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French renewable energy policy and production trends

2023-09-22T11:00:33+09:002023.09.07|Overseas Smart City News|

Promotion law to accelerate new and renewable energy production goes into effect 'Ecological plan' with specific vision and roadmap to be announced French energy policy and goals Looking at the French government's energy policy, first of all, there is the Multi-Year Energy Planning Act (PPE). This is an energy policy established by the French government with a 2050-year implementation plan every 10 years, with the goal of achieving zero carbon emissions by 5. It was enacted by the 'Energy Transition Act for Green Growth' in 2015, and production targets for 2019 to 2028 have been set, with five-year targets from 2019-2023 and 2024-2028 included. The goal we aim to reach through the energy plan is to [...]

China’s hydrogen energy field is heating up

2023-09-22T10:32:01+09:002023.09.06|Overseas Smart City News|

China accelerates the growth of related companies through various hydrogen industry development policies. Looking for opportunities for Korean companies to enter the market as the Chinese hydrogen industry value chain is formed. Current status of hydrogen energy in China Hydrogen energy is one of the representative clean energies. The main by-product after power generation is water, and it is the most important among existing power generation methods. It is considered a non-polluting energy source. China is also intensively fostering the hydrogen energy industry, focusing on the central government's zero-carbon emissions policy. In particular, China will be the world's largest hydrogen [...]

America opens the era of clean hydrogen

2023-09-15T10:37:02+09:002023.09.01|Overseas Smart City News|

U.S. Department of Energy announces 'National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap' for transition to hydrogen economy Focus on promoting hydrogen use in industries with high carbon emissions, reducing clean hydrogen costs, and establishing regional hydrogen supply chain The United States will focus on building a regional hydrogen supply chain after the inauguration of the Biden administration By achieving carbon pollution-free in the power sector, we have established a goal of ultimately reaching 'Net-Zero' by 2035 and are taking the lead in providing all-round support. In particular, paying attention to clean hydrogen with no carbon emissions, in June 2050, 'Hydrogen Energy [...]

[Oman] Oman Shell Reviewing Solar Project

2023-08-17T10:06:45+09:002023.08.08|Overseas Smart City News|

□ Oman Shell and Khazaen Economic City (KEC) are reviewing the establishment of a solar power generation project to supply renewable energy ㅇ In 2022, Oman Shell and KEC signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for the construction of a solar power plant ㅇ Oman Shell is strengthening its position in Oman’s renewable energy and green fuel sector, investing in green hydrogen, renewable synthetic LNG, green ammonia and zero-carbon fuel production […]

[Vietnam] By 2030, about USD 1,350 billion is needed for Vietnam’s energy infrastructure construction project

2023-08-10T16:41:44+09:002023.08.01|Overseas Smart City News|

□ About USD 2030 billion is required for Vietnam's energy infrastructure construction project by 1,350 ㅇ Vietnam requires annual average investment of KRW 2030 to 113 billion in power supply and grid (power grid) projects by 135 - Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) announced the 8th What was mentioned in the process of materializing the action plan related to the power development plan (PDP 8) - A total investment of 2030 to 1,130 billion won is required by 1,350, of which 88% will be used for power supply and the remaining 12% will be allocated to grid projects. Prospects - to be financed through public investment and other capital raising channels [...]

Indonesian smart city market needs to pay attention to public-private partnership (PPP) projects

2023-07-03T18:08:40+09:002023.06.14|Overseas Smart City News|

The goal of achieving $2045 trillion in GDP and the world's 7th largest economy by 5 by fostering the smart city market Indonesia prefers PPP projects that include private investment to solve the budget shortfall needed to build smart city infrastructure To solve the problem, the city is actively promoting the development of smart cities that incorporate new technologies such as ICT and big data. Following the government's active movement, the related market grew from $ 22 billion in '270, an annual average of 22.6%, and in '35 [...]

[Contribution] Serbian AI National Development Strategy and Korea-Serbia Joint Digital Government Cooperation Center Project

2023-07-04T09:22:41+09:002023.06.14|Overseas Smart City News|

Establishment of detailed action plans for public service development strategies through the introduction of AI Plans to reflect Serbian population reduction policies through big data-based population migration AI algorithm In December 2020, 'The Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in the Republic of Serbia for the period 2025-2021' was announced. This AI national development strategy aims to develop the economy, improve public services, advance science and technology, and improve future jobs through the introduction of AI [...]

