– Ieum 28th generation (5G) frequency band including 5 GHz band allowed to SK networks service Co., Ltd. –


□ The Ministry of Science and ICT announced that SK Networks Service Co., Ltd. (CEO Yoon-eui Kim) had applied for Ieum 5th Generation (5G)* frequency allocation and key communication business registration on May 5th.

* 'Ieum 5th Generation (5G)' best represents the 5th generation (5G) characteristics of ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency, and hyper-connection, meaning that it connects me, us, and things and society.

□ Ieum 5G (5G) uses 5G (5G) frequencies in a specific area (land/building) unit so that operators who want 5G (5G) convergence services can directly build 5G (5G) networks. through the network,

○ The first case of frequency allocation and key communication business registration is Naver Cloud completed in '21.December, the second case is LG CNS completed in '22.3, and this SK Networks service is the third case.

□ SK networks service's 5th generation (5G) Ieum is built in the central Changwon plant to automate factory logistics through autonomous mobile robot (AMR) operation, and real-time manufacturing with digital replication (hereinafter 'digital twin')-based management and control service In order to provide a service that implements a flexible production system by monitoring and simulating the process, it applied for frequency allocation including the 28GHz band.

○ MSIT allocated the entire frequency band*, including the 28GHz band, considering the high possibility that services such as digital twin, planned by SK networks service, will utilize large-scale data capacity.

* 28GHz band 400MHz wide (28.9~29.3GHz), 4.7GHz band 100MHz wide (4.72~4.82GHz)

○ The cost of frequency allocation was calculated to be about 27,868 million won for SK networks service to use for 3 years in the central plant's total floor area of ​​480mXNUMX.

○ Meanwhile, SK networks service plans to start the digital twin service with this frequency allocation as an opportunity to expand the 5G (5G) in earnest to various 5G (5G) convergence services in all industrial fields.

□ In addition, MSIT reviews the appropriateness of the user protection plan submitted by SK networks service and imposes conditions such as the minimum necessary user protection measures to register as a key telecommunication service provider with line facilities to provide Ieum 5G (5G) service. processed.

□ MSIT Hong Jin-bae, Head of Network Policy Department, emphasized, “This year, Ieum 5G (5G) will play a leading role in digital transformation by spreading land/building-based 5G (5G) services throughout the market.”

○ In addition, “In this case of SK networks service, artificial intelligence, autonomous mobile robots, internet-based resource sharing (cloud), and digital twins are united through Ieum 5th generation (5G), and through these operators, 5th generation ( We expect that 5G) convergence services will be activated.”


☞ Source: Korea Policy Briefing (2022.05.26.)