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Visiting Canada's hot trend (IT/Logistics) online job fair in the first half of 2022

2022-07-06T09:26:44+09:002022.06.09|Overseas Smart City News|

- Participated in online recruitment conferences for 10 major Canadian banks, including BMO - Held metabus mentoring event by inviting experts in promising occupations KOTRA Toronto Trade Center held an online job fair in May last year, focusing on industries with increasing demand for manpower in the post-COVID-5 era. The event, which was centered on IT and logistics occupations, consisted of a 10:1 recruitment consultation with 1 job seekers in Toronto and Montreal and a mentoring event using Metaverse, and 65 job seekers [...]

China Smart Speaker Market Trend

2022-07-07T16:04:25+09:002022.06.08|Overseas Smart City News|

product name. HS Code Market Trend Smart speaker refers to a device that has a built-in microphone in the speaker, which is a voice transmission device, and has functions such as voice recognition and command execution based on AI technology based on big data. A smart speaker can control a device by voice, notify the weather or news, provide information by searching the Internet, etc., and play music you want to listen to. According to the Sino-Commerce Information Network (中商情报网), in the past five years, China's smart [...]

Opportunities to advance into the western inland through the development of smart agriculture in China

2022-07-06T09:59:42+09:002022.06.08|Overseas Smart City News|

- Smart agriculture (智慧农业) is the most important future innovation vision - Comprehensive digital management application system that combines field and IOT leads to efficient smart agriculture 'Smart agriculture (smart farm)' As a generic term for the form of IT technology grafted, the Chinese government is also actively [.. .]

UK wearable electronics market trends

2022-07-06T16:07:18+09:002022.06.07|Overseas Smart City News|

- UK smart wearable sales volume will increase by 2021% in 16 compared to the previous year is actively taking place. Apple entered the health wearable market, and Google acquired smartwatch company Fitbit. In particular, as a response to COVID-2020 in 19, wearable [...]

Accelerating the introduction of logistics robots that will change the Czech logistics industry

2022-07-07T15:35:35+09:002022.06.07|Overseas Smart City News|

- Increase in adoption of logistics robots due to online market growth and shortage of manpower - Development of industrial delivery robots and last-mile delivery robots for start-ups in the Czech Republic Picking, sorting, transporting, and packing in the Czech Republic to increase online market growth, manpower shortage, and work efficiency The introduction of logistics robots that can handle (packaging) and delivery is accelerating. [...]

Dutch battery demand rises as electric vehicle popularity rises

2022-07-07T15:25:38+09:002022.06.07|Overseas Smart City News|

- Notable Dutch battery technology companies - Electric vehicle market The Netherlands is one of Europe's most active adopters of electric vehicles. In terms of the size of the automobile market, it ranks 7th in the EU and has maintained an average annual sales of 10 units for the past 45 years. On the other hand, the Dutch automobile industry does not have a high contribution to economic growth, accounting for less than 1% of GDP. The major automobile manufacturers are BMW (Germany) and third parties [...]

Smart Factory introduction by Japanese companies as an example

2022-07-07T14:58:13+09:002022.06.03|Overseas Smart City News|

- Future growth prospects of the Japanese smart factory market - The current status of smart factories through cases introduced by Japanese companies - Efforts to solve future challenges A smart factory refers to a factory using digital technologies such as AI and IoT (Internet of Things). By utilizing digital technology, digital transformation (DX) of the entire business process from design to manufacturing and maintenance can be realized, and high-quality, high-value-added products can be manufactured at low cost in a short period of time, resulting in high productivity and efficiency. [...]

Japanese companies join the battle for electric vehicle battery dominance

2022-07-07T14:52:50+09:002022.06.03|Overseas Smart City News|

- The battery market is growing rapidly due to an increase in global demand for EVs - The Japanese automobile industry is also belatedly entering the EV route. Recently, the Japanese industry is facing great difficulties due to a global shortage of semiconductors. As a result, core parts of electric vehicles, including electric vehicles (EV), are emerging as new 'rice of the industry'. [...]

Singapore Digital Payment Market Status and Trends

2022-07-07T15:07:23+09:002022.06.03|Overseas Smart City News|

- Singapore's digital payment market The digital payment market includes payment for products and services made over the Internet, as well as mobile payments (POS) via smartphone applications and cross-border remittances via the Internet. However, business-to-business transactions (B2B payment) and point-of-sale payment transactions using a mobile card reader (terminal) are excluded. Singapore Digital Payment Market Status and Trends According to Statista, a global statistical site [...]

Jordan to introduce 5G

2022-07-07T14:24:47+09:002022.06.03|Overseas Smart City News|

- Jordanian government is selecting frequencies to distribute 5G network licenses - After bidding for licenses from each carrier, it seems that they will start purchasing 5G network equipment Jordan is preparing for the beginning of the 2020G era after 5. The introduction of 5G infrastructure is also accelerating as the five-year (2021-2025) plan for national digital transformation was announced led by the Jordanian Ministry of Digital Economy and Startup. Below, we look at the movements related to 5G adoption in Jordan. [...]

