Guayaquil city bridge and road construction and transportation system construction

business overview

Country (trade office) Ecuador (Quito)
Project name Guayaquil city bridge and road construction and transportation system construction
Business Category Transportation/Logistics
Overseas ordering company Ecuador Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP)
project schedule Scheduled to be selected as a business operator in 2022
financing public-private cooperation
Scale $10 billion
Project period 2022-2026

Job Description

Main Content
  • Guayas River Bridge and Road Construction Project (El Quinto Puente Guayas River Bridge and Road Construction)
    – 4 bridges to be built, total construction section 44km
    – Includes construction of the longest bridge in Ecuador (3.4 km)
  • Expected change in traffic volume in Guayaquil
    – Block mid-to-large cargoes from entering Guayaquil, aiming for efficient passage (reduction of detours by about 40 km, saving $5,000 million in logistics costs per year)
    – Expected to decrease by 92% of medium-to-large cargo entering Guayaquil
  • National economic revitalization effect
    – Expected to create about 7,000 direct and indirect jobs
    – Expected to increase exports to major ports due to smooth logistics movement
Reason for selection
  • In addition to simple road and bridge construction, ICT technology can be applied such as real-time aggregate traffic volume by section and automatic toll settlement system
  • As part of the economic revitalization policy and as a national project, the priority is increased

entry plan

opportunity factor
  • Increased national interest, including President Guillermo Lasso
  • Opportunity to build Guayaquil smart city integrated transportation system
  • Public-private cooperation project → Need to establish a transparent and prompt communication channel with Ecuadorian government agencies
  • Low road usage fee → Thorough toll calculation is necessary for business feasibility
local collaboration
possible company
Other notes
  • Participation in open bidding for operator selection (scheduled for January 2022)
  • Participation registration is possible on the website of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Ecuador