#Smart Challenge Project #Market Market #Pirang Jang

There are two traditional markets in Tongyeong (*Jungang, Seoho Market).
As a smart challenge business, a smart online market service
You can use the 'Jangpirang' app.

Started shopping at Tongyeong Market
Early and early! Today's result?!

* Jang Pirang
– As part of the Tongyeong Smart Town Challenge creation project
The traditional market revitalization solution online market,
Offer price alerts, experience auction services, etc.

✔ Delivery fee 0 won How to use Jangpirang app
– Select the menu you want to eat, add it to your shopping cart, and pay
– Merchants at each store store products in the locker
– When the ordered products are gathered, the delivery person delivers the goods to the customer~
* You can receive it at home as well as at your travel accommodation!

✔ Learn more about Tongyeong Smart City
– Public Wi-Fi, fine dust sensor, floating population analysis sensor
– Smart milestones (pathfinding system)
– digital signage
– Smart Health Care Center

✔ A smart smart challenge project that revives the local economy
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– Bucheon Parking Sharing Smart City Pass
– Daejeon parking sharing service Honey Parking
– Daejeon Electric Fire Prevention Service
– Gangneung Smart Mobility Service Gangneung Pass
– Incheon smart ordering service I-Order

☞ Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (2022.04.14)