□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport held a meeting with the Smart City Convergence Alliance (“Alliance”) working group on July 23 near Seoul Station.
ㅇ The meeting, hosted by Lee Ik-jin, head of the Urban Economy Division, was attended by 7 companies* representing the Working Group and the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) (hereinafter referred to as “National Territory Promotion Agency”).
* (Platform) Zero Web, (Smart Transportation) Mars Korea, (Healthcare) SK M&Service, (Education) Inori Lab, (Energy) NForce, (Safety) Korea Electrical Safety Corporation, (Life) Zebra & Sequence

□ At the conference on this day, there was an explanation of government support plans to create a smart city innovation service model through cooperation between smart city companies.
ㅇ Manager Lee Ik-jin of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport announced that he will support meetings and research activities by division by organizing a budget starting this year to vitalize the alliance.
ㅇ He explained that it plans to reactivate activities that were somewhat slowed down by Corona 19 in the first half, and support regular meetings through the National Territory Promotion Agency to discover a smart city business model led by member companies, and communicate with companies from time to time.

□ Seven representative companies of the Working Group communicated their opinions and sought alternatives jointly.
ㅇ Enforce (CEO Jang Byeong-ho) of the Energy Division presented the opinion that it is essential to link the government's interest and commercialization in order to utilize the results of the innovation service model research currently being promoted for each division.
ㅇ In response, the Education Division, Inori Lab (President Gong-ju Jeong), suggested a plan to materialize the best ideas of the Alliance through government R&D support.
ㅇ In addition, the zebra and sequence of the Life Division (CEO Dong-Geun Oh) shared the opinions of member companies that it is necessary to ease qualifications for business application so that small and medium-sized venture companies can participate in various smart city related projects.
ㅇ Mars Korea (CEO Jeong-Hoon Park) of the Smart Transportation Division suggested the necessity of advancing to domestic and overseas businesses through continuous discovery of excellent companies and linkages between large and medium-sized companies for a sustainable alliance operation.
ㅇ The Health Care Division SK M&Service (Manager Dong-wook Hyun), Safety Division Electric Safety Corporation (Lee Sang-ik Team Leader), and the Platform Division Zero Web (Senior Nam-Hoon Kim) introduced the high interest of member companies in the National Pilot Smart City business and established a link between alliance companies. Discussions were held on how to participate in the SPC.

□ Based on the opinions suggested at the meeting, government support such as working group meetings, expert consulting, and performance promotion through briefing sessions with demanding organizations will be provided.
ㅇ A review of measures to ease the restrictions on the participation of small and medium-sized venture companies in the smart city business will also be promoted.

□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Manager Lee Ji-jin said, “We will continue to collect opinions from companies and provide support to solve the difficulties faced by private companies in order to create an environment for voluntary innovation activities of the private sector.”