Smart City Challenge 2020 Preliminary Project

The largest business scale 「시티 challengePrivate enterpriseof Innovative ideasAs a city-wide comprehensive solution creation project that solves problems across the city, such as road transport 3Year(Preliminary + book) 215Billion wonThis is put.

A total of 2020 municipalities applied for the City Challenge in 18, Gangneung Gangneung·Gyeongnam Gimhae·Busan·Jeju Island 4placeWas selected.

The projects selected this time Representative Solution Demonstration and Main Business Plan establish(15 billion won) is planned to be promoted by the end of the year, and after the preliminary project, the city challenge project was evaluated by the evaluation committee at the beginning of next year. Main business Target of Support(About 2 places) selectionTo the selected area 2About a year 200Billion won(Local government 50% matching) inputPlan to be.

Gangneung Gangneung

Regional tourism and commercial area and MaaS integrated connection service

Gangneung-si is a tourist-type MaaS (Mobility As A) that allows tourists to check the vacancy and waiting time of restaurants and cafes in the area with smartphones and process reservations, orders, route information, and transportation payments all at once to revitalize local business and tourism. Service)'Smart Alley' will be promoted.

* Tourist type MaaS: A service that enables integrated search and payment of tourist attractions and all transportation methods

Gimhae, Gyeongnam

Industrial complex sharing economy and enterprise support solution

Gimhae plans to share logistics warehouses and transportation vehicles at the Goldroots Industrial Complex, a special manufacturing area for medical devices, and provide demand-based transportation services and health management services through analysis of commuting demands and optimal routes. It also creates a cloud work environment where work is possible anytime, anywhere.


Disabled traffic environment system for the disabled

Busan Metropolitan City provides barrier-free road guidance services through mobile phones and terminals to help the handicapped, such as the disabled and the elderly, move through the subway station without difficulty. I will make it.

Jeju Island

New renewable energy and shared mobility service

In response to the upcoming green economy trend, Jeju Island provides eco-friendly shared mobility and a renewable energy trading platform linkage service based on gas stations and convenience stores as hubs (hubs) to implement a high-efficiency clean city standard model that utilizes an eco-friendly industrial base.