On rainy days, CCTV's view is often blocked by rainwater. There is a limit to controlling all of these situations individually at the control center. Accordingly, a CCTV developed to automatically detect rainwater on the CCTV and secure visibility through self-cleaning appeared in the exhibition hall.


Microsystems Co., Ltd., which won the Innovation Award/Best Innovation Award at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for four consecutive years, introduced an electronic self-cleaning CCTV at the 'Korea Nara Market Expo 4' (hereinafter referred to as Nara Market Expo).
The technology that Microsystems has secured as an original technology is electronic self-cleaning glass. The principle is that when the glass containing transparent electrodes that generate an electric field receives an electric signal, it changes the surface tension of water droplets (rainwater) on the surface so that they slide off. This whole process takes about 1 second.
Since the chip (semiconductor) automatically senses the rainwater condition and sends a signal, if the electronic self-cleaning glass is installed on the CCTV, object recognition can be smoothly performed in real time without deterioration of visibility even in bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or typhoon. side's explanation.
Lee Dae-young, a senior researcher at Microsystems, said, “Usually, CCTVs with wipers are used in control centers, but there are limitations in terms of manpower because you have to manually press a button.” is getting a good response from Currently, products are installed mainly in coastal areas,” he said.