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Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town

2022-05-16T13:13:23+09:002022.04.06|Overseas Smart City News|

From the air it looks like another modern housing complex with rows and circles of white houses neatly grouped around a central square. If you look closely, you'll notice that every house has solar panels on its roof. Reaching the ground level, you'll notice meticulous landscaping, abundant trees, and no telephone poles. Welcome to Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town. This futuristic [...]

Ethiopia's digital transformation policies and business opportunities

2022-04-08T13:31:52+09:002022.04.05|Overseas Smart City News|

Considering Korea as a benchmarking case for the digital economy, high enthusiasm for learning and high expectations for foreign companies to participate in related IT projects Background Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy announced the self-sustaining economic reform agenda in '19 and the 21-year development plan announced in '10 (2021-2030) In line with this, 'Digital Ethiopia 2025', a detailed strategy to build a digital economy, has been announced and has been continuously developed. It is evaluated that it is still in the analog economy [...]

India's drone era

2022-04-06T10:03:25+09:002022.04.01|Overseas Smart City News|

India's drone parts industry receiving new attention India's drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) market trend In 2014, India completely banned the use of civil drones (UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), slowing down the development of the unmanned aerial vehicle market. However, it is emerging as a promising field as it was enacted in 2018 to institutionally enable the use of drones for private use, institutional maintenance in 2021, announcement of government support measures, and the recent February 2022 government budget proposal to apply drones to agriculture / land. . [...]

Russky Island to be transformed into a center of high-tech technology in Far East Russia

2022-04-05T09:21:45+09:002022.03.30|분류 되지 않음, Overseas Smart City News|

Construction of the Russky Innovation Science and Technology Center with the goal of 2030 Attracting and promoting cooperation with advanced companies in the Asia-Pacific region centered on marine, bio, and IT technology RUSSKY INNOVATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CENTER/ RUSSKY ISTC (hereafter, Russky ISTC) Center or ISTC) is a regional technology hub for international cooperation with Asia/Pacific countries in the high-tech field. . Located in the south of Vladivostok [...]

Serbian government actively promotes electronic information business

2022-03-30T16:12:50+09:002022.03.25|Overseas Smart City News|

Tajin for opportunities to enter the Balkan market using Korean companies' experience and know-how The wind of e-government blowing in Serbia The current status of e-government in Serbia The Serbian government is actively promoting e-government projects to realize more efficient e-government. Starting with the opening of an e-government portal in 2010, services such as e-signature, e-document submission, and e-approval were introduced in 2015. In 2017, the Office of IT and E-Government (OITeG) was established to plan and coordinate public sector digitization projects. <Serbia e-government [...]

IDC Announces 2022 North American Smart City Winners

2022-04-01T13:52:06+09:002022.03.22|Overseas Smart City News|

Smart cities promote the digital transformation of urban ecosystems, creating systematic environmental, economic and social outcomes. Smart cities focus on using new technologies and innovations to make cities more livable and provide new services and economic opportunities. North American cities and communities have made significant strides in smart cities by leveraging technology and tailoring services to the needs and expectations of residents. To recognize outstanding smart city projects, IDC has launched the Smart City North America Awards (SCNAA). [...]

Japanese logistics industry strives to establish digitalization and decarbonization of supply chains

2022-03-10T14:34:19+09:002022.03.10|Overseas Smart City News|

- Major logistics companies introduce automatic delivery cloud service, and attempt to convert delivery vehicles to EV - Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) emphasized in 'General Program of Logistics Policy (2021-2025)' However, at the same time, it faces several challenges such as labor shortage, poor working environment, and establishment of a sustainable supply chain. There is a movement toward digitalization and decarbonization throughout the logistics industry, and companies that are actively participating in [...]

Smart city craze in Brazil

2022-03-10T14:27:23+09:002022.03.07|Overseas Smart City News|

- What is the smart city ranking in Brazil? In Brazil's 'Connected Smart Cities 2021' ranking, São Paulo was ranked 1st, Florianopolis 2nd and Curitiba 3rd. Brasilia, Vitoria, São Caentea do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, Niteroi and Salvador also made it to the top. Urban Systems evaluates Necta and the smart city services provided by each city in Brazil annually, and 5 cities with more than 677 people are evaluated. The main evaluation indicators are urban mobility, urbanization, environment, technology (innovation), economic level, [...]

A key driver of future new industries, artificial intelligence semiconductor market trend in the United States

2022-03-10T14:42:25+09:002022.03.04|Overseas Smart City News|

- Increase in demand for artificial intelligence semiconductors as products and services applied with artificial intelligence expand Semiconductors and market trends Artificial intelligence semiconductors are a kind of system semiconductor, and as “a semiconductor that executes large-scale operations that require realization of artificial intelligence services such as learning and reasoning with high performance and high power efficiency”, the [...]

Battery-exchangeable electric car taxi starts full-scale operation in Changchun, China

2022-03-03T14:03:22+09:002022.02.25|Overseas Smart City News|

- Jilin Provincial Government Implements Electric Vehicle Taxi Supply Demonstration Project in Changchun - Electric Vehicle Taxi Model Hongqi E-QM5, Popular with Passengers and Drivers - Battery-Replaceable Electric Vehicle Taxi, open all over Changchun City ), an electric vehicle battery exchange center has appeared, drawing the attention of passersby. A few taxis are waiting to enter a place like an automatic car wash tunnel, and the taxi entering the tunnel is 50 cm from the ground [...]

What is the impact of US sanctions on Russia's semiconductor technology and parts?

