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[Xgate] SKT develops VPN based on quantum cryptography... ”Safe and cheaper rates than private networks”

2023-05-22T10:59:22+09:002023.05.22|Member company activity status|

SK Telecom developed a VPN based on quantum cryptography communication by linking IDQ's QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) chipset with Xgate's VPN server equipment. Its advantage is stronger security compared to the existing ones. It plans to launch a commercial service in the second half of this year. A VPN is a technology used to protect data sent and received on an internal network of a company or institution. It is cheaper than building a separate dedicated network. Data is protected by adding encryption and decryption processes during data transmission and reception, so [...]

[Microsystem] IFEZ, 5 award-winning companies, including Versys, attended the startup conference

2023-05-16T10:06:32+09:002023.05.16|Member company activity status|

Incheon Economic Administration, 5 award-winning companies, including Versys, participated in the startup meeting ▲ On the 3rd, at the '2023 CES Innovation Award-winning company meeting' held at Incheon Startup Park in Songdo International City, Incheon, Kim Jin-yong, head of the Incheon Economic Commission, and officials from the award-winning startups took a commemorative photo are doing /Photo courtesy of Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority announced on the 3th that it had a meeting with startups that won innovation awards at CES 2023 at the Incheon Startup Park in Songdo International City on the 7rd, attended by Commissioner Kim Jin-yong. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held annually in Las Vegas, USA [...]

[Microsystem] IFEZ held a meeting with award-winning startups such as the CES Innovation Award

2023-05-16T10:04:00+09:002023.05.16|Member company activity status|

The Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority announced on the 3rd that it had a meeting with startups that won innovation awards at CES 2023 at the Incheon Startup Park in Songdo International City, attended by Commissioner Kim Jin-yong. CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the world's largest electronics exhibition held annually in Las Vegas, USA. are receiving The meeting was attended by officials from five award-winning companies, including SCMEMS, Microsystems, Curing Innos, Versys, and Clover Studio, and many start-ups wishing to attend CES 3. At this meeting, CES 5 technology trends [. ..]

[Microsystem] Nara Market Expo, full of AI-based products

2023-05-15T17:56:35+09:002023.05.15|Member company activity status|

■ CES award-winning company, innovative technology ▲Microsystem electronic self-cleaning glass Amid the increasing adoption of advanced IT technology in the medical and healthcare market, Weisen, which won the CES Innovation Award using AI vision recognition technology, introduced AI digestive endoscope products. . WAYMED endo, a real-time endoscopic analysis image software that enables simultaneous analysis with endoscopy for the first time in Korea, has been developed and is being provided. AI learned from endoscopic videos can detect abnormalities in real time [...]

[Microsystem] Nara Marketplace, CCTV that automatically cleans the screen by detecting raindrops

2023-05-15T17:53:57+09:002023.05.15|Member company activity status|

On rainy days, the view of CCTV is often blocked by rainwater. There is a limit to controlling all of these situations individually at the control center. Accordingly, a CCTV developed to automatically detect rainwater on the CCTV and secure visibility through self-cleaning appeared in the exhibition hall. Microsystems Co., Ltd., which won the Innovation Award/Best Innovation Award at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for four consecutive years, introduced an electronic self-cleaning CCTV at the 'Korea Nara Market Expo 4' (hereinafter referred to as Nara Market Expo). The technology that Microsystems has secured as a source technology is electronic [...]

[Microsystem] Korea Nara Market Expo 2023, the largest ever held

2023-05-15T17:51:43+09:002023.05.15|Member company activity status|

At this expo, held with the largest exhibition scale ever, 18 exhibition halls reflecting the latest technologies were prepared to show the excellence and innovative technologies of innovative, start-up and venture companies in one place.​ In particular, the award hall of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which was first showcased this year, attracted attention. At the CES held in the United States last January, products from 1 companies that received the Best Innovation Award or Innovation Award were specially exhibited, most of which were designated as innovative new products of Public Procurement Service. Companies that have already been recognized for their excellence in Korea [...]

[XGate] XGate commercializes home network security equipment in the second half of the year… Security verification by construction company and generation

2023-04-28T10:50:21+09:002023.04.28|Member company activity status|

X-Gate introduces a prototype of 'home network security equipment' and sets out to target the multi-unit housing market such as apartments. Xgate plans to protect the residential life of apartment residents who are in the blind spot of security from hacking with a lineup of security products and various construction methods that take into account the different environments and structures of apartments. The company's home network security equipment is based on a virtual private network (VPN) with the strongest security strength, and both hardware and software [...]

