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ICT coding expert nurturing company, advance into Vietnam

2021-11-16T12:22:02+09:002021.10.22|Overseas Smart City News|

- The impact of COVID-19 on the IT industry is relatively small, and the need for high-quality programming education is expected to increase - - 100% conversion to an online communication platform amid the corona situation - - When entering Vietnam, set the direction for entry according to the local situation, through periodic retrospective Planning is important - According to the 2020 Vietnam IT Market report, there were 2019 ICT workers in Vietnam in 103, accounting for [...]

Introduction to the investment environment in Dalian City's Goxin Park, Silicon Valley in northern China

2021-11-16T12:22:30+09:002021.10.21|Overseas Smart City News|

- Currently, more than 1000 high-tech IT companies such as IBM, Accenture, NHN, Softbank, and Pfizer have moved in - - Dalian City High-Tech Industrial Zone, which is currently regarded as the industrial park with the most business opportunities in Dalian City - Southwest of Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China The High-Tech Industrial Zone (or Gaoxinyuan Zone) is China's first national-level high-tech industrial zone with an area of ​​1991 square kilometers, established in March 3, and is an innovation zone where high-tech industries in Northeast China are concentrated. The high-tech designated by China [...]

Startup Success Tips from French Investors

2021-11-16T12:37:22+09:002021.10.20|Overseas Smart City News|

- Startups in the K-tech field must read international market trends to enter France - - Learn success know-how through the examples of startups that successfully attracted French investment - Kotra Paris Trade Center successfully attracts investment from many startups in France We tried to examine the factors of success and failure accurately by listening to startup success stories from Mr. Cerival, an accelerator who has experience leading to Through this, domestic startups contemplating entering the overseas market [...]

France announces 'France 300', a future investment strategy worth 2030 billion euros

2021-11-16T12:37:45+09:002021.10.20|Overseas Smart City News|

- Announcing an investment plan for strategic nurturing of the next-generation industry that will represent France - - Focusing on small reactors, green hydrogen, electric vehicles, low-carbon airplanes, and revitalization of domestic manufacturing - President Macron of France spoke at the Elysee Palace on October 12. It announced an investment plan 'France 2030' for industrial development. From 2022, to nurture representative industries that will succeed the technological powers that have represented France in the past, such as nuclear power, TGV, and Rafale fighter [...]

The most interesting young startups in the Netherlands in 2021

2021-11-16T12:40:34+09:002021.10.19|Overseas Smart City News|

- Bring scale-up to the surface once again through TNW exhibition and tech competition Tech5! - - Shypple, selected as the most promising startup in the Netherlands - 2021 TNW (The Next Web Conference) Last year's TNW event, which was held online, is back in hybrid format this year. The offline event, which was held again after a year due to Corona, took place over two days from September 1, 2021 to October 9. To keep distance, the number of offline events [...]

China's power crisis, the root cause and impact on our business?

2021-11-16T12:38:12+09:002021.10.19|Overseas Smart City News|

- The core cause is the structural problem of energy consumption that relies on coal power generation - - The complete marketization of coal power electricity prices may lead to an increase in corporate production costs - - It is difficult to resolve the power shortage in China in the short term, so companies need to prepare long-term countermeasures - Q3 of this year The severe power shortage in China, which started in the beginning of the year, has continued until the fourth quarter. Some local governments are reducing electricity usage and in severe cases power outages or factories [...]

UK, DroneX exhibition specializing in drones

2021-11-16T13:00:39+09:002021.10.18|Overseas Smart City News|

- Confirmation of the possibility of using drones in the surveillance and inspection industry - - Participation of various companies throughout the value chain of the drone industry - Exhibition specializing in drones from October 2021th to 5th, 6 at ExCeL London, UK In DroneX exhibition was held. Based on the list of participating companies posted at the exhibition site, 104 companies participated in this exhibition. DroneX Overview Exhibition Features The business fields of participating companies are drone production and [...]

CMTS observer at Canada Manufacturing Technology Exhibition

2021-11-16T12:39:03+09:002021.10.18|Overseas Smart City News|

- Held in the Mississauga, Ontario region for 4 days in an online/offline hybrid format - - Participation in various fields such as automated robots, electric vehicles, and engineering consulting companies - - Face-to-face exhibitions expected to increase in the future due to the high penetration rate of the COVID-19 vaccine - October 2021 The 4 Canada Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS), Canada's representative manufacturing conference, was held from the 7th to the 2021th. During the past year, COVID-19 [...]

Visit South Summit, the largest startup fair in Southern Europe

2021-11-16T13:01:04+09:002021.10.18|Overseas Smart City News|

- The largest startup fair in Southern Europe - - Spain is actively taking steps to attract promising foreign startups - The 2021th South Summit Fair was held at La Nave, Madrid, on October 5-7, 8. A total of 6,800 startups participated in online/offline methods, and 1200 investors and 2 general visitors gathered at the event to see them. Exhibition Overview Exhibition Highlights South Summit [...]

AURIC Industrial Complex, Aurangabad, India Webinar

2021-11-16T12:39:48+09:002021.10.14|Overseas Smart City News|

- AURIC Industrial Park attracting attention as a joint project between the federal and state governments - - It is necessary to take advantage of the geographical advantages and support measures located in the center of Maharashtra, adjacent to the Delhi-Mumbai industrial belt - Federal Government of India and Maharashtra State Government is promoting the industrial complex project AURIC (Aurangabad Industrial City). AURIC is part of one of India's most advanced infrastructure projects, the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. The city manufactures [...]

