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GeoVision, artificial intelligence video summary solution 'ZioSummary', designated as MSIT Excellent R&D Innovative Product

2023-02-27T16:55:40+09:002023.03.01|Member company activity status|

AI-based video summary solution 'ZioSummary' of Geovision Co., Ltd. (CEO Yoon Kim), an AI-based data analysis specialist, was designated as an 'Excellent R&D Innovative Product (hereinafter referred to as innovative product)' by the Ministry of Science and ICT. The 'Excellent R&D Innovative Product Designation System' is a system designed to promote private technology innovation by converging public procurement and R&D policies. Only products that have been recognized as 'excellent R&D innovation [...]

Artificial intelligence architectural design drawing a new city: Ten-Eleven

2023-02-27T16:52:40+09:002023.03.01|Member company activity status|

Ten-Eleven's Buildit designer said that the artificial intelligence architectural design solution greatly reduced the cumbersome task of repetitive work with existing CAD and increased work efficiency. Built on Unity, Buildit Designer is currently the only digital chain-based architectural design editing software in Korea and has won the 'Grand Prize' in the industry category at the [MWU Korea Awards 2022]. Director Kim Dong-cheol and [...]

Coconut Silo, 2023 Data Voucher Support Business Recruitment

2023-02-27T16:59:13+09:002023.03.01|분류 되지 않음, Member company activity status|

Coconut Silo, which ranked first in the data voucher support project performance rate in 2022, announced that it will also recruit companies in demand for the data voucher support project in 1. The Data Voucher Support Project is Korea Data, so that 'demand companies' that wish to introduce big data and artificial intelligence technologies can receive support for the cost of introducing data collection, analysis, and processing services from 'supplier companies' that provide data collection, analysis, and processing. This is a system in which the Korea Institute for Industrial Promotion (K-DATA) provides vouchers of up to 2023 million won. Coconut Silo was selected as a data voucher support project supplier for three consecutive years from 6,000, and in particular, in 2021, 3 projects were finally completed, and the 2022 data voucher [...]

Microsystems, President Yoon demonstrating the self-cleaning CCTV that won the CES Best Innovation Award

2023-02-27T16:58:49+09:002023.03.01|Member company activity status|

President Yoon Seok-yeol visited the 'Microsystem' booth, which won the 2 CES Best Innovation Award, prior to a luncheon meeting with digital technology innovation entrepreneurs at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held at the Presidential Office Building in Yongsan, Seoul on the 2023nd. We are testing CCTV. Self-cleaning intelligent CCTV is the first to apply electronic self-cleaning technology, enabling real-time video monitoring in clear high-definition even in weather disaster environments such as typhoons. (Presidential Office Photo Reporters) ☞ Source: Newsis

“Recognized by CES”… Microsystem AI-CCTV, CES 2023 Best Innovation Award

2023-01-30T17:11:28+09:002023.02.01|Member company activity status|

The intelligent (AI) CCTV product of Myongji University (President Yoo Byung-jin) technology holding company, Microsystems (CEO Jeong Sang-guk), won the Best Innovation Award, which is awarded only to the best products in each field, at the world's largest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to be held in Las Vegas, USA in January 2023. This product, which won the Best Innovation Award in the smart city category, is currently exhibited and installed at the K-POP Square in Samseong Station, Seoul, where the general public can meet. Microsystem Intelligent (AI) CCTV is the first to apply electronic self-cleaning technology, enabling real-time video monitoring with clear high-definition even in weather disaster environments such as typhoons. The product [...]

Development of BFOS-APT, a fire inspection program for apartments, by Jeongpyeong E&C Co., Ltd.

2023-01-30T17:14:15+09:002023.02.01|Member company activity status|

Jeongpyeong E&C Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Kyung-jin), an IT software development company specializing in firefighting, recently developed BFOS-APT (Building Fire facility Optimization System of APT), a program optimized for firefighting work that integrates and manages firefighting facilities installed in various buildings. said it did The BFOS program is an IT program that checks various types of facilities, including firefighting facilities, with QR codes and checklists, and checks the status and location of facilities installed on each floor. According to Jeongpyeong E&C, BFOS is a legal inspection and regular inspection schedule setting with a PC or mobile device, [...]

Seoul Robotics builds a smart intersection in the US

2023-01-30T15:32:30+09:002023.02.01|Member company activity status|

Self-driving lidar software startup Seoul Robotics is building a smart intersection in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. The smart intersection is expected to provide various conveniences to drivers and pedestrians by identifying real-time traffic flow and weather information. Seoul Robotics announced on the 5th that it has decided to install 475 smart intersections in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with support of 60 million dollars (about 86 billion won) from the US Federal Highway Administration. This smart intersection installation is the largest in the United States with approximately 130 Chattanooga [...]

