Coffee Chat where Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Won Hee-ryong meets with startup CEOs and young people in person to freely share experiences and listen to their stories!☕

✔The XNUMXth theme of Coffee Chat is Smart City!


* What is a smart city?
A key industry to improve the quality of life of citizens and secure the growth engine and sustainability of the city!

In this coffee chat meta, Kim Do-hyun, CEO of Sesame Research Lab, which develops and supplies blockchain-based digital door locks and security systems, and Kim Min-hyun, 'Moba Wheel', who develops and supplies an IoT sensor system for detecting road surface safety conditions such as black ice. The CEO's business know-how was honestly shared.
Then, the role that smart cities will play, support measures for commercialization of innovative technologies, benefits from the government's support measures, help necessary in the early stage of startups, support plans for startups' overseas expansion, etc. We discussed and answered questions about what kind of efforts will be needed to spread smart cities to realize life.

In the future, relays will be held on 8 topics such as smart construction and smart logistics to promote startups, so please give us a lot of interest~💓

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Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport