Shamaki City Public Transportation Video Monitoring and Surveillance System Construction

business overview

Country (trade office) Azerbaijan (Baku)
Project name Shamaki City Public Transportation Video Monitoring and Surveillance System Construction
Business Category Transportation/Logistics
Overseas ordering company Data processing center (institution affiliated with the Ministry of Transportation, Communication and Advanced Technology)
project schedule 2020-2022
financing private investment
Scale -
Project period 2020-2022

Job Description

Main Content
  • Shamakhi City is a representative demonstration complex where high-tech solutions are applied to various fields.
    – There is an example of applying the 'passenger transportation single payment system' to a digital project in the past
    * A business in which passengers pay all forms of fares and tourism-related payments using bank cards and 'prepaid' cards with minimal contact
    – We are trying to monitor fuel consumption of road traffic and track vehicles through the 'Public Transportation Video Monitoring and Surveillance System' project.
Reason for selection
  • Building a smart city is one of the policy priorities of the Azerbaijan government.
    – Based on the know-how accumulated through a pilot project implemented in a small city, it is trying to be applied to a large city.
  • 'Shamaki city, public transportation video monitoring and surveillance system construction project'
    It's a good sized project
    * Shamaki is home to 10% of the total population of Azerbaijan, and the city covers an area of ​​1,611 kmXNUMX.

entry plan

opportunity factor
  • High awareness of Korea's ITS-related experience and system operation cases
  • References from Korean companies accumulated through the construction of an automatic highway toll collection system project
local collaboration
possible company
Other notes
  • Entering into the form of a consortium of medium-sized enterprises that manage the entire project and small and medium-sized enterprises in charge of detailed element technologies