Indonesian Smart City Fostering Initiative: Transition to Top 100 Smart Cities

2023-06-29T18:20:19+09:002023.06.13|Overseas Smart City News|

The Indonesian government chooses smart cities as an answer to overpopulation and urbanization problems The Indonesian government chooses smart cities as an answer to overpopulation and urbanization problems is a project field that has received the most attention over the past decade and is a project field that has received the most attention over the past decade, improving the quality of life of citizens, improving the efficiency of urban management, and developing cities sustainably by grafting new technologies such as ICT and big data into cities. This is the industry in which the product appeared. As the population density of major cities becomes excessive, urbanization problems such as traffic congestion, crime, environmental destruction, and excessive resource consumption occur, and various countries including Korea, the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and China are developing smart cities. Adopted as the direction of the new city operation. In addition, related policy development initiatives were promoted and institutional support was spared for the development of the industrial sector. The Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport also announced smart city comprehensive plans such as the '10rd Smart City Comprehensive Plan (3-2019)' and created regional base smart cities in 2022 locations nationwide by 2023, contributing to the spread of smart cities. is leading Indonesia is also a country that cannot be free from the problems of overpopulation and urbanization. In Indonesia, the fourth most populous country in the world with more than 16 million people, about 2% of the total population lives on Java Island. In particular, in the case of Greater Jakarta, which is centered on Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, about 7000 million people live in a densely populated area, which has the second largest population after Tokyo among metropolitan areas in the world. As a result, power outages, increased crime rates, energy shortages, air and water pollution, and serious traffic congestion are considered chronic social problems in the vicinity of Jakarta, and these problems are spreading to other major cities in Indonesia, such as Surabaya and Bandung. In response to the deepening urbanization problem, the Indonesian government also presented a policy vision called 'Smart Nation' by President Joko Widodo, and started promoting smart cities in earnest. In 4, it announced the 'Gerakan Menuju 56 Smart city' initiative, fostering 2 smart cities in Indonesia by 3700 and proclaiming the national smart city master plan. And in 2017, 100 smart city base promotion areas were designated and a smart city promotion MOU was signed between the Ministry of Information and Communication of Indonesia and local governments in the base promotion area. At the MOU signing ceremony, Minister Rudiantara of the Ministry of Information and Communication at the time said that the policy of 'conversion to 100 smart cities' and the direction Indonesia's smart city should go is not simply technology shopping such as the indiscriminate introduction of various innovative technologies that are nice to look at, but the life of the people. He emphasized that quality improvement and modernization and smartization of public services for the people should be the focus. Based on this, Indonesia's Ministry of Information and Communication announced that Indonesia's smart city will not imitate the development path of many excellent cities, but will consider the environment, economic development level, infrastructure situation, industrial characteristics, and population density of each region in Indonesia. . In addition, he said that the central government will present guidelines for major directions and provide policy support, but that each local government will transform and apply Smartist initiatives suitable for their own circumstances and develop them in the direction of promotion. [...]

Southern Vietnam project trend

2023-07-04T09:52:42+09:002023.06.12|Overseas Smart City News|

Vigorous Infrastructure Projects to Lay the Foundation for Sustainable Economic Growth Strengthening cooperation with local partners is essential when carrying out projects in Vietnam Southern Vietnam Project Trend Vietnam recognizes that the infrastructure industry is an important industry for strengthening the national foundation and preparing a foundation for sustainable economic growth. We are aware of this and are promoting infrastructure development projects in various fields. Vietnam's infrastructure industry is [...]

Materialization of the relocation project to the new capital in Indonesia

2023-05-25T14:33:48+09:002023.05.15|Overseas Smart City News|

Target to complete the relocation of the Presidential Palace by August 2024, plan to build an eco-friendly city Government announces various incentives for new capital-related investments After the launch of the Nusantara Authority, the relocation project is being promoted in earnest. The new capital, Nusantara, which is being promoted with the goal of final completion in 8, has an area of ​​2022 hectares, four times that of Jakarta and about three times that of Singapore [...]

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport - Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Hosts Online Training Program

2023-05-25T14:34:27+09:002023.04.20|Overseas Smart City News|

MOLIT held an online education program called "Big Data for Smart City" with IDB. □ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with IDB*, an international organization, for co-investment cooperation in smart cities and infrastructure from October 2019, and has been cooperating with IDB* this time. Together, they held an online education program called "Big Data for Smart City". * The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB or IDB or BID) was established in 1959 for economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean [...]

New opportunities in the overseas project market, Indonesian smart city market

2023-05-25T14:34:53+09:002023.04.17|Overseas Smart City News|

Indonesia's smart city market expected to grow at an average annual rate of 2028% by 14.9 'Smart city', which is defined in various ways by country and institution, generally integrates new technologies such as ICT and big data into cities to ① improve the quality of life of citizens and ② It means a model that improves the efficiency of urban management and ③ makes the city sustainable. (Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, 2019-2023 Smart City Comprehensive Plan) The smart city market is divided into 'Green Field', a method through the construction of new cities, and [providing solutions to problems in existing cities]. [...]

Indian Smart City Industry Trends and Current Status of Promising Projects

2023-04-20T11:49:57+09:002023.04.11|Overseas Smart City News|

India's Smart City Industry Trends and Current Status of Promising Projects India's urban concentration is accelerating, and by 2030, major cities are expected to accommodate 40% of the population and contribute 75% to GDP. Since taking office in 2014, Indian Prime Minister Modi has announced a plan to build 2022 smart cities across India by 100, with the goal of improving economic growth and people's quality of life, and a total of 100 projects are underway in these 7,742 cities. 100 smart cities across India in progress [...]

