At this expo, held with the largest exhibition scale ever, 18 exhibition halls reflecting the latest technologies were prepared to show the excellence and innovative technologies of innovative, start-up and venture companies in one place.

In particular, the awards hall at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which was first introduced this year, attracted attention. At the CES held in the United States last January, products of 1 companies that received the Best Innovation Award or Innovation Award were specially exhibited, most of which were designated as innovative new products of Public Procurement Service. These are companies that have already been recognized for their excellence in the country.

“We received the innovation award for developing an intelligent CCTV that can recognize objects even in bad weather,” said Daeyoung Lee, a senior researcher at Microsystems Co., Ltd., who participated in the CES award hall. I hope there will be, ”he expected.


☞ Source: Public Procurement Service blog