Imbox franchise, very popular with landlords and landlords

2023-01-06T16:24:04+09:002023.02.01|분류 되지 않음, Member company activity status|

The IMBOX franchise is gaining great popularity among building owners struggling with vacancies. If the lessor pays for the facility cost, the IMbox franchise provides a long-term stable source of income from the leased property. Franchise is a business model that provides a stable source of income for landlords suffering from vacancy and storage space for customers who want to entrust leisure goods. The first franchise store (Incheon Nonhyeon branch) is in operation, and the second store (Anyang Myeonghak branch) is scheduled to operate. Many [...]

Byung-jun Kim, CEO of Hantech, received a commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT

2023-01-30T16:34:48+09:002023.02.01|Member company activity status|

Hantech announced on the 2022th that CEO Kim Byung-joon was awarded the '2022 Korea Young Entrepreneur Award Ministry of Science and ICT Minister Commendation' at the '19 Digital Innofesta' ceremony held at the Wirye Militopia Hotel. The '15 Korea Young Entrepreneur Award' award held on the 2022th was hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and organized by the K-ICT Startup Mentoring Center affiliated with the Korea Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation. Successful start-up based on entrepreneurship and passion, with excellent business performance and technology, contributing to the enhancement of national industrial competitiveness, ICT company with high growth potential within 7 years of start-up [...]

Dongsung Itech wins 'Flexible Parking' Korea Location-Based Service Contest

2023-01-30T16:31:37+09:002023.02.01|Member company activity status|

On the 14th, the 'Flexible Parking' service won the Encouragement Award at the 'Korea Location-Based Service Contest' hosted by the Korea Communications Commission and supervised by the Korea Internet & Security Agency. Dongsung ITech applied for the contest with the 'flexible parking' service, which realized the idea of ​​maximizing eco-friendly parking resources using location information, and received benefits from various commercialization support programs such as △expert consulting △patent application support △location information business registration support △business networking. Flexible parking is a platform that creates and manages parking lots without installing hardware such as IoT sensors using digitization technology of parking surfaces, [...]

Metaview unveils all-in-one lineup at 'CES 2023'

2023-01-30T16:27:20+09:002023.02.01|Member company activity status|

Metaview (CEO Jinsong Noh), a company specializing in industrial metabus, exhibits its own developed industrial metabus platform and service solutions such as 'all-in-one lineup' and 'metaview platform' at 'CES 5' held in Las Vegas, USA for four days from the 8th to the 2023th. Demonstrated. Metaview has prepared 2023 booths, the largest ever, at CES 8. Saudi Arabia Aramco, US Air Force, NASA, IBM, Deloitte, Bosch, LG, Hyundai Motor, etc., who visited the booth, provide industrial metabus solutions, cooperate projects, [...]

Designated as an excellent procurement product by Science and Technology Analysis Center, real-time indoor air quality monitor

2023-01-30T17:00:19+09:002023.02.01|Member company activity status|

The Science and Technology Analysis Center (CEO Lee Ik-jae), a manufacturer specializing in air and odor measurement electronic nose, announced on the 19th that it had developed an indoor air quality monitor (pictured) and was designated as an excellent procurement item by the Public Procurement Service. The designated indoor air quality monitor is the only procurement excellent indoor air quality monitor in Korea, the company explained. The meter can be applied to facilities subject to indoor air quality management of multi-use facilities such as school classrooms, academies, underground stations, railways, hospitals, etc. [...]

Jeongpyeong E&C Co., Ltd., released a fire inspection information calculation app

2023-01-02T10:00:32+09:002023.01.02|Member company activity status|

Jeongpyeong E&C Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Kyung-jin), a company specializing in firefighting IT software development, announced on the 2nd that it had released an application (app) 'Fire Inspection Calculator' that allows you to easily check fire inspection information. If you enter the use of the building, total floor area, use approval date, firefighting facilities, etc. in the app, it informs you of the scheduled inspection month for operational function inspection and comprehensive detailed inspection, as well as inspection days according to the number of inspectors. An official from Jeongpyeong E&C said, “It is an app that calculates the number of fire inspection days for various buildings such as apartment buildings, complex buildings, underground tunnels, as well as general buildings.” “Firefighters use this app to [...]

Large-size waste collection service “Subtract”, secured 53 members

2023-01-02T09:56:42+09:002023.01.02|Member company activity status|

The number of members of Bakgi, a large-scale waste collection service, exceeded 53. 'Subtraction' secured 121 members, a 53% increase from the previous year, and the number of monthly active users (MAU) also recorded between 2022 and 9 as of 10. This corresponds to an unrivaledly high number of users despite the industry's characteristic of waste discharge. According to officials, the usage rate of the subtraction app jumped compared to last year. The cumulative number of applications in the first half of 2021 was 8, and as of October 2022, the cumulative number of applications [...]

