The government, region, and private sector join forces to create a ‘smart city’


- Contest for 「29 Smart City Creation and Expansion Project」 starting on the 2024th - Within 14 local governments carrying out the project will be selected and government funds worth KRW 520 billion will be provided □ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) will encourage citizens, businesses, and local governments to work together In order to solve various urban problems, we are holding a contest for the "2024 Smart City Creation and Expansion Project" to find and create groundbreaking services tailored to regional characteristics. ㅇ This year, comprehensive solutions will be demonstrated throughout the city and smart hubs will be created to lead the spread of smart cities. [...]

Gyeonggi-do recruits cities and counties to participate in the ‘Mini Hydrogen City Creation Project’… .3 billion won invested over 200 years


○ Open recruitment until April 2024th for cities and counties participating in the '4 Mini Hydrogen City Development Project' - Select two cities and counties and invest a total of 30 billion won over three years ○ Revitalize the local economy and realize carbon neutrality by creating hydrogen infrastructure in Gyeonggi-do Gyeonggi-do is using eco-friendly hydrogen energy It was announced on the 2th that it would be recruiting cities and counties to participate in the self-sufficient small city 'Mini Hydrogen City Creation Project'. The mini hydrogen city creation project is one of the ‘Hydrogen Convergence Cluster Creation’ projects, which are the pledges of Gyeonggi Province’s 3th popular election. This year, two cities and counties [...]

Sejong Smart City designated as national pilot smart city project operator


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) and the National Agency for Administrative City Construction (Director Kim Hyeong-ryeol) designated a project operator to create Sejong Smart City National pilot smart city (Happy City 5-1 Living Zone)* and promoted the project. Let's go to □Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) and National Agency for Administrative City Construction (Director Kim Hyeong-ryeol) designated a project operator to create Sejong Smart City National pilot smart city (Happy City 5-1 Living Zone)* and implemented the project. Let's move forward. *Smart city creation project that introduces various technologies and services such as mobility, healthcare, and data platforms. ㅇ On March 3, with the approval of the National Agency for Administrative City Construction, Sejong Smart City Co., Ltd.* was designated as the project operator to ensure smooth project implementation. Provide government funding for this purpose. * [...]

Early morning commutes, country roads without buses, now take a self-driving car!


- This year’s first autonomous vehicle pilot operation district service support project… Six locations were selected, including the first self-driving bus at dawn (Seoul) and demand-responsive self-driving village buses for remote areas (Gangneung), and a total of KRW 6 billion was provided. □Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) announced that the people will be provided with self-driving technology. A total of KRW 20 billion* will be provided for autonomous driving service operating expenses in Seoul, Gangwon (Gangneung), Daegu, South Chungcheong, Jeju, and Jeonnam (Suncheon) so that people can experience the convenience of driving. * Seoul (KRW 20 million), Gangwon (KRW 5.5 million), Daegu (KRW 4 million), South Chungcheong Province (KRW 4 million), Jeju (KRW 2.5 million), Jeonnam (KRW 2 million) ㅇ This support is provided by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. Autonomous vehicle pilot operation zone [...]

Daegu Metropolitan City, applied for designation as a special opportunity development zone for the first time in the country!


  Daegu Metropolitan City is the most innovative city in the country to actively respond to the President's promise to 'create a national digital innovation base for Suseong Alpha City in the eastern region and reorganize industries centered on mobility and robots in the southwestern region' at the Daegu region public livelihood debate held on Monday, March 3th. We quickly applied for designation as a special opportunity development zone. 〈Daegu Opportunity Development Special Zone Conceptual Map〉 The Opportunity Development Zone is a system that provides a package of tax breaks and regulatory special treatment to companies that have signed an investment agreement with the local government in order to promote large-scale investment in local areas. Through the ‘Guidelines for Designation and Operation of Special Opportunity Development Zones’ notice (March 4, 24.3.4), the government [...]

