Smart City International Cooperation


Revitalization of Smart City Overseas Expansion

ㅇ Location: 3.5km, south boundary of Kuwait City
ㅇ Business scale: 6,440ha (about 1,950 million pyeong), 4.5 ten thousand
ㅇ Business entity: LH and PAHW (joint investment)
* Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW)
ㅇ Total project cost: Estimated about 26 trillion
ㅇ Business details: MPX and detailed design service are currently being carried out as a G2G cooperation-based smart city development project.

◈ Outline of Kuwait Smart City MP and Detailed Design

ㅇ Service contents
– Master Plan Establishment and Detailed Design (Urban / Civil Engineering)
– Pilot complex design (2,500 to 3,000 generations)
– Smart city planning and design
– Business Analysis

ㅇ Service period
– 2017.4 to 2019.4 (730 days)

Location: North of Santa Cruz, Bolivia
ㅇ Business scale: 5,445ha (about 1,650 million pyeong),
ㅇ Business entity: GEL company (Bolivian private enterprise)
ㅇ Project cost: Estimated approximately 3 trillion
ㅇ Business details: Consultation on planning, design, construction, sales and feasibility analysis

○ Location: BKC, Mumbai, Maharashtra
ㅇ Business scale: 30ha (approximately 10 million pyeong, owned by state 100%)
ㅇ Business entity: MH government and subsidiary
ㅇ Project cost: Estimated approximately 1 trillion
ㅇ Business details: A project to redevelop the old civil service building site into a CBD-type complex