Smart City Solution Expansion Project

The “Smart City Solution Expansion Project” disseminates solutions so that the public can enjoy excellent solutions that have been proven effective. Local governments can easily introduce solutions necessary for people's lives, such as transportation, safety, and welfare, by using the 'Smart City Solution Guide' presented by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.

※ 2021 project results: 90 local governments open to contest, final 22 local governments promote

Dongjak-gu, Seoul

Smart Pedestrian Safety

  • The area around Namseong Station - Jangseungbaegi Station - Sindaebang Samgeori Station is a frequent area for pedestrian accidents and jaywalking accidents analyzed by the traffic accident analysis system.
Smart pole smart crosswalk smart bus stop
Guro-gu, Seoul

Smart Pole installation

  • Smart CCTV poles installed in residential areas or traffic congestion areas and integrated installation of IoT LED security lights, intelligent CCTVs, WiFi, logo projectors, etc. in one post to establish three safety services such as crime prevention, traffic, and illegal dumping prevention
Smart pole smart crosswalk
Busan Nam-gu

Smart UN Peace and Culture Zone where the solution works

  • The Daeyeon Intersection-UN Intersection, the main entrance to the UN Peace and Culture Zone, is an area with a lot of movement by outsiders and residents due to its proximity to major attractions, and there is a high risk of traffic accidents. Creating a cutting-edge smart street by building a crime prevention solution
Smart pole smart crosswalk
Dalseo-gu, Daegu

Safer and more convenient
smart dalseo

  • Dalseo-gu promotes smart urbanization of the old downtown by constructing crosswalks, poles, and bus stops as it is vulnerable to traffic, crime prevention and the environment due to the high number of traffic accidents and child traffic accidents in 19.
Smart pole smart crosswalk smart bus stop
Daegu Dong-gu

Making a New Leap Safe and Cool Smart Dong-gu

  • Traffic accidents are low in the traffic culture index, and in particular, it is necessary to reduce the number of vehicle-to-person fatalities.
smart crosswalk
Incheon Seo-gu

Smart Eco City Business

  • Pedestrian accidents are occurring a lot due to the aging of transportation facilities in the original city center, and damage to residents has been increased due to large-scale industrial complexes, reclaimed land in the metropolitan area, and thermal power plants.
smart crosswalk smart bus stop
Gwangju Nam-gu

happy smart city

  • Nam-gu has the lowest rate of securing a parking lot among the five autonomous districts of Gwangju, and as accidents and accidents occur frequently in Bitgoeul Health Town, which has a high proportion of elderly population, secure shared parking spaces (5 spaces) and introduce smart bus stops to improve resident satisfaction
shared parking smart bus stop
Gyeonggi Pyeongtaek

Smart Pyeongtaek City where safety breathes

  • Pyeongtaek City prevents traffic accidents and crimes by installing smart crosswalks and smart poles in areas where there is a high risk of traffic accidents and crimes according to the results of the “Community Safety Level Diagnosis” conducted by the city of Pyeongtaek due to the weak road safety and security facilities.
Smart pole smart crosswalk
Gyeonggi Suwon

Smart city solution plus that is a plus for citizens' lives

  • As the number of vehicles per household increases in the old city center and parking difficulties are severe due to the number of tourists in Suwon Hwaseong, a smart shared parking space is secured to solve the parking problem, and the transportation of local residents is improved through smart crosswalks and bus stops.
smart crosswalk smart bus stop shared parking
Gyeonggi Seongnam

Inclusive Citizen Experience Smart
service provision

  • Prevent traffic accidents by installing smart bus stops and crosswalks in areas where there are many bus accidents and traffic accidents within intersections.
smart crosswalk smart bus stop drone
Gyeonggi Gwangmyeong

providing a safe environment and
crime prevention

  • In Gwangmyeong-dong, the annual frequency of fires is high, and local residents' anxiety about safety and crime is high, and the number of bus users is high.
smart bus stop Smart pole
Gyeonggi Copper

Sustainable virtuous cycle customized
Establishment of smart transportation model

  • Due to the development of various new towns in adjacent areas, traffic congestion occurs due to the increase in population and vehicles, and the inconvenience of using public transportation and the occurrence of traffic accidents continue to increase. and traffic problem solving
smart crosswalk smart bus stop
Chuncheon, Gangwon

Eco-friendly and sustainable
Smart city creation

  • The city of Chuncheon has recorded a high level of fine dust concentration, so a smart bus stop with fine dust sensors has been established to encourage the use of public transportation and support the provision of services to promote citizens’ health.
smart bus stop
Gangwon Taebaek

Smart bus stops for citizen convenience and
pole build

  • Taebaek City is a coal mining city located in the southern part of Gangwon. As the city lost its function due to the decline of the coal industry and a rapid economic downturn, it was necessary to improve the quality of services such as emotional space that can be positioned in the daily life of small citizens beyond the urban structure and function. Improvement of the retractable bus stop to an automatic closed type with smooth communication, and replace it with a smart bus stop that can respond to various social disasters and climate change
smart bus stop Smart pole
Chungju, Chungbuk

