Smart City Advance Pilot Project in Nur-Sultan

business overview

Country (trade office) Kazakhstan (Almaty)
Project name Smart City Advance Pilot Project in Nur-Sultan
Business Category Others
Overseas ordering company Astana Innovations
project schedule Undefined
financing Project promotion through public-private partnership (PPP) method
Scale Decide on the size of the project according to consultation
Project period Undefined

Job Description

Main Content
  • Project outline
    – Smart area construction project in Nur-Sultan, the capital, supported by the city halls of 3 Kazakhstan cities including Almaty
  • Purpose of project promotion
    – Promoted as a preliminary pilot project for the Nur-Sultan Smart City construction project
    – Building a smart area based on advanced ICT technology in 6 areas
    · (Promotion areas) Smart governance, smart economy, smart transportation, smart environment, smart talent, smart living
    – After establishing a smart local best practice, gradually apply it to other cities
  • How to participate in the project
    – Submission of proposals based on technologies, solutions, and equipment owned by companies wishing to participate
  • Project progress
    – Submission of proposals for companies wishing to participate in the project and selection after screening
    – Selection of a pilot project site for the establishment of a smart area
    – Signed MOU
    – Establishment of smart area incorporating ICT technology
    – Efficiency evaluation
Reason for selection
  • Kazakhstan Smart City in the future when Korean companies participate as a preliminary pilot project before smart city construction
    Able to enter the market

entry plan

opportunity factor
  • Laying a foothold for entering the Kazakhstan smart city market
  • Kazakhstan's economic instability due to the corona crisis and falling oil prices
local collaboration
possible company
Other notes
  • Prepare and submit ICT technology-based proposals for the establishment of smart areas