Protecting ‘safety on the way to and from school’ with the next-generation intelligent transportation system


- On the 23rd, a business cooperation agreement was signed between 5 organizations... Promoting the introduction of C-ITS-based safety specialized services in children's protection zones □ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) announced the introduction of C-ITS safety specialized services (hereinafter referred to as specialized services) in children's protection zones on November 23 (Thursday). A business cooperation agreement is scheduled to be signed* between five organizations, including Sejong City and the Korea Expressway Corporation. * (Signing Ceremony) '5 (Thursday) 23.11.23:14, Sejong City Bank Building, (Participating Organizations) MOLIT, Sejong City, Sejong City Office of Education, Sejong City National Police Agency, Korea Expressway Corporation ㅇ Children [...]

「Smart Construction Alliance」 first general meeting… Looking back at this year's achievements


- Since its launch in July, achievements such as deriving major agendas and tasks, demonstrating technology, etc. - In 7, solutions for each task and selection of leading projects will also be promoted □Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) and Korea Construction & Construction The Research Institute of Technology (Director Kim Byeong-seok) will hold the first general meeting of the “Smart Construction Alliance” at KINTEX (Exhibition Hall 24) on the morning of Friday, November 24th. □ The Alliance, which was launched last July, is led by large, medium-sized, and venture companies (currently 1 participating) that make up the smart construction ecosystem under the direction of “led by the private sector and supported by the government,” and is led by academia and researchers [.. .]

Pohang-type smart city challenge project ‘succeeding’… taxi roof advertising


On the 21st, a demonstration of the revenue-sharing taxi roof Goago platform was held. On the 21st, Pohang City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, held a demonstration of the revenue-sharing taxi roof advertising platform, which is the main service of the 'Pohang City Smart City Challenge Project'. In March of last year, we received government funding of 3 billion won through the 'Smart City Challenge Main Project', a public contest hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, and have been promoting the project since August of last year. In this project to solve urban problems through collaboration between companies with excellent technology and local governments, smart city safety, smart [...]

The smartest construction innovation technology of the year... Selected 5 artificial intelligence (AI) CCTV and anchor robots

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- 2023 Smart Construction Challenge winners announced... Awarded at the ‘Smart Construction EXPO’ on the 22nd □ The winner of the ‘2023 Smart Construction Challenge’ (’23.8~’23.11) contest promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) to support the activation of excellent smart construction technology. announced. ㅇ The 'Smart Construction Challenge', which celebrates its 4th anniversary this year, is hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and involves five technology fields including safety management, complexes/housing, roads, railways, and construction information modeling (BIM). It is an event where public institutions* host competitions such as technology demonstration screening. * ①Safety management [...]

The introduction of smart construction standards makes construction sites smarter and safer.


-Establishment of standard specifications for construction automation technology and OSC construction within the year… Improvement of efficiency and safety □Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) will establish standard specifications for construction automation technology* and OSC construction construction** within the year to promote smart construction. * Technology that automates the entire or partial process of surveying, member production, construction, and quality control by converging and combining construction technology with technologies in other fields such as information and communication, electronics, and machinery ** Construction components are “designed” at the manufacturing plant. Off-Site Construction (Off-Site Construction) using the method of “manufacturing”, transporting to the site, and “assembling → installing” [...]

4 cities to be created as high-tech mobility-specialized cities


- Gyeongbuk (Uiseong) and Gwangmyeong-Siheung for the future mobility city type, and Daegu and Seongnam for the mobility innovation support type were selected. □Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) selected the '23 Mobility Specialized City* Creation Project' contest result, 'Future It was announced that two local governments, including Gyeongsangbuk-do (Uiseong-gun) and Gwangmyeong and Siheung-si, were selected for the 'Mobility City Type', and two local governments, including Daegu Metropolitan City and Seongnam-si, were selected for the 'Mobility Innovation Support Type'. * A city where citizens' mobility has been innovatively improved by implementing cutting-edge mobility services throughout the city □ This contest is based on 'Future Mobility City Type*', which supports the establishment of urban plans for new cities according to the city development stage, and mobility innovation in existing cities [ ...]

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport establishes a bridgehead for Korean-style smart mobility entering ASEAN


- Daegwang Committee Chairman Kang Hee-eop attended the “10th Korea-ASEAN Transport Ministers’ Meeting” on the 14th... Adoption of a joint declaration for Korea-ASEAN smart mobility comprehensive cooperation - □ Kang Hee-eop, Chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Committee, held the “Festival” held in Luang Prabang, Laos, at 10 a.m. (11 p.m. Korean time) on Friday, November 1. Attending the 14th Korea-ASEAN Transport Ministers' Meeting*, they adopted a joint declaration for Korea-ASEAN comprehensive future smart mobility cooperation and presented the promotion strategy and implementation plan for Korean-style smart mobility. * Korea and 10 ASEAN countries attend, Korea-ASEAN [...]