Goyang City invests 402 billion won in creating a high-tech intelligent city (smart city)... Creating a convenient city


Goyang City invests 402 billion won in creating a high-tech intelligent city (smart city)... Creating a convenient city - Applying smart technology to solve traffic, civil complaints, and urban planning problems - Preventing crime and ensuring citizen safety by introducing CCTV intelligent integrated control - Providing customized services by opening public data - Mayor Lee Dong-hwan “Administrative efficiency through smart technology · We will increase citizens’ convenience” Goyang Special City (Mayor Lee Dong-hwan) plans to introduce 4th industry smart technology into the administrative field to solve problems in the areas of transportation, urban planning, and citizen safety and provide convenient administrative services to the public. In May last year, the city announced MOLIT [...]

Brighten up North Chungcheong Province digitally! Announcement of Chungcheongbuk-do’s digital transformation strategy


- Focus on digital transformation in three areas - education, industry, and administration - by 2024 - Invest KRW 3 billion in 2027 major areas, 6 strategies, and 18 projects by 80 Chungcheongbuk-do is developing AI, big data, and In response to digital technology innovations such as cloud, the “Chungcheongbuk-do digital transformation strategy” was announced. In the meantime, North Chungcheong Province enacted an ordinance on promoting digital transformation, establishing a foundation for administrative and financial support, and [...]

Seoul City cooperates with Odense, the center of the Danish robot industry, to grow the robot ecosystem


- The city signed a business agreement to revitalize the robot industry with Odense at R-24, the largest drone and robot exhibition in Northern Europe (March 3.13) - Exchanges and cooperation have been active since the friendly cooperation city agreement was signed in 14... Expansion of the scope of cooperation into the field of fostering high-tech industries - Odense's know-how, which transformed the industrial structure from shipbuilding to robot industry, will serve as a catalyst for the popularization of robots in Seoul □ Seoul City, which has declared itself a robot-friendly city and is taking the lead in popularizing robot services, is the center of the growth of Denmark's robot industry 'Odense' and the growth of the robot ecosystem in both cities [...]

Geospatial information gets closer to people’s lives through ‘deregulation’


The amendment to the Framework Act on National Spatial Information comes into effect from the 19th... Provision of spatial information with restricted disclosure regardless of industry (until now) Mr. A, who works at a telecommunications company, requested 3D spatial information with detailed building information to analyze the radio wave environment prior to installing a telecommunication base station, but under the current law, broadcasting and telecommunication business operators provide it. Because they were not eligible, no information was provided. (In the future) However, now Mr. A can receive the spatial information he wants, freely analyze it, and create economic value. □ In the future, regardless of industry [...]

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport discovers ‘game-changing technology’… We provide all-round support for ‘challenging tasks’.


First meeting on game changer technology on the 8th... □ Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Park Sang-woo will discover core technologies that can dominate the future market at Seoul National University (Extreme Performance Experiment Center) on Friday, March 3 at 8 p.m. Therefore, the first meeting was held to secure game-changing* technology in the land transportation sector. * A decisive idea that can completely change the flow of the existing market or turn the game upside down. ㅇ At this meeting, Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)*, Trade, Industry and Energy R&D Strategic Planning Group, Hyundai Rotem, [...]

Introduction to K-UAM, now available at universities


- Three universities, Hanseo University, Aeronautical University, and Kookmin University, opened pilot lectures on urban air transportation (UAM) in the first semester of 3. □ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) announced that Urban Air Transportation (UAM) is a future innovative mobility and promising new industry. ) is being piloted at a university introductory level lecture. ㅇ The lecture will be held as an expert lecture and communication seminar in the first semester of 24 at three schools, Hanseo University, Aeronautical University, and Kookmin University, which are participating in the preparation of worker qualifications and human resources training system by UAM Team Korea, an industry-academic consultative body. □ The pilot lecture [...]

This year's first overseas construction order support group supports the resumption of Iraq's Bismayah New City and the development of 15 subsequent new cities.


- Minister Park Sang-woo visits Iraq to commemorate the resumption of Iraq's Bismayah New City project - The government and companies' efforts to resume work are fruitful, and Iraq also has a strong commitment to housing and urban projects - Korean companies participate in the railway and road network project for Iraq's reconstruction (USD 170 billion) Request □Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) dispatched a contract support team led by Minister Park Sang-woo to Iraq on February 2 (Sunday) to attend the event commemorating the resumption of the Bismayah New City project and to support Iraq's reconstruction, including subsequent new city development. It was announced that support was given for winning the project. [...]