Kenya Urban Development Trend, Smart City!

2023-04-05T15:08:45+09:002023.03.30|Overseas Smart City News|

2017 million dollars invested in Konza smart city development from 2022 to 5 Opportunities to advance such as using economic cooperation funds, integrated traffic control, and digital content development joint ventures with our advanced ICT technology Smart city development trends are also occurring in Africa. Many African countries, led by South Africa's Moderfontein New Town, are planning or promoting smart cities for effective city management in accordance with urbanization. Among them, Kenya's Konza Technopolis (hereafter referred to as Konza City) has recently emerged as the most representative smart city. From new cities to smart cities for business outsourcing Originally launched as a blueprint plan for Kenya's Economic Development Vision 7300, aiming for GDP growth through job creation, the master plan aimed at business process outsourcing. However, since then, while riding on the global trend, we have revised the development goal to be the first sub-Saharan 'Silicon Savannah' and developed an integrated smart city that sets the banner for the role of East Africa's ICT hub [...]

Public and private investment of more than 10 trillion yen over 150 years, Japan's GX basic policy

2023-04-05T15:00:44+09:002023.03.27|Overseas Smart City News|

Investment of over 150 trillion yen, 10 years of decarbonization In February 2023, the Japanese government decided on ['Basic Policy for Realizing Green Innovation (GX)' ~Roadmap for the next 2 years~]. Japan has announced that it will respond to climate change issues by making international pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10% by 2030 (compared to 46) and achieve carbon neutrality by 2013. In the midst of this, Russia invades Ukraine in 2050 and the energy situation changes rapidly, and Japan is also experiencing pressure on power supply and demand and soaring prices. Energy safety supply is fundamental to people's lives and business activities, but Japan's [...]

18th G20 Summit Held in New Delhi, India

2023-04-05T14:51:44+09:002023.03.21|Overseas Smart City News|

Scheduled to be held on September 9-9 at Maidan Convention Center, Pragati, New Delhi, India Selected as the theme of 'One Earth, One Family, One Future' India will be held from December 10, 2022 to November 1, 2023 Until then, he assumed the chair of the Group of Twenty (G30). In order to host the G20 Summit in New Delhi on September 2023-9, 9, meetings by working groups will be held under the leadership of the chair country from the beginning of the year, divided into 'Finance Track' and 'Sherpa Track'. . G10 (The Group of Twenty) Overview The G20 is an international organization composed of 20 countries and the European Union (EU), and is an international organization that gathers the 20 most influential countries in the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Previously, the G19 [...]

2023 MWC, Barcelona, ​​Spain

2023-03-24T15:54:42+09:002023.03.16|Overseas Smart City News|

MWC, the largest exhibition in the mobile industry, visited by 8 visitors Presented 'Velocity' as the theme of MWC 8000 Overview of the MWC exhibition Exhibition name : MWC 2023 Period : 2023.(Mon)~2023.(Thu) Venue : Fira Bercelona Gran Via, Barcelona, ​​Spain History : Held every year since 2023.2.27 Scale : 3.2㎡ / About 1987 companies (110,000), visitors About 2,400 people Host: GSMA (Global System for Mobile communication Association) Items: [...]

Startup Testbed Finnish Smart City

2023-04-05T15:30:02+09:002023.03.10|Overseas Smart City News|

Finland is actively conducting smart city demonstration projects centered on Helsinki, Espoo, and Tampere. Opportunities to demonstrate developed technologies should be utilized by using test beds open to foreign companies. Finnish smart city government policy direction The Finnish government From 2014 to 2021, '6 Aika (6 city strategy)', a smart city policy, was promoted to enhance competitiveness through improved public productivity and create jobs through fostering new industries. 6 Aika was implemented with major local governments at the center based on EU funding*. [...]

UK smart construction market emerging with Net-Zero

2023-05-30T18:21:17+09:002023.02.20|Overseas Smart City News|

Low-emission, high-efficiency smart construction is on the rise amid the net-zero craze. UK, targets to reduce total construction cost by 2025%, construction period by 33%, and greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 50. Exchanges and project sharing are possible. Smart Construction for Realization of Carbon Neutrality It is clear that 'Net-Zero' will be the biggest policy issue in the UK going forward. The direction of all policies is flowing towards net-zero and [...]

Japan's agricultural labor shortage problem, efforts to solve it with robots

2022-12-16T10:07:42+09:002022.12.14|Overseas Smart City News|

Growing labor shortage problem in Japanese farm households due to aging and decrease in agricultural workers Efforts to solve the problem with smart agriculture using IT and machinery Currently, in Japan, labor shortage is becoming a serious problem due to the decrease and aging of agricultural workers. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the number of agricultural workers in Japan has steadily declined since recording 1960 million in the 1175s, reaching 1980 million in 413 and 2020 million in 136. Smart agriculture is attracting attention to solve this labor shortage problem, which is part of [...]