Promoting a leading project for 'Space Innovation Zone' that revitalizes the city


22nd The 23st MOLIT-Local Government Urban Policy Council held in 1 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong, hereinafter MOLIT) held March 22nd at 2:17 pm MOLIT Urban Policy Officer and 1 metropolitan cities and provinces’ urban policies It was announced that the 「22st Urban Policy Council*」 (hereafter referred to as the council) will be held in which the relevant director level will participate. * As a government-local government policy council that discusses policy issues such as population decline, climate change, and urban competitiveness, and institutional improvement such as urban planning and urban development, it has been held twice since 2 ㅇIn the first meeting of this year, MOLIT announced on January 6 one [...]

Promoting the emergence of new drone services with excellent K-drone technology


23 drone commercialization support project contest 17 drone companies selected □ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) and Aviation Safety Technology Institute (Director Lee Dae-seong) contest drone commercialization support project this year (Jan. 1.20-February 2.28, 34 companies applied) ) announced that 17 drone companies* were selected. * Ducitec, Hojeong Solution, Starman, During, Pablo Aviation, Sky Enterprise, Korea Aviation Society, Virobot, Hancom Inspace, Marine Drone Technology, Doota Technology, Camtic Research Institute, Infinite Information Technology, Mesa, Narma, Hexa Factory , Synerex □ MOLIT is a business model to promote the early commercialization of excellent drone technology from 18 [...]

One Team Korea dispatched to Indonesia, exported packages including infrastructure/aviation cooperation and city/high-tech technology


-Hold 「Korea-Indonesia New City Cooperation Forum」, promote export of Soul of Korea such as Indonesia’s new capital, smart city, AAM mobility, culture and life, etc. - The first foreign government official to visit the new capital site and cooperate in new capital development, infrastructure/urban development finance, etc. Promotion of MOU signing between public and private sectors [Importance of the visit] □ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) held a meeting from March 500th (Wednesday) to March 15th (Sunday) to achieve the target of 'Overseas construction contracts of 19 billion dollars a year' by the Yoon Seok-yeol government. ) to Indonesia, with Minister Won Hee-ryong as the head [...]

Creation of 15 national high-tech industrial complexes to build a high-tech industrial ecosystem


- Establishment of the world's largest 'high-tech system semiconductor cluster' in the metropolitan area with a scale of 300 trillion won - - Selected 14 provincial national industrial complex candidates to build a 'national high-tech industrial belt' - - Companies invest 6 trillion won in 550 high-tech industries, and the government invests 6 All-out support for tasks - □ The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Minister Lee Chang-yang) announced that they held the 「15th Emergency Economy and Public Welfare Meeting」 on March 14 (Wednesday). ㅇ This meeting was held on February 1st to find a semiconductor material manufacturer [...]

Full-scale promotion of 'smart logistics innovation business' using digital technology


- Selected 4 local government logistics service demonstration support projects - □ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) is the target of the digital logistics demonstration complex development project for smart logistics innovation this year, Gyeongsangnam-do, Gumi-si, Busan Metropolitan City, Incheon Metropolitan City, etc. 4 It was announced that four local governments were selected. ㅇ The project to create a digital logistics demonstration complex is to promote convenient and smart technology diffusion and innovation throughout the logistics industry amid growing interest in digitalization of the logistics industry. ㅇ Next-generation robot technology, artificial intelligence, [...]

Smart city, deregulation is fast and smart


- Comprehensive support for the regulatory deferment system (regulatory sandbox) through the designation of a person in charge for each SME/sprout company To this end, it was announced that the 「Smart City Regulatory Sandbox One-Stop Pre-Consulting System」 would be operated from February 28. * (Regulatory Sandbox) A system that grants special exceptions for products and services using new technologies to enable market launch, testing, and verification by suspending current regulations under certain conditions (period, place, scale). stop [...]

Yeongju City CCTV control agent contributed to the arrest of car theft suspects through tight control

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On the 23rd, the Yeongju Police Station received a commendation for contributing to the arrest of the suspect. A suspect attempting to steal from a vehicle parked in an alley early in the morning when people were rare was arrested through close observation and prompt reporting by a control agent at the CCTV Integrated Control Center in Yeongju City. Control agent A received a letter of commendation from the Yeongju Police Station on the 23rd for contributing to the arrest of the vehicle theft suspect. According to Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, control agent A said that a man opened the door of a parked car in the Gyeongbuk College Haksa Alley in the early morning of the 21st [...]