Chungcheongbuk-do’s ‘Regional Specialized Rental Smart Farm Creation’ contest selected


- 2026ha smart greenhouse complex to be created in Yangsan-myeon, Yeongdong-gun by 6.3 - Chungcheongbuk-do announced on the 2024th that it was finally selected for the '27 Regional Specialized Rental Smart Farm Creation' contest hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. North Chungcheong Province will spend a budget of 2024 billion won from 2026 to 200 to create a rental smart farm* with a total size of 4.3ha, including geothermal energy facilities and 6.3ha of smart greenhouses. * (Smart Farm) A farm that can properly maintain and manage the growing environment of crops remotely and automatically by applying ICT to greenhouses. The rental smart farm, which will be located in Yangsan-myeon, Yeongdong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, will integrate ICT technology in the agricultural field based on geothermal energy. Nine large-scale interlocking houses will be installed as core facilities and will be rented out to young farmers trained at Smart Farm Innovation Valleys (9 locations nationwide) in the future, serving as a stepping stone to the success of smart farms that will lead future-oriented agriculture. Hwang Gyu-seok, manager of Chungcheongbuk-do Smart Farming Department, said, “To foster young farmers who will become the protagonists of future agriculture, we provide systematic and comprehensive support from smart agriculture education, practice, and start-ups to create a smart farm success model created in Chungcheongbuk-do by excellent young agricultural talent. “We will provide support so that it can play a central role in agriculture,” he said. Source: Chungcheongbuk-do 

Smart usage of electric buses, standardization of charging infrastructure


○ Gyeonggi Research Institute proposes a standardization plan for electric bus charging infrastructure, expected to improve compatibility and smart charging ○ Integrated and smart charging control functions can be strengthened by mandatory application of protocol (communication protocol) OCPP 1.6 ○ Management and operation through real-time monitoring and visualization of charging infrastructure Improved Efficiency In Gyeonggi-do, about 2,000 electric buses are in operation as eco-friendly public transportation for the convenience of residents. Due to the rapid demand for charging infrastructure along with the expansion of electric buses [...]

Seoul City cooperates with ‘Cyber ​​Valley’, Europe’s largest artificial intelligence research consortium… Start of entry into European market


- Europe's largest artificial intelligence research consortium established in 16... Promoting research and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning - Foundation for support for entering the European market following the establishment of a cooperation system with Canada's Millar AI Research Institute in North America last year - Seoul AI Hub-Cyber ​​Valley-Seoul National University AI Research Institute tripartite business agreement (February 3)... The first official agreement between Asian research institutions - Establishing a network between 'Seoul' and global AI institutions to solve technical problems and provide practical support for market entry □ Seoul City is Europe's largest [...]

Strengthening regional growth base by incorporating cutting-edge technology


- Nurture innovative companies and discover investment-leading districts incorporating cutting-edge technology (approximately 3 locations) - Support package-type regional demand-tailored support projects that reflect the strengths of the region (approximately 7 locations) □Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) ) is pushing ahead with a regional development project contest in 2024 to strengthen regional competitiveness, drive growth by inducing private investment, and improve residential conditions for local residents. ㅇ The contest is divided into investment leading districts and regional demand customized support projects, and from 15 to present, 185* specialized projects have been selected, including the Namwonju Station Area Development Project (Wonju City) and Yesan Market New Vitality Creation Center (Yesan County). ...]

A new means of revitalizing the city, ‘Hydrogen City Creation Project’


On the 27th, a briefing session on the 25-year hydrogen city development project was held for local governments... Projects are being promoted in 200 local governments after 20 pilot cities in 3 with government funding of 9 billion won. □ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) is conducting hydrogen research targeting local governments across the country to select new hydrogen city development projects in 25. An urban development project briefing session* will be held. * (City/Small) '24.2.27 (Tuesday) 14:16 - 4:XNUMX / Sejong Special Self-Governing City Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport XNUMXth floor conference room ㅇ The hydrogen city development project uses hydrogen for housing, business, transportation, industry, etc. Take advantage of [...]