Smart bus stop installation

  • Due to the increase in industrial complexes since 17, they are vulnerable to fine dust environments and need to be prepared for heat/severe heat due to changes in the climate environment. Introduced smart bus stops to solve the inconvenience of city workers commuting to and from work
smart bus stop
Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do

Reduction of traffic accident rate

  • Nonsan City has a high risk of traffic accidents due to the high number of traffic accident deaths and the elderly population compared to other regions in Chungcheongnam-do.
smart crosswalk Smart pole
Chungnam Hongseong

Creation of a safe living area for the transportation vulnerable and residents

  • Naepo New City Smart city construction eliminates the sense of alienation and alienation between the old downtown areas, creates a living area where the transportation-disabled and residents can feel safe
smart crosswalk smart bus stop
Jeonbuk Gimje

Fire Surveillance Smart Solution

  • In order to reduce the high rate of fires in Gimje, unmanned drones are used to strengthen fire monitoring and patrol, and smart distribution boxes are integrated into a smart platform to implement operation and monitoring services.
autonomous drone electrical safety
Yeosu, Jeollanam-do

Safe Smart Transportation City

  • Yeosu ranks D in the traffic safety index and ranks third in the nation for the amount of air pollutants generated. As it is necessary to prepare solutions that citizens can feel through the analysis of traffic and air environment problems, it is necessary to prevent traffic accidents and improve safety, protect the transportation vulnerable and provide a comfortable space. Introduction of smart crosswalks and bus stops for
smart crosswalk smart bus stop
Gyeongbuk Yeongju

Smart 共 Zone service

  • As it is necessary to reduce the burden of social costs due to the continuous increase in the elderly population and to create a safe walking environment in the children's protection zone, smart crossing to build a smart safe distance for the transportation vulnerable and create a space where they can use public transportation conveniently and safely Applied to sidewalks and bus stops
smart crosswalk smart bus stop
Gyeongnam Jinju

Citizens vs. Healing Projects

  • In order to solve life safety issues (traffic, environment, health) in Jinju City derived through interviews with related departments and citizen living lab (2 times), prompt dispatch and real-time video is relayed through drones in case of disasters and traffic accidents, and smart bus Provide a space where citizens can wait with confidence by building a stop, and induce emotional care through empathic communication by building a smart pole Implementation of operation and monitoring services by integrating smart distribution boxes into smart platforms
smart bus stop Smart pole drone
Gyeongnam Miryang

Miryang Daum Smart Solution

  • With a traffic safety index of 5 in Yangsi City, the traffic accident rate is high compared to the increase in pedestrian protection zones, and the provision of public transportation facilities and information for the socially disadvantaged and residents/tourists is insufficient. Fire Surveillance Smart Solution
smart crosswalk smart bus stop

The “Smart Solution Challenge Project” supports the introduction of solutions close to daily life that solve local problems such as transportation, energy, and environment, targeting small and medium-sized cities. Local governments participate in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport contest with solution companies, and if selected, can introduce solutions to solve local problems.

※ 2020 project results: 42 local governments submitted a public offering, 9 local governments ultimately promoted

Gangdong-gu, Seoul Health

Virus, fine dust blocking solution

  • Unmanned Autonomous Driving Robot for Fever Inspection
  • Construction of air shower system for removing fine dust, etc.
Yangcheon-gu, Seoul energy

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

  • Smart E-mobility charging infrastructure in street parking lot
Geoje City, Gyeongnam 관광

Prison Camp Relic Park Smart Park

  • AR story teller, smart parking lot, IoT locker, multinational audio guide, visitor big data analysis, etc.

Sacheon, Gyeongnam safety

School Zone Safety Solution

  • Notice of passing vehicles to pedestrians, attention to drivers and LED display of real-time driving speed, illegal parking stop chart, analysis of pedestrian and vehicle big data, etc.
Seosan, Chungnam logistics

Delivery and accident response using drones

  • Goods delivery service for island areas using hybrid drones
  • On-site video transmission service using a wired drone when receiving a coastal accident
Chungbuk Cheongju 관광

Busking support platform

  • Install LCD display, microphone, amplifier, speaker, etc. on smart streets, build a busking support platform such as space, equipment reservation, rental through mobile and homepage
Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju 교통

Apartment Parking Sharing

  • Smart parking control system
  • Shared housing parking surface sharing service, etc.

Suncheon City, Jeonnam 교통

Illegal parking control of electric vehicle charging area, etc.

  • Charger self-diagnosis and automatic recovery system
  • Electric vehicle charging space Illegal parking smart management system, etc.

Wanju-gun, Jeonbuk 교통

Smart bus stop

  • IoT-based bus information guide platform and terminal
  • Traffic accident and crime prevention CCTV-mounted bus shelter construction, etc.