[Technine] Acquired a patent for 'Low-power mobile communication-based wireless forest fire detection and spread notification device'

2023-04-25T11:07:20+09:002023.04.25|Member company activity status|

Recent forest fires are becoming complex and large-scale due to climate change, and forest fires are still continuing to occur everywhere, so it is time to monitor forest fires in real time and to respond preemptively within the golden time. In line with this, outdoor IoT solution group Technine Co., Ltd. (TECH9, CEO Lee Ho-dong) acquired a patent for 'low-power mobile communication-based eco-friendly wireless forest fire detection and spread notification system' on March 3 and started commercialization in earnest on the 7rd. revealed Formally [...]

[Technine] 2023 1st Public Procurement Service trial purchase of innovative products Representative product 'Technine Intelligent Wireless Risk Detection System'

2023-04-25T10:54:15+09:002023.04.25|Member company activity status|

On the 11th, the Public Procurement Service selected 2023 institutions to pilot 1 innovative products worth 157 billion won in the first quarter of 91 and disclosed the results to the innovation marketplace. This trial purchase of innovative products was carried out as a strategic demand matching method in which targets were selected and intensively supported, focusing on issues such as export support and response to national security threats and improvement of public services. Outdoor IoT solution group Technine Co., Ltd. (TECH147, CEO Lee Ho-dong)'s 'Intelligent Wireless Risk Detection System' is selected in the public procurement service 'innovative product pilot purchase' security field [...]

[Lami Lab] Daejeon Jung-gu, 'Safe Jung-gu' platform establishment business agreement

2023-04-25T09:27:12+09:002023.04.25|Member company activity status|

Daejeon Jung-gu announced on the 24th that it had signed a business agreement to build a 'Safe Jung-gu' platform at the Jung-gu Office meeting room. The organizations that participated in the agreement are the Jung-gu Office, the Jungbu Police Station, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, and Ramirab Co., Ltd., which uses public data in the event of a disaster such as flooding, earthquake, or fire, and the location of AED (cardiac defibrillator). The public and private sectors have come together to build a system that provides the best route to safekeeping (women and children) in real time. ▲Jung-gu provides safety platform pilot operation and ideas, business consultations with related departments and business promotion ▲Jungbu Police Station [...]

[SPIRAB] Siheung City starts a demonstration project for 'Old Bridge AI Safety Diagnosis System'

2023-04-21T10:58:20+09:002023.04.21|Member company activity status|

On the 6th, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, signed a business agreement with Spilab, an Internet of Things (IoT) artificial intelligence (AI) start-up, for the 'Autumn Bridge AI Safety Diagnosis System Innovation Technology Demonstration Project'. In this demonstration project, a preliminary inspection is conducted through a safety diagnosis expert, and AI safety diagnosis hammering (a method of tapping the material lightly with a hammer to determine damage or defects and examining the presence or absence of defects by tapping) analysis system It is designed to analyze the effectiveness of artificial intelligence (AI) systems compared to results. demonstrating [...]

[Ecorant] Korean companies revealing Indonesia… Supported by KOTRA and overseas expansion

2023-04-21T10:50:03+09:002023.04.21|Member company activity status|

The street lights brighten the road as a car approaches, then dims again after the car has passed. It is a smart street light that applies the technology of Ecoland, a small and medium-sized company in Korea. Streetlights can reduce energy by up to 70% by adjusting their brightness themselves, and also play a role in conveying information such as weather and traffic. Ecoland has succeeded in winning a street light project in Indonesia through this technology. 'ICT Consortium' conducted by KOTRA to support exports of domestic companies [...]

[Motove] Selected as a leading software company in the region to achieve innovation in the industrial field according to the trend of the AI ​​era

2023-04-21T10:44:13+09:002023.04.21|Member company activity status|

In order to nurture leading software (SW) companies in the city, Incheon City will provide technology advancement, domestic and international marketing, quality testing, technology/management consulting, and customized support for attracting investment. The three regional leading companies selected for the 'Regional SW Service Commercialization Support Project', last year's Ministry of Science and ICT public contest, are eligible. With the last selection, a total project cost of 3 billion won, including 5 million won from the government, is expected to be invested. [...]

