– Selected 2023 cities for the 8 K-City network project… A total of 40 billion won

– Support for reconstruction project in Ukraine, new water project in Indonesia, etc.

□Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) Support for smart city creationand promote international cooperation k-city networkof '23year businessby Ukraine, Indonesia, Egypt, etc. 8Select dog businessIt was.


this year k-city network businessis divided into ① plan establishment type and ② overseas demonstration type project. 4International Ball from Marchenforcementdid, and the total 18in XNUMX countries 30dog businessof 제출It was.


planning typeApply from overseas citiesrelated to smart city development 기본planning 4 projects were selected from Uman in Ukraine, New Capital in Indonesia, Badr in Egypt, and Agdam in Azerbaijan.


- Ukraine UmanIn the case of post-war recovery, transportation, infrastructure, housing, etc. Establish a smart city master planTherefore, we plan to support systematic project promotion in the postwar recovery process in the future.


- together, new capital of indonesiaIn the case of , the business feasibility is verified by supporting a pre-feasibility study for the construction of a smart city control center in New Capital, of our company Entered the Shinsudo Smart City businesswill provide a bridgehead for


Overseas demonstration typeis our company's smart city technology and products. in overseas cities substantiationThis year, four projects were selected: Rangpur, Bangladesh, Haiphong, Vietnam, Sakarya, Turkey, and Banyumas, Indonesia.


soupGil Byeong-woo, Urban Policy Officer at the Ministry of Transport and Tourismsaid, "As interest in Korea's smart city increases in many countries and cities abroad, the participation rate in international competitions is on the rise." through business We will actively support the export of our excellent smart city technology to overseas countries.”


ㅇ In addition, “The World Smart City ExpoWe plan to promote Korea's smart city technology and support the networking of Korean companies through ".


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport