Smart Campus Challenge

"campus challenge"is organized by the university and the participation of companies and local governments to develop innovative ideas Campus and nearby shops, experiment in the cityand start up a sprout company, etc. Link to commercializationThis is a smart solution demonstration project.


Main business

  • Anyang University

    Smart Poll data utilization
    Transportation and welfare service demonstration

  • Hanshin University

    Utilizing city data such as CCTV
    PM management service

  • Yonsei University

    Shared transportation service center
    Activation of Sinchon Commercial Area

  • Korea National University of Transportation

    self-driving shuttle
    Multi-purpose mobility stop linkage

  • Keimyung University

    demand response type
    Mobility sharing platform demonstration

  • Sungshin Women's University

    Predicting fire risk using sensors and
    Support service for the elderly living alone

  • Dong-A University

    Digital twin based
    Disaster prediction platform demonstration

  • Gongju University

    Local customization
    Smart content core technology demonstration