Smart Town Challenge 2019 Preliminary Project-2020 Main Project

"town challengeBased on civic participation Living Lab To draw up solutions to problems, Specialized solution optimized for certain areasAs a business to build First yearThere are municipalities and citizens together Plan establishSupport (KRW 3 million / site) and follow-up evaluation 1Year 20~40억원 Support the main scale project (10 billion to 20 billion won in national expenses)

As the target site of the 2019 smart city ``themed special complex comprehensive plan establishment support project'' Tongyeong-si, Gyeongnam, Suyeong-gu, Busan, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Gongju-si, Buyeo-gun, Chungnam Four locations were selected (February 4), and in 2019.02 「Smart challenge main business" Evaluation results 4 개 Area all Town Challenge Main Business The final target was selected (2020.02.).
*"Theme-type specialized complex" was reorganized into the "Smart Town Challenge" project (2020.01.)

Gyeongnam Tongyeong Selected as main business

Tongyeong, a smart city with local businesses

Create a'traditional market where visitors can experience and use it conveniently' centered around Dongpirang Village, a representative tourist destination

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Suyeonggu, Busan Selected as main business

Suyeong Smart ECT

Create'Gwangalli' I Want to Find Again' by increasing the convenience and enjoyment of the Gwangalli Beach with smart services

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Seongdonggu, Seoul Selected as main business

Traffic-oriented Wangsimni Smart Transcity

Building'Blinds Zero Wangsimni Smart Transcity' to solve the ever-intensifying traffic problem around Wangsimni Square, the node of 5 road networks and 5 subway lines.

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Buyeo, Gongju, Chungnam Province Selected as main business

Smart World Heritage City

Creation of a'Smart Baekje-gil' in connection with the Baekje historic area and revitalization of sojourn-type tourism

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