K-Smart City captivates Spain... World top tier technology “Mehor”


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Smart Cities Association, etc. Local governments, public institutions, and companies operate the 'integrated Korean pavilion' "Mejor". K-Smart City's world-class technology once again drew admiration from city officials around the world. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and the Smart Cities Association on the 9th, MOLIT operated an integrated Korean pavilion at the '7 Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC)' held in Barcelona, ​​Spain for three days from the 2023th of this month. The integrated Korean pavilion captured the attention of visitors during the expo period by showcasing the current status and progress of representative projects of Korean smart cities that have been developed so far. [...]

First Vice Minister Kim Oh-jin met with the Czech special envoy for Ukraine reconstruction on the 1th.


- Discussion of ways to strengthen cooperation between Korea and the Czech Republic to participate in the Ukraine reconstruction project - □ Kim Oh-jin, First Vice Minister of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, met with Tomas Kopecny, the Czech Special Envoy for Ukraine Reconstruction, in Seoul on the afternoon of November 1 (Thursday). Envoy for Ukraine) and discussed ways to strengthen cooperation between the two countries to participate in the Ukraine reconstruction project. ㅇ This meeting is a visit to East Asia (Japan, Korea, and Taiwan in that order) to discuss cooperation in rebuilding Ukraine [...]

Adding R&D to the special urban convergence zone that will open the local era


- Starting from the 10th, open contest for research institutes for research and development (R&D) projects in each of the five major metropolitan cities... Select key leading technologies and provide a total of KRW 5 billion by 26 □ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) and Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) (Director Park Seung-gi) will provide support from November 280th (Friday) to December 10th. Until Sunday (Monday), we will be recruiting research institutes to participate in the regional urban convergence technology research and development (R&D) project to foster local specialized industries and resolve current issues and issues in the five major metropolitan cities (Gwangju, Daegu, Daejeon, Busan, and Ulsan). . * Core leading technologies such as AI, service robots, future mobility, smart building, and energy industry were selected for each of the five regions, and a total [...]

First Vice Minister Kim Oh-jin, “Continue to promote infrastructure cooperation with Dominica”


- On the 8th, plans for cooperation in infrastructure, including the new Dominica airport, were discussed, and support for the Busan Expo was requested - □ First Vice Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Kim Oh-jin met with Hugo Rivera of the Dominican Republic in Seoul on Wednesday, November 1 at 8 p.m. He met with the Vice Minister of Economy and International Cooperation of Foreign Affairs and discussed ways to cooperate in the infrastructure field between the two countries, including the Pedernales Airport project, and actively requested Dominica's support for the Busan Expo. ㅇ The meeting on this day was held last October with the MOLIT Dominica Order Support Team (headed by the 2st Vice Minister) dispatched* [...]

Countdown to commercialization of K-UAM in 2025, flapping its wings for a bold challenge


- K-UAM Grand Challenge public flight demonstration in Goheung, Jeollanam-do on November 3 - Vice Minister Baek, “We will open the city sky with the world’s freest demonstration” □ K-UAM Grand Challenge in the skies of Goheung, Jeollanam-do on Friday, November 3 The historic flap of wings begins. * A large-scale, mid- to long-term demonstration project that verifies safety and integrated operability by participating organizations and industries in all fields that make up UAM, such as airframe, vertiport, traffic management, and navigation services. ㅇ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport) Won Hee-ryong) is working to realize urban air mobility (UAM) [...]

Yoon Seok-yeol government announces “Comprehensive Plan for Local Era (2023-2027)”


- Establishment of integrated 5-year plan for 'local decentralization and balanced development' for the first time in history - 17 ministries and offices and 17 cities and provinces jointly realize the 5 major strategies* for the local era * Local decentralization, education reform, innovative growth, specialized development, and welfare ① Leading regional development through the smooth implementation of regional policy tasks through cooperation between the central and local governments ② Providing quality educational opportunities anywhere in the region, realizing a local era led by local talent ③ Establishing a base for innovative growth in the region with bold support from special opportunity development zones ④ ‘Life’ Preemptively respond to the crisis of population decline and regional extinction by ‘increasing the population’ ⑤ Solution for balanced regional development through local digital, high-tech industry, and healthcare innovation [...]