Hungary Mach-Tech & Industry Days 2022 observer

2022-07-06T09:35:58+09:002022.06.02|Overseas Smart City News|

- Hungarian industrial/technical exhibition held offline for the first time since the pandemic - Successfully finished with 405 companies and 1 people participating Mach-Tech & Industry Days 5 was held at Hungexpo, an exhibition hall in Budapest, Hungary, from May 5 to 10. Marking its 13th anniversary, Mach-Tech is a place to showcase Hungary's machine manufacturing technology. Industry Days, the ninth edition, covers Hungarian industry as a whole. During the same period, both exhibitions were held jointly, and 2022 companies from 15 countries participated and [...]

China’s agricultural drone market growing due to COVID-19 and aging population

2022-07-07T13:20:35+09:002022.05.31|Overseas Smart City News|

- Demand for agricultural drones capable of unmanned work expands after the spread of COVID-19 - Prospects to be a solution to the decrease in productivity due to the rapidly aging rural population Similarly, agricultural drones have emerged as the demand for unmanned aerial vehicles has increased. Due to the recent re-spread of Corona, farming is more efficient than direct input [...]

Shaanxi New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Status

2022-07-07T13:48:12+09:002022.05.31|Overseas Smart City News|

Shaanxi Province Accelerates Development of New Energy Vehicles Under the background that the Chinese government has selected and promoted 'carbon peak, carbon neutral' as a national core project, the new energy vehicle development project is expected to effectively respond to climate change and promote green development. It is said to be an important pathway to Under the strong leadership of the Shaanxi Province government, Shaanxi Province is pursuing a gradual industrial transformation along with the development of the new energy automobile industry. god [...]

India's EVs expected to sell 2027 million units by 600

2022-07-07T13:55:32+09:002022.05.31|Overseas Smart City News|

- About 2021 EVs sold in FY 23, expected to grow by 6000% by 2027 According to the World Pollution Report, in 66.19, India ranked third in the country with the most air pollution. The Indian government has implemented a policy on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to reduce air pollution and announced a goal of converting new sales of internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles by 2022. The Indian government also aims to turn India into a global center for electric vehicle manufacturing [...]

Indian Cloud Infrastructure Market

2022-07-07T14:09:58+09:002022.05.31|Overseas Smart City News|

- A surge in interest in cloud infrastructure due to the growth of the Indian IT market and increase in users - - Cloud market, expected to grow at a CAGR of 2026% to $161 billion by 30.6 - Market Status India's cloud infrastructure market size is $2021 million in 45 In 3,947, it is expected to grow by about 2026 times to $161 billion in 4,578, with an average annual growth rate of about 3.6%. < India [...]

2022 K-Robot in China On-Offline IR and Online Consultation Review

2022-07-05T14:02:53+09:002022.05.30|Overseas Smart City News|

- The Chinese robot market is growing at an average annual rate of 21% - Due to the high demand for speed reducers, controllers and servo motors, China is intensively nurturing high-tech industries such as robots in order to move from a “manufacturing power” to a “manufacturing powerhouse”. In line with the central government's policy stance, the Zhejiang government is taking the lead in the development of smart manufacturing under the slogan “Smart Manufacturing in Storage” in “Manufacturing in Storage (浙江制造)”. The government of Zhejiang Province is committed to the development of science and technology innovation [...]

Colombia Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Market Trends

2022-07-07T13:13:51+09:002022.05.26|Overseas Smart City News|

- Increased demand for hybrid/vehicle vehicles due to various government support benefits and changing perceptions - Due to the surge in demand, supply shortages/delays may occur. Colombia's automobile sales market is the fifth largest in Latin America after Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. It is a market that many automakers continue to find attractive. In particular, in 5, Colombian new car sales are expected to grow by 2022% year-on-year, with hybrid and electric vehicles [...]

Russian Information and Communication Technology Exhibition Svyaz-2022

2022-07-05T13:52:09+09:002022.05.25|Overseas Smart City News|

- Following the pandemic, the number of visitors declined year-over-year due to sanctions on Ukraine following the pandemic - Russia will spur import substitution due to stronger international sanctions against Russia Svyaz-2022 Overview SVIAZ exhibition is a strategic event for the Russian information and communication technology industry, (Hi-Tech) Weekly RNVT's flagship event. The exhibition was an international event in which Eastern European countries usually participate in large numbers, but the scale of participation by foreign companies has significantly decreased after the outbreak of COVID-19. After that, in 2021, for a while [...]

Indonesia ICT Industry Law

2022-07-05T13:38:03+09:002022.05.24|Overseas Smart City News|

- Indonesia ICT Status Since 2010, the Indonesian Internaltiona Communication Technology (hereinafter referred to as 'ICT') market has grown at an average annual rate of 13%, solidifying its position as the largest digital market in Southeast Asia by the end of 2010. Giant ICT companies such as Gojek and Tokopedia have grown into Asian unicorns. This is due to the increase in mobile usage by the young Indonesians, the urbanization of the region and changes in the lifestyles of Indonesians [...]

Indonesia ICT Industry Law

2022-07-05T13:29:50+09:002022.05.24|Overseas Smart City News|

- Indonesia ICT Status Since 2010, the Indonesian Internaltiona Communication Technology (hereinafter referred to as 'ICT') market has grown at an average annual rate of 13%, solidifying its position as the largest digital market in Southeast Asia by the end of 2010. Giant ICT companies such as Gojek and Tokopedia have grown into Asian unicorns. This is due to the increase in mobile usage by the young Indonesians, the urbanization of the region and changes in the lifestyles of Indonesians [...]