Japan's representative hydrogen/fuel cell exhibition FC Expo 2021

2021-11-16T13:02:05+09:002021.10.14|Overseas Smart City News|

- An exhibition where you can see the latest technology trends in Japan moving toward a 'hydrogen society', visited by 2.5 people over two days - - Introduced a value chain where hydrogen is produced on-site and recharged at a hydrogen station – Representing Japan 'FC Expo 2021', an exhibition specializing in hydrogen and fuel cells, was held from September 9th to October 29st at Aomi Exhibition Center, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. Japan aims to realize a 'hydrogen society' by 1 by investing in related technologies and infrastructure [...]

Visiting Finland’s largest industrial exhibition “Subcontracting Fair 2021”

2021-11-16T13:02:34+09:002021.10.14|Overseas Smart City News|

- You can check the latest manufacturing technology, product and solution trends- - Composed of exhibition items and programs that emphasize the latest industrial trends such as carbon neutrality and data - Exhibition information Exhibition overview and history Subcontracting Fair was held in 1984 with the representative of the Finnish Metal Industry Association The exhibition was conceived as the representative of Tampere Exhibition Center agreed that an exhibition to show the expertise of the subcontracting industry was necessary. Since then, it was first started in Tampere in 1988 and has continued for more than 30 years [...]

2021 GreenTech Exhibition in the Netherlands

2021-11-16T13:03:18+09:002021.10.13|Overseas Smart City News|

- The latest technologies and trends in global agriculture in one place - - Technology desired by smart farms now - 2021 GreenTech exhibition layout It is a horticultural exhibition. It is a place where companies and experts from all over the world participate to explain their products and technologies and share opinions with the attendees, as well as agriculture and horticulture [...]

Future City Development of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, Preview

2021-11-16T13:08:35+09:002021.10.12|Overseas Smart City News|

- Creation of 'Tianfu New District' and 'Eastern New District' in the south and east of Chengdu - - China, which has grown through new and old construction, is also expected to develop into strategic nurturing bases - Special national level in China Administrative Unit New District After the first appearance of new districts such as Shanghai Pudong New District and Tianjin Binhai New District in the 1990s, a national special Administrative units were designated. As of the end of 2020 [...]

Australia runs for green mobility economy growth

2021-11-16T13:03:48+09:002021.10.12|Overseas Smart City News|

- Development of eco-friendly mobility technology and promotion of innovation through future fuel strategy - - State government announced incentives for electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions - - Expected entry into Korean, electric vehicle and hydrogen fuel cell mobility markets - In February 2021, the Australian federal government ∙Presented a discussion paper on the Future Fuel Strategy to expand the supply of eco-friendly vehicles such as hydrogen cars. Through this, consumer choice for eco-friendly mobility [...]

Visiting TechCrunch Disrupt 2021, the largest startup exhibition in North America

2021-11-16T13:09:02+09:002021.10.12|Overseas Smart City News|

- 13 companies participated in the TechCrunch Disrupt Korean Pavilion, North America’s largest IT startup conference - - Market research and identification of market suitability before entering overseas markets is the most important - Exhibition Overview TechCrunch Disrupt, North America’s largest startup exhibition in the field of innovative technology TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 was held online for three days from September 9st to September 21rd, local time. Despite being held entirely online this year following last year in the aftermath of Corona 9, [...]

Uniqlo self-checkout counter patent lawsuit lost

2021-11-16T13:09:34+09:002021.10.08|Overseas Smart City News|

- Comparison of types and advantages and disadvantages of unmanned self-checkout counters - - UNIQLO self-checkout counter patent litigation and implications of related patent litigation POS SYSTEM) is expanding. (Various names exist depending on the user, such as self-checkout counters, unmanned checkout counters, and unmanned post machines, but [...]

Impact Startups Rising in Australia

2021-11-16T13:19:13+09:002021.10.08|Overseas Smart City News|

- Increasing impact investment that has a positive impact on society and the environment - - Promising impact start-ups in the fields of sustainability, health and well-being, and competency-enhancing education - Increasing consumer demand for ethical products as their impact on society and environment becomes more important and employees want to do socially meaningful work, and more and more investors are seeking profits through investments in good companies. Following this trend, impact in Australia [...]

Toyota production method in the future car era

2021-11-16T13:19:39+09:002021.10.08|Overseas Smart City News|

- Toyota production method that pursues thorough efficiency can be applied anywhere - What is TPS (Toyota Production Method) TPS (Toyota Production Method) is so famous that no one in the Japanese manufacturing industry does not know about it. There are many companies that read TPS-related books, call consultants, and provide training. TPS was founded 70 years ago after World War II, when Toyota Motors [...]

Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Exhibition

2021-11-16T13:20:22+09:002021.10.06|Overseas Smart City News|

- Saudi Arabia’s first entertainment and leisure exhibition held in 2019 - - Participation of 19 companies from 131 countries, confirming Saudi Arabia’s transformation into a tourism country was held 2019 companies from 25 countries around the world participated in this exhibition, which could see the change of Saudi Arabia to emerge as the hub of entertainment and leisure in the Middle East. The first episode of 131 [...]