The National Pilot Smart City was implemented to freely demonstrate and graft technologies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution on sites that do not have a development plan. In addition, it aims to present a leading model for future smart cities by creating an innovative industry ecosystem that can implement creative business models. The Sejong City Smart City National Demonstration City, Sejong City 4-5 Living Zone, is located at the junction of the Miho River and the Geum River, the happy city, and has a beautiful natural environment. . The Sejong National Demonstration City is planned with the goal of creating a sustainable model city for future generations by leading the balanced national development, enhancing national competitiveness, and improving the city level.

The Sejong 5-1 Living Zone plans and promotes development of urban spaces optimized for the realization of seven innovation elements: mobility, healthcare, education and jobs, energy and environment, governance, culture and shopping, and living and safety. Sejong 7-5 Living Zone establishes an integrated city operation system based on data flow in all stages from data production to collection, processing, analysis and utilization. Through this, open and utilize city data to establish citizen-centered governance and create new business models, thereby creating a city as a data-based sustainable innovation ecosystem. Sejong City National Pilot Smart City is a city that citizens create together from city planning to operation, and provides smart services that citizens can experience by creating a diverse base for citizens to participate and forming an efficient collaboration system.

Source: Smart City Sejong National pilot smart city Official