Fogg Co., Ltd., won the Money Today President Award at the '2022 Best Brand & Tech Company Grand Prize'

2023-01-02T09:51:37+09:002023.01.02|Member company activity status|

Fog Co., Ltd. (CEO Na Jong-yeol) won the Money Today President Award at the '2022 Best Brand & Tech Company Awards'. The award ceremony for the '2022 Best Brand & Tech Company Grand Prize' hosted by Money Today and Dongguk University Industry-Academy Cooperation Foundation and sponsored by the Shared Growth Committee and the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business was held at the Korea Press Center at 5:3 pm on the XNUMXth (Mon). Fog Co., Ltd. is a company that conducts traffic accident prevention education based on IT technology. Based on traffic accident big data, we provide a mobile-linked XR experience service for the types of pedestrian traffic accidents that frequently occur, and increase users' awareness of risk [...]

Jeongpyeong ENC Co., Ltd. - Korea Fire Facility Association, business agreement

2023-01-02T09:49:39+09:002023.01.02|Member company activity status|

Jeongpyeong E&C Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Kyung-jin), a company specializing in firefighting IT software development, recently announced that it had signed a business agreement with the Korea Fire Facility Association (Chairman Kim Eun-sik, hereinafter referred to as the association). This business agreement is to solidify the mutual cooperation system by stipulating all matters regarding the marketing and supply of 'Fire-ms' firefighting task computerization solution (WEB and mobile-based ASP program) and 'firefighting and seismic design automation program' of association member companies. prepared 'Fire-ms' is a program developed by Jeongpyeong E&C to computerize the firefighting work of firefighting facility companies. Jeongpyeong E&C and the association have decided to promote joint marketing while maximizing the strengths of each [...]

Anyang City selected for 'Smart City Next Innovative Technology Demonstration Project'

2023-01-02T09:44:01+09:002023.01.02|분류 되지 않음, Member company activity status|

Anyang City was finally selected for the '2022 Smart City Next Innovative Technology Demonstration Project' contest hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, and attended the agreement ceremony with related organizations on the 24th. In order to provide new companies with innovative technology-products in the smart city field with opportunities to verify technology-product performance and effectiveness, this project forms a consortium with local governments and public institutions to support demonstration area matching and demonstration project expenses. Anyang City formed a consortium with ITigo Co., Ltd. to carry out a demonstration project, and installed 'outdoor non-contact type' smart signage at two bus stops adjacent to commercial districts in the jurisdiction with a large floating population [...]

Large-sized waste easy discharge service 'Bamgi', app renewal launch

2022-12-28T10:10:41+09:002023.01.01|Member company activity status|

A new application (app) for large-scale waste disposal service 'Subtraction' was born. It was announced on the 8th that it has renewed and released the 'Subtraction' app to improve the convenience of 50 users and collection partners. 'Subtract', an app that helps people of all ages and genders to easily dispose of large-sized waste with a smartphone, has been officially signed with about 50 local governments nationwide. You can take a picture and report the discharge. ☞ Source: Aju Economy [...]

Detonic CEO Jeon Jeon, awarded the Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit for Venture Startup Promotion

2022-12-28T10:45:15+09:002023.01.01|Member company activity status|

Detonic announced that its CEO Jeon Jeon received the Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit at the '15 Venture Startup Promotion Award Ceremony' held on the 2022th. The 'Venture Startup Promotion Contributor Award' is an event hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups to discover and encourage excellent venture companies and start-ups, which are the driving force behind Korea's innovative growth. Those who have contributed to the development of domestic and foreign industries and the strengthening of national competitiveness by showing outstanding achievements in the venture startup ecosystem are selected. Detonic is a venture company that was spun off from Hyundai Motor Company in 2014, and has achieved excellent results in the field of space-time big data [...]

Kim Seung-yong, CEO of Coconut Silo, was appointed as a member of the 2nd term of the Youth Policy Coordination Committee

2022-11-30T17:08:28+09:002022.12.01|Member company activity status|

Kim Seung-yong, CEO of Coconut Silo, has been appointed as a member of the 2nd term of the Youth Policy Coordination Committee of the Office of Government Policy Coordination and plans to participate in deliberation and coordination of youth policies for two years. 'Youth policy', reflected as the government's national task, is in the five areas of 'jobs, housing, education, welfare, and participation' It is planned to be enacted by reflecting the diverse needs of the youth of The 'Youth Policy Coordination Committee', to which CEO Kim Seung-yong was appointed as a member, is an organization under the Prime Minister's Office to deliberate and coordinate major issues related to youth policy [...]