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The world's largest dental equipment exhibition (IDS 2021) ended successfully

2021-11-16T13:21:55+09:002021.10.05|Overseas Smart City News|

- Participation of 102 domestic companies, a venue for expanding opportunities to enter the global export market - - High interest in overseas buyers, CE certification, IP (Intellectual Property Rights), compatibility with existing products - Cologne dental equipment held from September 9nd to 22th The exhibition (IDS 25) ended in great success. The exhibition is an industrial exhibition held every two years, and in this year's case, it was held as a hybrid exhibition using the online platform IDS Connect due to the COVID-2021 pandemic. Exhibition overview [...]

California to make 'emission-free self-driving cars' mandatory by 2030

2021-11-16T13:20:44+09:002021.10.05|Overseas Smart City News|

- California State Makes 'Pollution-Free Self-Driving Vehicles' Mandatory Following Phased Ban on Sales of New Vehicles with Internal Combustion Engines - - Will this regulation change the direction of growth ahead of full-fledged autonomous vehicle market development? California has passed an unusual law once again, following a phasing out of new car sales with internal combustion engines by 2035. Not long ago, the governor signed the law to operate in California from 2030 [...]

Interview with a reporter specializing in the French agricultural newspaper

2021-11-16T13:22:21+09:002021.10.01|Overseas Smart City News|

- K-AgriTech, start-ups in the AgroTech field must first understand the local ecosystem before entering France - - Entering into the French smart farm target the French Agricultural Cooperatives - Kotra Paris Trade Center interviewed with the editor of company A, a French agricultural media, Robert The background and current status of the smart farm and AgriTech-AgroTech fields in France were reviewed. In addition, Korean companies with ICT-based smart farm technology are [...]

What IT was used for the Tokyo Olympics in the midst of no audience?

2021-09-08T18:13:44+09:002021.09.07|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-09-07 Boeun Jang, Tokyo Trade Center, Japan - Pay attention to technologies such as AI and AR using sensors and data - - Various technologies are used in non-face-to-face situations, and some technologies are difficult to use due to no audience - Last July 2021 From the 7rd to the 23th of August, the '8 Tokyo Olympics (Tokyo 8)' was held in the metropolitan area centered on Tokyo, Japan. In past Olympics, the latest technology has been incorporated and used for relaying and measurement. 2020 [...]

AI voice recognition service that permeates the daily life of Chinese consumers

2021-09-08T17:49:22+09:002021.09.03|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-09-03 Yunshik Lee, Guangzhou Trade Center, China - The size of the AI ​​voice market in China is expected to expand to more than 2026 billion yuan by 300 - - Advancement in technology spurs the spread of AI voice services - Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is widely used in daily life AI-based voice recognition technology is also being used in many areas such as smartphones, smart speakers, call centers, and automobiles. Qianzan Industrial Research Institute said, 'The size of the AI ​​voice market in China in 20 is [...]

Philippine telemedicine sector seeks ways to cooperate with Korea

2021-09-08T17:21:34+09:002021.08.31|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-08-31 Kim Dong-hyeon, Manila Trade Center, Philippines - Expectations for improved accessibility, early detection of diseases, electronic prescription issuance, etc. when introducing a telemedicine system - - Need to resolve unfair access to medical care, poor digital health infrastructure in rural areas, etc. - Health indicators of the Philippines and Problems In the Philippines, medical facilities are concentrated mainly in the metropolitan area, and it is difficult to access medical services in rural areas. Even within the Philippines, the demand for telemedicine [...]

Accelerating digital transformation of US IT companies in the automotive industry

2021-09-08T17:01:14+09:002021.08.20|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-08-20 Bae Seong-bong, Chicago Trade Center, U.S. - Accelerating development of autonomous vehicles by big tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and Intel - - Technical cooperation with IT companies and finished car industries in parallel - Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and things in the automobile industry The use of new technologies such as the Internet is active. In its 2030 Automobile Industry Outlook Report, IBM defined future cars as 'shareable electric autonomous vehicles connected to the Internet' and predicted that 90% of automobile technological innovation will come from software. The future car will be [...]

Why global data centers are visiting the Netherlands

2021-09-08T18:16:29+09:002021.08.18|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-08-18 Amsterdam Trade Center, Netherlands Hye-soo Lee - Demand for data center expansion increases due to rapid data usage along with deepening digital transformation - - Amsterdam is the center of the European data center market - Europe’s data center popular region, the Netherlands Thanks to Internet nodes, it is considered an attractive country for data centers to establish. The Netherlands is a relatively mature data center market in Europe [...]

2021 New Zealand ICT Industry Information

2021-09-08T15:54:19+09:002021.08.11|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-08-11 Park Seong-jin, Auckland Trade Center, New Zealand Industry Characteristics Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry Status New Zealand, with its weak manufacturing industry, is highly dependent on imports from overseas. In New Zealand, the ICT industry is recognized as a new growth engine and is expected to grow greatly with government support. The New Zealand ICT market is divided into computer services based on information processing technology and communication services using communication technology. In addition, the field of computer services [...]

How far has UK autonomous driving come?

2021-09-08T14:37:44+09:002021.08.11|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-08-11 Park Ji-hye, London Office of Trade, UK - UK, ALKS technology vehicles to be allowed from the end of 2021 - - UK government continues to invest in connected and autonomous vehicle trials - UK government's introduction of self-driving vehicles Self-driving cars will be allowed on UK roads from the end of the year. The UK Department of Transport launched ALKS (Automated Lane Keeping [...]

What is a digital twin attracting attention in Japan?