[Reference] Announcement of 「Government-wide Export Expansion Strategy」 for 「2023 Export Plus Conversion」


Announcement of “Government-wide Export Expansion Strategy” for “2023 Export Plus Transition” said to have been held. ㅇ At the meeting, this year was set as the first year to earnestly implement the “MOTIE of all ministries” emphasized by President Seok-Yeol Yun from the 23st Export Strategy Meeting. 4 export conditions and pan-governmental export expansion strategy” was finalized. [...]

Improving Disaster Responsiveness of the City and Housing


Increase the disaster response capacity of the city and housing as a whole □ In the future, further strengthen the disaster prevention-type urban planning and gradually eliminate existing disaster-vulnerable housing to further enhance the disaster response capacity of the city and housing as a whole against climate change. □Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) announced on February 23 (Thursday) the “According to Climate Change, Plans to Strengthen Urban and Housing Disaster Response Capabilities” were announced. ㅇ Recent unprecedented localized heavy rain, heat wave [...]

Tongyeong city integrated control center protects precious lives


- Tongyeong City Integrated Control Center rescued suicide attempters who were pessimistic about employment - Tongyeong City Integrated Control Center said it played a decisive role in finding suicide attempts through CCTV monitoring and promptly rescued them through close cooperation with the police. According to the integrated control center in Tongyeong, on the 16th at around 19:48, CCTV monitoring captured a woman hesitantly ascending from the railing of Chungmu Bridge in Docheon-dong, and promptly informed the nearby police to prevent her loss of life. As a result of her rescue check, it is known that she attempted suicide because she was pessimistic about her own situation due to her unemployment. This is not the first time that the Tongyeong City Integrated Control Center has prevented suicide accidents. In July 2022, a student who was pessimistic about his academic performance was caught climbing the railing of Tongyeong Bridge, and in the last year of 2022 alone, he rescued more than 7 suicide attempts. "We will continue to do our best to create a safe city where citizens can live safely and comfortably in cooperation with related organizations," said Koo Tae-heon, head of the Civil Safety Division. Meanwhile, the Tongyeong City Integrated Control Center is having a positive impact on the local community in various fields such as preventing various crimes and safety accidents, leading youth, and cracking down on illegal dumping through 24-hour real-time monitoring (CCTV 2,425 units). ☞ Source: Tongyeong City

4 years of regulatory sandbox, stepping out beyond the door of opportunity


4 years of regulatory sandbox, stepping out beyond the door of opportunity - Creating economic effects such as attracting KRW 4 trillion investment through a total of 860 regulatory exceptions in 10.5 years of implementation of the regulatory sandbox - - Faster regulatory sandbox approval, regulation and regulation Promotion of continuous institutional improvement such as revitalization - □ Prime Minister Han Deok-soo announced that he plans to preside over the 「Regulatory Sandbox Innovative Companies Conference」 on February 15th (Wed) at 2:XNUMX pm in the medium-sized conference room of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry. ※ Participation: Prime Minister, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Choi Tae-won [...]

Changwon special city promotes installation project of 'Safe lanterns' that illuminate crosswalks


Improving non-signalized crosswalk facilities to prevent pedestrian safety accidents at night Changwon Special City (Mayor Hong Nam-pyo) is implementing the 'Crosswalk Safety Light Installation Project' from this month to create a traffic environment where citizens can walk safely at night. 13 the day said For the crosswalk safety light project, two pilot installations were installed last year with subsidy support from the Gyeongsangnam-do Autonomous Police Committee. 'Night non-signal [...]

Suncheon City implements emergency vehicle priority signal system... Secure golden time


- Pilot operation from the 8th to the 17th - Suncheon City (Mayor Noh Gwan-gyu) announced that starting this year, fire trucks and ambulances will be given priority, and emergency vehicles will receive a green light and pass through the intersection first. The city has established an emergency vehicle priority signal system so that emergency vehicles can move to their destination without stopping and secure golden time, and will be piloted from the 8th to the 17th. Built as part of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport's government subsidy project for intelligent transportation systems, this system allows emergency vehicles to pass through intersections without waiting at traffic lights when a destination is set on a terminal installed in an emergency vehicle. The signal is interlocked with a green signal, and after passing through the intersection, it is returned to a normal signal. In the meantime, emergency vehicles have been delayed due to traffic congestion and have been exposed to the risk of traffic accidents. The city expects that the introduction of the priority signal system will greatly contribute to securing the golden time to protect the lives and safety of citizens and preventing accidents. An official from Suncheon City said, "If the priority signal system is activated, the waiting time at the signal temporarily increases, but I hope you will actively cooperate with the mindset of keeping me and my family and neighbors safe." If you start predictably, there is a risk of accident, so please refrain from predicting departure.” ☞ Source: Suncheon City

