– Block fine dust, cold waves, heat waves, viruses, and operate 10 shelters at bus stops with smart technology
– High-tech facilities such as UV air sterilizer, digital'signage', intelligent CCTV, access check screen door, abnormal sound source detection system, etc. in an open design
– Remote control and control through'Smart Integrated Control Center', IoT control and control system introduced
– Innovate shelter service and present standards with smart inclusion technology, continuously expand and install


Seongdong-gu, Seoul, introduced the nation's first cutting-edge smart shelter,'Seongdong Smart Shelter'. UV air sterilizer blocks 99% of viruses in the air, and it is a shelter that cannot be found anywhere in the country where you can experience concentrated smart technology in one place while waiting for a bus in a comfortable environment even with strong fine dust and cold and heat waves. On the 3rd, it opened in front of Seongdong-gu Office and 10 bus stops with large number of buses.

The intelligent CCTV installed inside and outside of the design secured openness with transparent tempered glass on three sides shows the appearance of the bus approaching the bus stop in real time, and detects abnormal behavior around the Seongdong Police Station and Fire Station with artificial intelligence. And share the situation. It is responsible for'safety' in the shelter with a sound source detection system that detects abnormal sound sources such as screams.

'Smart technology' is a digital'signage' screen that provides information on buses and subways to life information, an automatic screen door that controls access with a thermal imager, and a ceiling solar panel that generates internal power by itself and has an uninterruptible power supply. It's like this at a glance.

With the vision of building a smart inclusive city for the 7th civil election, the district has been concentrating its efforts on creating a visible smart environment that anyone can enjoy. Since 2018, the 'Smart Transportation City Master Plan' has been established, and the project has been materialized by receiving technology and design support through an MOU with LG Electronics last year. showed off

A former official said, “It is a state-of-the-art shelter that is different from the existing fine dust shelters or windbreak facilities in winter.” It is an optimal service space where you can experience.” He said, "We have completed the crime prevention diagnosis from the Seongdong Police Station, and we plan to operate in cooperation with the police station so that it can be used safely in the early morning and late night hours."

The most outstanding feature of the shelter is the IoT control and control system. All systems in the shelter are remotely controlled and controlled at the'Seongdong-gu Smart City Integrated Control Center' using IoT. All internal access information, as well as system operation and management, are coordinated at the center. In any situation, 24-hour integrated control is possible.

Various convenience functions are bonus. Free public Wi-Fi and mobile phone chargers are standard, and simple tables and chairs for drinks are installed, and a waiting area for the disabled and strollers has been prepared. The music dedicated to the shelter developed by the Department of Music Therapy Science at Hanyang University that flows inside provides a'rest' to forget the noise and fatigue of the complex city.

Seongdong-gu mayor Won-oh Jung said, “I think that realizing what residents want at the nearest bus stop as there is an answer on the site is the welfare of a true smart environment.” “Sungdong-type smart shelter is an innovation in existing shelter services and a smart city. It is a new standard for inclusive shelter services that everyone enjoys. We plan to expand and install shelters so that residents can experience and enjoy smart technology in their daily lives.”

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