Jeju Island resolves residents’ issues by expanding drone administrative services


- Implementation of drone commercialization services by linking drone demonstration cities, special liberalization zones, and related organizations -  Jeju Special Self-Governing Province is promoting a contest for drone demonstration cities hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport to revitalize administrative services using drones in 2024 and conducting a special drone campaign. It was announced that the project to create a liberalized zone, collaboration with provincial organizations, and integrated drone management work will be promoted. ❍ Jeju Island has been operating the country's largest drone special liberalization zone (2021km1,283) since 2. Through this, a total of 3 service models were discovered over the past three years, and in 16, it was selected as an excellent local government. ❍ This year, △Safe tourism and leisure services using drones △Linking and upgrading drone identification devices △Analysis of meteorological environment on urban air traffic (UAM) routes △Establishment of drone delivery infrastructure and inspection of drones (2021 units) in the province △Use of drones to transport marine waste and drones Promote special zone projects such as operational support.  Delivery and marine environmental cleanup using drones are also promoted. ❍ Jeju Island proposed a demonstration item for the use of urban drones suited to the characteristics of the island region and was selected as Korea's first drone demonstration city contest for two consecutive years starting in 94. ❍ In 2019, a total of 2 projects were carried out to solve Jeju's pending problems with government funding of approximately 2023 billion won. ❍ This year, we also applied for the drone demonstration city contest and conducted document evaluation (February 34) and presentation (February 11), and are about to announce the final results (February 2). Through this, we plan to carry out drone delivery to affiliated islands (inhabited islands) such as Biyangdo, Marado, and Gapado, △transport marine waste using drones, and promote the revitalization of logistics chain infrastructure in remote islands and marine environment purification projects.  Through collaboration with agencies and departments, we check the real-time location and video of drones and seek to expand the discovery of administrative services across the province. ❍ Jeju Island is promoting integrated drone management in the province to streamline the use of public drones. Among the 21 drones (2 departments, administrative cities and investment agencies), 22 underutilized drones were transferred and managed and drone sharing was implemented to promote inter-departmental collaboration. promote. ❍ Linkage between the drone integrated control center and related organizations (fire, military) has already been carried out. ❍ In the future, we plan to establish a continuous inspection, maintenance, and education system for drone management, and establish a public-private cooperation system by convening drone owners and qualified personnel from each department.  Yang Je-yoon, Director of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province’s Innovation Industry Bureau, said, “Through the drone business, we will solve various urban problems in the Jeju region and provide an opportunity to take a step forward as a global drone hub city by implementing commercial services,” adding, “Jeju’s urban air transportation (UAM) will be launched in the future.” ) We plan to greatly contribute to the development of the future mobility industry along with our services.” Source: Jeju Island

Ulsan City improves travel services in areas vulnerable to public transportation


-Ulsan City, improving mobility services in areas vulnerable to public transportation - Completion briefing session for the 'Our Village Intelligent Transportation (Smart Mobility) 1.0 Construction Project' - Safe crosswalks and bus stop environment improvement in the Eonyang Alps Market area - Automatic extension of walking time by up to 54.2%, Guaranteeing the right to pedestrian mobility for the mobility-disadvantaged - expected to improve public transportation convenience by providing Masil Bus information With the completion of the 'Our Village Intelligent Transportation (Smart Mobility) 1.0 Construction Project' promoted by Ulsan City, transportation services in the Eonyang Alps Market area are expected to improve. do. Ulsan City in February [...]

Seongnam City promotes smart city cooperation project with Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia's Royal Commission for AlUla is scheduled to visit Seongnam City in the first half of this year to discuss business. Seongnam City (Mayor Shin Sang-jin) recently held a video conference with Saudi Arabia's Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), and RCU is located in northwest Saudi Arabia. It was announced on the 20th that they discussed the case of Seongnam City, which can be used as a reference for the smart city construction project being promoted in the AlUla region. In a video conference at the request of Saudi Abaria RCU, the city discussed transportation, safety and welfare, environment, economy, and [...]