[XYG] The first unmanned robot cafe to implement hygiene ratings and receive 'very good' startups

2023-04-21T10:39:35+09:002023.04.21|Member company activity status|

XYG, which operates the unmanned robot cafe LOUNGE'Xr, announced on the 20th that it was the first unmanned robot cafe to implement a sanitary rating system for restaurants and was designated as 'very good'. The Restaurant Hygiene Rating System is a certification system administered by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to evaluate the sanitary conditions of restaurants and designate and disclose grades for excellent establishments to improve the hygiene level of stores, prevent hygiene accidents, and guarantee consumers' choice. Lounge XR is an unmanned [...]

[Visite] Hyper live map platform Visit, signed MOU with co-housing Snug Stay

2023-04-20T17:04:29+09:002023.04.20|Member company activity status|

[Raon Newspaper Reporter Park Eun-ah] A 360 VR hyper live map platform service based on user participation developed by Visit Co., Ltd. Round Pick and a rental house SNUG STAY in the form of a co-housing type signed a business agreement on the 14th to secure new foreign customers who are planning to stay in Korea for a long period of time. (MOU) announced on the 20th. An official from Snug Stay said, “We are planning to open a new branch in major downtown Seoul for foreigners and tourists planning to stay in Korea for a long time in the second half of this year [...]

[Bird's Eye] SECON 2023 Bird's Eye introduces an integrated control solution for smart city advancement.

2023-04-20T09:16:16+09:002023.04.19|Member company activity status|

For three days from March 3 to 29, Saenun participated in the 31 World Security Expo and introduced solutions and platforms within the CCTV integrated control center to customers for smart city advancement. In particular, the best cases conducted with local governments drew a great response from customers, and created a place to promote not only bird's eye products, but also local governments. Saenun, providing intelligent integrated control software & solutions for smart city advancement Saenun specializes in services focusing on intelligent products for efficient operation of CCTV integrated control solutions [...]

[Microsystem] CEO Jung Sang-guk of Microsystem “Self-cleaning CCTV for front-line surveillance”

2023-04-21T11:24:39+09:002023.04.12|Member company activity status|

[E-Daily Reporter Kim Yeong-hwan] Typhoon Hinnamno, which hit the Korean Peninsula last year, caused 14 casualties in Korea alone and caused great damage, with property damage reaching 1 trillion won. Just as all objects are useless in front of a typhoon accompanied by strong rain and wind, CCTV installed for safety also becomes useless due to difficulties in securing the view. The micro system prevents deterioration in visibility due to camera lens contamination with electronic self-cleaning glass (Drop Free Glass, DFG) technology. Rainwater or [...]

[Microsystem] [Preview SECON 2023] Microsystem Future Signal Best Digital

2023-04-21T11:24:53+09:002023.04.12|Member company activity status|

Korea’s largest integrated security exhibition, SECON & eGISEC 2023 Preview of exhibited products Physical security, cyber security, and convergence security solutions are held in one place from March 3 to 29 at KINTEX Exhibition Center 31 in Ilsan, Halls 2 and 7 Microsystems are self-driving and information It is a technology-oriented company that provides creative microfluidic control technology for the communication device industry and innovative products using it. We have developed an electronic self-cleaning glass that can automatically detect and remove contaminants on camera lenses. Therefore [...]

[Preview SECON 2023] BNS, WANTEC, INNOCNS, Geovision

2023-04-11T14:36:22+09:002023.04.11|Member company activity status|

Korea’s largest integrated security exhibition, SECON & eGISEC 2023 Preview of exhibited products Physical security, cyber security, and convergence security solutions are held in one place from March 3 to 29 at the 31th and 2th halls of KINTEX 7, Ilsan BNS, body detection cameras, etc. Exhibiting various products BNS is developing expertise and various business scalability in manufacturing, distribution, and construction related fields with the competitiveness gained through new challenges and learning. In SECON 8, motion is [...]

Geovision obtains 'Medical Device GMP' certification for its medical software product line

2023-04-11T14:33:27+09:002023.04.11|Member company activity status|

Geovision (CEO Yoon Kim), an artificial intelligence (AI)-based data analysis company, announced that it had obtained the '2nd grade medical device manufacturing and quality control standard (GMP)' certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) in the medical software category. announced on the 20th. GeoVision has been selected as a demonstrator of the Gangwon-do precision medical industry regulation-free special zone and is carrying out the project along with the construction of Korean-style critical patient-specific big data and the development of an AI-based clinical decision support system (CDSS), which is being carried out by the Ministry of Health & Welfare. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a quality management system standard managed by MFDS to ensure that medical devices produced by medical device manufacturers are safe, effective, and of a quality suitable for their intended use [...]