Manage the Korean version of the New Deal real-time railroad!

The Korean version of the New Deal is aimed at stabilizing employment, resolving inequality, and expanding the safety net.
As a national development strategy, mainly digital new deal, green new deal, strengthening safety net,
It emphasizes regional balance.

The National Railroad Corporation is responsible for digital innovation and eco-friendly conversion, etc.
We are actively promoting the Korean version of the New Deal by building railway infrastructure.

The remote monitoring system is to prepare for the aging of the structure.
It is a technology that monitors structures using IoT sensors.
It has the advantage of being able to diagnose and maintain structures in real time.

Compared to the increasing number of railway facilities, it is difficult to inspect and maintain personnel-oriented
By establishing a real-time management system for each facility, it is possible to determine the condition of the facility.
It is necessary to build a real-time monitoring management system.

The National Railroad Corporation has been building a comprehensive railroad facility information system since 2015.
Step 1: Detecting a line using a measurement sensor/logger
Step 2: Real-time transmission of measurement data through wired/wireless network
Step 3: Check whether railway facilities are abnormal and take early action against disasters through the remote monitoring server system

A remote monitoring system that manages real-time railroads!
To create a safe railroad environment and revitalize the national economy
I'll try my best

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☞ Data source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (2021.10.11.)