innovative technologies/products related to smart city Matching support between the customer and the applicant company in case of single application 3. [...]

Announcement of Recruitment of Innovative Products (Fast Track 2021) for 3 Smart Challenge Business

2021-07-08T16:27:43+09:002021.07.08|Bulletin board|

Announcement of Recruitment of Innovative Products (Fast Track 2021) for the Smart Challenge Business in 3 1. Products subject to application ㅇ Solution suites actually built and operated in the Smart Challenge business (City·Town·Solution·Campus) ※ The actual service operation status in the challenge project 2. Application Qualifications ㅇ Products suitable* for innovative growth and solving problems in people's lives, and at technology development stage 7 or higher * (Innovative Growth) ①Smart City ②Future Car ③Drone ④New Energy Industry ⑤Robot ⑥Bio/Health ⑦Pin Tech ⑧Smart Farm ⑨Smart Factory ⑩Artificial Intelligence [...]

WSCE 2021 Conference Session Recruitment Announcement

2021-06-15T18:41:11+09:002021.06.15|Bulletin board|

1. WSCE 2021 Conference Session Overview ㅇ Period/Venue: September 2021 (Wed) - 9 (Fri), 8 / KINTEX Exhibition Hall 10 ㅇ Eligibility: Domestic and foreign smart city-related companies, governments, local governments, institutions, academic societies, Associations, international organizations, embassies in Korea, etc. ㅇ Session purpose: Discussion of global agenda related to smart city, sharing of knowledge/cases, etc. ㅇ Format: Free format, up to 1-2 hours per session (presentation, panel discussion, round table) , talk show, etc.) ㅇ How to participate: [...]

Announcement on the implementation of the “2021 Smart Campus Challenge Project” idea contest

2021-05-10T15:04:34+09:002021.05.03|Bulletin board|

1. Contents of Support ■ Project Name: 20201 Smart Campus Challenge Project University (Graduate) Student Idea Contest ■ Contents of Support: University (Graduate School) incorporating information and communication technology (ICT) to solve civic urban problems such as social, welfare, and safety Support for empirical expenses and encouragement money for smart city ideas of life ■ Scale of support: Around 10 winning works (differentially paid according to the number of winning works, up to 1 million won, etc.) ※ Excluding MOLIT support projects, the number and amount of support projects will be reviewed. Can be adjusted according to the result [...]

2021 Smart City Non-face-to-face Business Startups Recruitment

2021-04-12T18:55:28+09:002021.04.12|Bulletin board|

- Eligibility: Non-face-to-face prospective entrepreneurs and start-up companies (within 7 years after founding) - Recruitment field: Smart city (Supervisory organization: Smart City Association) - Size of support: Around 28 people - Details of support: Up to KRW 1.5 million for start-up commercialization Support, start-up education, mentoring, market support, etc. - Application period: 9 months (scheduled from June '21.6 to February '22.2) - Application method: K-Startup online application - Application period: April 2021, 4 (Thu) ~ April 8 (Tue), until 4:27 [...]

(Hong Kong) Smart City Blueprint 2.0 Webinar

2021-03-10T16:16:17+09:002021.03.10|Bulletin board|

KOTRA is holding a webinar on the theme of'Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint 2.0', a smart city development plan in Hong Kong in collaboration with InvestHK, Hong Kong Investment Agency. □ Introduction of Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint 2.0 Hong Kong announced the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint 2017 in 1.0 and has pushed for 6 initiatives in six areas. “Smart Mobility”, “Smart Living”, “Smart Environment”, “Smart People”, “Smart Government”, and “Smart Economy” were set up, and more than 76 projects were promoted to improve the quality of life through innovation and technology. Bar [...]

Announcement of international competition for “2021 K-City Network” project

2021-02-25T21:53:32+09:002021.02.18|Bulletin board|

1. 「2021 K-City Network」 Urban Development Planning Support Target Competition 1. Project Overview ㅇ (Project Name) 「2021 K-City Network」 Urban Development Planning Support Project-Comprehensive smart city development type including smart solution establishment and operation ㅇ(Purpose of the project) Develop a smart city cooperation project in collaboration with overseas governments to materialize the creation of a global smart city, and to pursue mutual economic development by sharing and disseminating excellent technologies of each country. Smart city planning for the project is supported, and Korean smart city [...]

[Event 3] “This is my pick!” Please select the Best Smart City Content (Winner Announcement)

2021-02-01T11:17:42+09:002021.01.20|Bulletin board|

“My pick is this!” Pick the Best Smart City Contents From the outlook and future of smart cities to various smart city business stories being promoted in Sejong City and Busan City, we are notifying you through card news and videos. Among the smart city contents you have seen so far, what is the best content that you like the most? <Go to Busan Sejong Smart City content> ☞Go to video (select "National pilot smart city" from [Category]) ☞Go to Card News Share Best content on your SNS and participate in the event [...]

[Event 2] Show smart city technologies in your life! (Winner Announcement)

2021-02-01T11:14:35+09:002021.01.18|Bulletin board|

Show smart city technologies in everyday life! Smart city technologies that can be found everywhere in Sejong City and Busan City! Have you guys ever seen it yourself? Please post the various smart city technologies you have discovered in your life on your Instagram with hashtags. After uploading, access the link below and leave your event participation information, and we will send you various prizes through a lottery! Event Schedule: January 1th (Tue) ~ January 19th (Mon) Winner Announcement: January 1th (Fri) Inquiries: 25-1-29 [...]

[Event 1] Participate in a smart city sensational survey and get a smart product! (Winner Announcement)

2021-02-01T11:15:05+09:002021.01.18|Bulletin board|

A survey on the perception of smart city is being conducted for citizens of Busan and Sejong, where the smart city project is in progress. Participate in the smart city survey at the link below, and get the latest AI speaker and the latest healthcare wearable device! Event Schedule: January 1th (Tuesday) - January 19th (Monday) Announcement of winners: January 1th (Friday) Inquiries: 25-1-29 / ae@creativehope.kr ☞Shortcut to survey Experience Smart City Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey as well. Among those who participated in the survey, the winner will be selected by lottery [...]

Announcement of 「2021 Smart Challenge Project」

2021-01-12T14:49:41+09:002021.01.12|Bulletin board|

2021 Smart Challenge Project Contest Announcement 1. City Challenge-Citywide (Large-scale) Comprehensive Service Discovery Announcement of 「2021 Smart City Challenge Project」 contest 1. Target Project ㅇProject name: 2021 Smart City Challenge project ㅇProject purpose: Enterprise ‧Use of private creative ideas (solutions) such as universities to solve urban problems and spread excellent solutions to other local governments and overseas 2. Qualifications for application and scale of support ㅇLocal governments (special cities )Wow [...]

Sejong Smart City Model City Idea Contest

2020-09-10T16:48:52+09:002020.09.10|Bulletin board|

○ Name of the conference: Sejong Smart City Demonstration City Idea Contest ○ Application Period: 2020. 9. 4. (Fri) ~ 2020. 10. 4. (Sun) ○ How to apply: After completing the application form, the website (http://www .SmartCity-Idea.kr) Application ○ Competition Target-(Commercialization field) Competent prospective/early founders with ideas that can be commercialized in the future-(Idea field) Anyone who has ideas applicable to Smart City ○ Total prize money: [...]