Call for smart city creation and expansion project in 23


Contest from the 6th... A total of 14 local governments were selected and supported in a scale of KRW 1,040 billion. Smart City Creation and Expansion Project' contest is held. This year, in addition to the solution expansion project that supports excellent solutions as a package and the base-type project that demonstrates comprehensive solutions throughout the city to create a smart city base, strong small smart to create a leading city that responds to environmental changes such as climate crisis and regional extinction city ​​[...]

Call for smart city creation and expansion project in 23


Contest from the 6th... A total of 14 local governments were selected and supported in the amount of KRW 1,040 billion - □ The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) is a '' that discovers and creates innovative services to solve existing urban problems by bringing together citizens, businesses, and local governments. The '23 Smart City Creation and Expansion Project' contest is held. ㅇ This year, in addition to the solution expansion project that supports excellent solutions as a package and the base-type project that creates a smart city base by demonstrating comprehensive solutions throughout the city, a leading city that responds to environmental changes such as climate crisis and regional extinction [...] ]

Changwon Special City Hydrogen Mobility Industry Excellent Case Popularity in Nepal


Selected and presented as a representative case of Korea at the 2nd International Conference organized by the Nepalese government and the Society of Transportation Engineers is knocking on the door of Changwon City with interest in At the 8nd international conference held in Kathmandu, Nepal, in a hybrid method (combined video conference) for two days from the 3rd, sponsored by the Nepal government and the Transport Engineering Society, the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the Korea Transport Institute and 2 other institutions [...]

'Smart city industry revitalization' government-industry communication platform opened


<Photo courtesy: Smart Cities Association> The Smart Cities Association announced on the 10th that it held the 5th Smart City government-industry policy meeting at the Seoul City Hall Press Center on the 11th. The meeting was held under the theme of 'mutual cooperation and information exchange between the association member companies and the government for the vitalization of the smart city industry'. With the announcement of the 2023 smart city project promotion plan by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, a forum for communication between the government and members of the Smart City Association was prepared. The 22 regular member companies that attended the event announced plans to revitalize the smart city industry and [...]

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Cultivating future talent and discovering future food, catching both rabbits


Participation in CES2023, grasping global trends by visiting UAM industrial sites… The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) participated in 'CES2023' held in Las Vegas to examine the global technology trends of next-generation core industries, such as urban air transportation (UAM) and self-driving cars, which are the future food for land transportation. Investigate necessary policy measures. In the case of CES 2023, which will be held this year, based on the global consensus of 'sustainability', innovative sectors such as metaverse and web 3.0 will be established, and promising fields such as future mobility and digital healthcare (smart home) will be expanded and formed. More than ever [...]

Various Perspectives for Balanced Development 「Regional Balanced Development Forum」 launched


□ Composed of experts in various fields, including education, culture, industry, and jobs, as well as land and transportation. □ Searching for practical and comprehensive measures to realize balanced regional development. Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) launched the “Regional Balanced Development Forum,” in which 4 private experts participate as members to discuss various policy directions for balanced regional development at the Sejong Government Complex at 10:30 am on January 11. said to do Members participating in the forum are responsible for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport [...]

Selected as a life-friendly urban regeneration smart technology support project in 2023 that can experience health care, mobility and safety technology for the mobility impaired


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) has finally selected 2023* destinations for the 'life-friendly urban regeneration smart technology support project' to be promoted in 13. * Gangwon (Gangneung, Wonju), Gyeongnam (Miryang, Sancheong, Haman), Gyeongbuk (Yeongju), Gwangju (Dong-gu), Jeonnam (Mokpo, Muan, Suncheon, Hampyeong), Jeonbuk (Namwon, Muju) The technical support project builds a smart service linked to the detailed functions of the urban regeneration project that has been selected and is being implemented to improve local issues in areas closely related to residents' lives such as safety/firefighting, transportation, living/welfare, and enhance the effect of the regeneration project. As a project for [...]