On November 18th, Hongcheon-gun invited 10 smart solution companies to conduct a smart city case study for the Hongcheon-gun smart city council. This case study was conducted as part of the 'Hongcheon-gun Smart City Council Competency Reinforcement Training' for the creation of a Hongcheon-type smart city.

The smart city council, composed of public and private sectors, listened to the presentations of actual construction cases of 10 smart solution companies and answered questions. Demand-response mobility solution, ICT convergence pedestrian face recognition and missing person search function, smart crosswalk, livestock odor reduction solution, smart road lighting system, online cooperation service for local security community using car black box, integrated solar compressed waste Management solutions, real-time floating population data collection and analysis, smart poles, energy saving smart heating and cooling, and smart street tree management were covered.

Meanwhile, the Hongcheon-gun Smart City Council is a public-private consultative body composed of about 50 public officials, residents, research institutes, and private companies to create a smart city model.

Previously, on September 9, the military launched the second smart city council based on public-private cooperation, and the smart city council capacity building training program is being conducted on average once a week until December 15th.


☞ Source: Hongcheon-gun