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MAFRA, recruiting young talents to lead smart farms... Full support for education expenses

2022-05-06T09:39:38+09:002022.05.04|Card News|

2022 Smart Farm Youth Startup Incubation Center, recruiting trainees. * Application period 2022. 4. 28. (Thu) ~ 5. 31. (Tue) ◆ What is Smart Farm? - Definition: A farm that can remotely and automatically maintain and manage the growth environment of crops and livestock appropriately by grafting ICT to a plastic greenhouse - Advantage: Optimal growth environment based on data on crop growth information and environmental information Increase productivity and quality improvement of agricultural products by reducing composition, labor, energy, nutrients, etc. ◆ [...]

[Gokpuri] What is 'Data Basic Law'?

2022-05-03T09:36:04+09:002022.05.02|Card News|

Did you know that there is a law that the Republic of Korea enacted as the 'first in the world'? That's the 'Data Fundamentals Act'. The 'Data Basic Act' is a law that encompasses the entire development of the data industry and contains information on the promotion and use of the data industry. 'Basic Data Act' that will further spur the leap forward to become a 'Data Innovation Powerhouse' Today's answer will tell you about the 'Data Basic Act' in an easy and detailed way. [...]

Recruitment of small business owners to participate in smart shop technology dissemination project

2022-04-13T10:25:44+09:002022.04.12|Card News|

We are looking for small business owners to participate in the 22 Smart Shop Technology Distribution Project. ◆ 22 Smart Shop Technology Distribution Project - Introduction of smart technologies such as loT, AR, VR, AI, etc. to small business establishments to support the digitalization of the consumption and distribution environment - Recruitment of individual small business owners who want to introduce smart technology following recruitment through shopping malls or cooperatives and groups in February - MSS, targeting 2 small business stores through this project so far, Kiosk,