From July 2021rd to August 23th, 8
The '2020 Tokyo Olympic' is held,
True to its reputation as a 'place of new technology'
It is said that various techniques were used in this Olympic Games.

In track and field competitions, the movement of participating athletes is converted into data.
By introducing the motion sensor of OMEGA TIMING,
Driving acceleration during the race, the trajectory of the athlete running through lanes and corners,
The weight load applied to the athlete was measured.

In addition, in order to prepare for the midsummer outdoor competition,
A heat stroke countermeasure system was also introduced.
The Olympic Games go beyond simply enjoying the game, and provide cutting-edge technology.
It is also a place to introduce to the public.
Again, various technologies such as AI and AR were introduced.


☞ Source: kotra TV (2021.09.28.)