Amman city eco-friendly solar bus platform and bus information system construction

business overview

Country (trade office) Jordan (Amman)
Project name Amman city eco-friendly solar bus platform and bus information system construction
Business Category Transportation/Logistics
Overseas ordering company Jordan's Directorate of Public Transportation
project schedule Construction of the project team in the second half of 2021
* Review of the number of bus stops and types of digital signage related to bus information in areas where power grid connection is difficult in connection with the BRT project
financing City of Amman (GAM), private sector (ad revenue), BRT bus company
Scale $90 million
Project period 2021-2024

Job Description

Main Content
  • Eco-friendly solar bus platform installation
    – Amman City (GAM) is an eco-friendly solar bus in an area where it is difficult to connect to the power grid in connection with the BRT (Arterial Express Bus System) project.
    A lift will be installed
    – Project scope
    · Solar bus stop
    · Bus information system
    · Other digital services (electronic product charging service using solar power)
  • Site Location: Amman City
  • Project Phase: Planning
Reason for selection
  • Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by supplying electricity from bus stops as renewable energy.
  • Demand for solar power generation system and equipment is expected as a project to realize eco-friendly solar-powered bus platform installation and smart bus information system

entry plan

opportunity factor
  • Solar power generation technology and digital IT technology through participation in the bus stop project that converges renewable energy and public facilities
    Opportunities to enter new markets
  • Chinese solar panels account for 97% of imports
local collaboration
possible company
  • Jordan Project Bidding Agent
Other notes
  • In order to participate in the bidding, it is required to discover a local agent in advance.
  • The needs of the ordering party through the promotion of energy independence technology and IT technology that produce and charge eco-friendly energy through solar power generation