2021-09-08T14:28:06+09:002021.08.10|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-08-10 Tokyo International Trade Center Nakamuramaki - The global digital twin market is expected to reach $2026 billion in 482, more than 2020 times that of 15 - - The Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and local governments such as Tokyo are also actively using it - Virtual in Japan The use of 'digital twin' that reproduces real space in space is spreading. Until now, it has been used in manufacturing, etc., but taking advantage of the temporary limited movement of people around the world due to the coronavirus epidemic, working [...]

What is C-ITS for Smart Autonomous Driving in Germany?

2021-09-07T17:48:55+09:002021.08.03|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-08-03 Munich Trade Center, Germany Hyeon-Jeong Kim - Traffic conditions, digitalization of transportation, and annual traffic accidents are expected to decrease by about 19% compared to the existing ones - - What is whether or not automotive cyber security is a proven technology as it is directly related to life? More important - The current mega-trends in the automobile market are electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity, and sharing. C-ITS (Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems) The next-generation intelligent transportation system (a service that allows the vehicle to share information about surrounding roads and traffic conditions to the driver in real time) is such [...]

Smart City and Super City in Japan (feat. Aging - Population Decrease)

2021-10-21T10:25:20+09:002021.08.02|VIDEO CHANNEL, Overseas Smart City News|

https://youtu.be/9zUZd3bxX4w [국토연구원 X 청년크리에이터] 제 1기 국토TV 청년 크리에이터의 영상을 공개합니다!! #일본 #슈퍼시티 #국토연구원 #청년 #크리에이터 #KRIHS 본 영상은 국토연구원 "국토이슈리포트 42호: 주민 중심의 지역 당면 과제 해결을 위한 일본 슈퍼시티 구상의 내용과 시사점"의 내용을 바탕으로 제작하였습니다. ☞ 국토연구원 국토이슈리포트 42호 바로가기 ▣ 제작 : 국토TV 청년크리에이터, 국토연구원 국토TV 제작부   ☞ 자료출처 : 국토TV(2021.08.02.)

Saudi Digital Healthcare leaps forward with VISION 2030 and COVID-19 as a foothold

2021-09-07T16:55:38+09:002021.07.15|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-07-15 Riyadh International Trade Center, Saudi Arabia Taemin Kim - A step forward with VISION 2030 and Corona 19 - Saudi Digital Healthcare - - A healthcare project centered on a smart city - One of the industries that received the most attention in 2020 It will be the healthcare* industry. In fact, as Corona 19 spread, interest and investment in the healthcare-related sector were concentrated. According to Aon Hewitt, a US management consulting firm, the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia will [...]

Convergence of Chinese medical big data and smart medical industry

2021-09-07T15:49:37+09:002021.07.05|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-07-05 Seo Sang-ho, Chongqing Trade Center, China - Promote medical resource imbalance through establishment of medical data and convergence with smart infrastructure - - Expansion of investment in medical big data industry based on AI technology and big data - Recently, medical resource imbalance in China In order to solve this problem, the construction of big data in the medical industry and smart treatment fused with 5G infrastructure are being promoted in various ways. [...]

Smart Home Smart Living, Vietnam's Smart Home Market Trend

2021-09-07T16:47:14+09:002021.07.02|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-07-02 Hanoi Trade Center, Vietnam Han Ah-reum - Vietnam's smart home market is still in its infancy, but growth is expected thanks to the continuous development of the real estate market - - Rapid urbanization rate and high penetration rate of smartphones and wireless Internet Vietnam's two largest cities, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, are among the top 2020 fastest-growing global [...]

China Smart Medical Market Trend

2021-09-07T16:49:04+09:002021.07.01|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-07-01 Xinlu, Dalian Trade Center, China - High market potential as the industry is in the early stage - - Joint development between Chinese companies and American AI research institutes is also active - Looking at the 'Chinese Health and Health Statistical Yearbook' published by China earlier this year, 2019 The number of visits to medical institutions by Chinese people reached 87 billion, an increase of 2000% from 2015, and it is increasing every year. In contrast, the number of doctors in China stood at 13.3 as of the end of 2019. This means that, on average, there are 386 doctors per 7000 population [...]

How far has the 5G bid in Brazil come?

2021-06-22T11:25:50+09:002021.06.08|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-06-08 Trade Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil Choi Seon-wook - Brazilian government plans to implement 5G bidding in July 2021 - - Outdated regulations and heavy taxes are obstacles to 7G adoption - Brazil ANATEL (National Information and Communications Commission) bids for 5G-only frequency band Bidding was scheduled to be held in 5 as bidding for 2020G-only frequency bands was approved in February 2, but the bidding schedule was postponed to 5 due to COVID-2020, which has rapidly spread since March. brazil [...]

Ohio Electric Vehicle Ecosystem Webinar Visitor

2021-06-22T11:00:25+09:002021.05.18|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-05-18 Detroit Trade Center Hwang Joo-young - The future of smart mobility, Ohio - - Emerging as a hub for electric vehicle and battery production - Amid fierce competition among US states to attract companies to become the outpost of the electric vehicle era, Ohio Economic Development Agency JobsOhio, which is in charge of attracting investment as an institution, held a webinar for Korean companies. The webinar, held on May 5, with the theme of "Where are we now and where are we heading? [...]

India Smart City Status and Cases

2021-04-05T14:16:29+09:002021.04.01|Overseas Smart City News|

2021-04-01 India Kolkata Trade Officer Park Young-sun-Designated as 100 Smart Cities by the Government of India--Develop projects in accordance with the situation of each region from the bottom up. I am trying to find a solution. In areas with a rapidly growing urban population, these problems cannot be effectively solved in the traditional way. In this background, the concept of smart city emerged. Indian [...]