Smart City Challenge 2021 Preliminary Project-2022 Main Project

「City Challenge」Ideas from private companiesBased on Smarting across the cityfor Comprehensive SolutionBy city as a business that implements 215 billion wonSupport the project cost of In case of being selected as the main project after carrying out a preliminary project for establishing a plan for one year and demonstrating a solution (KRW 1 billion/site) KRW 2 billion for 200 years(50% of local expenses) is supported to promote expansion projects.

A total of 2021 local governments applied for the 20 City Challenge preliminary project, showing a 5:1 competition rate, and 4 Daegu, Chuncheon, Chungbuk, and Pohang were selected (2021.04).

Daegu Metropolitan City Selected as main business

AI-based city transportation service

  • Provides services to improve urban traffic by controlling traffic conditions in real time and distributing traffic flows through navigation.
  • Signed a business agreement with the National Police Agency for AI-based signal control When pedestrians cross the street at an intersection
  • Pedestrian safety is secured by alerting attention

Chuncheon, Gangwon Selected as main business

Realization of a citizen-participating zero carbon city

  • Implementing an empirical model for the first time by local governments by linking individual eco-friendly efforts and mobility sharing services with the carbon credit revenue structure
  • Provides carbon saving points as the amount of traffic is reduced by attaching sensors to cars that individuals ride, and points as much as the distance used by shared taxis and public transportation
  • Demonstration of a carbon credit platform that citizens can participate in to resolve the intensifying fine dust and heat island phenomenon and to relieve traffic congestion.

Chungcheongbukdo Selected as main business

Smart emergency medical care and autonomous driving mobility service

  • Establish a platform that automatically classifies patient severity, selects a transfer hospital, provides remote emergency medical guidance, etc., where the treatment status is shared in real time between the emergency site, the hospital to be transferred, and the situation room of related institutions
  • In order to solve the inconvenience caused by insufficient traffic between the city centers, the existing autonomous driving operation district (Sejong-Osong) was expanded to the Chungbuk innovative city, and autonomous driving shuttle was operated.

Pohang, Gyeongbuk Selected as main business

Road safety and transportation services that are convenient for citizens

  • Automatically detects sections requiring road maintenance through Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, and detects illegal parking or drop-offs that threaten pedestrian safety and manages them in real time.
  • Proof of service through a living lab method that verifies the practical effect of the service by forming a user verification team in which universities (Pohang University), citizens, and companies (POSCO consortium) participate.