2022-03-03T13:55:48+09:002022.02.25|Overseas Smart City News|

- Global semiconductor supply shortage and supply price could rise by up to 200% - Concern about impact on automobiles and electronic devices - Global semiconductor parts supply and Russian market status It has deteriorated, but it has announced that it will recover well in 2022. In 1, the global semiconductor market will grow 2021% year-on-year, reaching a record high of 2022 billion [...]

Accelerating Digital Transformation and Cooperation Opportunities in Vietnam

2022-03-03T13:50:08+09:002022.02.24|Overseas Smart City News|

- Vietnamese people use the Internet for an average of 6 hours a day, and digital transformation is in full swing - Expansion of opportunities for related advancement through accelerating digital transformation As the use of non-face-to-face digital platforms (e-commerce, online delivery, etc.) The clock is speeding up. In Vietnam, the digital economy grew by 19% year-on-year in 2021 thanks to the growth of e-commerce and online delivery services. Vietnam ranks 31th in the world for smartphone penetration, with 10% of the total population (about 70 million people) [...]

Planet Smart City Announces Plans for More than 3 Smart Projects in 50 Years

2022-03-15T14:07:27+09:002022.02.23|Overseas Smart City News|

- Smart IT real estate company raises capital of 6 million euros to realize global development portfolio and accelerate business plans ▲Smart City "Laguna" in Fortaleza (Brazil), one of Planet Smart City projects Planet Smart City Smart City) seeks to raise capital of 3 million euros to accelerate its business plan to build smart homes and complexes that include more than 40,000 smart projects with a total of 50 households over the next three years. In 6 [...]

Vietnam's Digital Transformation (2) Success Stories of Digital Innovators

2022-02-16T13:43:02+09:002022.02.11|Overseas Smart City News|

Digital platforms will be regarded as the 'soft infrastructure' of the digital space, enhancing the value of digital transformation. Areas where digital transformation is prominent in cloud governance are finance and banking, transport-logistics and wholesale/retail Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) ) announced the priority economic sectors of the National Digital Transformation Program at the Vietnam DX Day 2021 event on May 5, 26. VINASA is ①Finance ②Health ③Education [...]

Rogers Offers New IoT Solutions for Smart Cities and Smart Buildings

2022-03-02T15:49:03+09:002022.02.10|Overseas Smart City News|

Photo Source: ROGERS Rogers Business announced on February 2022, 2, that it is expanding its suite of smart city/smart building IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that are sustainable, safe and operationally efficient to meet the needs of businesses and municipalities. From leak detection sensors to AI-powered traffic signal functions, these solutions are designed to solve real-world business problems while providing cost savings and environmental benefits. To bring the best of IoT to Canada, Rogers Business has a broad ecosystem [...]

US Biden government enters visibility into semiconductor investment legislation

2022-02-09T13:23:56+09:002022.02.03|Overseas Smart City News|

- Disclosure of House Bill for $520 billion semiconductor investment (January 1.25) - Ministry of Commerce begins detailed plan and budget allocation for semiconductor manufacturing investment - 30-13% of international semiconductor production is expected by 14 due to US semiconductor promotion policy - Semiconductors in each country Concerns about side effects such as international trade disputes and oversupply due to investment competition The $520 billion investment that the Biden administration has been pushing to promote the domestic semiconductor industry is in the visible [...]

[CES 2022 Review Part 2] 'Eureka Park' where new technologies are gathered in one place

2022-02-09T12:58:08+09:002022.01.28|Overseas Smart City News|

- 'Eureka Park', a venue for heated new technology competitions with various national pavilions including the Korean Pavilion - In the post-COVID-1 era where the importance of technology is growing, the presence of CES is still large. In early January, the world's largest offline event returned to Las Vegas, USA after 2 years The main contents of the IT and electronics exhibition 'CES 2022' and the appearance of the scene are reviewed once again by dividing them into parts 1 and 2. In the second part of this CES 2020 review, KOTRA [...]

How to determine the optimal location of a solar system in Saudi Arabia

2022-02-09T13:20:31+09:002022.01.28|Overseas Smart City News|

- Application of 4 priority criteria and 11 sub-criteria to select the optimal location for solar power installation - Tabuk region as the optimal location for solar power installation Photovoltaic power generation converts light energy from the sun into electrical energy, and Saudi Arabia ·Environmentally, it has many attractive factors for photovoltaic power generation, such as abundant sunlight, large territory and low population density. In this article, “Optimal Decision-Making [...]

[CES 2022 Review Part 1] The stage of global technological innovation is back

2022-01-26T14:34:18+09:002022.01.24|Overseas Smart City News|

- CES, the stage of technological innovation that filled Las Vegas, USA - Representative Korean companies showed great presence in heated global technology competition From January 1th to 5th, 'CES 7', the world's largest IT and electronics exhibition, was held in Las Vegas, USA. It was held offline in Vegas for the first time in two years. CES, famous as a mega-event held at the beginning of the year, encompasses not only consumer electronics but also numerous other fields where innovative new technologies are applied [...]

Interview with companies entering Kuwait Smart Farm 10 questions and 10 answers

2022-01-26T14:13:30+09:002022.01.19|Overseas Smart City News|

- In April 21, ForMeet and the Planty Farm Consortium, a smart farm company, won the contract for the Kuwait Smart Farm Project for the first time as a Korean company - Expected to be a new opportunity for Korean smart farm companies in the future Korea's ICT solution company Formit and Smart Farm In April 4, the Corporate Planty Farm Consortium won the Kuwait Smart Farm project contract for the first time as a Korean company. It is the first export case of a Korean smart farm to Kuwait, and food security in the Gulf region after Corona 2021 [...]