2023 : KIND operated both Smart City Planning and Smart solution projects
International Organizations, Foreign national and local governments with prior consultation completed
There are no restrictions, but we recommend setting priorities for each country.
The budget will be provided directly to the Korean contractor(the Consultancy of the planning), not the applicant.
This is not an ODA program and only supports planning and invitational training, not the execution of project.
The criteria for selecting contractors and scope of tasks will be prepared with the government department that has applied, and will be open bidding within the Republic of Korea in accordance with these standards.
Consultation among the national and local governments, provision of relative project information, good communications for business cooperation, and etc. For more detail, please refer to the application form.
Please submit the application for demonstration project in Korean version.

Qualification requirements of domestic applicants and companies are: those who do not fall under Article 27 of the Contracts to which the State is a party (restriction of non-party companies' bid eligibility), those who are eligible to participate in the bidding under Article 12 and 14 of the Enforcement Rules of the same Act, and those who has completed the registration of competitive bidding qualification of the Public Procurement Service by the day before the bidding date pursuant to the Regulations for Eligibility for Bidding of the National Electronic Procurement System.

In the case of demonstration projects, additional consortiums with foreign local institutions are needed.

An international partner organization shall be an public institutions(e.g., government, public organization, university, etc.), and requires to submit the Letter of Intent or the Memorandum of Understanding.

Submission is not mandatory. However, specifying the relevant contents in the application or submitting the report itself will be helpful to understand the project for the evaluation process.

The amount of contract supporting each project is subject to change according to the selection results.
There will be additional points to be given in the case of corporate matching funds from Korean companies or international financing from the candidate country. Please refer to the Chapter Ⅲ. Evaluation Process and Selection Criteria described in the public notice.

The solution demonstration project will be conducted for field investigation, technical use and demonstration of smart city solutions in overseas cities, and the cost of demonstration such as technology dissemination and proliferation, and test site selection will be supported to domestic companies and institutions. In other words, the cost is not directly provided to the (foreign) city's institutions.

The project expenses will be distributed directly to the lead organization (Korean company) of the consortium.

The project cost will be carried out in due process after KAIA selects the primary developer, and the settlement will be carried out in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of Korea.

There is no limit to the solution area, but you can freely present the solution. However, it should be a solution that grafts smart city technology, platform, system, etc. to solve problems in the city alone or in package form.

When the solution project is carried out without setting a certain region at the national level, the purpose of smart city solutions cannot be fulfilled properly. Therefore, if possible, please provide the appropriate area for the solution to be applied.