■ CES award-winning company, innovative technology selection
▲Microsystem electronic self-cleaning glass
Amid the increasing adoption of advanced IT technology in the medical and healthcare market, Weisen, which won the CES Innovation Award using AI vision recognition technology, introduced an AI digestive endoscope product.

WAYMED endo, a real-time endoscopic analysis image software that enables simultaneous analysis with endoscopy for the first time in Korea, has been developed and is being provided. AI learned from endoscopic videos provides a function to detect abnormal lesions in real time and display them.

An official from Weisen explained, “The overlook rate of medical staff in the medical field is about 20%, and in the case of flat polyps or small polyps, they can be missed.”

Microsystems, which won the CES Innovation Award in the smart city category, introduced a comprehensive self-cleaning security solution, and among them, electronic self-cleaning technology received great attention. Rainwater and contaminants in the sensor and camera may cause degradation of identification function and deterioration of performance in the field.

Accordingly, Microsystems developed electronic self-cleaning glass and applied it to the surface of the camera lens. Through this, it is possible to remove pollutants such as rainwater and dust, and there is no big difference in power consumption, so it was first applied to security and surveillance cameras, and is expected to be highly applicable to various infrastructure and products in the future.