– Jeju Island, 'Hello Jeju' map implementation in Metaverse –

 Jeju Special Self-Governing Province will build a 'Hello Jeju' map on the virtual world platform ZEPETO and meet with more than 2 million potential consumers around the world.

 Jeju Island built a Jeju Haenyeo School and a fire pit on the 'Hello Jeju' map and exhibited photos of haenyeo* so that consumers around the world could easily access Jeju haenyeo culture, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

* Cooperation with Jeju Haenyeo Museum, ㈔ Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Branch of Korea Photographers Association

 Users all over the world can enjoy the beauty of Jeju in the natural environment of Jeju, such as the sea, stone walls, and Dolhareubang.

❍ You can tour the Jeju tangerine field surrounded by stone walls and take pictures at various photo zones.

❍ Beyond eco-friendliness, you can also engage in environmental activities to suggest a new direction for Jeju tourism.

-Users can make clean Jeju by removing garbage from the sea of ​​Jeju, and when they finish activities that go beyond Jeju Jeongnang, they can take a picture with a Christmas Dolhareubang wearing a red hat.

 Also, from mid-December, Jeju Island and the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Tourism Association plan to sequentially open maps of the Jeju Tourism Promotion Center using the ZEPETO platform.

❍ It is planned to build a virtual space where users can fully feel the charm of Jeju by building four maps with the main tourist attractions in Jeju as the background, and to conduct strategic marketing by preparing a promotional space for the Jeju tourism business.

 Kim Seung-bae, Director of Tourism Bureau, said, “We will use the metaverse, which is rapidly emerging as a global tourism marketing trend, to promote Jeju’s tourism resources and environmental activities, and carry out customized marketing that attracts the attention of the MZ generation.”


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