Minister Won Hee-ryong solidifies Korea-Indonesia cooperation


- On the 1st, the Indonesian Ambassador to Korea met to discuss infrastructure cooperation between the two countries - Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Won Hee-ryong met with Indonesian Ambassador to Korea Gandi Sulistiyanto Soeherman in Seoul on the morning of Wednesday, November 1. and had time to discuss ways to strengthen cooperation between Korea and Indonesia, including smart cities, new capital development, and railway infrastructure. ㅇThe meeting was held with the person who left Korea early this month and returned to his home country to serve as an advisor to the President of Indonesia [...]

Gyeongnam's 'Disaster Safety Control Tower' excellent performance announced nationwide


- Central Safety Management Committee meeting on the 25th... Announcement of Gyeongnam as an excellent example of local government safety policy - Reorganization of the manual from disaster response focusing on post-recovery to pre-preparation and response - Reinforcement of the province's role as a control tower through the disaster situation and new establishment in June Gyeongsangnam-do (Governor Park Wan-soo) held a meeting with Seoul on the 6th. At the 25th Central Safety Management Committee and Central Local Safety Inspection Meeting, held in the video conference room of the government building and presided over by the Prime Minister, the status of the establishment of a 'disaster and safety control tower' was announced as an excellent case of local government safety policy. This day's meeting was held ahead of the first anniversary of the Itaewon accident and the national safety system reform [...]

Establishment of the nation's first ultra-wide urban air transportation network, connecting major hub cities in the Chungcheong region with skyways


- On the 25th, a business agreement was signed between four cities and provinces in the Chungcheong region and private enterprise associations - - Initial focus on transportation demand and medical... Promotion of mid- to long-term tourism construction - Four cities and provinces in the Chungcheong region, including Sejong Special Self-Governing City (Mayor Choi Min-ho), joined hands with a private enterprise alliance to build the nation's first ultra-wide urban air transportation network. On the 4th, the city signed a business agreement at the local government hall with the 'K-UAM Dream Team' consortium consisting of SK Telecom, Korea Airports Corporation, Hanwha Systems, and T Map Mobility to commercialize ultra-wide urban air transportation and foster industry [... .]

Opportunity to utilize spatial information restricted from disclosure opens


Designation of the first spatial information safe zone to support new industries requiring spatial information... Opening Ceremony on the 1th □ Starting October 24th, various analyzes and processing will be possible using geospatial information* restricted from disclosure in the geospatial information safe zone. * Disclosure of 24D spatial information that is very precise or includes coordinates is restricted for security reasons. ㅇ The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) designated the Seoul headquarters of the Korea Land, Infrastructure and Transport Corporation (Gangnam-gu) as the No. 3 Spatial Information Safe Zone. and announced that it would begin operation with an opening ceremony on the morning of October 1th. □ Geospatial information safe zones are for companies and other general [...]

Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Healing Tourism (Wellness) Selected as ‘2023 Green Destination Top 100 Stories’!


- Gangwon-style healing tourism (wellness) and public-private cooperation (governance) for transforming COVID-2023 from 'crisis to opportunity' through public-private cooperation (governance) - A world-class tourist destination that meets the standards based on the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals - Taking a leap forward as a world-class tourist destination - Individual and group overseas tourists through global tourism promotion Accelerating attraction □ Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province announced that its exemplary case of “Gangwon Healing Tourism (Wellness)” was selected as <2023 Green Destination Top 100 Stories> at the “XNUMX Green Destination Conference” held in Tallinn, Estonia, Europe, for the first time among local governments in the country. revealed. Green Destination is sponsored by the United Nations (UN), the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) [...]

Vice Minister Kim Oh-jin attended the 23th Asia-Pacific Urban Forum on the 8rd.


- Discussing sustainable urban development plans and carrying out activities to host the 2030 Busan World Expo □ Kim Oh-jin, First Vice Minister of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, held the 1th Asia-Pacific City Forum at the Suwon Convention Center on the afternoon of October 23 (Monday). , discussed the direction of sustainable urban development in the Asia-Pacific region after the pandemic, and requested interest in hosting the 「8 Busan World Expo.」 ㅇ The Asia-Pacific Urban Forum is the largest consultative body in Asia-Pacific hosted by UN-ESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia-Pacific), where public and private stakeholders from 2030 countries in the Asia-Pacific region participate for sustainable urban development. It is an international conference. [...]

Design guidelines for 'electric kickboard road' established... ‘Safety first’


- Amendments to the “People-Centered Road Design Guidelines” considering PM will be implemented from October 19 □ Amendments to the “People-Centered Road Design Guidelines” (MOLIT Directive) prepared to prevent safety accidents with personal mobility devices (PM, hereafter PM)* such as electric kickboards This will take effect from Thursday, October 19th. * Personal Mobility: Kickboard-type devices with a speed of less than 25 km/h and a weight of less than 30 kg, etc. ㅇ Road design guidelines considering PM are actively reflected in road construction and repair sites to encourage PM users [...]