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Gongju City,'Urban Regeneration Smart Service' Citizen Idea Contest

2020-08-11T14:14:07+09:002020.08.11|Bulletin board|

○ Title of Competition: “Citizen Idea Competition for Urban Regeneration Smart Service in Gongju City” ○ Competition Period: 2020. 8. 7. (Fri.) ~ 8. 28. (Fri.) ○ Purpose of promotion-Creative for solving problems in the urban regeneration area in Junghak-dong Discover smart services of citizens' ideas-Promote Gongju City's Urban Regeneration New Deal Project-Improve citizen's credibility by revealing the proposed problem solving process ○ Qualifications: Interested in Gongju citizens or Gongju City [...]

Smart City National pilot smart city Recruitment of smart mobility living lab citizens

2020-08-08T15:07:03+09:002020.07.20|Bulletin board|

○ Recruitment period: 2020. 7. 20. ~ 2020. 8. 14. ○ Activity period: 2020. 8 ~ 2020. 12. ○ Activity: Smart City Experience and evaluation of smart mobility services introduced in the national pilot smart city-Smart Mobility service: personal mobility sharing, vehicle sharing, autonomous driving mobility, demand-responsive mobility, integrated mobility, smart parking, smart intersection, smart crosswalk ○Recruitment: about 100 people ○ Applicant qualification [...]

Preliminary Start-Up Package Recruitment of Smart City Pre-Founders

2020-08-14T17:38:35+09:002020.03.17|Bulletin board|

Preliminary Startup Package Recruitment of preliminary entrepreneurs in smart city ○ Target of application: Preliminary entrepreneurs (those who do not have a business as of March 20.3.17, '4) ○ Recruitment field: 70th industry, smart city field ○ Recruitment scale: around 70 (based on the finalist) * Host institution: 1 Smart City Association ○ Contents of support: Support for commercialization (voucher) up to KRW 51 million (average KRW 8 million) ○ Application period: within 20.6.1 months after the agreement ('21.1.31~'XNUMX) ○ How to apply : Online application (www.k-startup.go.kr) ○ Between application period http://www.k-smartup.go.kr [...]

"2020 Smart Challenge Project" Competition Guidelines (Change _ Extension)

2020-08-14T17:42:04+09:002020.03.11|Bulletin board|

「2020 Smart Challenge Project」contest period extension ㅇApplication submission date - (Initial) April 2020, 4 (Wed) - April 1, 4 (Fri) 3:18 - (Changed) April 00, 2020 (Wed) ) ~ until April 4 (Fri) 22:4 ㅇReason for change - As the number of local governments experiencing difficulties in preparing for the contest due to the spread of COVID-24 increases, the deadline for submitting the contest is postponed for smooth promotion * Smart City Challenge, Smart Town Challenge , It is applied to all smart solution challenge projects, and the public offering period [...]

Request for Application for ‘2020 K-City Network: Global Cooperation Program’

2023-03-10T11:42:10+09:002020.01.31|Bulletin board|

Announcement of the 「2020 K-City Network」 Global Cooperation Program Contest ㅇ Project name: 「2020 K-City Network」 Global Cooperation Program ㅇ Contents of support: Support smart city planning for smart city development projects promoted by overseas governments, etc. Support for Korea's smart city development experience and knowledge sharing through invitational training ㅇ Project purpose: To establish a global smart city by discovering smart city cooperation projects in collaboration with overseas governments, and to share and disseminate excellent technologies of each country to [... ]