Smart City Challenge 2019 Preliminary Project-2020 Main Project

"시티 challengeIs the idea of ​​a private enterprise that can solve problems Demonstrate a comprehensive solutionbuildIn business to do, First yearIn the selected corporate and local consortium Planning and Demonstration of Representative Solution Where costs are supported (15 billion won / site) 3Year 200~250억원 It supports the scale of the project (about 100 billion won).

As a result of the 2019 Smart City Challenge project contest, a total of 6 locations were selected (May 2019.05) in Gwangju, Bucheon, Gyeonggi, Suwon, Changwon, Gyeongnam, Daejeon, and Incheon, and in 2020 「Smart challenge main business" Evaluation results Bucheon-si, Daejeon, Incheon, Gyeonggi-do 3 Area City Challenge Main Business The final target was selected (2020.02.).

Gyeonggi Bucheon Selected as main business

Solving urban and social problems through social economic models and sharing platforms

Open public and private parking lot information through'Blockchain based platform construction' and solve urban problems through electric vehicles, electric kickboards, and vehicle sharing

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Daejeon, Chungcheongnamdo Selected as main business

Alive and vivid smart city Biz model city, Daejeon

Customized parking sharing system that connects both public and private parking facilities

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Incheon Metropolitan City Selected as main business

Incheon Metropolitan City Project Participation MoD (Mobility on Demend)

Responsibly operates a stop with demand for riding regardless of the existing bus route, demonstrating a mobility-on-demand transportation system

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Gwangju Metropolitan City

Bitgoeul Data Democracy First Avenue Project

Regional innovation through the establishment of a'blockchain-based data/reward platform'

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Gyeonggi Suwon

'NEW 1794 Project' Smart City Challenge Project in Suwon City

Providing various solutions to help citizens recognize and make decisions through '5G-based mobile digital twin'

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Changwon, Gyeongnam

Resolving urban problems through the introduction of the Changwon type virtuous cycle business model

Demonstration of self-reliant smart industrial complex business that reinvests in public services such as safety and environment based on the energy-based sustainable profit business model

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