Recent forest fires are becoming complex and large-scale due to climate change, and forest fires are still continuing to occur everywhere, so it is time to monitor forest fires in real time and to respond preemptively within the golden time.

In line with this, outdoor IoT solution group Technine Co., Ltd. (TECH9, CEO Lee Ho-dong) acquired a patent for 'low-power mobile communication-based eco-friendly wireless forest fire detection and spread notification system' on March 3 and started commercialization in earnest on the 7rd. revealed

The official patent name is 'Low Power Mobile Communication Based Wireless Forest Fire Detection and Spread Notification Device (Patent No. 10-2508615)'.

This system applies Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology, which has recently been introduced in advanced mobile communication countries such as Korea, and is installed directly in the desired location in the forest area without electricity or Internet connection construction. It is an outdoor IoT-based eco-friendly intelligent (smart) forest fire detection system that can inform

Considering the installation environment in mountainous areas, this product operates 24 hours a day with solar power charging and small wind power generation, and detects forest fires by adopting the latest digital sensor technology such as smoke, gas and thermal imaging sensors, and detects abnormal signs such as ignition. Institutions can monitor in real time.

In addition, as a low-cost, eco-friendly solution, it is possible to build a more dense observation network at the same cost, which is useful for local governments and related organizations that lack budget and manpower.

☞ Source: National Information Period News-News