Smart Town Challenge 2018 Preliminary Project-2019 Main Project

 "Theme Specialty Complex Project"silver Existing cityVarious Applying smart services, Transportation, energy, crime prevention, etc. Improving living convenienceAnd local unique Industrial and cultural competitiveness It is a project to support the creation of smart city best practices by reinforcing it, etc., and was promoted by dividing it into the first stage project planning support ('1) and the second stage construction support ('18) stage.

In 2018, we selected four locations in Daejeon Metropolitan City, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, and Chungcheongbuk-do as the targets of the ``Theme-type Master Plan Support Project for Smart City'' (4.).Theme Specialty Complex ProjectDaejeon, Chungcheongnamdo, Gyeongsangnam-do Gimhae, Gyeonggi-do Bucheon Three locations were selected (3.).

Daejeon, Chungcheongnamdo Selected as main business

Theme-type specialized complex Re-New Science Village

Create a “Re-New Science Village” that provides pro-life-style smart services around the aged Daedeok R&D Zone

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Bucheon, Kyungkido Selected as main business

Smart fine dust clean special complex

Constructing a demonstration complex that connects big data analysis and fine dust reduction services

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Gimhae, Gyeongnam Selected as main business

Go Go Gaya Smart Tourism Service

Gimhae, a smart historical and cultural city where the breath of Gaya lives

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Smart World Heritage City

Through cooperation between local governments, a smart world cultural heritage city was created in the area of ​​Baekje Historic Area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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