Incheon Metropolitan City

Provided MoD (Mobility on Demand) service to Yeongjong International City with Hyundai Motor Company to improve mobility and accessibility in vulnerable areas of public transportation, In-car (in-car location-based advertising and service) service, Last-mile (shared type) Investigate business models that improve profitability and efficiency by linking with micro mobility.
Through this, due to the low population density and the transitional characteristics of new town development, we will improve the weak areas of public transportation in Yeongjong International City, and establish a profit model by connecting tourism resources and lay the foundation for sustainable operation. The company plans to derive a win-win model and a new concept mobility service model with existing transportation companies such as buses and taxis.
Incheon city is looking forward to establishing a business model that can contribute to the vitalization of the local economy by connecting with local merchants while improving the convenience of using public transportation, establishing a win-win plan with existing transportation companies.

Incheon Smart City Challenge

Incheon Metropolitan City Participation MoD (Mobillity on Demand) Service business

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