– [Unloading robot] Processing 11 boxes in 30 minutes based on 1,500 ton truck… Efficiency and safety enhancement
– [Management System] Manage logistics center drawings as digital information… Manage smarter


□ A new technology has been developed that can safely and meticulously manage parcels by combining digital drawings with an unloading robot that handles parcels quickly and a logistics center.

ㅇ The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport announced that the smart logistics center system and unloading robot will be designated as “Excellent Logistics Technology (hereinafter “New Logistics Technology”)” (Nos. 4 and 5).

□ Since the first implementation of the new logistics technology system in 2020 to promote the dissemination and utilization of logistics technologies, 5 cases* of new logistics technologies have been designated.
* Refer to Note 1 for Nos. 3 to 2

<No. 4 Smart Logistics Center System>

<No. 5 Courier Cargo Unloading Robot>

□ No. 4 new logistics technology “Smart distribution center facility management system that applies digital drawing technology of distribution center (hereinafter referred to as “smart distribution center system”)” applies digital drawing technology to distribution centers to design buildings, construction facilities, land, and structures All of these are facility management technologies that can be managed with digital information.

ㅇ Based on the construction drawings, all spaces of the distribution center are divided into facility management units and then matched with facility information, a technology that enables facility management personnel to easily check and manage facilities with the system.

ㅇ It is possible to accurately grasp the status of facility management down to the detailed unit at a glance, and to prevent fires and safety accidents in advance to increase the efficiency of the distribution center and create a safe working environment.

□ No. 5 new logistics technology “Unloading robot that performs unloading and unloading of parcels in truck loading boxes and containers (hereinafter “unloading robot”)” recognizes the loading status of cargo through an artificial intelligence image recognition algorithm based on machine learning,

ㅇ With a technology that can automatically unload not only box-shaped, standardized parcels, but also non-uniformly shaped, bottled water packages, the work intensity of cargo workers working in logistics centers can be greatly reduced and the processing speed can be increased. .

ㅇ This technology is a technology secured through R&D for transportation logistics by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. It is a technology that can unload 11 boxes in 30 minutes based on an 1,500-ton truck. More than 4 times the efficiency can be obtained.

□ If it is designated as a new technology, it will receive various benefits, such as ① priority support for technology development funds, ② priority application and purchase recommendation for public institutions, and ③ additional points for bidding.

□ Songcheon Oh, Head of Advanced Logistics Division, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport said, “As the demand for new technologies to efficiently handle the increase in parcel traffic due to the expansion of non-face-to-face life, various new logistics technologies have been developed and widely used in the logistics industry. I hope it will be.”

ㅇ For more information on new logistics technologies, visit the website of 'Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) (http://www.kaia.re.kr).

☞ Source: Korea Policy Briefing