Smart Town Challenge 2020 Preliminary Project

「That local governments and citizens build solutions optimized for the needs of certain areastown challengeVillage unit Living LabAs a business that creates tangible solutions through 2Year(Preliminary + book) 43Billion wonThis is put.

The 2020 Town Challenge was applied by a total of 20 municipalities, Gangwon Wonju·Chungnam Seosan·Jeonnam Gwangyang·Gyeongnam Changwon 4placeThe project was selected.
The projects selected this time Main Business Plan establish(3 million won) is planned to be implemented by the end of the year, and after the preliminary project, the town challenge project was reviewed by the evaluation committee early next year. Main business Target of Support(About 2 places) selectionTo the selected area 1About a year 40Billion wonof Project cost(50% local government matching) inputPlan to be.

Gangwon Wonju

Transportation and safety services connecting universities and communities

Wonju City has a transportation solution such as a demand-response bus, a shared bicycle, and a kickboard that strengthens the connection between the university and the community in the entertainment industry where three universities are concentrated. Introduce safety solutions such as security control.

Seosan, Chungnam

Industrial complex safety, transportation and environmental services

In order to strengthen the industrial complex disaster response system, Seosan City introduces safety solutions such as drone monitoring, traffic solutions such as signal distribution system through real-time traffic situation analysis to prevent traffic accidents, and environmental solutions such as fine dust purification benches to improve environmental problems.

Jeonnam Gwangyang

Circular Eco-Point Platform

Gwangyang City promotes a circular eco-point platform service that enables payment of local buses, shared mobility fees, and household wastes with eco-points accumulated through resource recycling.In addition, intelligent waste collection systems, smart bins, and bus stops for fine dust reduction To create.

Changwon, Gyeongnam

Jinhae Marine Park Smart Tourism Town

Changwon City is planning to provide transportation solutions such as a tour app and a shared kickboard to the Jinhae Marine Park. In addition, it introduces smart parking and public WI-FI services, such as virtual reality (VR) 360-degree panoramic tour, solar tower media facade, parking space confirmation for convenience, and advance payment.