Austin Transit Extension (Project Connect)

business overview

Country (trade office) USA (Chicago)
Project name Austin Transit Extension (Project Connect)
Business Category Transportation/Logistics
Overseas ordering company
project schedule 2022-2035
financing city ​​government
Scale $7 million
Project period 2022-2035

Job Description

Main Content
  • Austin Regional Railroad Expansion
    – Addition of a new subway line connecting the city center (Gold Line)
    – Construction of 31 stops (27 miles long) and an urban transit platform
  • Expansion of bus route map
    – Expansion of new bus route maps and introduction of buses with advanced systems (solar-powered security systems, etc.)
    – Bus stop modernization and extension
  • 24 additional parking lots (existing 17): Electric vehicle charging stations installed
    – Project details:
    – Bid information:
Reason for selection
  • It is a large-scale public transportation improvement project in one city, so Korean companies are highly likely to participate.
  • Expected to be high demand for high-tech ICT for the modernization of public transportation

entry plan

opportunity factor
  • Korea is a transportation system powerhouse recognized by the U.S. Transportation Research Board
    – As it is a large-scale project, it is expected to participate in the project through collaboration with advanced technology and construction technology.
  • Demand for steel is soaring as countries around the world are making large-scale infrastructure investments
    – Due to this, a price crisis is in progress due to the shortage of iron ore, and it is a threat to price competitiveness such as parts procurement.
Other notes
  • It is necessary to establish a strategic cooperative relationship with the city government as a city government procurement project
  • It is necessary to differentiate from other companies by emphasizing Korea's excellent transportation system and experience in carrying out related projects.