– Seoul-MSIT, 20th (Fri) Innovation Academy (Gaepo Digital Innovation Park) opening ceremony

–'Cultivating innovative talents' through problem-solving software education... 1 received for the 250st term 11,118 recruitment

– January Selected as a 4 week intensive curriculum, 2 years from the end of February

– To nurture talented people needed at the city and business sites, and expand the ecosystem to foster SW developers


Seoul City (Mayor Won-soon Park) and the Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Ki-young Choi, hereinafter referred to as ``MSIT'') held the opening ceremony of the'Innovation Academy' on December 20th at 9:300 am on December 4, It is said that it will be held. At the event, more than XNUMX people including MSIT Minister Choi Ki-young, Seoul City Economic Policy Officer Jo In-dong, French Ambassador to Korea Philip Lefort, President Lee Gong-ju's Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology Information and Communication, and prospective trainees attended the launch of a new software talent training institution Congratulations, and looked around the educational facilities. 'Innovation Academy' was established to secure creative and innovative software talents who can respond to the trend of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where all industries and software are converging.


It is planned to operate as a two-year non-degree program by introducing France's world-renowned 'Ecole 42' education program for problem-solving software education. 2 students selected each year (500 in 19) are self-directed projects. By resolving the problem, you build the competence required in practice.

※ Ecole 42 is a software education program based on 3 lessons (no professors, no textbooks, no tuition fees) and self-directed learning. It is available in 13 countries (17 cities) around the world, including the United States Active


The educational space utilizes the Gaepo Digital Innovation Park provided by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which consists of an educational space with a total of 5 PCs installed in two five-story buildings, a conference room, a lounge, a content production studio, and a mentoring space. The first dean selected Lee Min-seok, a professor at Kookmin University's Department of Software. A total of 2 people applied for the first-term trainee recruitment, which selects a total of 430 people, confirming the high interest in the Innovation Academy.


The total number of applicants who passed the online exam, the primary gateway, was 1, and 3,270 of those who passed the priority participated in the four-week intensive curriculum starting from January. The final selection as the first trainee will lead to the two-year course starting at the end of February.


At the opening ceremony on this day, Minister Ki-young Choi emphasized, “The key to securing strong software capabilities is, in the end,'people',” and “I hope that the Innovation Academy will be successfully established and become a cradle to nurture software talents who will lead Korea in the future. I will.”


In addition, “The government is currently promoting the revision of the Software Industry Promotion Act to strengthen the training of software talents, advance the software industry, and promote local software. I look forward to passing it. ” Park Mayor Park said, “It needs a systematic and future-oriented training process to foster potential talents as innovative talents needed at the site. The establishment of 'Innovation Academy' is the Collaborative case. ”


In addition, “Seoul City is focusing support to revitalize the innovation startup ecosystem, and above all, the starting point for innovation is 'Talents', which is why the Innovation Academy is spreading entrepreneurship, passion, Seoul will also make efforts to firmly position itself as a space for growth of potential software talent. ”


Following the opening ceremony, Minister Choi Ki-young, Director In-dong Cho, and Dean Min-seok Lee met with mentors, prospective students, and listened to various opinions such as the direction of training software talents and the operation of the innovation academy.


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